Agent says nine teams attended Traylon Shead’s Pro Day workout

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A largely forgettable class of potential picks in the upcoming supplemental draft includes a largely forgotten tailback from SMU.

Traylon Shead, who generated a mere 197 yards in four games last season, has obtained eligibility for the supplemental draft.  His agent, Louis Bing, tells PFT that nine teams were represented at Shead’s July 2 Pro Day workout.

According to Bing, the Cowboys, Texans, Packers, Colts, Lions, Giants, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Bears attended the session, where Shead measured six-foot-two-inches and 240 pounds.

This year’s supplemental draft has generated little or no buzz.  Last year, no players were picked.  Two years ago, the Browns used a second-round pick on receiver Josh Gordon.  In 2011, the Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor with a third-round selection.

A team that uses a pick in the supplemental draft forfeits that selection in the following year’s so-called “common draft.”

13 responses to “Agent says nine teams attended Traylon Shead’s Pro Day workout

  1. Maybe the agent had a piece of paper and a pen and wrote those teams down… Yup.. They were all there..I mean 197 yards, I’m surprised any team could resist

  2. SMU today is pretty much a football backwater, but a lot of folks in this generation don’t know that once upon a time, they were a national powerhouse right up there with Ohio State, USC and Alabama.

    Anyone who hasn’t watched the “30 for 30” piece on SMU’s fall from grace in the early 80s, really needs to do so. It is outstanding, and really exposes how much can go wrong in a major college program and what measures people will take to have a winner.

  3. And everybody forgot about Robert Godhigh, who did have a lot of production, and you don’t even need a draft pick to bring him in, he’s just chilling on the street daydreaming all day. That guy deserves a chance.

  4. Why were the Colts there? I mean they have Trent Richardson at RB. Oh…

  5. The Lions simply don’t have room for him on the roster. (his tape isn’t very impressive anyhow) They were just doing their due-diligence, kicking the tires..

  6. Why wouldn’t a team just sign someone as a free agent after the draft if they wanted them? This doesn’t make any sense to me. I have to be missing something.

  7. A buddy of mine with a team was there and the agent is not lying about the teams who attended. One thing that is not mentioned is that this guy was completely out of shape. Teams are wondering what he does all day but he apparently did not go to class and is definitely not working out hard either. He has no shot to get drafted.

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