Brandon Marshall: There isn’t any reverting back


Wide receiver Brandon Marshall has rarely had problems on the football field since entering the NFL in 2006.

He’s posted at least 81 catches and 1,014 receiving yards every year since 2007 whether he’s been playing for the Broncos, Dolphins or Bears. At some points early in his career, though, it looked like there might be off-field issues that would stand in the way of prolonged success. Those have mostly faded into memory since Marshall arrived in Chicago and he told Michael C. Wright of that they won’t be popping up again in the future even though he knows that nothing will ever be perfect.

“I found that interesting that there is a thought about me reverting back. But I always tell people that’s just part of the journey, especially for a young man given so much freedom, so much fame, so much fortune,” Marshall said. “That’s part of the journey, to make mistakes. But the problem is you make your mistakes in the public’s eye. People look at me like, ‘Is this an act?’ I know you believe in me, but some people will say, ‘Is it an act?’ or ‘It’s only going to last for so long.’ But I’m actually growing, every single day. This is the new me. This is who I am. So there isn’t any reverting back. But I do make mistakes. I’m pretty much still in the same exact situation. I just look at life differently and my approach is different. There’s some things out there I still need to work on.”

Marshall has been an advocate for mental health issues in recent years and he’s trying to help former Dolphins teammate Davone Bess after Bess had a series of troubling incidents last year that have derailed his career. Marshall also talked about helping younger members of the Bears make their way into the professional ranks, something that didn’t seem like it would be part of Marshall’s portfolio a few years ago.

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  1. If you need to put on an act to stay out of trouble and stay healthy, then try to stay in character as long as you can. If people confuse you for being an actor then you are doing a good job in life.

  2. Brandon Marshall is a perfect example of how troubled (off the field) football players can turn their lives around. Aldon Smith and Josh Gordon need to take notes.

  3. Hard to believe the Bears acquired him 2 years ago for 2 3rd rounders. What a great player and teammate he has been!

    Proud of your progress, Brandon. Keep it up!

  4. Marshall takes young receivers under his wing and teaches them how to be professional. Look at the results with Alshon Jeffrey. I can’t wait top see the effect he has on Marquess Wilson!

  5. As a long-time Bears fan who has seen my team mired in less-than-mediocrity at the WR position literally almost my entire life… Brandon Marshall has been a godsend and arguably, one of the the best personnel moves that team has made in its entire history. Or certainly, at least in the modern era.

    Also as a Bears fan, I’m just waiting for things to go south with him. The Bears never seem to have a stud player around for very long without him either getting hurt or flaming out off the field, it seems.

  6. I met Brandon Marshall during his stay in Denver…and this was a casual setting—no pre-planned public appearance. Brandon Marshall is considerate to people that approach him the same way. And he smiles when he says hello.

    I’m a life-long Lions’ fan, but, I will always be a Brandon Marshall fan. #rolemodel.

  7. Never would have thought that he’d be a role model all those years ago.

    Great turn around and the humility that is required to recognize he’s mentally ill and get the needed help without hiding it or being ashamed is refreshing.

  8. He has owned up to his mistakes, hasn’t hid from the past and has become a great leader on and off the field. It would be nice to have guys like this spoken about more often on the major sports news shows/networks instead of the darker side which is considered news these days.

    Bear Down!

  9. All the catches ..all the talk of greatness….all the off field stuff no longer a problem….This guy is the best thing that ever happened to Chicago. Last season 8-8 no playoffs.

  10. Bravo, Marshall. Not many things work out in Chicago but thankfully you’ve been one of the few exceptions. Keep up the great work!

  11. vikesr4reel says: Jul 8, 2014 11:20 AM

    Brandon is a NEVER WAS…
    your comment is a testament to the fact that your dad failed. Anyone that can make a comment like this, in this context, has deep seated issues of inadequacy. Grow up and start acting like a man.

  12. Not a Marshall or Bears fan, but from following it from a distance and just seeing the stuff he was doing in Denver on Sports Center or just on the news…..really glad he was able to turn himself around.

  13. Brandon Marshall’s story is pretty awesome. The fact that he didn’t hide from his issue, but instead attacked it with ferver, says a lot about the type person he is…and it also says a lot about the types of friends/family he rolls with.

    For most people it’s not easy to put up and ‘deal’ with depressed people, but when you can see their heart, it’s worth it.

  14. Good for Marshall. I am not a Bears fan at all, but it is good to see a guy turn his life around. I just hope he can keep it going the right way.

  15. –Happy for Brandon, but, let’s quit talking about all of this.–

    Why not talk about it??? It’s nice to hear something positive for a change and maybe, just maybe another troubled athlete will take notice and seek help because of Marshall.

    Some of these negative comments are pretty sad and ignorant.

  16. How about helping out Josh Gordon instead of Bess? Maybe because he’s better than you and you dont want to see him be the best WR in the league . Bess was brought into Cleveland to help with the younger receivers and all he did was screw them up more.

  17. Love to see him succeeding at life. Been rooting for him for a long time, even though he was on teams I don’t care for.

    btw– “Reverting back” is redundant.

  18. I didn’t like Marshall and thought the Bears were bringing in trouble. I figured he would be another Chicago crime statistic.

    The Bears took a gamble and succeeded.
    Whatever they did worked and none of Marshall’s troubles reflect on the Bears.

    As he has matured and stopped with the foolishness and violence it is more difficult to hold his past against him.

    If he had been with a team like the Bears that had laid down the law and not coddled him perhaps those past tragedies could have been avoided.

  19. This wasn’t supposed to be a knock on Marshall, but one on Devon Bess. You thought some of the guys from the Pro Bowl would have talked to Gordon, but they dont want to see their records broken. Same reason Jordan doesn’t talk to LeBron .
    Professional jealousy .

  20. Actions speak louder than words.

    I’d say Brandon Marshall is walking the walk, and talking the talk. No lip service whatsoever.

    Good for him.

    Continued good fortune and karma moving forward.

  21. Go Beast! Go Bears!

    I have been dealing with depression for about a year and I got help from a therapist. It can help. It did for Beast and it is working for me.

    Mental illness is not mental weakness. beast has been showing toughness and strength and willpower for years. Look at his physical fitness, body fat, production on the field and physical playing style. Clearly he was not mentally or physically weak, but he needed professional help to get better.

    If you hate yourself please get help. Google “cognitive distortions” and I believe that you will find that you engage in many of those thoughts. If so, contact a therapist that practices CBT.

    Go Beast! Go Bears!

  22. He is their leader…and he’s lead them to a 26 wins and 22 loss record since he’s been there. Looking at their upcoming schedual…..another 8-8 finish. Those are the facts.

  23. I love all the positive comments on here, especially from non-Bears fans. When he first arrived in Chicago, only a few of us who were Bears fans seemed willing to give the man a chance, in large part due to the false allegations from a woman in NY that he’d punched her just days before the trade.

    Good job, Brandon, and continued success moving forward.

  24. Agreed larryboodry. Usually comment sections are havens for trolls and people looking to spew hatred. It’s great to hear people rooting for a guy who has turned his life around.

    I’m a Bears fan and I was excited to get the WR, but not the man. Now, he’s my favorite current Bear (sorry, but Sweetness is still Sweetness) and played a part in my decision to seek help for my depression. Seeing how a guy with a long rap sheet can suddenly become a mentor for young guys like Alshon made me think.

    Thanks Beast! Can’t wait to see you enshrined in Canton as a Bear. Hopefully you will do it with a SB ring on your finger!

    Go Beast! Go Bears!

  25. The Bears have the best passing threat in the NFC North. Poor Calvin Johnson needs 3 RB’s to help keep the Lions alive. Stafford is the 3rd best QB in the NFCN and that’s pushing it.

  26. Some people will thumbs-down anything…Sad human beings too dumb to realize there is no cure for them.

  27. Seriously, Brandon Marshall has dealt with his problems head on and he is to be commended for that. But why does he feel the need to keep bringing up his past, especially his bi-polar disorder? This isn’t some trophy here.

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