Jaguars come in 29th in our Preseason Power Rankings


The Jaguars are still farming out games overseas.

They’re putting in new swimming pools to entertain fans during games.

But for the first time in several years, it feels like they’re moving in the right direction on the field.

Though the Jaguars came in at the 29th spot in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings (click here for the full preview), there’s a clear sense of progress about the roster.

They’re not ready to throw top pick Blake Bortles into the fire yet, but they’ve done enough work to the roster to hopefully help him when he’s ready to take over.

The Jaguars are solid-to-good on defense, and are collecting young parts on offense to support Bortles when he’s ready to supplant Chad Henne.

It’s far from a team that’s ready to compete for a division title, but it’s better than it was in the recent past. Let us know if you agree in the comments, or by voting in the poll below.

30 responses to “Jaguars come in 29th in our Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Even though my Giants have thrown in the towel on the 2014 season they still get respect. I’m very surprised they are ranked at least 28. I thought they’d be lower.

  2. Is it just me, or is it hard to vote on if you agree with the rank without seeing the list in it’s entirety first?

  3. At least they have those cool helmets. What do the jags and billy graham have in common? They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell “Jesus Christ!”

  4. The Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL, and it’s not close. The other teams from the bottom 5 of the ’13 standings all have much more talent.

  5. This is one I disagree with. I fully expect the Jags to be a sound team. Their main weakness is at QB and I think by using a ball control style, they can limit any QB damage with Henne.

    Do not be surprised if they challenge for division lead. QB issues in TN and HOU could lead to trouble, while JAX will get after Luck in a way reminiscent to the way SEA plays defense.

    They may end up bottom 1/3, but 29 is too low.

  6. If the Minnesota Vikings aren’t in the top 10, this list is biased.

    We have the most talent on our offense, with the best running back in the NFL, top 5 WR core and a future HOF QB in Teddy Bridgewater.

    There’s nothing stopping us from a Super Bowl this year:

  7. So much ignorance on here. Not being a homer, but we did finish 4-4. Stronger D and Henne is servicable. Give Jax some credit. We sell more tickets that 50% of the league.

  8. So, Houston gets rid of Schaub for Ryan Fitzpatrick, picks Jadeveon Clowney who may miss time with a sports hernia injury, but they are climbing the power rankings.

    Last year just an aberration and back to winning in Houston?

    I really don’t get why Miami got ranked so low, but the Jags seem about right especially if they shelve Blake Bortles and let him learn the ropes.

  9. The Jags are better than most think, it’s easy to stereotype and say bad things. This isn’t the same Jags that used to always be at the bottom. They’re going to make some noise this year, and that stadium though.

  10. I kind of liked the owner until I read the comment about swimming pools for the fans. Not good. Who is their 12th man? Some 300lb drunk in a speedo? Can’t imagine having a winner in that atmosphere.

  11. .
    They’re not ready for prime time, but have an improved roster. Happily, they are not throwing Bortles to the wolves.

  12. My goodness PFT, what is with the positive tone of all of your articles about my Jags lately? Tell us we’re blacking out games, moving to LA/London, signing Tebow. I don’t know what to think anymore…

  13. Jacksonville had a HORRID first 1/2 of a year last year, but have had MAJOR roster upgrades at the most needy of positions and the defense shored up close to season’s end. When you cut your sack leader from last year, you know the D-line is better. Chris Clemmons, Red Bryant, Evander Hood, and Dekoda Watson instantly put a stamp on the defense. Zane Beadles, Blake Bortles, Toby Gerhart and Tandon Doss will improve the running game, line, and then we added two great 2nd round receiver picks, Marquise Lee and Allen Robinson.

    No way the Jags are worse than Washington, the Giants, Buffalo, the Jets, Ravens, or Browns- or Bucs & Rams for that matter.

  14. thephinatic says:
    Jul 8, 2014 7:09 PM
    Now I ask you this great PFT writers, would you take the jaguars over the dolphins?


    The Jags have a better owner, GM and head coaching. That all makes a hell of a difference.

    The rosters are a toss up.

    Jags all day.

  15. These preseason rankings are hilarious! Remember last year, when they ranked Houston near the top and predicted them being Super Bowl contenders?

    I’ll be glad when the season starts, just sayin’

  16. I am deeply saddened my bills won’t play the jags in 2014. Usually a W every time. I actually saw a jags fan in Orlando I didn’t know jags fans existed.

  17. Is it just me, or does Gus Bradley look like he knows what he’s doing? He just seems to have an air of competence about him. No wonder Pete Carroll kept him when he became head coach.

  18. There is going to be a lot of people eating their own comments when they see Bradley & the Jags at the end of the season with a winning record. Many will be shocked!

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