Steve Tisch says Johnny Manziel doesn’t fit the profile of a Giant


Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says Johnny Manziel isn’t the kind of guy his team would want as a franchise quarterback.

Asked if he’d be concerned if he had a quarterback engaged in the kind of off-field activities that Manziel engages in, Tisch told TMZ that he would be concerned — except it wouldn’t happen because Manziel wouldn’t be the Giants’ quarterback.

“I would be concerned, but I think if you sort of look at the culture and the history of the Giants, he really doesn’t fit the profile of, historically, of New York Giants football players. We have a fantastic quarterback who I hope has another amazing season. I wish Manziel all the best,” Tisch said.

Of course, the Giants haven’t always had a team of choir boys. Eli Manning may be the kind of straight arrow the Giants look for in a franchise quarterback, but the greatest player in Giants history, Lawrence Taylor, engaged in off-field activities that make Manziel look like a Cub Scout.

Regardless, Tisch says he’s rooting for Manziel to do well, as long as he’s not in the NFC East.

“If he was playing for anybody out of our division I would hope that he’d be good for them,” Tisch said. “I wouldn’t want him to be good for the Eagles, the Cowboys or the Redskins, but I hope he’s good for Cleveland. I hope he has a good year. I think he knows what he has to do to stay on the team, to work with his teammates, to be part of a very functional, productive locker room. A lot’s going to come out once training camp starts.”

Training camp will start soon, and the Browns will start to see whether Manziel fits the profile of what they look for in a franchise quarterback.

129 responses to “Steve Tisch says Johnny Manziel doesn’t fit the profile of a Giant

  1. If he thinks any of his players aren’t partying in the City, the Hamptons, other parts of Long Island and in Jersey, he might be doing more drugs than Manzel (allegedly).

  2. That’s pretty harsh, how well does he even know this guy? He should at least explain his research methods of how he has come about to his conclusions if he is going to smear the guy at a time when it’s confusing why he needs to have such a public vocal opinion about some other team’s player.

    And if somebody on the Giants could recognize the value of having a young and modestly expensive QB, then maybe that person could have found a way to be on a different page with Manziel than Cleveland is now. Just because Cleveland does things differently or might look the other way doesn’t mean that Manziel couldn’t have had a completely different support staff and path as a Giant than he will as a Brown. I guess Steve Tisch doesn’t believe people can evolve or change and that Manziel’s fate is sealed.

    Tisch does not sound like the kind of owner I’d like to have for my favorite team, nor is Eli Manning the type of QB I’d like to have since he’s way overpaid and not a good value. And that’s why Tisch has to resort to hope for a good season. It’s a chance at best.

  3. “doesn’t fit the profile of, historically, of New York Giants football players”

    Ah, yes, and the greatest of all those players is arguably Lawrence Taylor. He certainly had none of “these” kinds of problems.

  4. Yeah, but that whole rolled up bill thing is kinda hovering in the background. He may not play at all this year depending on how the NFL wants to investigate a draft pick rolling up a bill in a restroom.

  5. Parties nonstop, sex with random women, drinks like a fish, snorts cocaine…The best player in Giants franchise history.

    (Lawrence Taylor for you youngins)

  6. “The fact that he was rolling his coke dollar with his own hands instead of on the backside of a high end escort makes me seriously doubt his ability to fit in in NYC.”

  7. Rumblings from other owners does not bode well for young Johnny Manziel. They are talking amongst themselves about this kids’ behavior. The Browns are definitely pissed and he is officially “on notice” with these comments from Tisch.

  8. “We have a fantastic quarterback who I hope has another amazing season… (like that one time ever in 08… or those 8 playoff games he played well in… so basically I hope he plays like he has in 1/10th of his career, and not the other 9/10ths… but I digress… the brass wouldn’t let me draft Johnny even if I wanted to have a quarterback that generally played better … that’s the point),” he said and then motioned with his eye brows…

  9. Upon reading these comments, John Mara has taken away some of Dallas and Washington’s cap space and thinks they’re lucky he’s letting them draft any players at all.

  10. I’m a big Giants fan but I don’t know what Steve Tisch is talking about. The Giants ended offseason practice early and threw in the towel on 2014. When they try competing in 2015 I’d be a lot more optimisitc if it was the Johnny Manziel era instead of the Ryan Nassib era.

    Tisch is right that there is a certain type of player the Giants go for. It’s best explain with the great Tiki Barber. Too bad the Giants haven’t had anyone half as great as Tiki since he left a big hole in the offense and the locker room by retiring.

  11. I’m pretty much gonna judge Jonny Football on the field and don’t give a boop about what happens before that. Sorry, just don’t care what he does on HIS TIME OFF.

  12. LT had accomplishments on his side as he enjoyed his fair share of partying while with the Giants. Not like it’s right but it happened in the middle of a hall of fame career. JM2 is doing this before he’s thrown a pass in an NFL game. Big difference and to add to it his line won’t be blocking pass rushers on that first throw as a payback.

  13. Profiles generally go out the window based on talent and need. I think the Giants are less likely to take a player Manziel, but if he had LT talent and the Giants had a need at QB, I don’t think they’d hesitate.

  14. Remind me again how many “Lawrence Taylor Nights” the Giants have hosted over the last 20 seasons?

    Lawrence Taylor doesn’t fit the profile of a Giant either, except when it comes to retiring his number, or selling his merchandise inside the Giants Team Store.

  15. He is a Brown, so no need to tell us if he would fit as a Giant. Also, LT did more coke than Manziel ever will.

  16. Johnny Manziel would have to work a lot harder to fit the profile of a Giants player.

    Lawrence Taylor once showed up to practice handcuffed to a prostitute.

  17. Even though I am a New York Giants fan, I really find it tasteless to make negative comments about a player that is with a separate franchise.

    Johnny Manziel is appearing in the news everyday for actions that are not illegal. I think we should give Manziel some credit for not breaking the law.

  18. the giants are like the pats in the sense that they like to call themselves classy. they act like their players are the beacon of being model citizens with good behavior. drive me nuts that no one calls them out for that.

    i dont even need to bring up lawerence taylor. the giants have had like 3 players get arrested this offseason. last i checked manziel has never been in trouble with the law.

  19. More power to Johnny Football…he’s going to make a lot more money from his OFF the field stuff than his ON the field stuff. Endorsements, a “book”, book signings, jerseys, etc.

    And I have a feeling he’s going to hold on to most of his money.

  20. NOT until he throws a minimum of 20-27 INTs, then and only then, they might welcome him to the Gints!
    FAIL! Eli “deer in the headlights”, is crap!!!

    yeah yeah, he’s been on a team that won a coupla super bowls… I gaurantee HE didn’t win them!! The Gint Def won those!

  21. Manziel reminds me of Broadway Joe, in his behavior. It remains to be seen if he can match Namath on the field.

  22. I don’t even think a coked up Manziel could throw 27 picks in a season. Eli makes it look easy.

  23. Johnny has not:
    robbed anyone, sold drugs, used drugs, beat his girlfriend, gone over the speed limit or even had a parking ticket. He hasn’t been in a fight, been asked to leave a casino, bar or restaurant. Hasn’t smashed up a car. No DWIs
    We would know because TMZ is up his a$$
    What he has done is been gracious and accommodating to Browns fans, Browns charities and local media. AND worked his tail off at OTA’s and mini camp according to players and coaches.

  24. The LT way. Dude makes me sick even seeing the word giant. Same for ray Lewis and whatever team he played for. Sports is entertainment and they sure added a lot of off the field entertainment. JF still a rookie in thier league.

  25. That’s right. Our Giants’ greats don’t snort coke through 5 spots. Hundos only baby!

  26. I hope Johnny is successful for the Browns. I have my doubts

    If he is successful, he will change alot of people’s mindsets that you can be successful on the field and have fun off of it.

    I’m a little worried he has a drinking problem, hopefully that won’t be the case.

    Once the season starts, the media will then put their focus on when is Johnny gonna start.

  27. Again more propaganda from the media about Manziel… I don’t know if they are trying to ruin his rep or they are just that enamored with him….Indeed…

  28. eaglesnoles05 says:
    Jul 8, 2014 10:57 AM
    I’m pretty much gonna judge Jonny Football on the field and don’t give a boop about what happens before that. Sorry, just don’t care what he does on HIS TIME OFF.
    Posters like the guy above are an example of how people don’t understand that the way a guy carries himself of the field will ultimately determine what happens to him on the field.

    Want an example?? Look at Josh Gordon.

  29. You guys can pick on LT’s off-field issues, but on Sunday afternoon – whether he was hung over or had one arm tied behind his back (literally) – he was still better than any other OLB in the league. Manziel is not the next coming of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or even Johnny Unitas… he’ll probably be more like the next Doug Flutie.

  30. Question to you Eagles fans – – – does Eli’s 2 SBMVPs cause you all to lose sleep at night? Any entry that conceivably relates to the Giants QB situation (like this Manziel post), sends you all into straight out hate mode. I love it. Eli’s y’all Ray Finkle is Einhoorn!

  31. I’ve never been impressed with the Giants. They are ALWAYS overrated (same for the hapless Jets) just b/c they are located in the NY area. IMO both teams should be FORCED to change their names to the New Jersey Giants/Jets.

  32. The profile of a Giant actually wears sweatpants to a night club and then shoots himself.

  33. Frankly, the Browns are lucky they haven’t had their draft picks taken, for Johnny Manziel’s antics this offseason.

  34. Ya. Eli played good for 1/10th of his career… which was still WAY better than 50 plus years of Eagles football.

    Please, don’t hurt us Giants fans by calling our Superbowls “lucky”. We laugh at you EaglesNoles05.

  35. Haha justintuckrule- True enough… But hey- The best part is, you don’t even have to hate Eli to have him play mediocre football these days! He just does it no matter how you feel about him. Giants fan? Watch him play mediocre. Eagles fan? Watch the same guy. Hating him just makes it more fun!

  36. I love this Manziel Mania. Tebow annoyed me but theres something about jhonny I just cant get enough of. OMG if he is good this is gonna be a hell of a ride. Keep pumping out the stories!!!

  37. @realdealsteel-

    Joe Namath. Now you go. Off field activity is a factor, not a determinant.

    Just as many TDs have been scored by alcoholic party lovers than have by bookworms. Posters like you are the example of why posters like me will always have someone to correct.

  38. I am a Giant fan. I find it humorous that tisch ( small case for a reason) would even comment on Manziel not fitting the Giant mold.Manziel is a “look at me” personality.Exactly what tisch is portraying with his comments.

  39. He’s right. Johnny Football is not a convicted felon like plaxico burress, has not been arrested for DUI like Kerry Collins, is not a coke-fiend like Lawrence Taylor, etc.

  40. Farmmbig accidentally made a good point when he said:

    “Were they the owners when Kerry Collins was the QB for NY?”

    Yes, Kerry Collins was an alcoholic party-hunting fool when he was Manziel’s age … and for several years after that. However, by the time he became a New York Giant, Collins had completely turned his life around. … Turned himself into a soft-spoken North Carolina farmer of all things. His primary residence remained that farm for all those years he was a Titan, and last I heard, he still lived there. Kerry was one of Nashville’s most upstanding guest-citizens those years with Tennessee. We’re proud to have had him.

    As to the point, Farmmbig accidentally made, there is precedent for a total dork like Manziel to get his act together mid-career and depart the league widely respected.

    -Titans Fan

  41. @eaglesnoles05

    Vick (except for TWO games) played less then mediocre football during his tenure in Philly & you all LOVED him. Buddy Ryan with THAT defense was 1 & done 3 times during his tenure with the Eagles & you guys LOVED him also. When you had a coach & QB that took you to 5 NFC championship games & a SB appearance (which you haven’t come CLOSE to seeing since) you ran them both out of town & say horrid awful things about them. Philadelphia fans have proven over & over they know nothing about football & their opinions on their “own” players & coaches over time have proven that. 1960, nuff said!

  42. None of those things you mentioned applies to me personally. Zero of them. Couldn’t wait to get rid of Vick (have two dogs) and tolerated his short ‘marriage into my family,’ Hated that buddy neglected the O and Cunningham, loved Ried, have green, black, and white McNabb jerseys… Funny how opposite that all is to me.

    And also, Eli is playing like crap. Nick Foles is not. That’s the now and the NYG noises you make sound soooo far away on the bottom of our shoes.

  43. It’s telling of the TMZ’d world we now live in, when Manziel’s party boy, legal behavior in the off-season gets more publicity than Josh Gordon’s.

    As for Steve Tisch……….. Who?

  44. 2qswing says: Jul 8, 2014 11:30 AM

    “Johnny has not:
    robbed anyone, sold drugs, used drugs, beat his girlfriend, gone over the speed limit or even had a parking ticket. He hasn’t been in a fight, been asked to leave a casino, bar or restaurant. Hasn’t smashed up a car. No DWIs
    We would know because TMZ is up his a$$


    Not in the pat few months… except for the whole “suspicion” of coke thing of the past few days

    But he has in the past, been so loaded he slept in on a camp (and then lied about it)- hosted by the Mannings, provided fade ID to a cop, was carged with failure to leave the scene (while being underage and drunk) been caught underage drinking, taking money for autographs (and then lied about it), etc.

    Please don’t act like him being played for a douche is the media’s doing. Dude gives fuel to the fire all by himself.

  45. To try and compare LT to this nobody is a joke, LT could do whatever he wanted to bc he was the best player ever to live who was a proven winner. Watch the Showtime documentary on LT when Belicheck was talking about how LT was sleeping in a meeting and tried to call him out so he went up to the board and explained what every person was going to do on any scenario during the game. Clearly it never effected his play on the field so who gives an F what he is doing off.

    I actually want the browns to turn it around but to think this chump is going to lead the way is laughable whether he is out partying or not.

  46. The biggest difference between Johnny Football and a majority of NFL players isn’t that he parties any harder or is any bigger a jerk, it is that he invites the cameras to follow him. Money phones, making out with Playboy models, hitting Vegas with Gronk, and all the rest of it is not unusual NFL athlete behavior. Having every second of it documented by TMZ is.

  47. I would be concerned, but I think if you sort of look at the culture and the history of the Giants, he really doesn’t fit the profile of, historically, of New York Giants football players.

    Lawrence Taylor

  48. first rule of bathroom hangout time, is to know who is in the room, and have no darn cell phone use going on.

    cmon man, at least get that right. you can’t show the world every darn thing you do. look at Charlie sheen, he lives it up big time at his house. AT HIS HOUSE. try it sometime. or maybe get a friend who strictly watches out for cell phones when in a bathroom like that, or with a money phone

    or you know, study a playbook and prepare the way Russell Wilson did. see RW goes to a SB a year early to get the feel of it all. JM will go next year to party. this is why I am so glad my team did not draft that man

  49. I bet Tisch feels he probably safe making that comment about Manziel. After all, Manziel is white.

  50. harveyredman
    yes those terrible terrible indescressions you mentioned did occur. WHEN HE WAS 19 YEARS OLD. I guarantee there are 50 – 80 nfl playyas partying at south beach, new orleans, LA, Vegas, every Saturday night. not breakin any rules or getting in trouble. But no cameras following their every move either.
    When I was 19 my hockey teammates and I all pi$$ed off the roof of a KFC at 2am in Kitchner Ontario. Just no TMZ or camera phones thankfully. Now I’m almost 60. Don’t tell my kids.
    Give the kid a break and lets see what he can do.

  51. Harvey,
    Oh and By the way, NCAA investigated and found he did NOT take money for autographs. Just a little annoying FACT that doesn’t fit your
    hate rant.

  52. Let’s face it Manziel is a joke.

    Let’s say he can get away with partying as a young guy.


    But what makes a great QB is both ability and the mental game to continue to improve, especially after his scrambling ability recedes.

    At best he’ll be a sometimes great, sometimes awful intriguing QB who will fairly quickly wash out.

  53. A lot of people hating on Eli Manning, thanks for open up the criticism gates Mr. Tisch…Either way, Eli does have two rings.

  54. @harvey – I couldn’t agree more. The HISTORY of bad behavior is there & he shows no signs of understanding where this is going yet.

    @eaglesnoles05 – we’ll sure see – one thing for sure & that all Eagle fans certainly deserve, after all your crowing in the offseason about how great your team is gonna be, it’s only to be heart broken once again as it becomes 54 years.

  55. I’m not saying Andy Dalton’s the greatest thing since toilet paper, but I’d rather be reading that my QB is working out with his receivers during the break from OTA’s to the start of training camp, than having my QB rolling up a bill in a Vegas bathroom…

  56. Russell Wilson doesn’t have to defend his use of his “time off” because he spends that time studying film and working to improve himself.

    That’s why Russell Wilson is a World Champion in his second season. That’s how you become great. You don’t take time off.

    The mere fact that Manziel doesn’t understand this concept is what would most concern me as a member of the Browns’ front office. Manziel simply lacks the work ethic to ever be great. Even worse is that he lacks the vision to see the required work ethic, and thinks he can take time off. That’s called laziness and great people never give in to it.

  57. NOT until he throws a minimum of 20-27 INTs, then and only then, they might welcome him to the Gints!
    FAIL! Eli “deer in the headlights”, is crap!!!

    yeah yeah, he’s been on a team that won a coupla super bowls… I gaurantee HE didn’t win them!! The Gint Def won those SBs!

  58. Okay got it. Like saying Jesse James would not have been a good fit with Bonnie and Clyde. Like brussel sprouts don’t go with beets. Like fire doesn’t go well with a gas leak. Unsavory sometimes doesn’t go with equal unsavory.

  59. @23rdusernameused

    Both Super Bowls he had game winning drives …eh you saw it & obviously still wake up in cold sweats over it. LOL

    Just remember – 2 Super Bowl MVP’s, an 8-3 all time playoff record, the record for the most 4th qtr TD passes in NFL history & a trip to Canton. Can you say that about your teams QB?

  60. 8-3 playoff record… not bad… Good to have two Superbowls (flabberghastingly amazing, frankly. Congrats! That’s the 8 wins right there).

    So NYG has had 3 playoff games, all losses, in the other 8 seasons combined under Eli. Is that supposed to be impressive?

  61. Is it supposed to make me wish Eli Manning was my QB? Sorry. I guess I’m just a dumb eagles fan…

  62. Oh, and I forgot…most of those seasons, the NYGs and Manning were close to consensus most disappointing and underachieving team in the NFL since they were ‘so good.’ So either they weren’t that good, or they weren’t good enough to be expected to be that good. Which?

    2 seasons can get you in the HOF. But they can’t erase things that people who watch know. Boy is slipppin…. It was fun. I’ll always love his about-to-be-hit face. One of the best ever.

  63. Some “culture and history” of the Giants:

    Will Hill (Non-payment of child support)
    Michael Boley (Child abuse)
    Plaxico Burress (You know)
    David Tyree (Pulled over with 1/2lb. of marijuana)

  64. Don’t forget about all the giants that faked injuries in 2011 to help them win that year. I have zero respect for that team.

  65. Training camp will start soon, and the Browns will start to see whether Manziel fits the profile of what they look for in a franchise quarterback.


    How would the Browns know what to look for in a franchise quarterback?

    It’s been 50+ years since they’ve had one.

  66. Foles is a 1 yr wonder. No different than that Kolb dude who Eagles fans were crowing was better than Eli “here and now”. Haha. July champs.

    I’ll take SBMVPs and high interception rates all day every day over whatever record Foles broke last year only to be the first team in NFL history to let the Saints beat them at home in the playoffs. Gross.

  67. But Eli manning fits the profile. On draft day the crybaby of cry baby’s had to plead with his father to use his influence so he wouldn’t have to play for the Chargers. Real strong, real tough guy. Every time that cream puff gets hit and falls to the ground, the first person he looks to is the ref for roughing the passer. What profile of a player r they looking for? How many games have the giants over the years throw in the towel when their playoff chances were gone. Tish should watch what he says about other teams players n b honest about his own teams rotten history, n that includes being the cheapest run team in NFL history

  68. I like that so many people are behind Manziel.

    I am hopelessly out of touch with my preference for substance over style.
    I don’t think I will change.

  69. Mr Tisch, kindly stop talking to TMZ. This is far from the first time you have been linked to those scum sucking bottom feeders. Manziel’s not on your team and you don’t have a game against him this Sunday so just keep it to yourself. How you have enough to co-own a team with so little common sense boggles the mind.

  70. Sounds like the Browns are going to be in for a salary cap penalty… like it or not! Mara (aka the walking dead) already has out his abacus (the most advanced calculator around when Mara was 30 years old)

  71. Foles ain’t Kolb, bro. Sorry to break it to ya, but you’ll see that whether you read this or not.

  72. THe only thing better than giant’s fans thumbing down factual statistical analysis is that they are doing it from the position of being a team that’s not very good at football right now.

  73. @gianthater

    Get back to us when the Redskin Potatoes become relevant again. 1992 – 2014 The Washington’s football team celebrates 22 soon to be 23 years of futility & you’re invited gianthater.

  74. This is a joke…Manziels actions aren’t actions aren’t acceptable? But LT’s is? Or Boley or Shockey or Pierce or Barber or Ingram or Tyree or Deihl or Meggett or plax or will hill or Pettigue or josey, John Herryand so many more…this guy looks like a fool. NYG have more character problems than a hell if a lot of teams — including the browns.

  75. I enjoy it when owners and fan bases try to convince themselves that their overpaid, overrated, mediocre QBs are “fantastic.” Laughable.
    Of the three QBs taken in the first round of the 2004 draft, Eli has regressed the most. He’s gone from decent to awful. Meanwhile, Philip Rivers, who has thrown the most TD passes and fewest interceptions of the three, might be on the rise after being set free from Norv Turner.

  76. “Asked if …”

    And therein lies the problem. Why is anyone asking the Giants what they think about him? Oh yeah, the media, in their never-ending quest to beat a topic into the ground will stick a microphone in front of EVERYONE remotely involved in the league and ask them about Manziel. What the Giants think of him is a complete non-story. It’s just Tebow 2.0, and we’ll get stories about it EVERY SINGLE DAY and the dead horse beating will continue.

  77. It’ll be fun watching once he gets the chance to play as just about every defensive player he’ll face is dying to pound him. He just might be a one-hit-wonder.

  78. And before Kolb, it was Mike McMahon. We’re used to Eagles’ fans’ July talk. It’s just as given as death and taxes.

    Our OL was historically bad last year. We were starting RBs off the street and our No.1 WR threw in the towel the minute Cruz got paid. When you’re down 20 at halftime every game, your QB will force some picks unless he’s like half the other QBs in the league that care more about his fantasy stats than winning real life football games.

    If your kids’ lives were on the line and your team had to win one game, you’d take Elisha Nelson Manning over any of these pretenders in the NFCE. You know it and I know it.

  79. Who cares what Tish thinks? Who cares what the other teams think? Manziel is under contract to the Browns, and he is their QB for better or for worse. Haslam wanted him and Haslam got him. Now, let Haslam and “his people” deal with Johnny.

    If Johnny is such a problem, the other NFL teams should be grateful he belongs to the Browns.

    Personally, I believe that the trolls on here are jealous of the Browns. It may still take a couple of years for the Browns to reap the benefits of this new regime but, I feel it is coming.

    Good luck Browns!

  80. The only thing better than having Eli Manning as our QB & his 2 Super Bowl MVP’s is listening to Eagles fans downplay his accomplishments & whine about their 54 years of ZERO Championships!!

    Eli Manning…

    2× Pro Bowl (2008, 2011)
    2× Super Bowl champion (XLII, XLVI)
    2× Super Bowl MVP (XLII, XLVI)
    2× NFC Champion (2007, 2011)
    NFL Record most 4th quarter touchdown passes in a season (15)
    Tied NFL Record longest pass completion and touchdown (99 yards)
    NFL Record most road playoff wins by a quarterback (5)
    Tied NFL Record most game-winning drives in a season (8)
    Most road wins in a single regular season and postseason by a starting quarterback (10)
    Most passing yards in a single postseason (1219 yards)

    2x thrown over 20 ints in a season, high of 27 ints 2013

    Jeez…seriously? Eagle fans are so silly. LOL

  81. Lets not confuse the issue with facts

    Yes Plexiglass shot himself then was cut

    And of course was alligator arms Shockey again he was cut

    There is a type of player the Giants look for do they party of course they do but they do not act like wholes

    When LT played that was a different era he was more the rule then the exception concerning his off the field behavior

    As far as Eli goes laugh all you want when he wins #3 and is on his way to the HOF

  82. I think the one thing everyone is overlooking is that the NFL is a much different league than when LT played for the Giants. The NFL Commissioner has come down hard on these antics as a lot of players in this sport have found out. Everything from drugs to spousal abuse. If LT were playing today, He’d be history…simple as that. Johnny M. hasn’t even proven himself as a pro yet. How many guys have come out of college in the past as highly regarded players and ended up as flops. Let’s see how he runs an offense before we say anything positive of negative about the guy.

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