DirecTV launching fantasy football channel for 2014 season

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Between the games being telecast on NBC, CBS and FOX, the Sunday Ticket package of out of market games and the Red Zone Channel, it would seem that football enthusiasts have everything they need when it comes to televised action on football Sundays.

DirecTV hopes that assessment is wrong. The satellite television provider will be adding a new channel to the Sunday Ticket package for this year.

USA Today reports that there will now be a “Fantasy Zone” channel devoted to bringing fantasy players all of the stats they need to keep tabs on their teams over the course of the day. Former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones will host the proceedings, which will reportedly feature up to the minute game-to-game analysis, stats and on-screen tickers that offer projections and key player updates.”

That’s not all, though. There will also be celebrity guest hosts and an on-set kitchen for chefs to use to “whip up gameday recipes.” It’s unclear how either of those things will help anyone win their fantasy leagues, but perhaps there will be a tip or two that will make them the star of their next potluck dinner.

22 responses to “DirecTV launching fantasy football channel for 2014 season

  1. Armed with this information, finally after 17 years, I will make the league playoffs.

  2. It would be better if they would offer picture in picture through their receivers so I could watch 2 games at once on one TV.

  3. I should start by saying I hate fantasy football, but aside from that, I guess I dont understand the channel. As I understand it, teams have their roster, and each week they set their roster. After the roster is set, they cant change the roster. So what the hell is the point of the fantasy channel??? It isnt like a person is going to see his fantasy players struggling and make a change in real time. So what is the point?

    You set your roster, and on Tues morning you see if you sucked or not. Why waste your sun afternoon being completely enveloped in fantasy football. Get over yourself

  4. I love fantasy football but this is just too much. It’s not about the actual game anymore – the NFL experience is slowly moving further and further away from the actual field to couches and surround sound and mothership-sized jumbo trons. As a season ticket holder, I find myself to be in the dwindling minority of fans that still appreciate a good old fashioned tailgate and watching a game from the stands. That’s the true game day experience. The NFL TV experience is nice and everything, but the game that used to be simple and beautiful has been contorted over the last half-decade. These players are emotional human beings, not simply subjects of entertainment.

  5. A few ideas that would make DirecTv Sunday ticket better, and none of them revolve around fantasy football.

    1) Team specific channels. Instead of paying for the whole Sunday ticket, you subscribe to just one team. They could still charge $20 per game, for example


    2) Allow the viewers to order it on demand. On Sun morning, you decide you want to order the Sun ticket for the day, and you purchase it for $30. They do it for the “adult” channels, why not football


    3) To expand on the on demand aspect, allow every game to be pay per view.

    Obviously there are a lot of people out there that would still purchase the traditional Sun Ticket package that we all purchase now. But there are a lot of people that currently dont pay for football, that would pay if they were given the chance to buy in smaller packages

  6. I can’t wait for DirecTV to tell thier customers (i.e. me) that ‘You can try this wonderful channel for week 1…then it will cost you $10/month) for access to all the fantasy highlights, chef recipes (really?), blah, blah, blah…”

    To an earlier comment, I would prefer to just get my info for free from my existing phone, tablet, and computer….

    Why do I still have DirecTV anyway?

  7. Fantasy Football is slowing ruining the NFL. People rooting for teams and players they hate so that they can beat their opponent by some arbitrary numbers game. Insanity.

  8. This is great! Now fantasy football fans wont even have to watch football! Watching football is such an inconvenience when you just want to know if you are going to win some cash, or be able to talk smack about your football knowledge with someone else who doesnt watch football.

  9. DTV still has pic in pic. You can move the window around or even go side by side.

    You need to access it by the info menu and scroll all the way to the right (PIP).

    I’d rather have a button on the remote but this gets the job done.

  10. For all you bashing Fantasy Football, it’s what drives the NFL now, it used to be gambling, but many many many more people play fantasy football than actually gamble on the games each week. FF is what keeps most major network sports websites profitable.

  11. Is winning money from a game stupid? Not at all you win money doing what you love to do so how is fantasy football stupid?

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