Washington blogger-turned-lobbyist resigns after two weeks on the job

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The Ben Tribbett era has ended in Washington.  There was one?

The liberal blogger hired by owner Daniel Snyder to assist with the defense of the team’s name has resigned, according to the blogger-turned-lobbyist’s Twitter feed.

“So I’m going to send in my resignation to the Redskins,” Tribbett tweeted Monday night.  “Hopefully that allows debate to move back to where it should be.”

The debate had migrated from the name to Tribbett, who rose to semi-prominence by pointing out that the brother of Washington president Bruce Allen had used a racial slur on the campaign trail in 2006.  The inconsistency between Tribbett’s attack on George Allen for using the term “macaca” and Tribbett’s defense of the team name gained traction on Sunday, when it was shown via an archive of Tribbett’s blog that he had supported his position that “macaca” amounts to a slur by linking to a list that identifies both that term and “redskins” as racially offensive.

But the catalyst for the resignation possibly was the discovery by the Indian Country Today Media Network of a series of tweets posted by Tribbett while gambling in Las Vegas in 2010.

“An older native american guy just accused me of cheating and pulled some stuff out of his pocket to put some kind of spell on me,” Tribbett said.  “Epic.”

Twenty-seven minutes later, Tribbett posted, “100 into 500.  #curse fail.”

Then came the kicker, 14 minutes later:  “Just took Chief for his last 300.  I’d call it a scalping but that seems uncalled for.”

And so the Tribbett blink-of-an-eye hiring-and-resignation officially becomes the latest, and potentially the greatest, blunder committed by the franchise during the last two years, when the opposition to the name has been fueled in large part by the manner in which the team has opted to defend it.

52 responses to “Washington blogger-turned-lobbyist resigns after two weeks on the job

  1. For a “social media expert” to not know that you can’t outrun your internet history is pretty pathetic.

    Another thing that Snyder touches, he destroys.

  2. I can’t defend the last tweet by Tribbett, but this doesn’t have any effect on the debate. Still not a slur, no matter how much you try to make us believe it. Native Americans, by a LARGE majority, don’t consider it to be one, so neither will I. I am sensitive to their feelings on the issue and therefore will support their decision.

  3. If this is the biggest mistake the Team made, the Redskins will be keeping their name for a long long time. I hope the “I’m Offended” industry has peaked.

  4. Without regard to whether you believe that the name should be changed or remain the same, you have to agree that you should do a better job vetting the guy you’re putting on point for PR.

  5. The issue here isn’t whether the name is wrong, which is a different conversation.

    The issue is the supreme arrogance of this former “blogger” to think he can take whatever inconsistent positions he wants, whenever it suits him, whereas he feels perfectly entitled to criticize others for missteps.

    That, and the fact that Little Danny remains completely incompetent at managing anything. What organization hires someone without conducting basic background due diligence? And it’s not like this is the first time. This guy will never get it. Never. Deep down, Skins fans surely know this. They have to hope the new coach will somehow be able to overcome the hand he has.

  6. How many poorly thought out, inept moves can one organization make? Are they still planning on selling Firewater at the games this year?

  7. Kids, this is why you need to have a filter on your brain when on the Internet.

  8. It was funnier when Jerry Seinfeld joked about scalping, but that’s because it was trying to send a positive message while making you chuckle, big difference.

  9. Why did the team need a blogger anyway? The support for the name is higher than it’s ever been.

    The name changers consist of middle aged white men (sports writers) 50 Democratic Senators (with a 12% approval rate) and a small % of radical Native Americans (the ones who want to ban Turkey Day).

    Seriously Snyder, you’re making it hard for us Redskins fans. We’ve put up with so much bull in your 15 years of stewardship.

  10. I love when bigots show their true colors and it is exposed. It is 2014, people. There are White, Black, Asian, Latino, Native American, and other cultures mixed within the ethnic groups. There is only one race – the HUMAN race of which we are all a part. We are all brothers or at the very least distant cousins, and we all have to live on this planet together and there is no chaging that.

    Now, being that we have to be here together, we can’t do things, or say things that make large groups of our co-inhabitants uncomfortable. The N word, the S word and any other derogatory slang should not be used. I personally believe that the Washington team name will be changed within the next 10 years, and the battle against it is drawing out the inevitable. It comes down to respect and common sense. The Chiefs, Braves, Blackhawks, and Indians (though their mascot is), are not racially insensitive names. Redskins is believed by too many to be insensitive to just accepted.

  11. Here’s the thing…When I went to volunteer at my kid’s school I used the term “Indian Style” referring to the way the teachers wanted them to sit. Growing up, sitting down while crossing your legs was called sitting “Indian Style.” When I said this, the looks I received were glaring. It’s “Criss Cross Applesauce” now. That’s how they refer to it.

    But, many students at the school were wearing attire relating to the Washington football team. So, if kids can’t sit “Indian Style” because it’s insensitive why can they wear the aforementioned football regalia?

    So, what will happen now is that a parent, or parents, will complain about students wearing their Washington uniforms to school on Fridays when everyone gets to wear their favorite team’s colors. Then, those uniforms, or anything referring to the team, will be forbidden from being worn in school. Then, a parent of one of those children who cannot wear their team’s attire will protest to the school that his/her child is being singled out. Then, the school will forbid all kids from wearing their football uniforms.

    So now every student loses out because the NFL is so stubborn and arrogant.

    Why is it going to have to come to that? Because we all know it will.

  12. Dan please don’t hire any more bloggers, don’t respond at all if anyone says the name needs to be changed again just ignore them. They want attention like little kids do don’t give them to them they will stop saying and go away when they realize you aren’t listening.

  13. Cause you guys are all so perfect….the Anti-Redskins PC Witch hunt is not capable of debating the actual points he was making….instead they dig and try and find dirt from years ago and personally attack the guy. Sounds like politics to me. Maybe Dan should hire someone to do some digging on the people fueling the fire….wonder what they will find out. So what if he said some comments years ago…yesterday has nothing to do with today. So all you PFT employees that thought the name was fine in 2010 and now in 2014 think it’s offensive….what…you changed your mind !! Oh no….that discredits everything you say. Grow up people….if names hurt you…you have bigger issues.

  14. to funny…you just can’t make this shizz up! Danny Snyder needs to get booted from the league due to incompetence and the embarrassment and harm he has caused to the NFL brand…and in response to golions1 @8:19AM the “I’m Offended” industry has not peaked….it’s only just begun Washington fan! keep in mind that the NFL is a major player in the “I’m Offended” industry…change is a coming to that racist team name!!!

  15. “It comes down to respect” You are correct. I respect the opinion of a LARGE majority of Native Americans and feel, along with that LARGE majority, that it is not a slur. Whereas you, do not respect them and would like to force your feelings on the subject on them.

  16. Everyone’s a critic! While it’s true that in the beginning of his ownership of the Redskins, Dan Snyder made tons of mistakes, and he did “Man Up” to it!
    Thing is, he’s been a fan for his whole life, and he tried everything he could to become the guy who revived the golden years that Mr. Cooke enjoyed!
    But I tip my hat to him for finally getting it. No, you can’t buy a Super Bowl trophy, (not a legitimate one anyway) and you can’t give absolute authority to a weasel like Cerrato, or to a hard-headed tyrant like Shanahan!
    He is going about this the right way now, by hiring a good GM, (and President) a head coach who has a winning record wherever he’s gone, and is letting them build a winning team, the right way! They paid dearly for a franchise QB, and are now able to move forward with a coach who is capable of getting the most out of his offense and especially his QB!
    I’m not saying we’re going to the Super Bowl this year, but after a long drought, I’m looking for the team I’ve been a fan of for well over half a century, to be a contender for quite a while! I’m finally happy to see us headed toward a bright future!

  17. The biggest mistake was Gerald and Arlette Snyder not using the appropriate protection in the first few months of 1964.

    The byproduct of that mistake has damaged and will continue to damage the legacy of the Washington Redskins far more than any potential name change ever could.

  18. Why Thumbs down on my post? Am I wrong? If so, let me know where? Or is it that I am pointing out that you are on the wrong side of the issue because you follow rather than lead?

  19. GNR:

    You are wrong. It is a slur at its’ basis, no matter how many times you try to ignore it. In 1898, the dictionary defined Redskin as this: “A North American Indian; —often contemptuous.” Contemptuous in modern day language is “offensive.”

  20. GettingNoRespec

    The thumbs down because you imply that the majority of Native Americans don’t have a problem with the name.

    Where are you getting this information? From a poll the Washington Foreskins released?

    How in the world can you speak for the majority of Native Americans when you can’t even speak for a minority of the rest of the country?

  21. GettingNoRespect…you must be a Washington fan…define “large” and where did you get that info from?? I’m guessing you just read it somewhere and decided to go with it since it must be true right?…

  22. More than 90%, which I consider large. The polls that have been referred to by many sources, newspapers, websites, etc. Even opposition sites, none of which have denied the poll. Also, there are the votes by schools on Reservations who overwhelmingly chose the continue the use of the name.

    Where are you getting your information?

  23. I am not speaking for Native Americans. I am listening to them, and so far in everything I have seen, they are not opposed. Maybe your problem is that you are trying to speak for them. They don’t need you to tell them how they should feel.

  24. Translation: Snyder gave Tribbett a big pile of money to defend the r-word. Then Snyder found out that Tribbett is a d-bag and canned him! And the winner is Tribbett, who was pretty much unknown until this nonsense. For him, any publicity is good publicity.

  25. Wait, so the guy the team with the racist name hired to defend the racist name ended up actually being racist against the very people that the name offends?


  26. Dumbest defense ever to the name being offensive: “well you didn’t have a problem with it just 4 years ago.”

    Don’t you just love when you are around people like that?! They’re the ones at work when you are trying to train them that say, “that’s they way we’ve always done it.” People like this are incapable of expanding their thoughts or ideas. Learn something one way, and that’s the way it is for life. In some ways, maybe I wish life was that simple.

    Like it or not, we are a culture that should want to keep learning. And not just what’s in books. But about the people and societies within which we live. Polls even 5 years old can become obsolete depending on the topic. Societal attitudes can and do change. Lamenting that, with the words in the common excuse like “we’ve become so PC” will just get you run over!

    Foolish pride like so many of you display, or like an owner who says “write in all caps” simply points to people who won’t even listen. They won’t even concede one point. To me that best point is, in 2014 it’s really something you would defend to name your team or a mascot based on the color of a person’s skin? Really? You support that? If you listen real carefully you hear “this is the way we’ve always done it.” A sad lot they all are.

  27. GettingNoRespect…you are totally a fan of the football team in Washington so I can see where your reasoning comes from…

    “The polls that have been referred to by many sources, newspapers, websites, etc.” ……Do you have any link to these polls at least??

    “Even opposition sites, none of which have denied the poll”…..What Poll & what opposition sites??

    “Also, there are the votes by schools on Reservations who overwhelmingly chose the continue the use of the name”…..What votes? and Where?…do you have a poll for the number of schools & reservations that have discontinued the use of the name??

    “Where are you getting your information?”….unlike you I’ve never referenced any numbers or polls so there is no need for me to
    state where I get my info from…it is YOU who in fact needs to answer your own question so I will ask YOU…Where are you getting your information?….still can’t answer huh?

    “I am not speaking for Native Americans. I am listening to them, and so far in everything I have seen, they are not opposed”…..No you’re not listening to them your reading some article about a poll (allegedly) that may or may not be accurate…you don’t know who or how this “Poll” was conducted….but you do know that the results match what YOUR personal feelings of the word are so your now quoting said “poll” and not questioning its accuracy…

    “Maybe your problem is that you are trying to speak for them. They don’t need you to tell them how they should feel”….how am I speaking for them?? Give me an example fan boy! And they definitely don’t need you speaking for them even if they agree with your opinion!

  28. @GettingNorespect….you sir, are a liar! You claim to see all of these polls and things yet you won’t post a link to such polls. That indicates a lie! Nuff said!

  29. Oh no, someone has gone back in someone’s past and found that they said something that may have been offensive to some. Change the record. In closed doors we all have had a moment, maybe not a Donald Sterling moment, but we all have had one. Anyone that says not me, your lying!

    This guy quit because he couldn’t take the media heat, he is just like the guy that wrote this article, when his points are proven wrong or the heat is turned up, he censors your comment or moves on to something else to discredit you.

    The Redskins never needed this guy in the first place, but they do need a voice to support them in the media fore the media sure is against the Redskins. Luckily enough of us Redskin fans and name supporters have come out in droves to support the name and show the ridiculousness of this political correctness crap.

  30. @redskinsnamesupporter

    above posts = “we’ve always done it that way”

  31. Let’s talk polls.

    Washington Post in June of 2013 discovered that 61% of people in the Washington Metro area supported the name, and 66% said they should not change it.

    But (and I love this) of those people supporting it, 56% (over half by my math) said the term “redskin” was inappropriate.

    So if those 56% who say it’s inappropriate are honest with themselves, that leaves only 30% approximately, in your own city that think the name’s ok.

    That’s not an overwhelming number at all. I would not be bragging on polls with this data, from your own city’s citizens, from your own city’s newspaper.

    Doubt my numbers? Google Washington Post’s poll on Redskins name.

  32. Bunkmcnulty hit the nail on the head.

    What is most distasteful and disgusting to me is the willful ignorance of DC fans. They’ve never even met real full-blooded Native Americans (no east coast tribes have any significant full blooded tribal populations remaining), how could they possibly pretend to understand the problems/issues faced by Native Americans today or have any kind of pulse on issues of racism? I don’t care if your best friend’s aunt is 1/64th Cherokee and not offended. How does that even matter? She’s not “indian” and your insistence that she is just further proves your ignorance.

    For what it’s worth, I lived in Browning Montana for 2 years, doing volunteer medical work with the Blackfoot Nation. What I experienced on the reservation changed my view of Native Americans and the issues they face immensely, and I realized every view I previously held about Native Americans had been from a lack of exposure, and just plain ignorance. What I found was a very proud people who are struggling to maintain their heritage in the face of modernity – drug issues, iphones, gambling, you name it. Worst of all is the racism that exists even to this day, from the white idiot tourists who show up wanting to sit in a sweat lodge (which is akin to a Chinese tourist getting drunk on communion wine) to the local Montana Republicans who insult and degrade Native Americans to this day.

    I guarantee that a white man walking into Browning Montana calling Blackfoot Indians “redskins” wouldn’t make it out of that town healthy. And I think if Dan Snyder really believes the nonsense spewing from his idiot pie-hole, he should go to the largest remaining Native American city on earth, the 80,000 strong Blackfoot Nation in MT, and tell all of them that “redskins” is a badge of pride and respect. Say it to their face. I extend that challenge to any who defend the name. Go to Montana, use that term with any REAL Native American, to their face. When they’re done beating you senseless, come back and tell me it’s not a slur.

    Just because your grandpa did it, doesn’t make it right. If that were true, we never would have abolished slavery. Redskin is no term of respect, it’s a racial slur with an ugly history, one that involves genocide and mass displacement. It’s time to reject that ugliness from our speech entirely.

  33. @juliusanonymous-

    It’s time to reject that ugliness from our speech entirely.

    It seems someone finally is moving in the direction that the best course of action is a full historical redaction of the name – after all the NFL HOF, Films, and records should be redacted to remove the term in its entirety.

    I mean why should the term be thrust upon someone who is offended just because they want to watch the 87 superbowl.

    Once this may have been a daunting task but as the government proves redacting terms is relatively easy. In addition, digital tools would allow for all NFL films to be redacted to remove the offending term. I’m think you must agree that all Intellectual Property in the NFL’s possession should be subject to such a redaction.

    Why are those that advocate a name change against this approach it seems like it would ensure maximum sensitivity…

  34. Like I said when he was hired, hiring Tribbett was a huge blunder.

    It never ceases to amaze me that a man with so much money can make so many bad decisions.

  35. Thank you juliusanonymous for your post. Last year my wife and I spent time in the Dakotas and I met a few Lakota or Sioux. One in particular left Pine Ridge at 18 joined the Marines, eventually was sent to college to become an officer, flew 102 missions in Vietnam, retired, received a law degree and has written 7 books about the Lakota culture. Truly remarkable. To call him a ‘redskin’ is racist and ignorant!

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