Is the NFL thinking about a multi-city Draft?

If the NFL has bad news, it comes out the day before a (preferably) long weekend.

If the NFL has news it isn’t quite sure about, it tends to come out a little at a time.

In something that is far from a report, but sounds like something potentially substantive, there is a hint of a big change in the way the league does business.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL holds the first round of the draft in LA and the rest in Chicago,” longtime Fort Worth Star-Telegram NFL reporter Charean Williams just tweeted.

From a less-tenured or less-respected writer, it might not even bear mentioning here.

But at a time when the league is openly courting cities other than New York, and discussing the addition of another day for the draft calendar, it’s worth filing away and remembering.

Unless they’re thinking about using the extra day for travel between the first round and the rest of the proceedings (A whole day for draft grades and second-round mocks!), it would be a logistical nightmare for a lot of people.

But if there’s money to be made by packing up the whole show and moving it cross-country, rest assured the NFL will consider it.

36 responses to “Is the NFL thinking about a multi-city Draft?

  1. Yeah I think there’s a lot of money to be made by changing the entire draft process and creating a new stream of cash flow coming from those interested in shelling out money for new ways to follow and be involved in the draft experience. It could also be an incredible new way for fans to have fun if they get creative enough.

  2. L.A. can’t even support a team, why should they get the draft.

    Chicago — for the whole thing — is the obvious best option.

  3. Well, no matter where they decide to hold it hopefully it can all be done with taxpayer money. You wouldn’t want billionaires having to do any out-of-pocket spending now would you?

  4. Looking forward to Goodell’s ultimate dream which is to have 1 pick a day for 256 days in 256 different cities.

  5. djshnooks says:
    Jul 7, 2014 3:03 PM
    I brought up this ideas months ago…

    You all laughed at it.

    Yeah but only because we hate you so much personally.

  6. I still think that the draft should be held in the city of the team that wins the Super Bowl each year. That gives those fans a little extra something for supporting their successful team all year. It gives the city a little inflow of cash and that is a good thing, too. And it is not like hosting an Olympics or something, so the 2.5 months in-between the Super Bowl and the draft is plenty of time to secure a location, get the connections going, and get quality hotel space (April is the offseason for tourism, after all).

  7. So if a prospect is in attendance in L.A. and he slides our of the 1st round, does he lose his opportunity to be on stage or does he hop on a plane to Chicago?

  8. anywhere but new york,time to move.they have had there turn long enough…

  9. bbrophy1 says:
    Jul 7, 2014 3:35 PM
    So if a prospect is in attendance in L.A. and he slides our of the 1st round, does he lose his opportunity to be on stage or does he hop on a plane to Chicago?

    Even more so why this would be a dumb idea, just keep it in 1 city and 3 days. The only way this would work is if all 32 teams had their first round pick locked up before the draft

  10. That simply ain’t happening. No way this is a legitimate scoop.

    If they put it in Vegas it will get bigger crowds than the stupid Pro Bowl.

  11. Eastbound and Down. Loaded up and truckin’. We gon’ do what they say can’t be done. We got 7 rounds to go, and 3 days to get there…

  12. “Dang, I was hoping to get drafted in L.A., but I slipped to Chicago, how about you?”.

    “Slid all the way down to Topeka, Kansas, but I stayed home to watch the last round….”.


  13. Oh, c’mon everyone, let’s do our part and stop watching the draft. This procedure-wrangling does not count as entertainment!

    NFL: please optimize this for teams and players, not for “revenue enhancement experiments.” Whoever is currently in charge of this can surely find more productive things to do that will actually add something significant to the bottom line.

  14. Crazy idea – Have each of the 32 host their own 3-day draft party. No, 1st round picks wont get to walk the stage Day1, but Day 2, they can walk the stage in front of their new teams fans. With their real jersey, shaking the owner/GM/Coach that just picked them.
    AND it takes less of the spot light off Goodell

  15. bassplucker says:
    Jul 7, 2014 3:02 PM
    L.A. can’t even support a team, why should they get the draft.

    Chicago — for the whole thing — is the obvious best option.


    Could not possibly agree more….cities that have team should be the only candidates.

  16. The extra day for the draft is for the mandatory stop between LA/Chicago in Vegas to party with Johnny Football and Pacman

  17. Los Angeles should not get the draft, they don’t even have a team! Why not Nashville and how about sharing the spots, different each year!

  18. Only the NFL can take a good idea and completely screw it up in yet another greedy money grab.

  19. What about the guys who project first round and slide to Round 2?!?

    Move the draft around, but host it all in one city…

    Bid it out just like the Superbowl; towns like New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis and St. Louis will make for great sites in the middle of the country…

    Just don’t host it in Miami where most players seem to find trouble or worse, DC/Baltiomore/Philly with some stripper named SweetPea!

  20. If Chicago can’t get the only day that people care about (round 1) then don’t even bother bringing the rest of it here. Regardless of who gets it I think the plan to split it up between more then 1 town is ridiculous. In polls, less then 1% of NFL fans will like the idea which is plenty enough for Roger “Oblivious” Goodell to scream out “This is what the fans want”

  21. ESPN and NFL Network have a hard enough time finding worthwhile talking heads to cover the draft, let alone 2 locales.

    Can you imagine? Rich Eisen and Trey Wingo are pretty level-headed guys who do their best to keep Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski on the level. You put Eisen and Wingo in Chicago, and leave Gruden and Jaws in LA without a leash, half the city will be on fire by morning.

  22. It should be held in one city, one that has a team, and ideally is a major market. New York, Chicago, Dallas, New England, and maybe a couple other cities should be up for it.

  23. It makes me violently ill that this woman has a hall of fame vote. Is that why Kevin Greene isn’t in the Hall of Fame? A voting room packed full of no-nothings?

  24. In what state is the city of New England located?

    The draft is best held with each team in their own facilities calling/texting/skypeing into a central location.

    Think about it, we don’t have to see
    Roger shaking hands with anyone. If it’s necessary you could still have the two networks broadcast the immediate results or most of the population could continue along with their usual life without the “coverage”.

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