Browns have no comment on Manziel photo


The curious photo of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel rolling a dollar bill in a Vegas bathroom prompted PFT to reach out to the Browns and to Manziel’s camp for something/anything explaining/disputing/debunking/whatever the image.

The Browns have no comment.  Manziel’s agent has not yet responded to a request for a response.

There’s a chance, we suppose, that the guy in the photo isn’t Manziel.  However, other photos posted at that clearly include Manziel show him wearing the same shirt and looking a lot like if not completely identical to the guy rolling the dollar bill.

Making the photo extremely relevant (apart from the fact that it arises during the NFL’s dead period) is the possible connection of a tightly rolled dollar bill in a bathroom to the use of banned substances — and the clear disconnect between Manziel’s ongoing work hard/play harder lifestyle and the team’s desire that he tone it down.

Regardless of what he planned to do with a rolled-up dollar bill, Manziel definitely wasn’t and isn’t toning it down.  While the Browns surely wouldn’t cut him in response to his defiance, they could decide to put him on the bench until he does what owner Jimmy Haslam wants him to do.

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  1. I lived in Canton for 3 years, and I can tell you Browns fans have sadly been suffering for a very long time. Now dumb owners draft an entitled rich kid who knows it all, won’t listen to any advice from good people, and continues down the road too perdition. He has fail written all over him, while Hoyer stays home and studies. So sorry Brownies, you don’t deserve this punk. Hope he fails fast so the whole NFL can move on.

  2. It’s possible that Johnny Football knew he was being photographed and enjoys stirring up the media over nothing. He could be just having some fun, knowing that social media would take the bait.

  3. Love it.Not only aren’t the Cavs getting Lebron back but the browns pin their hopes on this guy.Its a shame Art Model isn’t around to move them again

  4. I’m outraged. Please continue to scour every single photo on BustedCoverage for more breaking news.

  5. While firm conclusions can’t be drawn from the photo, inferences can be and inferences lead to speculation which leads to even more scrutiny. On the college field, Johnny Football may have shown the potential for professional successes but so far…It looks like he’s gotten caught up in every sideshow and distraction available to a brash young man with lots of cash and no judgment. Browns’ management must be wondering, “What’s next?” Again.

  6. Manziel is a douche on a Romo level but he isn’t an idiot. He isn’t going to do something like snort coke when he knows he is under the microscope and subject to random drug tests at any time. It was probably just to cause a stir.

  7. This whole thing started way back when the Heisman voters wisely gave their big trophy to a child. Life hasn’t been the same since.

  8. And just think that no teams want Tebow because of all the media attention. Usually browns QB’s have a career between 3 games and 2 seasons so this will pass sooner or later.

  9. He isn’t an idiot? think again…Len Bias, former Saints CB Dave Waymer. When Waymer died there was a big article in the local newspaper that said a person can do the same amount of cocaine he’s been accustomed to doing and on any given day it might stop the heart cold. It’s Russian roulette with drugs. Maybe he is an idiot, or just plain ignorant.

  10. Only Manziel could get you more obsessed than the Redskins name thing… Weird but not surprised..

  11. He just needed a straw for his cookies & milk and had to improvise.

    Meanwhile, Packer fans obsess and fantasize over Bridgewater’s allegedly too small hands.

  12. The Browns team may not have a statement but I hope Johnny Fratboys team mates will have a statement for him once camp starts for real.

  13. So the stupid Browns will pay him but not play him, right that is real punishment. This guy will be a bust and might never even play for them. Another wasted (no pun intended) QB pick by the Browns.

  14. I dont think it is him in the looks like his watch is on his right hand in the picture. But every picture i have seen of him he always wears his watch on his left hand.

  15. “You know what will really get more attention…rolling up a dollar bill o it looks like I am about to blow coke”

    – John Football

    Does that sound like anything someone would do? Not all press is good when you are trying to get sponsors.

  16. This Browns team is a mess from top of the organization (Haslam defrauding customers) to WR Josh Gordon, to QB Manzeil, Trent Richardson, Joe Thomas wants out………..can’t help but feel sorry for Browns fans.

  17. Johnny is going to find success in the NFL a lot more difficult than winning in College. Browns will go 3-13. Johnny will be riding the pine with a bad reputation and no where to go.

  18. There is only one reason to roll a bill up like that. It’s to perfom an life-saving emergency tracheotomy. Ladies and gentlemen Johnny Vegas Bathroom is a HERO!

  19. This is what happens when you listen to fans and homeless people instead of common sense. Kicked out of Manning Passing Academy and (thanks to good advice from his agent) unnaturally quiet during pre-draft work-ups. Rolling up $20’s in public bathrooms for waht appears to be cocaine prep. smh The hits just keep coming for Browns fans

  20. I think he’s brilliant trying to get himself suspended so he doesn’t have to play for the Browns.

    A passive aggressive Eli Manning or John Elway preemptive kind of move.

  21. I suggest that the Commissioner consider a new reality TV show that features Johnny with Tim Tebow as his sidekick and morals advisor.

    And the advertisements could feature members of the Oneida Nation trying to get Daniel Snyder to change the name of his football team.

    This show would give Hard Knocks a run for its money.

  22. This guy’s a turd! Nothing new here. The Browns have been drafting them for years! He’s a young, spoiled rich punk that’s had everything HANDED to him his entire life. He doesn’t need the NFL and doesn’t give damn quite frankly! Mommy and Daddy will take care of lilttle Johnny just like always!

  23. The Johnny Football pickup is just gravy. We have a top 10, maybe a top 5, from Buffalo next year and can roll the dice again if we need to. Not feeling any concern about him at all because Hoyer will play between now and next year’s draft anyway. The spectacular trade with the Bills built in the insurance we need. GO BROWNS!

  24. Even if he was just doing it to stir the media pot and mess with everyone, he’s still making idiotic distracting decisions. It’s a lose lose with this guy. #factoryofsadness

  25. Okay, so clearly the media is following this guy all over the place. Is it by design to just fan the flames of speculation and bogus controversy that none of these press folks following Johnny asks: “Yo Johnny….what up….what’s up with the dollar bill in the bathroom….comment please.” And you know they aren’t asking him because that clip too would be all over the internet. So…while I think Johnny isn’t doing things right for the his image (he should be all football right now), the media is self-licking ice cream cone.

  26. All kidding aside, despite this weekend’s unhappy news with Josh Gordon and swirl over Johnny Manziel, Browns fans have a lot to look forward to. I mean a LOT. The whole season is ahead, and the 2015 draft is just 10 short months away. Lots of QBs and WRs in the class I hear. The #22 pick has been curse, so it’s not a factor next either, unless the Browns trade up.

  27. “uglydingo says: Jul 7, 2014 11:00 AM

    It’s possible that Johnny Football knew he was being photographed and enjoys stirring up the media over nothing. He could be just having some fun, knowing that social media would take the bait.”

    Or, it could be that he’s the same idiot he’s always been.

  28. As long as Johnny has his daddy’s millions as a hedge against failing in the NFL, there is very little incentive for him to get serious about being a professional football player. With the emphasis on “professional”.

    Until and unless Daddy Football takes away the safety net, JF is literally playing with house money.

  29. Manziel’s face could stop a clock, yet he has gorgeous babes hanging all over him. Money can buy anything in a skirt.

  30. I hope this little twit loves needles and peeing in plastic cups. His name is going to be synonymous with routine and random the rest of his career.

  31. Give me, give me, give me, as fans we aren’t to smart either we support this type players attitude.

  32. He’s not responding because he’s waiting for three days to pass in case he’s asked for drug test.

  33. He strikes me as the kind of player who will be trouble and never find true success during his first 4 yrs, but might have a shot once he wears out his welcome in a few places and matures.

  34. Interestingly, the Browns also drafted the anti-Manziel — Connor Shaw — similar skill set without all the baggage… or rolled up bills.

  35. Interestingly, the Browns also signed as free-agent the anti-Manziel — Connor Shaw — similar skill set without all the baggage… or rolled up bills.

  36. The Browns are a mess…..First, Jimmy Haslam, then Josh Gordon, now this. If any there’s a silver lining, it’s that the Minnesota Vikings didn’t draft this clown. Rick Speilman may have whiffed on Ponder, but his decision not to draft Manzeil was an EXECUTIVE of THE YEAR move. Teddy Bridgewater is also a VERY bright QB for telling his agent that he didn’t want to go there. I guess there’s 2 silver linings.

  37. Sadly for the Browns, he’s the most talented QB on the roster. He has the ability to make a difference at that position immediately. I know, I know, “thumbs down” Mrs. Hoyer and those putting him in the Hall of Fame after a few good starts.

  38. He better watch lifting his arms up to do his money sign in jail….the inmates will make him pay up!

  39. No problem Brown’s fans. You drafted your qb of the future. However, his name isn’t Johnny Manziel, it’s Conner Shaw.

  40. Well he was just rolling that bill so it would fix properly in the “round hole” slot machine…lol

    Don’t pay no attention to that white stuff….!!

  41. I am not a Browns fan but I can’t wait to see this kid’s “WELCOME TO THE NFL” moment. Some nice linebacker is so ready to take Johnny Footcramp’s head off…. It’s gonna be great!

  42. J. Foosball’s almost as big a joke as Browns fans with their the future is so bright because we got that top 5 pick coming from Buffalo.
    They passed on Julio Jones to trade down, which led to last place.
    Passed on Sammy Watkins knowing that Gordon was gonna be gone for a year, in exchange for a CB who doesn’t tackle (kinda important in the AFC North where smash mouth is a way of life) and a first rounder next year. Buffalo was improving last year, and look to be the second best team in the division, with one Brady injury leading to a division championship. With the Clowns luck, the Buffalo pick will be #22, and they will pick top 5 with their own pick after another cellar dwelling season. #factory of Sadness

  43. I find it hilarious that some people here have commented that Johnny wouldn’t do drugs because of the NFL random drug tests. How do we all know about the NFL random drug tests?? Because we constantly hear about NFL players FAILING the NFL drug tests… Some more than once. Johnny is as mature as an 8th grader who thinks he’s some gift to the NFL and immune to NFL rules… He is in for a rough awakening, assuming he’s even around long enough for a second or third team to give him a chance. Let’s not pretend he’s going to be with the Browns any longer than a couple seasons.

  44. We are too busy dealing with our wide receiver’s substance abuse issues. Once we have a statement for those, we can turn our attention to our rookie QB.

  45. see what happened when you worship athletes…they fail you. Awesome that people follow him into restrooms to take pics of whatever he’s doing but he chooses to be out there so it’s on him. I was stationed in Vegas before and while I never had his money, the strip does get old after a while…except buffets.

  46. Since when are rookie QBS troubled wanna be Diva’s that waste their talent with bad decisions off the field? Manziel must think he’s a WR. Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon would be proud of this behavior.

  47. And somehow the Clowns fans will cry about the Ravens when this blows up in their faces. I was hoping they would do something good to get them to stop the whining, but in true Cleveland fashion they will go down in flames once again.

  48. He doesn’t represent our fine state of Texas. I am so glad that he wasn’t picked up by Dallas or Houston. Sorry Clevland you deserve better, although your ratings should go up as we all want to see Johnny Eightball crash and burn.

  49. a couple of replies to comments above….

    the picture is thru a mirror image. So he is in fact wearing the watch on his left hand, like you’d see in all of the other Manziel pictures.

    Second, look and find the picture of him with Dallas Nicole from that night. His eyes are glazed over like he doesn’t know where he is at. Definitely looks stoned.

  50. And People had a problem with Tim TEBOW??? And Tim Tebow can’t find a job. But this guy has not proven anything and has a job!!!! Really!! This is why I say it hard being a good person now a day loving god cause people hate you when your good but do bad they will hire ya!! Don’t hate the facts it’s reality!!

  51. If he was taking illegal drugs, then it will show up in a drug test and he will be disciplined by the NFL and/or law enforcement. What he may be doing with a dollar bill is none of our business.

  52. The guy thinks he’s invincible. He’ll inevitably learn that is not the case, but–as a Browns fan–I’m hoping the lesson is learned in Vegas and not on the football field. Don’t drag us down with you, Manziel.

  53. Again And I state this!! I want someone to give me 1 good reason why this guy gets drafted and picked on a maybe and Tim Tebow can’t find a job!!! I want answers anyone tell me why. I don’t care what happened to Tebow are he didn’t do good are not. But You draft this guy on a maybe??? And this what you get??? And you don’t even give Tebow a Call?? come on someone give me an answer that is worth while don’t give me that tebow is garbage junk it’s a lie I guarantee he is better than johnny football. Johnny has not proven anything except he is a failure already!!! Your actions speak on what you do. It’s not looking good in Cleveland. And they didn’t give Tebow are Vince Young a Call LOL!!! Both of these guys run circles around Johnny they know the game they played it. Johnny well let the pictures show you who johnny is. Come on Give me one Reason??? It’s pathetic!!

  54. Seriously just leave the guy alone, thats whats wrong with this country people are too damn nosy. If it isn’t you then dont worry about it. Just because someone’s famous doesn’t give you the right to be so damn nosy

  55. While I don’t care if he does drugs as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone else; this pic isn’t doing him any favors. Looks like the guy may be a bust before he’s even able to take the field.

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