Patriots optimistic about Aaron Dobson’s recovery from foot injury

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Patriots receiver Aaron Dobson was unable to participate in offseason work because his recovery from foot surgery was slower than expected. But Dobson’s recovery from the injury seems to be progressing.

That’s the word from Nick Underhill of, who reports that there’s optimism that Dobson will be ready in time for training camp.

As a second-round draft pick last year, Dobson was a starter for most of his rookie season and showed some promise, but he suffered the foot injury in Week 12, missed three games and was less than 100 percent when he returned and tried to play through it at the end of the regular season and in the postseason.

This year the Patriots are hoping that a healthy Dobson will go with a healthy Rob Gronkowski and a healthy Danny Amendola and give Tom Brady a better group of targets than he had last season. Even with all the injuries the Patriots’ offense was strong last season. With a healthier group of receivers, New England’s offense should be stronger.

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  1. Scott Zolak was saying on the radio that Dobson will be ready to go today. Very optimistic about the season ahead, especially the defense which should be top 10 with the additions and players coming back from season ending injuries.

  2. And Tom Brady has never spent time in jail or convicted of obstruction of justice.

    And that’s just the truth

  3. C’mon you can’t blame those superbowl losses on Tom. Those superbowls were lost as a team.

  4. .
    Blaine Gabbert never lost a super bowl.

    Tom Brady has lost two.

    Tune in tomorrow for “fun with stats”.

  5. I have really high hopes for Dobson he improved a lot last year been with the injury. I think he can be a key piece this year.

    It’s ignorance like that which makes us Pats fans feel bad for people looking so desperate to try to make them look bad all the time. We’re aren’t that petty.

  6. And the Patriots went into Baltimore in December of last year with a depleted roster and handed the Ravens their largest BEAT DOWN in their short history.

    And that’s just the truth!

  7. Eh, Ravens fans always hijack other threads because theirs are so depressing. Funniest one was the recent Onion article about how the coaches tell Ravens rookies how to save up bail money.

  8. peytonalwayschokes says:
    Jul 8, 2014 5:20 PM
    Tom Brady has 3 Super Bowl titles
    Ray Lewis has 2 Super Bowl titles

    Ray Lewis sliced up a man
    Tom Brady did not

  9. Staying on topic……Dobson has huge upswing with loads of talent. I find it interesting that he and the team waited so long before having surgery. I am sure they had there reasons but this puts his season in question. I have followed this team for years and know what they say and do are two different things. Hernandez was brought in for murder charges and they would put him on the injury report at 50/50 questionable if they could have.

  10. Dobson has issues catching the ball as do many of the other younger receivers on the roster, like Kenbrell Thompkins. In a nut shell, when raising your hands to catch the ball, the hand attached to the shoulder closest to the incoming ball, HAS to be positioned on top of the other hand. If not, that hand cannot turn far enough radially to be functional and the ball will bounce off the palm and you get deflections, drops, and basket catches where the receiver is trying to trap the ball in the bread basket. Thompkins REALLY has an issue with this. If he corrected it he would have a future, as would Dobson. Perhaps Chad O’Shea can work on this.

  11. Ray Lewis is 0-1 in Obstruction of Justice In A Murder Investigation, but undefeated in hiding a bloody white suit. Tom Brady probably doesn’t even own a white suit.

    WEEK 16…..41-7…..punked in your own crib.

  12. We saw some flashes, but these 2nd year receivers need to step it up if the offense is going to roll this year.

  13. Tom Brady lost the Superbowl and the perfect season to Opie! That was 2007 and I’m still laughing. The icing on the cake was when he missed a wide open Wes Welker that would have won that Superbowl. I’m laughing some more. Tom Brady has choked in every big playoff game since 2004. I’m laughing some more! Can’t ever erase that image of him walking off the field after the 2007 Superbowl as a loser having lost the perfect season to Opie with 1/2 minute left in the game!

  14. We know Brady’s post season record versus that of most QBs, including Peyton Manning, is dominant. Here are the stats of the top ten quarterback careers per plus/minus wins (regular season). No one is close to Brady’s +100 win-loss margin. Look at Dan Marino at +54 and Elway at +66.

    Tom Brady – 139-39 (+100)
    Peyton Manning – 156-70 (+86)
    Brett Favre – 186-112 (+74)
    Joe Montana – 117-47 (+70)
    John Elway – 148-82-1 (+66)
    Terry Bradshaw – 107-51 (+56)
    Roger Staubach – 85-29 (+56)
    Johnny Unitas – 118-64-4 (+54)
    Dan Marino – 147-93 (+54)
    Daryle Lamonica – 66-16-6 (+50)

  15. “We play to win the game” — Herm Edwards. Nobody is (was) better at winning than Tom Brady.

  16. Brady got the Pats the lead in BOTH Super Bowl losses with approx. 3 minutes left, but yet it’s his fault they Pats lost?


  17. I loved the beatdown NE gave the ravens last season. Is that wife beater, rice, still on their roster? Maybe he was mad that NE smacked them in the mouth mercilessly.

  18. “Tom Brady doesn’t catch the ball, block or play defense. *drops mic*”

    So why does Brady get the credit for winning but not the blame when they lose? Fact is the Pats have not done a lot in the playoffs since they abandoned their Super Bowl winning ways. Built on great defence with a strong running game and the greatest clutch kicker in the game. That’s why they won their SB’s not bc of Brady. Since they went to 5 rec’s and Brady slinging it all over the field they are 0-2 in Super Bowls.

    And that…… the truth!!!!

  19. Week 16? Forgot to mention week !8…..Broncos..remember that game? And then there was that game against his brother Eli….two important games you kind of over looked.

  20. Yes, the offense should be stronger this year. However, the real difference maker will be the fact the the DEFENSE will be stronger, and hopefully, healthier.

  21. ravens2xworldchamps says:
    Jul 8, 2014 4:31 PM
    Ray Lewis has never lost a Super Bowl.

    Tom Brady has lost two Super Bowls.

    And that’s just the truth.


    that theory is poor.

    Is it better to make the playoffs then not make the playoffs? Yes

    Is it better to go deep in the playoffs then go out early? Yes

    Is it better to make the Super Bowl then to go out in the AFC Chamionship game? Yes

    Therefore Brady making it to 5 Super Bowls and winning 3 is a lot better than Ray Lewis winning the 2 he made it to but never getting there for 11 years straight and going out early.

    It only matters how many you win. Undefeated in Super Bowls is a dumb stat when going out earlier is clearly worse.

  22. Anyone can look at bradys stats and say their good. What we can’t say is how would those stats look if Billicheat wasn’t spying on other teams defensive calls.

  23. What would Tom Brady’s record be without the illegal video taping of the opponents defensive signals! That we’ll never know, thus all those wins aren’t worth a pile of pencil shavings!

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