Video shows Tony Romo playing indoor soccer


Tony Romo has given up golf, but it appears he has another offseason sport of choice.

In a departure from the usual TMZ fare of ambushing celebrities in and around bars and airports, there’s video of the Cowboys quarterback playing a little indoor soccer, via the Dallas Morning News.

In the video, the person who sure looks like Romo is basically running around like a middle-aged guy playing indoor soccer. There’s nothing particularly alarming about his activity (though if he was injured in a non-football activity, the Cowboys would certainly be interested), and he appears to be moving around fine.

If nothing else, it’s a sign he should be ready to go for the start of training camp following his back surgery.

Now comes the challenge of getting the Cowboys out of the group stage, which he hasn’t been able to do for four years.

16 responses to “Video shows Tony Romo playing indoor soccer

  1. Getting out of group stage? How about they try to avoid relegation this year instead?

  2. Well at least he’s running. He may have to do a lot of that this year, if that O line doesn’t get it together. But I think that young line is gonna surprise a lot of people.

  3. 700levelvet, how creative. Haven’t you posted the same stupid line about 1000 times now? Do you type this new each time, or are you at least smart enough to copy and paste it?

    Get some new material.

  4. I wish he would actually commit himself to a “real” training regiment.

    He looks sloppy, like he does every year. He’s fat and dough-boy looking. Tell me that doesn’t contribute to his physical ailments. Being in top shape can only help.

    Why is it every position on the field works out like a warrior (including many punters and kickers), yet so many QB’s get by on an exceptional rotator cuff?

    C’mon Tony – get your act together and make a real stab at earning that ridiculously bloated contract!

  5. As a big Giants fan I never underestimate Tony Romo. He’s broken the Giants hearts several times in the past few years. He’s a tough warrior.

    He beat the 49ers with broken ribs, plays with sever back problems and even need a disc removed. He’s as tough as anyone in the NFL. I’d be very happy to have the Tony Romo era starting for the Giants instead of the Ryan Nassib era but there’s no way my Giants could dream of getting Romo.

  6. justinstuckrule – it is nice to hear from a fan of another team that actually watches the games instead of listening to sports radio. Romo has been a great competitor for many years, yet some people can never get past the dropped field goal attempt in 2007.

    Romo has carried this team to a lot of victories, and is guilty of trying too hard at the end of some games which is all people seem to remember. He had a perfect pass to Austin in the Giants game two years ago, but Austin lost the ball in the lights and the Cowboys lost. Romo took all of the blame from the critics, but it was poor play from Austin and the defense that was the real issue.

    I could cite many other games like that, but it falls on deaf ears of people that only see what they want to see. Winning that game against the 49ers four years ago in overtime with a broken rib and punctured lung showed how tough he is, as well as beating the Redskins last year with a herniated disc. If the Cowboys had even a mediocre defense last year, they would have won the NFC East.

  7. We know why people pick on Romo. Its because he’s the QB for the Dallas Cowboys. Look at it like this, there are a lot of HOF QB’s out there that have never won a Super Bowl. Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino. All of these guys had great # . But so does Romo. Who knows if he’ll win a SB, maybe, maybe not. All you can do is speculate. But one thing I do know. Broke rib, Bad back, busted finger an all. You get 125% every down, every play. Hell we could have Sam Bradford.

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