Rob Gronkowski on track to play Week One

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski remains on schedule in recovery from a serious knee injury.

According to the Patriots’ website, all signs point toward Gronkowski being ready to play in Week One, nine months after he suffered a torn ACL and MCL on December 8 against the Browns.

However, as the Patriots’ site notes, the real question is whether Gronkowski can play 16 games. Gronkowski missed five games in 2012 and nine games in 2013, and his susceptibility to getting himself hurt has become a major problem in New England.

The Patriots would love to see Gronkowski stay healthy for 16 games and play the way he played the last time he was healthy for 16 games: In 2011, when he was healthy all year, he caught 90 passes for 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns. If the Patriots can’t get that kind of production out of Gronkowski, their lack of depth at tight end will be a problem.

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  1. When healthy, Gronk is one of the best weapons in the NFL. That being said, is it really smart rushing a player back, when he has already shown an injury history?

    IF Brady REALLY is going to play 5 more years, wouldnt it be better to make sure Gronk is 100% before even thinking about putting him back out there?

    Besides, it will take him at least another couple of months before he is confident that the injury really is better.

  2. He’s not brittle just unlucky. He’ll play and dominate per usual

  3. Gronk is no clown, stain. What he actually IS? He’s, with exception of Jimmy G, a player 30 other GMs would gleefully trade their own Mommies to get on their own teams.

  4. Tough kid, but too many broken pieces already. takes too many unnecessary hits. Plays 8 games, tops!

  5. Gronk finds injury the way I find pizza buffets – we always find a way. In 20 years, will he be a legend or a footnote? The Patriots will find someone to throw to this season, if he’s healthy or not.

  6. $100? really? so how exactly would this pay out?

    Gotta be a Jets fan.. however, you’re right Gronk needs to play a little less reckless or this will be a yearly thing.

  7. Guy has 42 touchdowns in 50 games in his career . Cant even be mad about him not being on the field cuz these have been serious injuries. The main reason why pats havent won a superbowl in the last 3 years because he wasnt there once. Would like to see him stay healthy and become one of the best tight ends in football

  8. As a pats fan I hope he stays healthy … but as a football fan I hope he balls out he is a absolute beast when healthy he doesnt have the yards and td records for a tight end for nothing oh and he did those in his second year.. I hate when great players are hurt regardless of team

  9. He’s a force to be reckoned with, as long as nobody cheapshots his knee again.

  10. The injury history is all just History…

    This year is gonna be a showcase of what a new, SLIGHTLY more mature Gronk is Capable of… Is 20 touchdowns out of the question? NOPE.

    Brady and his squad are so motivated this year…. Got a great backing up Tom Terrific, and Gronk has something to prove…

    Now wheres all the haters who have to focus on their jealousy of the patriots, instead of their excitement for their own team, because they know their squad doesn’t have a shot.

  11. Why don’t you come out from behind that keyboard and call him a “clown.” T..J. Ward aimed directly for his knee. I’m betting on a full and great season from Gronk.

  12. 3 letters Belichick……..P…U….P.

    Please Patriots, don’t rush it. For what? You need this dude for the end of the season playoff push, not the first half.

    I understand nothing is given to you (ie playoffs) but the offense is much better, much harder to gameplan for, and just way more effective with Gronk in the lineup. Don’t rush it

  13. This situation surely makes me appreciate all that these guys have to go through on a daily basis. It’s a cut-throat industry and while some guys are fortunate to avoid the injury bug, Gronkowski’s talent has been overshadowed by his inability to stay healthy. It’s hard enough just to get there, but, then you have to do whatever it takes to stay there.

  14. The world is full of people who sit on the sidelines and criticize others that excel at their craft. Appreciating the talent in others is a lot more fun and interesting.

  15. Gronk just makes the game more fun. Yeah, he gets injured, but so what? He can carry a team on his back – the opposition’s defenders – for ten yards, or just drag them all into the end zone with him.

    No wonder they go after his knees and ankles, he makes them look ridiculous.

  16. As long as smaller defenders are allowed to take out a big guy’s legs, players like Gronk will be at risk.

    Great player. Big injury risk. I’m not sure how you avoid it in today’s NFL. You just need to build depth into your roster and hope for some luck. Tall guys are going to get hurt.

  17. LOL at Pats fans

    karma guys… your team has been a mirage… lucky to be in AFC East and AFC… if not for cheating, signing low life players others wont, and..playing in AFC.. would you have any rep at all..

    Pats have been marketed well but are a truly classless org

  18. Can Gronk help it if cheap shot artists like TJ Ward go after him with an attempt to injure? TJ Ward should have been suspended for his classless hit to Gronk’s knee.

  19. He truely is a helluva player, just dumb as a box of hammers. It’s shameful!

  20. Gronk with a broken arm, tore knee ligament, and a raging Vegas hangover would be what all other teams call “a fair match.”

  21. The comments on here are unfortunately warranted. He’s a tough guy, but he hasn’t been able to stay on the field in the last 2 years.

    The year before he played through the end, but he was useless in the Super Bowl.

    The forearm was the injury that stood out to me that made him seem injury prone. That was a play where no player should get hurt.

    The knee and the ankle were less avoidable.

    I hope he can stay healthy from at least game 9 onward.

  22. politicallyincorrect says:Jul 8, 2014 9:40 AM

    LOL at Pats fans

    karma guys… your team has been a mirage… lucky to be in AFC East and AFC… if not for cheating, signing low life players others wont, and..playing in AFC.. would you have any rep at all..

    Pats have been marketed well but are a truly classless org


    If Karma means going deep in the playoffs every year, I’ll take it. Better to have a shot.

    Also, the Patriots have an 81% win percentage against their division since 2007, but they have a 76.2% winning percentage against the rest of the AFC (not including the division) in that time and 78.6% against the NFC. Not significantly better against their division. Only a few games.

    The Patriots also have the best record against teams that made the playoffs during that stretch at 59.5% winning percentage. Indy is second at 53.8%, GB is third at 51.4% and the rest of the league is below 50%.

  23. When you consider his two major recent injuries, I’m not sure how a label of being injury prone would really fit.

    The hit that Gronk took on his knee would blow out the knee of absolutely anyone who received it, be they a glass doll or an iron horse. Knees do not take that blow.

    Then you have a broken arm. Does he have extra brittle bones or something? That just seems like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, then coming back too soon and re-breaking it.

    The injury prone tag might fit with regard to his back, since that was something he hurt in college, but to my knowledge it has not caused him to miss a single NFL game. He had a “clean up” procedure, since he was going to be out anyway, but as it was reported, it was not that serious.

  24. While a lot of Patriots fans would prefer to see this guy sit out until he needs to warm up for the playoffs (which is when the “real” season starts) Belichick wouldn’t even consider it

    “Football players play football” is his mindset – and he’ll play whoever is healthy enough to play in order to help him win as many games as possible, as soon as he can

    While I’d prefer to see a healthy Gronk in the playoffs rather than home field advantage, given how bad the officiating has been (biased towards the home team) recently, I think Home Field Advantage is becoming increasingly important in the NFL when it comes to officiating.

    Sad but true.

  25. Bullcharger,
    You are 100 percent correct. The weak division crap is just uninformed nonsense from losers who are blinded by envy. Anyone who is an adult and knows anything about football doesn’t have to like winning teams that are not theirs, but should give them the respect that they have earned. The bottom line is that the Patriots have been one of the top teams in the league in this century and the numbers prove it.

  26. Look at the “politically incorrect” redskin fan…you need to more concerned about that mess of an organization you root for…getting ready for that name change??

  27. Mr. PC, if the Patriots are so low class and a mirage why are the REDSKINS having them to Richmond (my home) for a training camp session. Shouldn’t they find some better completion?

  28. Hahahaha. Sounds like what they said last year. But Gronks injury was like the Eveready Bunny. It kept going, and going, and going.

  29. TJ Ward took a page out of Bernard Pollard’s book. Has any player been involved in more serious injuries to opposing players than Bernard Pollard? They used to try and explain it away because he had a knack for making it look plausibly accidental, but Pollard is a student of how to hit and injure, and keep it within the level of deniability. The sheer number of injuries to quality players exposes Pollard for what he is. TJ Ward is of the same mold and he saw that was how Pollard stopped Gronk the season before (basically a low horse collar type tackle where he lands his hips on the ankle). Ward was less polished though. It was clearly a cheap shot. Those two injuries to Gronk can’t be helped by Gronk. The neck injury is an old college injury and has not been a regular season distraction. It is just the forearm injury that seems odd, but my guess is the stage was set for the break on a more physical play, and the blocking on the extra point was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He rushed back too soon because it obviously was not healed correctly. Hopefully he remains healthy but I have no idea how he can go forward and not see ghosts every time he catches the ball. That will be his challenge.

  30. This article makes it sound like he had a healthy 2011 season. That was the year he got hurt in the playoffs and limped through the Super Bowl. With a healthy Gronk we win our fourth Lombardi easily.

  31. Gronk needs to be smarter ON THE FIELD. Don’t take the extra hits. Step out of bounds. That kind of thing. I say sit him the 1st 4 games. Pull him out of the game if it’s a late blowout. Save him as best as you can.

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