Redskins trademark plaintiff: Fans shouldn’t wear head dresses and war paint


Amanda Blackhorse, the Native American activist who served as the lead plaintiff in the case that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided against the Washington Redskins, says she wants to see more than just the team losing its federal trademark protection.

Blackhorse also wants fans to reconsider their actions, and think about whether it really shows honor to Native Americans for non-Native fans to paint their faces when cheering on the Redskins or Kansas City Chiefs.

“You can love Native Americans and not have anything against them, but yet your fans will do very bizarre rituals in these games that are very stereotypical of Native American people,” Blackhorse said, via Grand Canyon News. “The headdress, the war paint, that’s what I have a problem with.”

Whether fans who wear head dresses and war paint intend to offend or not, the reality is that many Native Americans find images of non-Native fans in traditional Native garb offensive.

264 responses to “Redskins trademark plaintiff: Fans shouldn’t wear head dresses and war paint

  1. We better cancel Halloween as well.

    Man this country is going down the drain, a WAY TOO politically correct.

    Stop taking things so serious people, you only live once, enjoy it, and stop complaining about every little minute detail.

  2. Maybe everyone should stop pretending to be Vikings, or Samurais, and anyone who is NOT a Jedi should never be allowed to yield a Light Saber

  3. The football fan in me wants to say get a life, but the logical side of me agrees as it’s no different really than what Blackface is to African Americans or using tape to stretch eye lids is to Asians….. both we’d consider racist and insensitive in the real world.

    But football isn’t the real world so Mrs Blackhorse… “GET A LIFE”

  4. This is very silly…Does that mean that the Native Americans can’t wear jeans and a TShirt or can’t show up at a Cowboys game wearing cowboy garb if someone is offended? When does this inane nonsense end?

  5. The more she talks, the dumber she sounds. If we wanted “stereotyping” of Native Americans, folks could go around with blackjack tables or slot machines painted on their face.

    The fans are being much more respectful to Native American heritage than the modern day Native Americans are. The 2,000+ Native Americans living in my small town are mostly overweight (not all of them, but most), and living off of their tribe and/or the government. We had an entire Native American family living with us last year for several months, and they see no problem with letting the government pay their way.

    The Native Americans of 200 years ago would have long ago kicked these folks out of the tribes really quick.

  6. Didn’t know Native Americans have copyright for using traditional Native Americans garb?

  7. MANY???

    Can you even define many. So far you are up to 1.

    I didn’t major in math, But i wouldn’t call that many and I would love to see one poll done of real Indians who find the name offensive. I bet it wouldn’t even be a majority.

  8. The more she says the more she is motivating these fans. Shut up and get over it…

  9. Well, we certainly can’t have someone somewhere out there being offended by something.

  10. Hey dude why not worry about the poverty alLot of your people live in and other issues the american indian has to deal with. This issue shouldn’t be in the top ten list of problems of problems your people

  11. Did Native Americans at one time use a headdress? YES.

    Did Native Americans at one time use war paint? YES

    What is wrong with stating or showing something that is and always true? Nothing.

  12. I see hear point. It could be viewed the same as a white person in “black face”.

    I never really thought of that before.

  13. War paint was part of native American’s past. That’s just a fact and I think that is what fans are paying tribute to. I don’t believe many NFL fans actually think native Americans put on war paint when they go to their jobs in 2014. The intention is to pay honor so appreciate it or get over it.

  14. As an activist for Native Americans, shouldn’t she spend her energy and time on the rampant disease of alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling addiction, and homelessness that is so prevalent among Natives? I see them every day down here in Albuquerque, passed out at the bus stop, begging for spare change at a stop light and being tended to by EMTs. That where she needs to focus her energy. Not some trademark.

  15. The actual polling statistics reflect a landscape in which the NA activist is far from representative of the opinion of non-activist NA citizens. Sort of like the way the journalists’ and politicians’ opinions are inordinately represented in media. Hmm, go figure. I bet someone worked long and hard to find this one.

  16. Remember at the polls, democrats are the ones pushing this agenda. Oh yeah btw, according to the latest progressive commentator Sally kohn, the word “illegal” is just as offensive as redskin

  17. I am not offended when minorities wear Vikinga helmets. Most likely because I am ACTUALLY proud of my Nordic heritedge and am comfortable with the fact that regardless of outside perception, we are still a relevant people in this world. Perception is a cruel mistress, sensitivity is truly a weakness.

  18. Ok maybe society has changed and the name is now offensive. Fine. This is going too far. Soon kids won’t be able to dress up as cowboys and indians for Halloween.

  19. I’m offended by the leprechaun for the “Fighting Irish.”

    Give me a break!

  20. So, now changing the name isn’t going to be enough, there’s going to need to be some enforcement to get individual fans into line? And she’s also said the Chiefs are the next target. This lady is ultimately going to hurt her cause as more and more people get tired of her never-ending complaints.

  21. This is just like the same people back in the 40’s and 50’s wearing black-face. They were saying the same thing these idiots are saying. Some acting dressing like native americans. Go back to your own country!!! oh wait. your people stole it.

  22. War paint….check
    Head Dress (which I just refer to as my feathered hat)….check
    Hog nose….check

    Ok I’m ready for the season! Is week 1 here yet?

  23. What’s next? The Cleveland Browns fans can’t bark in the Dawg Pound? It’s offensive to dog lovers afterall.

    Relax Amanda, no one is offending the natives by wearing a head dress & puting a little war paint on their face. It’s hardworking, good people who just want to have a little fun on a Sunday afternoon to break away from their monotonous lives.

    Chill out already…

  24. As an animal lover I have a problem with the Seahawks, Lions, Bears, Falcons, Dolphins and Cardinals. It makes those animals look violent. As a a frequent flyer I want the Jets name changed as well. Also, Cowboys is making fun of our heritage as well. Where the heck does this stop.

  25. At Boy Scout camp my son attended a session on Native American dancing. They encouraged the Boy Scouts to dress like Native Americans and dance their dances. This happens at Boy Scout camps all over the country. Ms. Blackhorse is of a minority opinion on all of her issues.

  26. In other news, The music band Blue Man Group was asked to change it’s name so it wouldn’t offend any blue men.

    You have the right to be offended. We have the right to disagree.

  27. And yet the gift shops on Indian reservations, in the Midwest, capitalize on all of the Indian stereotypes. Hmmm.

  28. corkspop what fact checking? It’s a team with an arrowhead as a logo, and a “mascot” in a head dress and war paint. It’s doesn’t matter how the team got it’s name, that’s everything the plaintiff is against.

  29. Frankly, I don’t care who’s offended by it. My advise to those offended is to be a little less sensitive to things and accept that, in life, there are some things that you’re not going to agree with and they aren’t going to be changed because you take issue with them. This wasn’t an issue 10 years ago – it really shouldn’t be one today. It’s only an issue because it’s allowed to be and we’re entertaining these people.

    I’m offended because there’s a street in my city called White Street. Does that mean it should be changed?

  30. It just shows the more she talks the more she makes a fool out herself. My honest opinion is that she’s speaking for herself and not other Native Americans if majority of them don’t have a problem with it what’s the point in making this an ethnic thing.

  31. Indian – owned casinos offend me.

    The native Americans should consider divesting themselves of all such establishments owned by Native American owners.

  32. Tell Ms. Blockhorse to take a flying leap. She’s infringing on my right to wear war paint anytime I want.

  33. All i can say is WOW at the comments on this site! A whole race gets mocked & made into stereotypical mascots & there is so sensitivity to these people. News Flash: Vikings, Fighting Irish, & Cowboys, don’t have thousands of school & fans in every county in the US running around every weekend mocking a whole race! Yet somehow it’s a PC thing… Sad!

  34. I’d like to see some of these ol’ white, “no change ever” geezers show up to an African soccer game wearing black face to support those teams. No different here you stubborn fools.

  35. The coddling of Indian “Tribes” by the US Govt. is beyond silly–Casinos, rights to surplus government land, a number of beneficial welfare programs, etc, etc.
    Cultures have been overwhelmed by other cultures since before the advent of recorded history. The losers adapt, acculturate, or disappear.
    The Native Americans were not treated well by our white ancestors, but they’ve had 150-350 years to adapt to new circumstances. It’s time to join our culture or disappear.
    Sorry if that sounds insensitive, but it’s a huge rip-off of the taxpayers, let’s move on.

  36. Amanda Blackhorse offends me when she wears shoes and lives in a house. Her people wore moccasins and lived in tipis.

    She is making a mockery of our people.

    I guess I can’t do anything about if because I believe in the 1st Amendment.

  37. Uhhh, maybe Indians should stop dressing as white people then? Or taking white people names i.e. AMANDA?

    I’m mostly white and secondarily Indian so I offend myself daily.

  38. I have come to understand the Native American stand on the Redskins team name. But this woman’s statements about the Chiefs comes across as a lunatic view of political correctness out of control. Now the call to stop using head dress and Native American garb. It won’t stop. What’s next? It’s exactly what opponents of the Redskins changing their name predicted from the onset and damages the changes of any widespread support for the original agenda. She looks like an out of control zealot and if it quacks like a duck…

  39. duffelbagsports says: Jul 8, 2014 7:52 PM

    She has a point. Let someone make a stereotypical character of your race or national origin and you might get it.
    Honestly, I think most white folks would find it pretty hilarious to see a “stereotypical” white character.

  40. I’m only playing devil’s advocate here, but you gotta think about it from this perspective. To them, we have done nothing but murder their ancestors by force or disease and kicked them out of their homes. In return we gave them reservations and casinos where drug use and poverty is rampant. Now we start dressing like them and mocking their rituals. So I can see where they are coming from. Do I agree with it? Ehh…

  41. Irish Americans yawn, tell people to drink themselves silly, wear stupid leprechaun outfits and mispronounce the Boston basketball team’s name on March 17.

    We got over being discriminated against, nearly wiped out by the Brits by sword/serfdom/starvation over 500 years, hung by our own troops in the Mexican-American War for being Catholic and generally being treated like animals…all this after basically saving Western Civilization in the Dark Ages by being the only peole writing everything the Greeks/Romans/Persians/Egyptians learned east of Byzantium…

    We worked hard, assimilated and now this little island of 5 million people have an incredibly outsized proportion of historical significance and cultural adoption.

    Some people just can’t make the leap from victim to victor.

  42. If Amanda Blackhorse would buy my season tickets to Redskins games with her CASINO money . I would promise not to wear war paint to the games she paid for me to be at.

  43. My most hated team in all of professional sports is the Skins, yet somehow this idiotic woman has got me on their side. I feel dirty like Jim Carrey when he found out that Einhorn was Finkle.

  44. Delraid, the dems may be pushing this dumb issue, but the repubs are pushing to get rid of the epa, the fda, and the SSA. Not to mention pretty much all regulation on energy and financial markets. While you base your voting on the redskin issue I’ll base mine on things that matter.

  45. Unfortunately for Miss AfricanAmericanHorse, the NFL is way more important to America than her agenda.

  46. DC is 80% Obama lib… welcome to your new politically correct new world order skins fans !

  47. Go Washington Bullets!! ,,,err – I mean Wizards.

    they’ll be called the “cherry blossoms” in less than 2 years

  48. Luckily this will never happen, but how awesome would it be if the REDSKINS won the superbowl and had the REDSKINS name plastered all over everything NFL for a whole year at this point?! Ha ha ha ha!!!

    Again, they’d have to be alot better at football for that to happen so it won’t… but it’d be funny.

  49. Just change the name to the Washington Congress. Sounds better. Fits the city’s image better. A future Super Bowl could include the Congress vs the Patriots. An ad marketers dream…

  50. Redskins is racist, needs to be changed.
    Chiefs is NOT racist, nor is Braves.
    Indians is borderline.
    And Amanda Blackhorse is an idiot who might derail the good fight.

  51. I hope all of you folks who cajoled the Redskins in order to change their name are getting the picture; it doesn’t stop with the Redskins name geniuses! This is just the tip of the ICEBERG.

  52. And to the poster who says the natives in Albuquerque are in bad shape: if you really wanna see native Americans/Canadians in bad shape, go to North Central in Regina, Saskatchewan. Or the downtown liquor board there on Broad St and 11th Ave….

  53. She needs to go now!! As a voice representing the “anti” redskins name, she is saying all the wrong things! And I don’t have a dog on the fight! If you will

  54. I find Native Americans in jeans and a jersey offensive. They wear only their traditional garb and I’ll wear only mine and everyone is happy, right?

  55. 4grammarpolice says:
    Jul 8, 2014 7:51 PM

    Cliff Branch > Lynn Swann


    True. And distinctively so if you look at the numbers.

  56. Odd how all the yelling is towards the Redskins yet how many movies and TV specials have war paint on every not so real Indian. People need to get a life.

  57. Initially the argument, “Where does it end?” sounded like people were grasping at straws. But take a look at other teams now that this is the argument.

    Saints fans wear pope-like garments at times like Catholics. No more saints.

    Vikings fans wear horned helmets. Time for a name change Minnesota.

    Fighting Irish wear red beards or dress as leprechauns. Notre Dame needs to watch out.

    If the issue is that teams are insulting Native American traditions, I could except that. However where are the ten articles a day against the Chiefs, Indians, Braves, Blackhawks, etc. Until there is equal opportunity bashing it is hard for many of us to take this as anything but targeting one team.

    Initially it seemed like the longer this went on the more the Skins were being backed into a corner. Now it seems the opposition of the name is beginning to lose some steam.

  58. I’m getting tired and offended by all of the offended constantly being offended.

  59. Then I don’t want to see Blackhorse riding a horse since that’s a European thing. This just shows how soft this country is becoming. People need to get some thicker skin and stop making everything an issue and trying to get money from it

  60. So, should we tell Native Americans that should not where clothes that other ethnicities wear because it is offensive to that ethnic group? When is this over sensitivity going to end. Everyone is so darn fragile these days that they take every darn gesture and assume it is offensive.

    For the record, stereotypes are around because that is the way a certain race or ethnic group behaved or dressed at some point in their history. Perhaps Ms. Blackhorse forgot that at one time some Indian tribes dressed with feathers and war paint and we’re considered fierce warriors. Not some sniveling activest searching for her 15 minutes of fame.

  61. When will she be filing suit against the Chiefs – I ask because I would certainly never go to a Native person and say “what’s up Chief?”

  62. That’s tough, Amanda. YOU do not get to dictate to others what they can and cannot wear just because YOU are offended. There is NO right in the country NOT to be offended. GET OVER IT.

  63. My parents were born in Norway. I don’t file suit when I see the drunk Viking fans mocking my Scandanavian heritage . Why? Because I have a life and I suggest Ms. Blackhorse attempt to get one as well.

  64. When I went to the Grand Canyon I saw many People of Native origin wearing blue jeans, plaid shirts, and cowboy boots and hats.

    I felt so mocked and denigrated and ashamed. I almost fainted from the inhumanity of it …. so now I know exactly where she is coming from and I agree with her one hundred percent.

    But I am eagerly waiting for her to remove her mocking business suit/blazer as that clothing was a convention of the white settlers who killed and relocated entire tribes.

  65. I’m offended by the term “charger” …I keep losing mine all the time and everytime I see the chargers in tv I start getting panic attacks

  66. So I have to get permission from this lady what I wear to a Football game? You have got to be kidding me!! Another article where the Progressive Left has gone too far and have touch with all reality. This article mentions that “many” Native Americans find the face paint and Head dress offensive well I can assure you MANY MANY more DO NOT!!

    BTW where was the plaintiffs name when a Freedom of Information Act was requested? No where to be found!! She never filed a complaint with the Trademark agency in Washington.

    This story will soon be swept under the rug once the season starts. Hopefully for good. Hail to the Redskins!!

  67. Hahaha so how did we know it would come to this? The PC squad is so blooming predictable it’s hilarious.

    Now it isn’t just racist to have a name affiliated with native Americans, it’s racist to acknowledge their culture in any way.

    Man what a miserable, boring world this would be if the “progressive” libs got their way and we all had to ignore everybody’s colors, cultures, and creeds as if it was nonexistent, certainly not a world i want to live in.

    No different than European settlers trying to paint their culture he world over, except this time they aren’t enforcing their “enlightenment” with guns and disease, but with politics and whining and elitist attitudes.

  68. She keeps using the term “Native American” and sees no issue. I am an average white guy but I am a native American. In other words I am not a first generation immigrant…I was born here. She is no more a native of this land than I am. Should the capital “N” make that big of a difference? If she would actually listen to the other “Native Americans” she would know by now that more prefer the term “American Indian”. For those that claim Indian is offensive since they are not from India–Why is “American” ok when it was derived from Amerigo Vespucci (also around the same time as Columbus)?

    (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really care about the usage of “N”ative American, but if she is that damn sensitive that everything else “offends” her then maybe she ought to stop the hypocrisy and tread lightly)

  69. Well I’m not for a name change but having people dress like Native America should have been done away with long ago. It’s her only case.

  70. Not a religious person, but this story for some reason made me think of President Bartlet from ‘The West Wing’ on football and the Redskins:

    “”Here’s one that’s really important cause we’ve got a lot of sports fans in this town: touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean. Leviticus 11:7 If they promise to wear gloves can the Washington Redskins still play football? Can Notre Dame? Can West Point?”

    I guess by that logic Christians should never attend a football game again.

  71. The main argument that many fail to grasp is that if you yell “HEY REDSKIN, GET OVER HERE!” to a Native American he/she would get pretty pissed.

    Viking, Warrior, Chief… all those words have nothing to do with mocking a persons skin color.

    And dressing up in a head dress is to Native Americans as dressing up as Hitler is to the Germans. A part of their violent history that they would really like to forget about.

  72. Let me guess…there’s a cadre of attorneys with their hands in the till.
    They must be cousins to the Democratic senators….

  73. It’s only white liberals pushing this (so you say), but as soon as a Native American speaks out, you wanna shut her down.

    Makes sense. The Native American word is OK, as long as it agrees with yours. Otherwise … shut up!

  74. I have this Politically Correct world we are now living in. Everything is offensive! I find you offensive for finding me offensive – Eminem

  75. Is it me, or is she trying to take away our First Amendment rights? How is this being allowed? This is not a battle over a “slur” as first depicted. She has a problem with anyone non-Native American celebrating with Native American customs because she is offended. Well we are all offended that you are trying to take away our civil liberties and rights as Americans to express ourselves. However we choose to dress, and who we call our Football team, is not of your concern. You are not being targeted, threatened, or infringed upon in any way. How we choose to dress while rooting for the Washington Football Redskins is not of your concern.

    Where are your pleas for assistance against poverty, crime, alcoholism, and poor education? You want rights as an American, yet you look to take away our freedoms? That is the very definition of being Anti-American and should be treated as such.

  76. You opened this can of worms MDS.
    You made the standard *if anyone anywhere is offended, that is one person too many*.

    When you look back on the world you wrought in 20 years, I hope you enjoy what you helped create – and I am almost positive you’ll be regretting your decision.

  77. I find native Americans walking around without headdresses and war paint (in non Native American attire) offensive. Ms black horse in her pants suit is especially offensive.

  78. I’m offended that some Native American telling me what i should or should not do. We the people need to stand up and fight back against this liberal crap!

  79. Pretty soon PETA wont allow us to have teams represented by pets. Its going to get ugly, to the point where the NFL can only have teams named after harmless objects.

    Watch, by 2075, you’ll see games like “The Atlanta Spoons vs The Detroit (made from artificial organic goose feather) Pillows”

  80. Not for nothing but both the Wayans Brothers and Dave Chapelle have both had white face characters. Sure don’t recall anyone crying over it.

  81. If she is so proud of her heritage how come she goes by the name “Amanda?”

    Andy everybody asking when this PC stuff will all stop, it won’t, especially if people let the media control their minds and keep putting people into politcal offices that focus on the wrong task at hand.

  82. Interesting that she called the fans out for having “bizarre rituals”. But isn’t smearing paint all over your face before going into a battle from which you may not return, also a “bizarre ritual”?

  83. George Will wrote a great story published 27 June 2014 by the Washington Post in response to this idiot and her legal action…

    In it, he opens with “Amanda Blackhorse, a Navajo who successfully moved a federal agency to withdraw trademark protections from the Washington Redskins because it considers the team’s name derogatory, lives on a reservation where Navajos root for the Red Mesa High School Redskins. She opposes this name; the Native Americans who picked and retain it evidently do not.”

    Slam! What else is there to discuss?!?

    Problem is that a small overly sensitive narrow interest lobbying group and their clever lawyers hijacked an out-of-control bureaucracy-driven government agency looking to deflect from failed policies and forced yet another contrary policy on behalf of a majority of Americans with Native Blood who take pride and have turned the connotations of the Redskin moniker into one of pride, strength and resolve…

  84. “As an activist for Native Americans, shouldn’t she spend her energy and time on the rampant disease of alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling addiction, and homelessness that is so prevalent among Natives? I see them every day down here in Albuquerque, passed out at the bus stop, begging for spare change at a stop light and being tended to by EMTs. That where she needs to focus her energy. Not some trademark.”

    Good Point Kevjones

  85. In 56 years of being a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Indian Tribe, neither me nor any of my family has ever been called “redskin” as a slur.

    Being offending is a choice but hey, when you have nothing else to do, it will at least get you your 15 minutes…

    Tick tock!

  86. raider316 says: Jul 8, 2014 7:47 PM

    Hey dude why not worry about the poverty alLot of your people live in and other issues the american indian has to deal with.

    Hey Dude, Amanda is a woman’s name……

  87. I’m sure some Native Americans are VERY offended by the logo and white people wearing warpaint and headdresses.

    A good question to ask is: are those that are offended by it just being ridiculous? (irrational offended-ness that can be ignored, like if for example 10,000 people suddenly decided it was horribly offensive that pickles happen to be green.)

    If enough Native Americans can speak up and give GOOD justification as to why they are offended, then I’m all for changing the name and logo and all that. And any rational person would be.

    So far, I don’t think I have heard that justification, though. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been said, just means I haven’t seen it. I can GUESS as to why they would be offended, but I am not about to go putting words into someone else’s mouth. They need to speak for themselves; this isn’t something that someone else can do for Native Americans.

  88. Seriously. First Amendment rights allow personal offensive behavior – she’s so wrong to muddle the waters here.

  89. I love this lady. She is swaying opinions even further agains the name change. Used to be about 80% of comments were in favor of keeping the name. Judging by the comments above it seems now over 90% are in favor of keeping redskins. Keep yapping black horse.

  90. Im sorry but Ms. Blackhorse is not a good representation of all Native Americans. Most do not care what Redskins or Chiefs fans wear as long as it is not degrading or disrespectful.

    I am part Native American, I cant believe that this group has this kind of hate for other races that follow and support their our heritage. I personally have no problem with it along as its done tastefully as it has been in the past. I have attended many NFL games and never have I seen a Chiefs or Redskins fan do anything to disrespect Native Americans or the team.

    This lady and her publicized attack on these teams is not valid. She again does not represent all Native Americans but because she has a soapbox platform right now, she is the only one being heard. Time for all supporters of these teams and true Native Americans to shut her and this unjust crusade down, whether by education first or legal or maybe just agree to disagree.

    By the way, how would Chiefs or Redskins fans be considered a disrespect but there is no remarks about the Florida State Seminoles or all their fans that cheer whoa, whoa, whoa, in a past Native American chanting sound? I again see no problem with the Florida State Seminoles but why is she not lined up against the college teams but is dead set on going after the NFL teams.

    It seems to me that there is something else to this then just a fight against a degrading of the Native American Heritage in her eyes. Someone is either trying to make a name for themselves or looking for some sort of buy out. There is no consistency with the complaints and legal filings.

    This whole thing by her is going to die by her hand also, she is showing now just how crazy this onslaught against these teams are now. Without consistency, her arguments are invalid anymore.

  91. The coddling of Indian “Tribes” by the US Govt. is beyond silly–Casinos, rights to surplus government land, a number of beneficial welfare programs, etc, etc.
    Cultures have been overwhelmed by other cultures since before the advent of recorded history. The losers adapt, acculturate, or disappear.
    The Native Americans were not treated well by our white ancestors, but they’ve had 150-350 years to adapt to new circumstances. It’s time to join our culture or disappear.
    Sorry if that sounds insensitive, but it’s a huge rip-off of the taxpayers, let’s move on.
    Maybe we should give back what we killed them for?

  92. That is racist to say I can not wear a headdress or warpaint because of my skin color. Should native americans not be aloud to wear business suits since that originated in Europe?

  93. I guess I just don’t understand what the word “offensive” means because I just don’t understand how these things could offend someone.

  94. Love him or hate him, you all better pray Dan Snyder doesn’t cave to the politically correct radicals.

    Because if the Redskins fall, then it’s open season on the Chiefs, Braves, Indians, Noles, Blackhawks, etc.

    Think I’m kidding? Google Ms. Blackhorse and her far left loonies.

  95. dallascowboysdishingthereal
    Jul 8, 2014, 4:48 PM PDT
    War paint was part of native American’s past. That’s just a fact and I think that is what fans are paying tribute to. I don’t believe many NFL fans actually think native Americans put on war paint when they go to their jobs in 2014. The intention is to pay honor so appreciate it or get over it.

    Funny, your are implying they have jobs in 2014.

  96. She is helping the Redskins’ cause. And when someone talks diversity and tolerance in one sentence, then uses “old white guys” in another…well, that speaks for itself.

  97. DAMN…leave the name alone! First of all I’m a black man. I’m going to be honest, I’m tired of this crap about the name Redskins. I am aware of the history and have even investigated to learn more. It’s NOT like the N word as some has said. If it was a team called the Washington N—–s I don’t think it would have taken this long before blacks decided oh…we don’t like that name. I have Indian blood in me (great great great grandma)as well as Caucasian blood (great great great great grandpa) so I don’t want to hear about I don’t get it…..I’m a Cowboys fan and I approve this message!!!

    PS. Before you are prejudice against a certain race, know your heritage…ijs!

  98. Soon it’s going to be Wookies vs. Ewoks. At least until folks that are really tall and hairy or really small and hairy get offended. If your average fantasy football franchise name was substituted for and NFL franchise name it would be hilarious but also likely inappropriate. Thumbs up keep the name, thumbs down for Washington Wizards Part II.

  99. Get rid of racist actions, unless you tune into Duck Dynasty. Then better move to the swamp and be happy.

  100. Pretty soon you won’t be able to ‘ scalp ‘ tickets at the Redskins games….oh, wait, that’s offensive to the white man, but they still use the name !

    What a World !

  101. All you people supporting this lady in this argument are just too dense.

    The fans who dress up for the games are not mocking the teams mascot. They do it out of team pride because they’re fans of the team. It’s not like opposing fans are dressing up like indians to mock their oppositions mascot. Grow some skin and quit actively looking for a way to get offended.

  102. i read a poll that said 90% of Washington fans disagree with Amanda Blackhorse! She has an opinion that differs then that of the fans of the football team in Washington and she’s vocal about it….good for her!

  103. Get real people trying to trivialize this issue. If millions of your ancestors were murdered by foreign settlers you’d be sensitive about your cultural heritage too.

  104. This is not a legal argument: I am offended. Its a political objection in the legal system.
    If I were owner of the team, my defense is this: I am sorry Blackhorse is offended; however, in the end, there is no right to not be offended.
    Further, Blackhorse should monetize her objections to help her fellow NAs by asking for a percentage of revenue to go to education and treatment programs with BlackHorse of executive. This would probably be a good settlement to close this chapter. And give this woman something truly productive to do with her time.

  105. Well there you go when you mess with the corporation the people don’t care. But when it affects what they do. You just lost the support. Now all you have is the big government progressives. Good luck with that

  106. I love this! Oh how the tide has changed. All the people out there that were saying how the name should change and now the consensus is that this is over stepping the bounds. See what happens people when we start being so politically correct! Hail to the REDSKINS and FREEDOM FOREVER!!!

  107. Look at the overwhelming support against Amanda Blackhorse! Hold on, maybe there’s a lack of representation because Native Americans make-up only 1% of the U.S. population. Let’s take a step back and try to understand the other side.

    If you are of Latino descent, think of the stereotypical, oversimplified “Mexican” Halloween costume complete with poncho and sombrero. Now imagine that is a NFL team’s mascot with a derogatory name to boot.

    African American? How about a 1940s Disney cartoons depicting African tribesmen with over-exaggerated features? Boom – sports team (I’m looking at you Chief Wahoo).

    Catholic? Let’s make the Saints’ mascot a Pope figure, complete with giant cross and holy water. Every time Brees hits Graham, the Pope will christen the drunken crowd! But let’s have an atheist play the character, because who cares about authenticity?

    The issue here is that people outside of the Native American culture are taking these spiritually-significant symbols and bastardizing them into their own warped, diminished meaning. And they’re taking something that isn’t theirs to have.
    Taking a man’s land still leaves him a man; but taking his culture?

    And one more thing because I’ve seen this so many places: why aren’t Vikings and Cowboys racist? Because Vikings and Cowboys weren’t subject to genocide, or dehumanized as being “savage” for decades if not centuries. The stakes are a little higher when this is the background tension between two groups of people.

    Having said all this, I can’t wait for the NFL to start. 3 weeks till preseason! It is only because I am a huge fan of football that I want to see this blemish corrected.

  108. Letting everyone feel to welcomed in what we came and made ours. Think we are getting a little to soft.

  109. As a part Cherokee name I would be in favor of Dan Snyder asking the fans not to wear chicken feather headdresses or war paint as a compromise in order to keep the Redskins name and logo. Yeah, I can see her point re: the fake Native gear being disrespectful but certainly not the name Redskins or the team’s logo. Oklahoma means Okla-humma in Choctaw Native Language “Red People”. If Red People is good enough for a US State’s name it’s certainly good enough for a football team. RED in Redskins is re: Red War Paint NOT Skin color. The term Redskins was originally coined by Natives in the 1700’s by Natives and Not the white man as a friendly Greeting towards other Native Americans and had nothing to do with scalps or bounties. That is Alternative history and Propaganda used by Activists. Do some research.

  110. Lots of players wear eye black like war paint… Think back to John Randell … Oh the humanity when will we cease to be offended or does this apply to only the fans?

  111. “My most hated team in all of professional sports” are you a Cowboys fan? If not then I just dot get it. All we’ve done is lose the past 23 years.

  112. You people are delusional if you think the opposition is losing steam. They are growing stronger by the day. I could care less but the Redskins name has it’s days numbered.

  113. Seriously you found a pic of one of maybe 3-4 skins fans that actually wore Indian garb to a Redskin game last season. We’re more known for men in their 50-60’s dressing in drag with pig noses showing up to home game then the extreme minority that might wear a headdresses.

  114. A part of me wishes that some of you would educate yourselves on this subject before tapping on your keyboards. However, reading some of your uneducated comments reminds me why native americans are vehemently seeking the name change. Its a matter of respect, something we all appreciate receiving but obviously have a hard time offering.

  115. How about the “Washington Whiners”?

    If you think Ms. Blackhorse was mad (ie.,out to make a name for herself) before, wait till she sees this one.

    “Whiner” is getting way too personal

  116. “Beware drinking from the well of identity politics, the water is poisoned there.”

    Blackhorse is making a career out of this whole schtick.

  117. Nobody even thinks about this crap when they dress up for their team; their team which was named out of respect. Sounds to me like she’s the prejudiced one here.

    You don’t see a football team named “the morons” for very good reason. You simply don’t name your football team something which doesn’t generate pride and respect.

    Her thinking is completely backwards, just like most prejudiced people’s thinking is.

  118. The Natives are going to have to simply deal with people mocking the culture.

    And they should be content with this as soon as Washington stops using a slur for their team name.

  119. udontknowjaq says: Jul 8, 2014 8:20 PM

    All i can say is WOW at the comments on this site! A whole race gets mocked & made into stereotypical mascots & there is so sensitivity to these people. News Flash: Vikings, Fighting Irish, & Cowboys, don’t have thousands of school & fans in every county in the US running around every weekend mocking a whole race! Yet somehow it’s a PC thing… Sad!
    Please explain how the Chiefs or Redskins or our fans are mocking a whole race.

    This is the entire problem with this whole issue. A very small minority of a culture are putting their own context on something to make it appear insulting.

    The thing that is insulting to me, and should infuriate all of us, is that a very narrow minded and and small group of society is telling you how you should act, think and feel.

  120. hey when white Americans become minority and the mascot is white you will be cry foul play! next five years their will be less whites in America!

  121. Never have so many demands been made by so few, toward so many, and by those who have accomplished so little.

  122. How would everyone, particularly the players, react if fans showed up in Blackface? Do you think that it would be innocent fun that everyone would laugh about?

  123. Excuse me, but headdresses and war paint aren’t “stereotypes”, they are realities of our past history, and at any number of tourist attractions, real native Americans don this getup to entertain. Or, at least they used to. Have they shut down all those “Old West” attractions all over the US? They had better, because this lady who doesn’t like this kind of “stereotype” won’t stop until we all conform to her thought process, that everything that she doesn’t like should be abolished, because she is offended.

    Like I said before, if this is so horrendous, if this is so freaking bad, then why are we not making this case in all the schools and other institutions catering to our children that are using these awful, insulting names for school teams? We are saying to our kids: “It’s ok for a school to use the name REDSKINS, the lady just wants to make sure no professional teams use names like this, because then it’s bad”.

    The whole country needs to get up and insist that every single school, college and university stop using the names that hurt this lady, and one would guess, all native Americans, immediately!

    If you don’t start putting pressure upon the schools which directly affect our children’s social upbringing, then you are just talking out the wrong end there, buddy.

  124. Really???? I have Norwegian blood in my veins. I am not a viking fan nor am I offended by their helmets uniforms. Who cares.

  125. duffelbagsports says:
    Jul 8, 2014 7:52 PM
    She has a point. Let someone make a stereotypical character of your race or national origin and you might get it.

    How about I go turn on any sitcom over the last 6-10 years…main male character? Dopey White Dad…next one? There we go again. Dopey White Dad. How about we mix it up for the next one? Dopey White Sex Addict guy.

    Also, theres nothing wrong with stereotypical. It’s when it’s used in a mocking fashion that it’s a problem. I’m a stereo typical white Dad with the wife, kids, 2 cars and a dog. Fine with me. Just don’t use it to belittle me from some elitist high horse.

    Look at that picture. Does that look like a guy that in anyway intends to belittle native americans? In any way?

    They better be careful. Keep complaining and getting things removed and one day you might just be forgetten.

  126. Comparing “blackface” to dressing in NA headgear and warpaint is like comparing apples to oranges. They are not the same thing.
    One is dressing in traditional NA garb, the other is pretending to be another race using makeup.

    Somebody needs to tell Amanda Blackhorse that she “does not have the right to NOT be offended”.
    Ask the Supreme Court.

  127. I find Native Americans wearing jeans and a t shirt–you know, traditional American clothing–to be offensive.

    See how stupid that sounds?

    The key thing to most anything is intent. Fans who wear this are not mocking Native Americans. Therefore, they are not being offensive to anyone. Stop being so sensitive. It’s a sporting event. Fans dress up.

    That being said, if they change the name, then they change the name. I don’t care one way or another. I get it.

    What truly is offensive is the Raiders fans. I feel bad for the skeleton population and their traditional, spiky shoulder pad garb.

  128. Besides, she said, it’s not about who supports the name but who is offended by it.

    “What we really should be looking at are the people who are offended,” she said. Even if that is only 5 or 10 percent of the population, “that should be enough,” Blackhorse added.

    No, Sorry Ms. Blackhorse. 5-10% just doesn’t cut it. The PC media knows this and is doing everything they can to sway public opinion by bombarding us with sensationalized propaganda. I hope you use your energy in the future to actually address the true problems and needs of your people instead of attacking an organization that has had such a positive impact in its own community and other communities across the globe.

  129. After they change the name of the state of Oklahoma the come at the Redskins & Chiefs.

  130. I think a lot of these native american casino groups are just pretending to be offended to gain swindle away some valuable trademarks so they can license them back to the teams that currently own them.

  131. “Whether fans who wear head dresses and war paint intend to offend or not, the reality is that many Native Americans find images of non-Native fans in traditional Native garb offensive.”
    Know what? To Freakin Bad! Stop being so over sensitive and get a clue. People are not being mean when they wear the war paint and head dresses, they are honoring their team and what it stands for.

  132. To the previous poster: I don’t know of any Republican trying to get rid of the Social Security Administration. Are you crazy? Well, probably, if you think the EPA is positive for this country. It kills jobs. And oh yes, people do vote on things that matter. That’s why the Dems are in for a thrashing in November.

  133. I guess the next Patriots game I go to I should not dress like a Minute Man, might upset some revolutionary war vets, that may or may not be still alive.

    Hold it, didn’t the early colonists and early Americans savagely suppressed the Native American? Look out Robert Kraft, your next!

  134. I’m offended by the term “war paint”, I just call mine face paint. This way me and my face paint can enjoy the game without my paint feeling the need to “keep it real”.

  135. This is no longer about just the Redskins, because fans of other teams with references to Native Americans do this as well.

    Those of you supporting the name change because you don’t like the Redskins — nice job, it’s no longer about the Redskins.

    Those of you mocking those who worried of a slippery slope — stop mocking, because the slide has started.


  136. This is coming from a Cowboys fan.

    still whole politically correct nonsense with the Redskins needs to stop. I am so sick and tired of how everyone wants to be offended by everything now, its a really annoying trend.

    stop trying to be offended on behalf of a group of people. there is a very small group that is offended…but even if the group was larger…then grow some thicker skin. the worlds not fair, pull up your big boy pants and don’t let the name of a football team affect your life.

  137. Putting on warpaint is not the same as putting on blackface. One is done to mimic what a proud people once did to prepare for battle, the other has always been done in mockery.

    No team name has ever been chosen to make fun of people, and the Redskins is no different. Pretending that these actions are equal in intent to someone setting out to make you laugh at and mock an entire race is either ignorant or dishonest, probably both.

  138. I wonder if the media will now come out forcefully against the Chiefs, Braves, at al for “mocking Native American Traditions.”

    I mean, you wouldn’t want to just cherry pick just the Redskins name, right? I mean, otherwise, you are ignoring the pleas of those very people you purport to be listening to.

    Since the media is more sensitive than us “knuckle draggers” right (no offense to cavemen).

  139. The whole thing could go away if the Redskins would just change the picture on the helmet to a redskinned potato.

  140. Let’s pause for a moment and truly look at the origin of the Native American…which just like the African American may have been born in the continental U.S., however, the ancestry of said people traces them back to other areas? For example African Americans arrived here via the many ships bringing over slaves from the many African countries/tribes whom sold them into slavery. Then we have what we call the Native Americans who may have migrated from South America via Mexico, are these/we folk really of hispanic bloodlines? It is also true that real Indians are from India, and if someone has or will do actual DNA testing to see where the Native American originates from…I mean it’s not that far fetched that the many different Native American tribes are from the different South America countries and like many other races that migrate to different areas the culture of these people change…

  141. I never thought the movie PCU would actually be a realistic picture of what society is like. But it is now becoming more and more realistic. So sick of the PC Police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Next thing you know PETA will be complaining that the Football team in Detroit calling itself the Lions is insulting to the majestic animals roaming the African savanah. Hmmm… maybe they’d have a point!

  143. Poor Amanda, just doesnt understand FREEDOM of expression in 1st amendment. I bet she really would have loved Riggos Mohawk. Please get over yourself Blackhorse. You mae blackhorses everywhere ashamed

  144. OMG, putting on warpaint and head dress doesn’t mock proud Native Americans? Let me ask one simple question. For what event do fans do this? A commemoration of the Native Americans and their history? NO! You do it for a freakin’ football game. Well now, the importance of those events certainly makes it no way for this to be a mockery!

    I just can’t stop laughing that someone can defend that this is not a mockery. You have a Native American who feels it does mock them. But what does she know.

    As I said earlier, all I heard was show me the offended Native Americans. Well here you go and now you don’t like what she says so you tear her down.

    Attention please. All further Native Americans commenting. Please only say what the bigots want you to say. Yes I know they asked who was offended all along. But they really don’t want to hear it if you are.

  145. She doesn’t just want to erase a name that isn’t patently offensive (clearly not given that it has /support/ from some native American tribes), but given her speaking out against the KC Chiefs, other teams, costumes, paint, and other native American imagery it becomes is clear that she won’t be happy until all reference to those first Americans are relegated to history books. To remove the imagery from modern culture is to remove not only tradition, but memory and awareness. She and zealous “activists” like her that campaign counter to the will of the majority of NA’s for whom they purport to speak are only serving to ensure that in the future the only places that you will be able to find references to their culture will be museums. As generations go by and fewer and fewer children are exposed to NA imagery in modern culture eventually they will simply be forgotten. Misguided crusades like this, if allowed to succeed, only server to hasten this dismantling of our cultural memory.

  146. It’s basically just an inferiority complex. Danish people or Irish people don’t complain about those sports stereotypes because they don’t view themselves as losers and aren’t constantly on the lookout for things to feel sad or vulnerable about. Going through life as a voluntary victim must be exhausting, I don’t know why you’d do it.

  147. I have to agree. Who appoints whom to wear the headdress, war paint, painting of faces and other rituals? Can American Indians still do these and are Pow-Wow’s that American Indians do offensive?

  148. How would everyone, particularly the players, react if fans showed up in Blackface? Do you think that it would be innocent fun that everyone would laugh about?
    Apples aint got nothing to do with oranges! If you want to fight for something, fight for your rights as a human being as an American as Blacks did in the 60’s and 70’s. My grandparents marched and fought for their right to vote, to sit in the front of the bus, etc etc. This are the things you fight for. Things that will make a difference and better your race. Stop fight the small battles native American and start fighting for the big ones such as the high suicide rates on reservations (more than three times the national average, and up to 10 times the average on some reservations.), alcoholism, poverty…Stop sweating the small stuff and get your the priorities together

  149. jagsfanugh says: Jul 8, 2014 11:49 PM

    Would it be offensive if i got a spear and painted my face black?

    Last time I checked there was not a team called “The Africans” So no I don’t think it would be offensive..
    Who cares anyways. It’s a costume.. Grown men should not be wearing costumes anyways.. I go to RAIDERS games all the time and some of these people I question like “How can this person even see the game in that costume” I feel like some of them just want to be noticed and don’t really care about the game.. But at the end of the day this BlackHorse lady does not care I bet in long term she just see’s dollar signs..
    I find it funny that the RedSkins been around for this long and NOW all of a sudden they have a problem with it. There was a movie called Major League about Cleveland Indians I don’t remember the outcry for that movie… I bet anything there is more to this story when it’s all said and done. Soon we will see money all of a sudden pop up where she feels “emotionally damaged”

  150. Tell the New Zealand Rugby National team “The All Blacks”, Not to perform the War Dance “haka” Before every international Game!!

    Tonga, Samoa and Fiji have they War Dance before every game!, and no one feel this offensive.

    The Nfl is becoming a joke.

  151. If the people who put on the head dresses and war paint would do this for other occasions to celebrate Native American history, then yes, do it all you want.

    If the only reason you do this is to cheer your team, and you say this shows your support of proud Native American culture, you’re not being honest with yourself. You do it because you’re a football fan. Do you give a damn a Native Americans otherwise? If you think a little, I believe this, is this lady’s issue.

    I am not saying she is right or wrong, but she has a definite point that soooo many of you can’t or refuse to see.

  152. Ms. AfricanAmericanHorse: What is the difference between a stereotype and a cultural characteristic? Try making a list of Native American Cultural Characteristics, while eliminating all ‘stereotypes’.

  153. Perhaps this lady could convenience her fellow native Americans that “Redskins” is a racial slur before beating the war drums any further.

  154. So what she’s saying is….the Native American headdress, war paint and plastic tomahawk that I bought at a Native American owned Native American gift store a few years back, my kids can no longer use!?? Her cause is misguided.

  155. Would people who get so worked up defending these teams would be totally fine with a German football team named the Berlin Rabbis, or the Munich Shavuot, whose fans were encouraged to wear yarmulkes to support the team?

    Even if you don’t think the team name itself is offensive, the superficial appropriation and marginalization of a culture that’s been subjected to centuries of deliberate genocide, especially in the very city from which it’s often initiated, is whacked.

  156. Lets all wear a headdress and war paint week 1 no matter who we root for, just cuz.

    Go Jaguars

  157. its funny how Amanda black horse finds Redskins offense yet, she went to a high school who’s football team name is the Redskins. Why didn’t you move to another school or drop out? Obviously wasn’t that offensive. Hypocrite

  158. No more being an Indian for Halloween anymore. Shouldn’t dress up as anything I guess. Non-cowboys dressing as cowboys could be offensive. Non-Ghosts dressing as ghosts could be offensive, etc.

  159. I am a Cowboys fan. As much as I dislike the ‘Skins and root against them, I am in their corner for this.

    Yes, I am a white Christian American. I am also Irish with red hair and do have Native American blood in me as well. My maternal grandmother was truly Native American. So, I do actually have some stereotypes attached to me. Mostly for being a hot tempered Irishman.

    However, I am not offended when people dress up for Notre Dame football games or St. Patrick’s Day. Nor does it offend me that people use St. Patrick’s Day to get drunk out of their minds. I am also not offended by the term “Fighting Irish”. Did you know that when the Irish came to America they were looked down upon as a lesser class? The Irish were very poor and could not find work easily.

    Are the Mexicans going to start getting upset because we Americans celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Did you know that the tradition started here in the States? Did you know that the celebrations are mostly made up of Americans? It’s basically another reason to get drunk and party. Are there now going to be protests over that, too?

    History is full of people being put down by their ethnicity. However, people like Ms. Blackhorse seem to be more concerned with fighting a battle in the past than making a better future for themselves and their ethnicity. If she truly feels that her people are being put down by costumes at a football game, then she is fighting a battle from the past. However, she is probably fighting this fight for some kind of personal gain.

  160. Gee I wonder why she isn’t going after all the gift shops in our National Parks that sell toy tomahawks and toy Head Dresses and toy Indian drums and yadda, yadda, yadda…….she just sees an opportunity to grab the spot light right now and she’s going for 15 minutes of fame.

  161. Even thought the show came out years after his birth

    I am offended that Joe Gibbs stole his name from the NCIS TV show

    Change it Joe

  162. This season ticket holder has never worn a headdress to a Skins game. Thanks for the idea, Ms. Blackhorse! #seeyouinsection138

  163. by the way…. why the Chiefs and not the Flordia State spear carrying mascot and their
    chant???????????????. Can’t have it both way. If you accept one accept them all

  164. The most relevant point everyone is missing on this is:
    WHEN did it SUDDENLY become so different in terms of offense? The name has existed for 82 years.

    But suddenly, it is SO offensive. Yeah, we are SO much more “enlightened” now than we were 3 years ago.

    So, NOW it just HAS to end. The “outrage”.

    Really folks, wake up and smell the political correctness and realize just exactly how idiotic this is.

  165. Susan Harjo was the original champion of a Redskins name change. She went to a game at RFK back in the day and said some fans played with her hair and she felt offended. So, she made it her lifelong mission to get the name changed. She lost in court on a legal term called “laches” (waiting too long after her 18th birthday to file a claim). So, she recruited a young Amanda Blackhorse to continue her mission and file a fresh claim. So, Mrs. Blackhorse has been groomed for this since a teenager, it wasn’t her idea. Basically she has been brainwashed by Mrs. Harjo due to her own insecurities stemming back to that game at RFK re: her hair. I really hope the Redskins get this trademark ruling overturned in district court like they did in 1999 vs Mrs. Harjo. Meanwhile, the Skins still enjoy full federal trademark protection while they appeal that decision for years and hopefully have that decision reversed like they did in 1999.

  166. Is she trying to change the way I was raised to view what Native Americans are? I admit that I do not remember a lot about what I was taught about Indians, but I have always associated headdresses and warpaint with them. Was it ever a bad association? No. Its like cowboys and cowboy hats, they just always went together. So, With this image of association being burned into my head for the last 40 years, she is saying now that its not right? Its not that easy to just up and reprogram your mind. Yeah, I could do it, but maybe I think that the reason why I associate the headdress and warpaint with Indians is I think it means something of honor and respect. Even in my own ignorance, it may mean something different to them, that is what It means to me and I have every right to think that.

  167. just sayin’ – a phrase used in everyday speech by someone who just said something. The speaker of this phrase lacks the common sense to realize that others already realize he/she just said what they said. As such the phrase is superfluous and redundant, not necessary for a statement. Typically used by insecure persons in contemporary speech patterns to make themselves seem more important or more in touch than they actually are.

  168. I am part Cherokee (my Grandmother was 100% Cherokee and a huge Redskins fan). I chat with this one white looking part Native man (like myself) on Twitter and he is a hardcore activist against the Redskins name and logo. The funny thing is he is a 49ers fan. The 1849ers Forcibly removed and murdered 100K Native Americans during the Gold Rush. To me that is by far the most offensive name and logo in the NFL. It’s funny how these activists pick and choose who is offensive or not as long as it isn’t the team they root for. Cherry picking certain thing to be offended by and not mentioning others. Funny isn’t it?

  169. kabasaman says: Jul 8, 2014 9:21 PM

    Washington should worry more about their murder rate .

    Dude it’s 2014, not 1995. DC hasn’t been the murder capital in years, you’re better off phrasing that city as Chicago.

  170. I guess Dodge needs to rename the Dakota truck, Jeep needs to rename the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Oneida silverware and Indian motorcycles need to close up and reopen under a new names.
    Delaware, Massachusetts & Oklahoma had better start considering new names as well.

  171. New Zealand has a great solution to this problem.

    In New Zealand, all sports matches begin with an authentic Mauri chant by all the members of the team, Caucasian and Mauri, as a challenge to the other team. Everyone identifies with the native ritual as their ritual. The painted faces and funny looking facial movements are authentic and loved, not derided and made fun of.

    Native Americans should look at the New Zealand merging of dress and ritual as a much better way to get respect, joining the two communities together with common rituals. Washington fans would adapt easily to authentic Indian dress and rituals, and Native Americans would get more of the respect they wish for.

    “Redskins” stuff can be authentic and beloved by all the Washington Area fans, all the while respectful of Native Americans.

  172. The use of the R-Word in the PFT post is also racial. Its no different than the N-Word which we dont use. Why does it keep showing up here?

    Why not say the “Washington Football Team?”

  173. jjackwagon says:
    Jul 11, 2014 1:38 PM
    I guess Dodge needs to rename the Dakota truck, Jeep needs to rename the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Oneida silverware and Indian motorcycles need to close up and reopen under a new names.
    Delaware, Massachusetts & Oklahoma had better start considering new names as well.
    So Buick And Chevrolet and Pontiac all need to change their names also since they are names of American Indians? Get real, its the R-word that they are referring too.

    Its kind like saying anything names MLK needs to be changed because its referring to a black man?
    Get educated.
    Cherokee, Seminole, and Indian are all names and not derogatory remarks about a persons skin color. That’s why Cleveland Indians are still the Indians. They had to get rid of the Indian Mascot and Image.

  174. Right, so it isn’t just about the name. They want to take more of your rights away to dress up and wear whatever you want to.

    I guess the Oakland Raiders fans should stop dressing up with all of their face paint and scary costumes? The Buccaneers fans should stop dressing up like pirates, the Vikings fans should stop dressing up like Vikings, the Browns fans should stop dressing up like dogs…I mean where does it end?

    I like how people comment about diversity and are saying how people against the name change are racist and then in the same breath call those people “whitey.”

  175. I think people should stop buying Volkswagen products as they got their start supporting Adolf Hitler.

    Stop buying Chinese products because they use poisons and toxins in their products that are made with child slave labor.

    Stop buying Japanese products because of Pearl Harbor.

    Stop driving your car because the oil comes from the places that were really behind the terrorist attacks.

    I mean if we’re cracking down on the evil in the world…why stop with the Washtington Redskins name?

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