Agent says nine teams attended Traylon Shead’s Pro Day workout

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A largely forgettable class of potential picks in the upcoming supplemental draft includes a largely forgotten tailback from SMU.

Traylon Shead, who generated a mere 197 yards in four games last season, has obtained eligibility for the supplemental draft.  His agent, Louis Bing, tells PFT that nine teams were represented at Shead’s July 2 Pro Day workout.

According to Bing, the Cowboys, Texans, Packers, Colts, Lions, Giants, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Bears attended the session, where Shead measured six-foot-two-inches and 240 pounds.

This year’s supplemental draft has generated little or no buzz.  Last year, no players were picked.  Two years ago, the Browns used a second-round pick on receiver Josh Gordon.  In 2011, the Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor with a third-round selection.

A team that uses a pick in the supplemental draft forfeits that selection in the following year’s so-called “common draft.”