49ers will have three training camp practices at Levi’s Stadium


In addition to playing a pair of preseason games at Levi’s Stadium in August, the 49ers will hold three training camp practices at their new home in Santa Clara, the club said Wednesday.

The practices are slated for Monday, August 4, Friday, August 15 and Wednesday, August 20. The workouts are free and open to the public, but those wanting to attend must register online for tickets, and only 10,000 fans per practice will be admitted, the club said.

Those who have purchased stadium builder’s licenses (SBLs) for Levi’s Stadium will have an early registration window for all sessions. All other registration will begin on Friday via the Levi’s Stadium Facebook page, with the August 4 and August 20 practices the first workouts for which tickets will be offered.

The tickets will be awarded on Wednesday, July 16, the club said.

The Niners’ home preseason games are on Sunday, August 17 (vs. Denver) and Sunday, August 24 (vs. San Diego). Their regular season home opener is Sunday, September 14 vs. Chicago on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

9 responses to “49ers will have three training camp practices at Levi’s Stadium

  1. Apart from looking woefully ignorant Seahack trolls also come off as insecure everytime they call the Niners – Santa Clara. As if it’s an insult, as if it doesn’t point out what a podunk town Seattle is.

    That they can’t fathom that San Francisco is the principal City of the Bay Area metropolis and that a stadium outside city limits yet within the vicinity unmakes it SF. I guess the Cowboys, Giants/Jets, Bills, Redskins all need to change their name too.

    I guess that’s also why we’ll be hosting Super Bowl 50 and San Francisco will be the host City.

  2. Niner fans can also join a “how to cheer during a football game” class during this training sessions. Be sure to check out the speedy new knife wound medical aid stations by the exits. Don’t confuse the new stations with the old stations which are now only being used to treat drunks. Remember follow the amber line if you’re puking, the red line if you are bleeding. Enjoy the game!

  3. Dear Seahawks fans,

    It’s on the Internet so you guys can technically snatch up all the tickets so the seats are bare.

    Now give us Marshawn Lynch back,
    A bills fan

  4. Where there even Seahawks fans prior to 2012? Just because you pump noise through the stadium and throw popcorn on opposing teams injured players dosent make you special. I went to the SF/SEA game there 3 years ago and they had messages on their scorboards telling their fans when to cheer and make noise. They should Chang the 12th man to 13th man to avoid copyright infringement from the university of Texas. The Seahawks are a good team but let’s see how many fans they have when they start losing again.

  5. You shouldn’t have long to wait for the Seahawks to lose a few. Defending Superbowl champs, especially first timers don’t usually do too well their next season.

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