Saints begin move to West Virginia for training camp

It’s fitting that a bunch of Saints are heading for a place known as “Almost Heaven.”

Like the Colts did 30 years ago, the Saints have packed up the trucks.  Unlike the Colts, the Saints aren’t leaving town permanently.

Via WWL-TV, the massive movement of training-camp equipment to West Virginia has commenced.  Ultimately, tractor trailers filled with blocking sleds and flatscreens will arrive at The Greenbrier, where a practice facility is being constructed for the team from Louisiana.

In all, the Saints will use four 53-foot trucks, a 34-foot trailer, four 26-foot box trucks, and a 16-foot pack truck to get their stuff to White Sulphur Springs.  They’ll hold 26 training-camp practices and one scrimmage at the resort.  The team hopes that West Virginia will provide a more moderate climate for preseason practices.

While plenty of work still needs to be done to prepare the facility for the start of camp on July 24, The Greenbrier recently posted a photo that shows things coming along quite nicely.  Even if the bare surroundings make it look a little like the guards’ practice field in The Longest Yard.

24 responses to “Saints begin move to West Virginia for training camp

  1. I just don’t get it,

    back in ’06 and ’07 when Payton and Co, cleaned house and resurrected the franchise, they did so at Milsaps college in Northern Mississippi, which was the equivalent to Rocky training in the barn chasing a chicken, and it worked, but a resort, come on man

  2. Moving to a state that asks if you are a blood relative to the bride is not “Almost Heaven” It’s a trailer park. If not for the Late Senator Byrd you’ld all be living in dirst floor shacks with your barefoot and pregnant wives.

  3. The Greenbrier is a fabulous resort and the team will think they have gone to heaven when they arrive!
    The resort is surrounded by mountains and the grounds are green and lush. Beautiful, natural landscaping and cool mountain air.

    Enjoy the escape SAINTS!

  4. The poster that call W Virginia a trailer park probably has never been there, or maybe just plain ignorant…

  5. I don’t get why the guard was itching to shoot Crewe for casually walking off the field while standing totally idle as he decided whether to pull the trigger or not. We were so close to having a far more complicated and interesting ending, it would have made for some great cinema history to see what would happen next, plus we missed out on a whole segment of courtroom theatrics.

  6. A John Denver reference at PFT. Cool.

    It will be a nice boon for Greenbriar. The Saints and their entourage will pump considerable money into the local economy. The Saints also travel well. There will be a good number of Saints fans that make the trip and spend time and money there. Win all around for Greenbriar.

  7. I have no doubt that the fine folks of WV will have the facility finished in time. It was here in CA, I would have my doubts due to some of the unfriendly to businesses building and inspection codes on our books.

  8. The poster that calls New Orleans a sewer is even more ignorant than the one that called W Virginia a trailer park…

  9. Just realized it’s the same insulting poster that puts down W Virginia and New Orleans, oh well some idiots remain idiots all their lives…

  10. Practicing in Southern Louisiana heat in August is a disaster in the making. The cooler climate can help to prevent heat related injuries and allows for more work to get done.

  11. @purpleguy – a comment often attributed to Jerry West, was that he was such a good shooter because if he missed, he had to chase the ball down the hill, and he got tired of chasing the ball. Maybe if the receivers miss a pass they have to chase the ball down the hill. How many times would it take before they quit missing? 🙂

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