Baylor coach Art Briles on Josh Gordon: We’ll do whatever we can do to help him be successful

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D’Qwell Jackson said recently that he hopes someone helps his former Browns teammate Josh Gordon pick up “the pieces of his life” after a DUI arrest that came while Gordon was facing a potential one-year suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Gordon’s substance abuse issues date back beyond the start of his professional career and he was kicked off the Baylor football team for failing a drug test and other marijuana-related issues. According to Baylor coach Art Briles, those things won’t stand in the way of the school helping Gordon. Briles told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of Sirius XM NFL Radio that he thought Gordon still has a bright future and offered to help the wide receiver realize it.

“Everybody’s different in the world and that’s what makes it so unique and everybody’s got special talents and gifts,” Briles said. “Josh certainly has a tremendous amount of physical talent and intellectual gifts. We all just hope and pray that he’ll be able to get through everything and finally reach his full potential. The thing about Josh that’s so unique is he’s still young, he just turned 23. His future is ahead. He’s going to be judged by everything that’s happened, but he still has a great future ahead and that’s the way he needs to approach the situation. When you’re in our family, you’re always in so we’ll do whatever we can do to help him be successful in his life.”

Briles is right about Gordon having a future in the league if he can keep himself from further violations of NFL rules. He’s also right about Gordon being short of his full potential and it would probably be a good idea for Gordon to talk to Briles, Jackson and anyone else who wants to see him realize it before the doors to that future close.

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  1. “The thing that’s so unique about Josh is that he’s so young, he just turned 23. There are less than 4 billion people in the world under 25…”.

  2. Amen! Note that Briles is decent enough not to equate “success in life” with “success in football.” As a football fan and a lifelong Browns fan, I hope we get to enjoy more of JG’s success on the field. But let’s not forget this is a young person we are talking about, who can and may succeed in many different ways. And that smoking a bit of weed and driving with .01 over the legal limit hardly means he is destined for failure. It means he’s a pretty normal 23 year old.

  3. I’ve met Josh on a few occasions, and having talked to him, he’s by no means a stupid kid. We all know his talent, but he’s a good natured person who’s making immature choices. He desperately needs to re-evaluate who he hangs with, because they obviously aren’t looking out for his well being if they’ve let his mistakes get this far. We should all be pulling for this kid to turn his life around, because we only saw a glimpse of the impact he can have on the field.

  4. I think the best, and the worst thing that can happen to Josh is that he get suspended for a year. Depression is a gray-haired female dog, and it can creep on you when you are at your weakest. Plenty of people smoke weed, but knowing that weed isn’t worth what you are going up is the greatest thing. I’ve seen men lose entire military careers after 15-19 years messing with drugs, and there is little that is worse than losing a lifetime check when you are less than 5 years from it because of drugs.

    He needs to know that the “friends” he has that still smoke weed he needs to drop, because if they still want to bring that stuff around you knowing your issue then they aren’t your friends.

    I’m not worried about the DUI unless it was double the limit. I know that .08 is “technically drunk”, but most people feel no ill effects from it at that level. If you are double the limit you know it, feel it, and know you shouldn’t be driving.

  5. Good for coach Briles. I hope he’s sincere. Abandonment is not the answer for anyone who falls on hard times, even if they brought onto themselves.

    Cleveland could do more publicly to show support.

  6. I wonder about Josh’s family support system…

    Does Josh have a good relationship with his mother and father..any sisters or brothers he can turn to?

    Many try to form an opinion of Josh based on limited information. Obviously Josh is a complex person who needs someone to lean on at times.

    …maybe someone knows about Josh’s family ??

  7. It could be that Gordon comes across as smart and good natured to people who are, stunningly enough, dumber and less good natured than Gordon. He seems smart to the kind of person who couldn’t graduate from high school, but to those of us with a brain, the man is a moron who can’t figure out how to take care of himself as a grown man. He’s basically throwing away millions of dollars and what obviously is his passion (how long has he been a football player now?) for stupid recreational drug use and poor decisions involving alcohol.
    No doubt some would (stupidly) give him some excuse. I hope it’s those morons give the same excuse to the drunk driver who kills their best friend or parents. After all, who hasn’t made a mistake…right?

  8. Smoking weed shouldn’t get you suspended from playing football. College or pro.

  9. If the guy had been a seventh round pick he would have been toast by now, and long forgotten.

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