Brown says 1964 title ring was stolen from him

The auction for Jim Brown’s 1964 NFL title ring has generated a little buzz.  Not all of it would be regarded as positive.

Via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Brown claims that the ring being offered for sale is hot.

It was stolen from me many years ago, in the late 1960s’’ Brown told Tomasson.  “I’m surprised to hear that it’s publicly for sale because whoever got it should know that I didn’t give it up. . . .  I’m going to see what I can do about it.”

The listing at contends that the ownership chain has been narrow and clear:  “Jim Brown to family member to Lelands to Cleveland Sport Collection auction buyer back to”  The description of the ring also contends that Brown personally inspected the ring and confirmed its authenticity when first offered the ring in 1998.

Maybe it was a different Jim Brown.

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  1. I’m confused… In a prior article, it read “ claims that “ that original auction preview, Jim Brown himself inspected the ring and acknowledged its authenticity.””

    So he did an inspection on a ring that was stolen from him, but didn’t report the incident, or kick some tail and take it back???

  2. It’s the curse of the missing ring the keeps the Browns in the dumper year after year. When Jim gets his ring back the Browns they”ll be good again.

  3. just because the auction company says Brown inspected it and that the ring wasn’t stolen, doesn’t mean it never was stolen and that they aren’t lying about Brown inspecting it.

    i wouldn’t be surprised at all if the ring is in fact hot, Brown did report it as stolen, and the auction company just got caught trying to peddle stolen goods.

  4. Let me beat Packer fans to the punch — he said this in MN while here for the MLB All Star game — there aren’t any Super Bowl rings here.

  5. He said/she said. It could be true, it could be a lie. And not everybody files a police report on everything stolen. Great grandfather didn’t when a neighbor we were cool with stole his gold watch.

    Anyways until more information comes out no opinion from me. Not enough to give one.

  6. That screeching sound you hear in the background is the brakes being put on the auction deal!

  7. Jimmy, jimbo, Jim. Why lie? You needed some doe. No harm in admitting it. Buy it back if you want it so bad. Please keep it real.

  8. Surely Brown’s original quote was ““It was stolen from me many years ago, in the late 1960s, and I am the greatest running back of all time.”

  9. Most likely brown gave the ring to a family member and is pissed off that they sold it. Brown is most likely embarrassed that the ring is selling for so little. Brown has always been an angry person.

  10. From the auction listing

    ” The provenance and chain of title is well-documented: Jim Brown to family member to Lelands to Cleveland Sport Collection auction buyer back to and now to you.”

  11. Donate Whitener needs to know, that right ring is from the organization that is in Baltimore now.

  12. 1) i am a cleveland native in my late 40’s.
    2) i looked up donkey in the dictionary and saw a picture of jim brown.
    3) i suggest to all the factory of sadness donkeys look up how many NFL titles the browns have won. Let me put it this way….if this year they changed the name of the world series to something else, would the yankees therefore suck?

  13. Brown said “Wait, somebody gonna pay $40 or $50K for that damm thing? Umm, that thing was stolen. Yeah stolen, years ago. Where’s my money?”

  14. 1964? That’s the last time the Browns were relevant and their last championship for another 50 years.

  15. I thought he was taking a page from the Warren Sapp guide to filing bankruptcy:

    Step 1: if you have a championship ring, report it lost or stolen.

    But after reading the article maybe he’s getting his ducks in a row for some of that concussion money.

  16. Guessing it resurfaced from one of his ex ladies who finally passed it after Jimbo laid his pimp hand down on her and it popped off down her gullet. Should be rightfully returned to original owner.

  17. I am SHOCKED!! no Steelers fan not yet reminding us all about there 6 rings, Well my BROWN’S fan here’s 1 of 8 you can show them. and as always GO! BROWNS

  18. I call B.S. Yeah sure jim, everyone believes you. “I’ll see what I can do about it”. LMAO. Not the words of someone who had their ring stolen says, sorry, aint buyin it. That’s as bad as saying, “I reeeeeeeeealy like girls”. Packer fans cringe over that one.

  19. I don’t understand the rivalry between Packers and Vikings fans. It is SO one sided. Yet, you all seem to show up and trash the other fan base. Even steelers and ravens aren’t remotely that bad

  20. Did whoever stole it buff out whatever team really won the title and put Cleveland on it?

  21. One ring to rule them all. One ring to bring glory to the Land of Cleve. One ring to be returned to it’s rightful owner. Precious! Bring Jim his Precious!

  22. Based on the claim that Brown went to the auction house and verified that this is his ring … I’m thinking the ring is as fake as the person who did the verifying.

    Someone trying to sell counterfeit sports memorabilia? Heaven forbid!

  23. How many times have we seen players claim their rings were stolen to avoid embarrassment, only to see later an affidavit they signed authenticating the ring?

    The company is in the business of auctioning rings, I think they have enough experience in making sure they are covered.

  24. Now we know that Johnny Rootball was merely rolling up a twenty to see if the ring would fit without resizing

  25. There’s 6 more on the on-line auction site. Looks just like it. Hey wait a minute…

  26. Browns chatter: arrests, Who is QB, what’s the owner thinking, can this coach make it, and championship rings from half a century ago. This is a soap opera.

  27. As usual with JB there’s drama (the man can do both great and ridiculous stuff) but that said, let’s not (at least those who know) forget that he is by consensus the best player ever. Only Jerry Rice is even close.

  28. Leland’s should know that just because the ring became dislodged during a good backhanding doesn’t make it a transaction of possession. Heck even the hoe was smart enough to hock it rather than claiming it her own!

  29. Dear,,what did I do with my teeth,,,they were sitting on the bathroom window seal. I bet they were stolen? Dear have you seen my teeth?

  30. So, if I buy this ring, does all of Jim’s bitterness come with? Or do I have to pay extra for that?

  31. Perhaps the Brown’s would have another championship. If they would start drafting QB’s that aspire to be Dr’s and not Johnny B Cools; Who will soon be Johnny Come Lately.

    I wonder if Art took it from Jim for his horrible acting?

  32. Ring slipped off at a Belgian resort while Brown was throwing hand grenades down a series air shafts trying to kill as many German Generals as possible in preparation for the Normandy landing. Hope that clears up the issue.

  33. No, lsmith29530, there aren’t any Steeler fans talking about six rings. Why would there be?

    However, there IS one Browns fan here who doesn’t understand the difference between 4 titles won in a Junior-Varsity league known as the All-American Football Conference from 1946-49 and actual WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS won by teams that are in the NFL.

    Not in the NFL = not playing for a World Title, no matter what.

    Don’t discredit the epic Browns World title teams of 1950, 54, 55 and 64 by pretending that winning the AAFC somehow equals a World Title.

  34. youpeopleareallthesame says: Jul 7, 2014 8:13 PM

    I don’t understand the rivalry between Packers and Vikings fans. It is SO one sided. Yet, you all seem to show up and trash the other fan base. Even steelers and ravens aren’t remotely that bad

    It’s mostly just the same people trolling each others threads. Makes everyone look like zealots though.

  35. whatjusthapped says:
    Jul 7, 2014 9:30 PM
    You don’t need to go to detective school to know that if a Viking has a ring, its stolen from somewhere.

    Quit picking on the Vikings The player could e a free agent from the Packers now playying for them or maybe a former (retired?) Packer choking away their chance to go to the Superbowl

  36. Going back to the original article…its says Brown acknowledged its authenticity to the auction house in 1998. Also Brown says he believes he might have filed a police report.

    Either he did or he didn’t. If he did there should be record. The should also be news some mention of it being stolen sometime in the last 40+ years since it was supposedly stolen. I would be willing to bet he did give it to a family member a long time ago that sold it off. And at 78, a former pro football player from the 60’s might have a little trouble remembering all the details of things back then.

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