Fugitive caught after giving his opinion on the Redskins’ name

Getty Images

We’re all entitled to express our opinions about the Washington Redskins name controversy, but if you’re a wanted fugitive, you’d be wise not to put your name and photograph in the newspaper when you speak out on the issue.

That’s a lesson that a former fugitive named Jake Close learned the hard way.

When Close was approached by the Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, for his opinion about the Redskins’ name, he readily offered it. He also allowed his own name to be printed, and allowed the paper to take his picture.

“I think they should keep the same name, but change the mascot to a potato,” Close said.

That was clever, but it wasn’t too clever for Close to give his name and picture to the paper when he was wanted in New York for jumping bail on a drug and drunken-driving case. He was captured when a police officer saw his name and picture in the paper.

Close was sent to jail on $25,000 bail, pending extradition to New York.