Jadeveon Clowney: My goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck

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The first pick in the 2014 NFL draft is eager to get after the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

Texans pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney said in a video on the Texans’ website that sacking Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is high on his list of priorities in the NFL.

“My goal for the rookie season is to try to better myself as a player,” Clowney said. “And my goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck. He’s in my division, playing him two times a year, he’s a dangerous quarterback, he makes good decisions with the ball, so I just want to get after him and sack him one time.”

If the Texans are going to catch the Colts in the AFC South, they’re going to need Clowney to achieve that goal.

60 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney: My goal in the NFL is to sack Andrew Luck

  1. Sacking Luck once – with the O-line currently in place in Indianapolis – wouldn’t the #1 pick be better off picking a target that is a bit more challenging?

  2. I’m sure Luck is shaking in his cleats worrying that Clowney only wants to sack him one time.

  3. I think guy is a bust waiting to happen, he may give 100% against Luck but what about rest of season? way over drafted and I think K. Mack would have been a better fit for Houston.

  4. Admirably, his goal is to become a better player, but you see the highlight, it needed to create a stir by adding Luck’s name.

    I predict this kid will reach both of those goals in short order, as he gets better and gets to see Luck drop back maybe 60 times each year.

  5. Your goal should be to play your best football, stay healthy, be a good role model and keep your nose clean by staying out of trouble. Sacking a quarterback one time should be a given if you’re working hard in the offseason and coming to work on time and prepared.

  6. Wow, most guys would say getting to, and winning a SuperBowl. But playing for the Texans its good to see he’s keeping it a realistic goal, even though the Colts will own them.

  7. ???? What??? Lofty goal for the overall #1 pick! Seriously, that quote is hilarious! The majority of these guys are quoting, “Super Bowl”, or ” I will be the Best CB, LB, DE!” Their goals are lofty and possibly unrealistic. However, this clown’s goal is to sack Andrew Luck. My guess is, he will get that over with right away so he can begin resting up for the next season, wouldn’t want to risk further injury!

  8. Hmm, how about making the playoffs and leading a Super Bowl run?

    Such low goals only to sack someone.

  9. Sack him one time?

    Talk about setting a low bar. He should be trying to sack him 8 times.

  10. When Lovie Smith became coach of the Bears he proclaimed that his mission was to beat the Packers,he did a few times but that was the highlight of his Bears career,no Super Bowls and a rare playoff game that he lost to the Packers in,what a great legacy.Clowney may want to set his priorities a little bit higher for his NFL career.

  11. @billh1947:

    Lovie’s Bears made the playoffs three times, and made the SB once. Not stellar, but more than you give them credit for.

  12. Glad this guy realizes he isn’t sacking Chad Henne and has to set his goals a little lower.

  13. Wow, you can really tell that this is the doldrums of the season, where even the lamest quotes are apparently newsworthy. “My goals for today are to pick up eggs, cheese, and a quart of milk on the way home!!”

  14. I never really understood the philosophy of so specifically targeting other teams. At most, you play a team three times. Even then, there’s little guarantee you’ll face said team when the stakes are highest. Not that having a pass rush is a bad strategy in general, but if one particular opponent is driving your team building, you won’t get far. See: AFC East teams not residing in Foxboro.

  15. Anthony Barr will become the all time sack leader for all linebackers to ever play the game. Future HOF player with Barr.

  16. i thought his first goal would be to learn to read and write..what a dullard

  17. Texans D will be completely worn out being on the field so long since there offense will be 3 and done after every possession.
    Good luck with that.

  18. LOL…. 1 sack of Luck is 1 more than every reader of this site will ever have. And do you “really” think ONLY 1 sack is what he meant??!!

    I get it, if YOU were Clowney you would aim way past every star and change the Universe with your skills, and your words would never be taken out of context and every interview you EVER did would be worthy of a million reprints for inspiration and awesomeness…

    But alas, your life is small and anonymous and his is extra-large and worthy of criticism.

  19. What ? are you a clown!? A sack against Luck is probable given the O line he has….. the amount of times they play them each season…. and the fact that he has JJ on the other side as a threat. Setting the bar high I see.

  20. shame on most of you.
    you know the media is just feeding you sound bytes. do you really think that is the entire quote? my bet is he was trying to sound humble and appear as if year one was about learning the game at nfl speed. I’m not a Texans fan or a Clowney fan, but when it comes to keeping it real I’m a big fan.

  21. People are seriously criticizing him for saying he wants to sack Luck once? Obviously he would like to sack the guy more than once, people are getting riled up about semantics.

  22. I like that.
    Can’t sack Luck 6 times a year unless you get him once. He may have not made it perfectly clear but that’s my takeaway.

  23. I had the pleasure of seeing this loafer every Sat in Columbia SC. Does he have ability,,1000% yes,,,does he have heart,,,not one damn bit. You watch,,he will follow the long line of disappointments,,that get to the NFL and disappear….

  24. Funny how K. Mack’s goal is to win Defensive ROY like the fact CLOWNey didn’t fall to #5. we are the first and the best nation in sports the true nation #RAIDERNATION

  25. Shouldn’t be too hard considering the O-line in Indy. But if you want Luck to throw his 4int games, you have to put a little pressure on him.

  26. And then he can drop in coverage and find out your not in south carolina anymore! Guy wont live up to expectations either way go ahead and set such lofty goals Clown-ey.

  27. You have to be too literal of a person to think that Clowney was literally saying he wanted to sack a particular QB once in his rookie season. And if you have done your homework you would see the freak of nature that Clowney is and was in high school and college. He was simply giving kudos to his division leading QB and fellow number one draft pick from a couple of years ago. Anybody can take something out of context and say something about another person’s comments and not put into writing the words another has spoken.

  28. Have a feeling Luck will be throwing TD passes
    long after this clown is out of the league

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