Cameron Jordan: I need a Super Bowl


Saints quarterback Drew Brees said recently that the Saints have as good a chance as anyone of making it to the Super Bowl and it sounds like he’ll be getting plenty of help in the  effort to get to Glendale, Arizona from defensive end Cameron Jordan.

Jordan had 12.5 sacks last season for New Orleans and said that he’d like to bump his average up to one a game during the 2014 season. He’s not making individual goals the centerpiece of his planning, though. Jordan said that he doesn’t “know if I care to be in that conversation” about being the best pass rusher in the NFL, but that he’s quite sure that he wants to end the year playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

“I want a Super Bowl,” Jordan said, via “I’m heading into my fourth year, I need it. And it’s in Arizona this year. … I’m from there, and I need it.”

The Saints have fallen short on defense at times in the Sean Payton era, but Jordan’s ascension is one reason to think that things will be the opposite this season. The arrival of safeties Kenny Vaccaro and Jairus Byrd as playmakers in the defensive backfield over the last two seasons is another reason and the rising overall talent level is a third for a team that has plenty of pieces on offense as well.

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  1. The NFC South has 3, if not all 4, teams that are legitimate playoff contenders. Should be interesting to see which ones make it. My monies on the Falcons and Saints.

  2. If the Saints can get after QBs and intercept more passes this year and run the ball better and more often they will indeed go to and win the Super Bowl. Brandin Cooks blazing speed will torch defenses and light up the score board. Geaux Saints!

  3. You will have to wait several years. ….. After Kap retires #GoNiners #Nobodyhasitbetter #KapwillgetusSIX

  4. It’s true. He needs it. If the calendar hits March and he doesn’t have one he turns back into a pumpkin.

  5. The above 3 posters are obviously scared and realize the Saints actually have as good a chance as anyone to make it to the dance…WHO DAT !?!

  6. 2nd Year in Rob Ryan’s defense.
    Addition of Jairus Byrd
    Kenny Vaccaro and Victo Butler’s return from injury.
    Addition of Brandin Cooks along with Jimmy Graham’s return.
    Rebuilt Offensive line
    I can feel it. This is their year (Saints)!

  7. This is a very talented team. No. 4 on defense last year with new pieces this year and a deep threat on offense. Definitely NFC South champs. A better running game and they have a legitimate shot to beat the 49’ers and Seahawks. A No. 1 seed and it will be extremely difficult to beat them at home.

  8. It will be a race to top seed and homefield advantage between the Seahawks, Packers, 49ers, and Saints. The Saints and Seahawks want it because they’re invincible at home and the Packers and 49ers want it because they don’t want to go to Seattle or New Orleans.

  9. Seattle has lost many starters to free agency. They aren’t the same team this year. An O-lineman, 2 from the secondary, a LB, & WR Golden Tate…GONE. As far as the 49ers, didn’t they LOSE to New Orleans last season?

  10. iman62, it’s just you. Very few people outside of the Factory of Sadness get Cameron Jordan mixed up with Jordan Csmeron.

  11. superskins says:
    …and I need a new 60″ TV for this upcoming season. We can dream can’t we?

    I need one too — so I can enjoy watching the Saints in the Superbowl even more! WHO DAT!

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