Titans check in at No. 30 in our Preseason Power Rankings


For a team that’s been hanging around the middle, the Titans may need to bottom out before getting better.

The Titans check in at No. 30 in PFT’s preseason power rankings (read the full preview here), which could end up being far too low.

New coach Ken Whisenhunt has a good track record, especially with quarterbacks (Ben Roethlisberger, Kurt Warner and Philip Rivers approve).

If he can work that kind of magic with the Titans, there’s a chance for them to get much better.

They jettisoned their name star this offseason, but could be more balanced offensively without running back Chris Johnson.

It’s an interesting mix, for sure, and you can weigh in on our poll and in the comments as to whether we’ve ranked them too low.

30 responses to “Titans check in at No. 30 in our Preseason Power Rankings

  1. The bust/Hurt locker and company will finish behind the Jags. #nobodyhasitbetter #justhurryupandputtheNinersintheNumber1spot

  2. Whisenhunt deserves to be called the Whiz after what he did for Philip Rivers last season, by giving Rivers an offense he could work with, maximizing Phil’s strength’s, specifically his ability to read a defense better than 90 percent of QBs in the league, allowing him to make quick decisions.

    The question is, does the Whiz have a QB of that caliber in Tennessee? I don’t know the team well enough to adjudge, but I am mindful of the fact that Jake Locker beat the Bolts with some late-game heroics last year.

  3. Titans better then Vikings? Talk about delusional. Is there even a pro-bowl player on the titans roster?

  4. Who knows if the ranking is correct? I can tell you that there is a theme developing that correlates to QB play.

    Two guys who are in defining years, Tannehill and Locker are on the clock. Either they produce this year or they’re out. Both were projects coming in and this is the final year.

  5. Tenessee plays in the same division as Jacksonville with Chad Henne and/or Blake Bortles at the helm and Houston with Fitzmagic running the show. They also get the Redskins, Jets and Cleveland. That means they should be able to scrape together five wins this season, which will make them better than at least a handful of teams this year.

    30 is too low, but not by too much.

  6. It’s not just the players but there is a “trifecta” that most winning teams have to have beyond the guys in pads on the field, which is Owner-GM-HC. You get a diad between the first two without the third and you have what Coach Whiz had in Arizona after Warner left, before Michael Bidwill got used to wearing the big boy pants. Hope the Titan organization is stronger than it looks on paper and Whiz doesn’t regret having passed on the sweet deal he had with the Chargers. On a very positive note he did bring with him one of the best DCs around in Ray Horton so my guess is that the Titans will do MUCH MUCH better than predicted!

  7. Interesting to place the Titans below the Browns. I’d think Whisenhunt>Pettine alone would bump the Titans higher.

    Still. This year appears to be Locker’s last chance. If Whisenhunt can’t pull a great QB out of Locker, this ranking will prove about right…

  8. reesesteel23 says:
    Jul 8, 2014 9:27 AM

    Titans better then Vikings? Talk about delusional. Is there even a pro-bowl player on the titans roster

    Do you have a clue? You know its a countdown with the worse teams being projected at the end don’t you? Only in Minnehaha do the fans measure how good a team is by silly pro bowl voting instead of actual wins.

  9. As a Jag fan, this ranking is too high. We will sweep the tits, and they will resume their comfortable place at the bottom of the AFC South.

  10. I’m a big Giants fan but I don’t know why my Giants are getting ranked so high. They’re already at least #29. That’s a high rank for a team that already threw in the towel on 2014.

  11. There are eight divisions in football and PFT is saying that the Titans are worse than the worst team in 6 divisions.

    The Titans are worse than the Browns, vikings, and the Virginia Indigenous People??!!

    I can’t believe PFT is putting the vikings in the top 30.

  12. Don’t know about Rivers and Roethilisberger, but the writer is flat out wrong in his belief that Whisenhunt did anything to improve Kurt Warner’s play except to finally stop resisting to meddle and get out of Warner’s way after the OC Todd Haley managed to keep Whisenhunt to a non-factor to allow Warner to prove his own offense (as signed-on by Haley) worked instead of Whisenhunt’s 66% run and 33% pass offense he promised when he first came to the Cards. To Whisenhunt’s credit, he knew he struck lightning in Warner and finally left him alone to succeed. To Whishenhunt’s fault after Warner, Whisenhunt tried to force Lienart, Anderson, Kolb, Skelton, Hoyer, and many others into being Warner which obviously failed big time. The fact Whisenhunt could never successfully tailor the offense Warner devised to his other QBs at Arizona speaks louder than his fans could ever. True Rivers produced improved play with more structure, but Rivers did not do anything he had not done before and only matched his best from prior years. As for Roethilisberger, he still views Whisenhunt as an impediment to his development as a NFL QB.

  13. lol 30th? what a joke. Titan’s barely missed the playoffs last season with a backup QB at the helm. They only lost verner and CJ. CJ was replaced by a player that could easily be better than he was and the Titan’s CB depth is very deep. 30th is far too low.

  14. This ranking is severely low, and I can only think its this low because of the new coaching regime and an oft injured. Jake Locker has shown flashes of being a solid QB, albeit staying on the field is his biggest issue. With future stars like Jurrell Casey on Defense, and Kendall Wright in the slot, together with one of the most solid Offensive lines in the NFL, put some coin on the Titans winning more than 6 games this year with 31st easiest schedule around.

  15. If your reason for posting these rankings was to provoke conversation, you certainly did. If it was to make people question your analytical skills, you’re 2 for 2. If it was just to tick people off … congratulations, you hit the trifecta.

  16. Looks a little low. Easier schedule & decent defense but no viable solution at back-up QB (which will likely be an issue at some point during the season) and a significant drop-off in the running game. So, somewhere around 8-8 and a power ranking in the 15-20th range. A longshot for the playoffs and mediocre, as always.

  17. The Jags are now and always will be the bottom of that division. Houston is coming off a terrible year as well. The Titans should certainly be ahead of both of them for now. As it is, their season will hinge on Locker staying healthy, which so far he has failed to do.

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