Khalil Mack expects to move around on Raiders’ defense

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Raiders rookie Khalil Mack has already set some high goals for himself, but now he can cross off “become a professional writer.”

Mack pinch-hit for the vacationing’s Peter King in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback, and mostly expressed his excitement about joining a veteran-laden Raiders defense.

The pass-rushing specialist made it clear he has a lot to learn, but said he thinks the Raiders plan to use him at multiple spots on the field.

I like the idea of being the guy other teams have to look out for,” he said.

With established veterans such as Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley, Mack won’t have to be the sole provider of pass-rush. But his young legs and multiple skills will come in handy for a defense which will have to carry the Raiders this year.

11 responses to “Khalil Mack expects to move around on Raiders’ defense

  1. Moore, Mack, Tuck, Woodley and Smith are coming for your QB’s this year people….we may not be elite but we will hit some QB’s on our way to getting there.

  2. With a defense composed mostly of practice squad players, high round busts and over the hill veterans, Mack has his work cut out for him.

  3. This is the year of trash talking rookies. Not a down have they played, yet they won’t shut up about how great they’re going to be. Right.

  4. I know this guy is has freakish talent, but he’s a rookie. Get him to shut his mouth and respect position play at the beginning of his career.

    He will be a better freelancer after he masters one spot.

  5. Yeah, he won’t be writing for a living. By far the most boring Guest MMQB writer ever…

  6. Once again hoebolt is trolling. Worry about your underachieving squad. Multiple pro bowlers over the years without a ship to speak for. And the only SB you made, you got destroyed. I will bet you that we will slip games once again this year.

  7. humb0lt… Another generic comment. Given that this is a Raiders article, saying something negative and not generic should be relatively effortless. Your comments come of as written by a lazy troll.

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