Threats from Selig get A’s lease done

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The on-again, off-again 10-year A’s lease at the stadium shared with the Raiders is on.  Again.

With the Oakland City Council instructing its four representatives to the Joint Powers Authority to reject the deal, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig threatened to move the team.  And the Oakland City Council blinked.  Even though there really isn’t anywhere for the A’s to move.

The question now becomes whether the long-term lease for the A’s will increase the chances of a move by the Raiders.  As noted by Paul Gutierrez of, the powers-that-be have opted to keep 81 baseball games per year at the venue, even if it means losing 10 football games.

Like the A’s, the Raiders don’t have many viable options beyond Oakland — especially since the thinking in some league circles is that the NFL would block an effort by the Raiders to move to L.A. if Mark Davis would still be the controlling owner of the team.  Davis wants to find a long-term stadium solution in Oakland, but not much is happening to find an answer to a problem that could result in the Raiders leaving as soon as 2015.

If they have someplace to go.

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  1. Yep, where oh where would an NFL franchise go? I can’t really think of any cities out there who want those cash cows anyway.

  2. Vancouver, Canada! Portland, Oregon!
    Cor D’elaine, Idaho! Omaha, Nebraska! Santa Fe, New Mexico! San Antonio, Texas! Toronto, Canada!…….yeah, they have places to go!

  3. Maybe Mark Davis should listen to some offers then. He should call Steve Balmer and ask him if he’d rather have a football team instead and encourage him to rescind the offer to purchase the Clippers. He could probably get Donald Sterling to sign a permission slip for him to back out of the deal.

  4. Yeah, just like the NFL blocked Al from moving there the first time! Sometimes the things you write really make me shake my head. It must simply be for reaction purposes only – for which you’ve obviously succeeded. You are far too educated to make such a statement otherwise!


  5. No viable option for any team(s) in any professional sport?????really….whys that?

    The reality is the teams do not want to leave the 5th largest metro area in the unite states…the current site can easily handle a new baseball venue, football venue, and can keep the current indoor arena where the warriors are 4th in the league in attendance, and currently have sold out 79 games in a row, and counting ….

    Really it’s that simple.

  6. I think from an attendance standpoint, 81 games a year from the A’s is probably less attendance than 10 Raider home games a year? With the exception of pre-season (2 games) all of the regular season Raider games have sold out in the last 3 seasons except maybe one. I’m not an A’s fan, but by watching sports center, on any given game there looks like about 200 fans total in the stands..(includes the dudes selling beer and popcorn)

  7. If the Raiders and Colony Capital bring the money to revamp the site (which all signs are pointing to yes) with what they are planning, the lease will not get in their way. Now, if the A’s decide they want to do their own plan and do their own version of a revamped site, then there will be problems. But all the A’s have proposed in this lease, is way they can kick the can down the road for 10 more years. BTW, the new football stadium’s EIR is coming out in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

  8. “Even though there really isn’t anywhere for the A’s to move.”

    Yes there is, home. Come right back to Philly, got room in the outer areas.

  9. If there is no bias against the Raiders from the NFL… can you explain to me why Mark Davis is the only owner that needs to sell the team for a possible move to happen? Seems like any other team that threatens a move is backed by the NFL and allowed to hold their city hostage for a possible new stadium. Yet, the Davis family needs to sell or a move will be blocked by the NFL? If you believe Raiders fans are just conspiracy theorist when it comes to saying the league is against us… this doesn’t help your argument. They tried to stop Al too…. and Al just went ahead and moved anyway. Here’s hoping is son has some of the same grit as pops.

  10. The Raiders need to move out of the Bay Area. They’ll always be 2nd class citizens here. Granted they play in the worst stadium in the NFL but their fan base keeps shrinking. In order to sell out games they have to tarp over the whole upper deck. When the 49ers were losing for 8 consecutive years while playing in the old, outdated Candlestick Park , they still managed to sell out every game.

  11. The reader above is correct. The Raiders just have a different fan base, both ethnically and financially and I love our fans. However, a stadium holding 65,000-70,000 is too hard to fill each week. The way the stadium is now about 53,000 I think?? That works, we have been 4-12 the last 2 years and filled the stadium every game with no blackouts.

    Not having enough fans is not the reason we had trouble selling out games prior to the tarps, fans with financial issues is the reason. I live in the central valley, there are people wearing Raider gear 3-1 over any other team, including the niners. JMO

  12. Making the stadium smaller only makes the problem worse because in order to make up lost revenue they have to increase ticket prices. I tried to purchase tickets to the 49ers/Raiders game and they wanted $150 for nosebleed seats. In comparison, I’m paying $150 a game for seats 10 rows from the field at the 20 yard line at levi stadium.

  13. Obviously, the league is tired of dealing with the dysfunctional Davis’, and I don’t blame them.

    This is a professional league, and that franchise is an embarrassment.

  14. Hasn’t the NFL learned yet? The Owners cannot stop Mark Davis from moving HIS TEAM wherever he wants. I know his father is dead but he won his lawsuit against the NFL when they tried to stop him from moving to LA the first time. He won millions of dollars in damages from the league. Mark Davis needs permission to move from NO ONE.

  15. I remember Al Davis saying he still had rights to Los Angeles after the team returned to Oakland. This has to be true, and the sole reason a team has not been able to relocate there since the Raiders left. Al knew how to swing the small print in a contract his way. Just ask Lance (with cause) Kiffin.

  16. Vancouver has a recently remodeled 60,000 seat dome. San Antonio has the Alamo Dome. But the obvious move is back to LA, but I think the league has it’s sights set on the Rams moving there.

  17. The remaining Oakland teams (A’s, Raiders) need to get it through their heads, along with the City of Oakland and Alameda County, that they need each other. They need to stop the contentious negotiation BS and work together to make the entire package, the football stadium and ballpark, a reality.
    The way they’ve gone about it, it’s a pipe-dream.
    If they (A’s and Raiders) pooled their resources as to private investors, it could possibly work.
    I know for a fact that there won’t be a nickel of public money in the deal. Al Davis made sure of that when he fleeced De La Fuente and the rest in the deal that brought them home.
    THAT was a horrible deal for the coliseum authority. They got bamboozled.
    But I suspect that several of the sitting elected officials of the time made out pretty well financially. Or at least one of them.
    Not naming names. Not so much, anyway….

  18. I have an idea, how about moving the Vikings instead of the Raiders. Minnesota doesn’t deserve the new Stadium & should have never been awarded a Super Bowl. The owners voted for New Orleans but Roger Goodell didn’t care because the Vikings are his favorite team.

  19. In the short term, I’m guessing Selig would have allowed the A’s to share AT&T Park with the Giants. That may still come to pass if the construction of a new ballpark for the A’s requires the razing of their current home.

  20. sponz00 says:
    Jul 7, 2014 2:32 PM
    Yeah, just like the NFL blocked Al from moving there the first time! Sometimes the things you write really make me shake my head. It must simply be for reaction purposes only – for which you’ve obviously succeeded. You are far too educated to make such a statement otherwise!

    Exactly, “stories” like this really make you wonder.

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