Talks between Saints and Jimmy Graham to continue this week


With last week’s grievance falling in their favor, the Saints have the upper hand in their negotiations with tight end Jimmy Graham.

We should find out this week how heavily they want to wield that hand.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, more negotiations are expected this week between the Saints and their for-sure (pending appeal) tight end.

As we’ve noted, the Saints never pulled their previous offer of $9.5 million a year, which falls between the $7 million he’d make on the one-year tight end franchise tag and the $12.3 million for a year he was seeking as a wide receiver.

The deadline for reaching a deal on a long-term contract with Graham is next Tuesday, so it makes sense that they’ll take this week to get back to work on the long-term deal which would benefit both sides.

11 responses to “Talks between Saints and Jimmy Graham to continue this week

  1. So how long before a team like New England decides that Jimmy Graham is worth the draft pick compensation and signs him to a deal? Belichick has proven through the years he will make big moves. Plus, it would seem there is a bit of an unspoken rule that you dont make that kind of move, but everyone already thinks the Pats are dirty, so why not take advantage of the reputation and dramatically upgrade your roster…?

  2. Good lord….Just give the man his $10M average annual contract…give him a million more in guarantees that Gronk…Make the contract absurdly long to spread the cap pain…and then cut him in 3 years when his performance declines and is no longer worth it…

  3. I hope he tell the Aints where to put it. If you want a cheap tight end I know a couple who can’t catch too good. But if you wanna receiving tight end, who gonna have to quit your el cheapo ways.

  4. I know that everyone loves to hate the Saints but how can you honestly call the Saints cheap when they offered Graham $9.5 million a year. They are going to make him the highest paid tight end in the league.

  5. Please stop with the Drew Brees took all the money. Name a top five QB in the NFL that doesn’t get paid big $. As far as the contract 9.5 is meeting Graham half way and is a fair offer…

  6. Nothing like having your head coach testify against you to instill warm fuzzies and good feelings about the organization.

  7. Love all the Saints hate… L O V E I T !!!!!!
    Means we doing something right…

  8. Please just sign jimmy and shut these haters up. I don’t know why everyone bashes the saints when we are one of the best . Jimmy graham cracker is a saint and will continue to be . And to u bounty gate haters , stop using that because despite what good ell rooled both warner and farve said there was no fowl play just quality non sisy football !

  9. With Drew throwing the ball to Jimmy, Marcus, Kenny & Brandin, and the improved Saints defense on the other end, I don’t see any team scoring more points than the Saints this season, including the Superbowl.

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