Tony Romo “miles ahead” of last year


For Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, rehabbing from back surgery has become a familiar process.

He had to do it in 2013, when he missed all of OTAs and minicamp while making his way back from a late-spring operation, and he’s had to do it again this year after the injury that forced him to miss Week 17 last season. Romo was able to do some limited work in the offseason program this year, which has left him well ahead of where he was the first time around.

“Miles ahead of last year,” Romo said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t think they’re comparable. I think last year I was just starting around this point so this year I’ve had whatever months to kind of get myself into feeling like I can go. Now it’s going to be more perfecting as opposed to just trying to hammer everything out in four weeks, three weeks.”

The operations were very different, but the key for the Cowboys is that Romo will be ready to go in time for the regular season. With the defense trying to find itself, they’ll be leaning heavily on the quarterback and they’ll need him as healthy as possible to have a chance to go into Week 17 with at least a chance at a playoff spot again this season.

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  1. Lifer Cowboys fan here. If we make it to 8-8 this season…I’ll be astounded. I have no expectations of playoffs this year.

  2. Well it looks like Romo just had to talk now that Eli is going to tear it up and RG3 is back to 2012 form. Will these guys ever stop professing greatness? It gets REAL old.

  3. Dead man standing. No D in D which means shootouts; he’ll get pummeled. 1st pick in the draft next year goes to Jerry.

  4. Miles ahead of mediocrity? Even without Miles Austin and his tender hammy? I actually like that slogan for Jerruh. “We are miles and miles ahead of mediocre….I think”

  5. they’ll be lucky to reach 8-8 for the fourth season in a row, but that won’t stop them from still getting more air-time than any team in the league.

  6. Miles ahead of last year can very well still be very far back.

    It’s all relative.

  7. He’ll get to show just how far he’s come against a top 5 Niner defense in week one. Should be a blast! Seahawks think they’re Niner rivals, but this is the game that gets faithful Niner fans pumped. Seeing those two legendary franchises in a Game of the Week/opener is just what the doc ordered.

    I smell drama!

  8. The Cowboys should take the year off. This way the Defense doesn’t give up 20+ points a game and Romo won’t have to choke in the end like the same old script. The NFC East is a 2 horse race with Philly and NY. Both make the Playoffs, but neither get past 49ers, Seahawks, Packers or Falcons. There, now you don’t even need a Football Season now.

  9. 0-16.. Maybe fluke out a game vs Jags or Giants, but that’s a far reach after the worst D in their history got worse in the off season … Not by any means a cowboy hater, just stating facts.

  10. I don’t think a single moron that posted actually read the story. He said he is “miles ahead” of where he was last year in his rehab.. That’s it. Wow…

  11. He and Aaron Rodgers will tear it up this season. One team will get bounced in the first round of the playoffs and the other won’t even make the playoffs….as usual. Luckily the ignorant fan bases will never blame the QB’s.

  12. The guy is 34 years old. When does everyone admit that he is a “neverwas”? The fact that he is doing the same rehab as last year tells you something. This wasn’t a one time injury. He will always have a bad back. A couple of good hits and he is down again.

  13. should have drafted Manziel! …..JK! But at least it might be more fun to watch them when they go 3 and 13! lol!

  14. Nicholas Quatlebaum Wellington Foles, ladies and gentlemen. Forget the other NFCeast QB’s. Even if you cant forget the superbowls they played well in earlier

  15. Well I have to admit I’m a Cowboys fan and yes our team sucks big time…Jerry only thinks about $$$ and not the team and fans…my coworker which is a Cowboys fan said we’ll be lucky to win 5 games this season…I really didn’t want to hear that…I told him we just might make it to 8-8 again. If we can get lucky and the 49ers play like they played against the Hawks and lost big time that would be a good start for us but that’s likely not to happen. 49ers will go to Dallas to play some ball. Good luck to us Cowboys fans

  16. All I hear are a bunch of guys talking trash about my boys. And most of you clowns like another team. Give it a brake! No wonder we get more press than anyone. I’m a Cowboy fan 4LIFE. Of 57yrs. I would never logon to another teams website. They don’t interest me. Why don’t you haters go check on your own teams, cause the romo jokes. “Done herdem all”

  17. InFact says:
    Jul 7, 2014 8:25 PM

    A tourist touring Dallas Stadium pays more for a ticket than a Jaguars fan attending a game.

    If true, it doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the tourists touring Jerryworld. But since the whole purpose of the place is to fleece the stupid, it seems the mediocre product is good enough to allow JJ to accomplish his goal with his tourists and his fans.

  18. About nine or ten years ago I was sitting on a barstool in a restaurant called Tony Roma’s and I told the owner that he would do well to sign Tony Romo (the a Cowboys backup QB) to endorse his chain of restaurants. Now that restaurant is no longer there and Tony is THE MAN. We’ve watched him choke 3 times and many believe that this defines his career, but I’ve watched Staubach, Montana, Elway, BOTH Mannings do the doggy when the chips were down but they all won the big one when their teams had GREAT linemen (on both sides of the ball) and a damned good running back.
    The QB cannot do it all.

  19. About 10 posters mentioned an 8-8 record. With an NFC West schedule this team can’t smell 8 wins. I see them at 4-12 but on the plus side I love the Devon Street pick in the 5th rd. a lot of teams will be sorry for passing on this kid.

  20. Actually Romo had a very good year last year, but ruined with an incredibly poor defense. And the same guy running it is back again? Really? I’ve never been on the Jerry Jones attack wagon, but I’m considering hopping on.

    Lets get ready for another fabulous 500 season from the once great Cowboys.
    (Yes I’m a 40+ year fan and have seen them when they were even worse than they are now) Any one remember the infamous 1989 season? 1-15. Maybe this year they’ll break it and join the Lions in the 0-16 basement.

  21. Well assuming he put one foot ahead of the other at about 1/10th a mile an hour and merely chose a direction, any direction, he very well should be miles ahead from last year.

  22. “dcapettini says:

    The guy is 34 years old. When does everyone admit that he is a “neverwas”? The fact that he is doing the same rehab as last year tells you something. ”

    This is funny. Last year he had a cyst removed – a little bit more invasive than lancing a boil. This year he had a discectomy. The two operation are NOTHING alike. He has not been doing the same rehab.

  23. Some of you know much about football as you do about brain surgery… Do y’all understand that offense was great last season…. Romo can’t play defense too..SMH!!!!!I see some of you writing them off because there’s no Ware, Hatcher or Lee. Remember, the D sucked last year with these guys on the field.. Young new talent will be hungry.. All these haters keeping up with Dallas but I bet you don’t know the first thang your own teams did in the off season. If I didn’t like a team I bet I wouldn’t keep up with em like some of you do…Y’all teams could be on pace to go 4-12, 3-13 or even don’t know because y’all to busy keeping up with the Cowboys. its people like y’all that make the Cowboys famous.ijs!!!!!

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