Charles Barkley: Johnny Manziel has “got to watch himself”


Beware of camera phones.

And please: easy with the selfies.

In an interview with Cleveland radio station 92.3 FM on Wednesday, “NBA on TNT” analyst Charles Barkley was asked about Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, whose offseason activities have left a social media trail. And Barkley, for his part, believes Manziel needs to exercise discretion in multiple ways.

“Listen, he’s got to watch himself, man, because everybody’s out to get you now. Every nitwit has a cellphone,” Barkley said. “But you should never take selfies of yourself doing anything that can be considered stupid. And that’s probably the only problem I have with Johnny Manziel. Most of his pictures are selfies, and that tells me he’s just too immature to handle this fame thing right now.”

Barkley noted that he doesn’t allow his friends to take pictures when they go out and that he has people “watching everybody around me in case something happens.”

As Barkley put it: “(Somebody) might get me, but it won’t be one of my friends.”

During the interview, Barkley also expressed support for Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was arrested this weekend on a DWI charge in North Carolina and could face an extended NFL suspension under the substance abuse policy.

“I wish him the best,” said Barkley, who believes the Browns should try to continue to work with the third-year receiver.

34 responses to “Charles Barkley: Johnny Manziel has “got to watch himself”

  1. So according to Sir Charles, you can be as much of a jackass as you want in public, as long as no one catches you doing it.

    Guess he really (still) isn’t a role model, is he?

  2. Charles Barkley: Beloved comedy icon who tells it like it is

    Johnny Manziel: Face I want to punch multiple times

  3. Johnny Manziel is going to be the juiciest steak on the grill to NFL defenders – who KNOW that if you blow up “Johnny Football,” you will be on every highlight show for the next 72 hours straight and it’ll be a buzz on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

    NFL defenders already come ready-made with a nasty disposition in general and a love for legal violence.

    Factor in also how much most defenders despise QBs.

    And then also contemplate that Manziel came from a very very privileged background (unlike the vast majority of NFL defenders).

    Manziel also seems to have a real attitude of entitlement and arrogance.

    Finally, Manziel is not exactly risk-averse — he plays with a reckless style (and has been drilled back at A&M — and it stung). Wait until he plays the guys elite enough to bring it on Sundays.

    If you’re in a dynasty FF league doing a rook draft in the near future, Buyer Beware on Manziel. I see this guy’s scalp hanging on someone’s wall early and often. Red flags EVERYwhere on his career longevity — and that’s not even going into the maturity issues and all the rest.

  4. All I know is that there’s like 100 photos of Barkley drunk during the weekend of the Auburn game and he’s like 50 years old.

  5. The Browns stack their roster with more turds than the Bengals these days, beginning with their scandalous owner.

    The Factory of Sadness is so proud of itself. The product is the suites, on the field, in the parking lot, and in the restrooms are making TFoS feel like it’s living up to its name…

  6. Don’t worry Bieber is looking out for him and teaching him how to be a good role model.

  7. Breaking news: Johnny Manziel just admitted to the hospital. Seems he has a dollar bill lodged way,way up his nose.
    Meanwhile Hoyer busts his butt in practice hoping to get the start but we all know who will get it.

  8. While Barkley surely doesn’t have the best of reputations, it is never a good thing when someone like that thinks you’re over doing it, lol. If we soon get similar comments from Rodman then Manziel might as well retire while he’s ahead.

  9. JFF is going to be great that boy got the juice, none of you know him, he’s a great guy, he came for alot of titans games(AAU team) and everyone really loves him in Dallas, he actually is close friends with Randle, everybody hates him because hes doing things they dont think they should, imo if you are not a browns fan you have no right to say sh!t or you’re just a hater, he really dosent care about haters anyway he’s faced them all his life and well look where he is

  10. I’m so glad camera phones and social media weren’t around when I was in college and early 20s.

  11. Charles is right. He has great takes and is spot on. Johnny needs one of his crew to put the clamps on people taking his pics. Somehow, though, i dont think Johnny cares.

    The only pic or video thats a little dicey and I have an issue with is the dollar bill rolled up. That doesnt look very good.

  12. Browns fans are an interesting breed. Their team has sucked forever, and even before their original laughable franchise scooted to Baltimore, they hadn’t even made it to a Super Bowl. They all talk about winning, but it never happens. How many double digit loss seasons can they put up with? Another one is inevitable in 2014.

  13. Doesn’t look like he took Barkley’s advice. Manziel was just photographed in a Vegas bathroom rolling up a $20 bill…possibly in order to do drugs.

  14. I don’t know it sounds like Barkley has something to hide. He won’t allow people around him to take pictures. Why would that be. I will be honest. I let people take pictures around me, but then again I don’t do anything that would get me in trouble. Face it Charles, you don’t let pictures taken because you know it will bring you down eventually.

  15. All this press for a 4 to 5 win team. Cannot wait for mid-season when this hype will subside to the usual discussions about next year’s draft. I’ll get it started now – don’t draft a QB in the first round.

  16. Yep. Everyone’s ready to stage an intervention for Josh Gordon–who apparently likes to party a bit, and gets repeatedly caught by various authorities. In the meantime Manziel, who apparently likes to party *at least* as much, is DOCUMENTING all of his transgressions (including the unforgivable sin of taking casting himself as a Belieber) and seems to be repeatedly overlooked or forgiven by the authorities.

    So since we know who is being policed, my question is who is it that needs another sort of professional help? (You know, the kind that generally requires a 50 minute session). Hmmm….I’d say its the raging narcissist, but apparently very few agree.

  17. I don’t think Charles is telling him NOT to do the things he does but like everyone else is saying he just needs to tone it down and be careful. Yes we are all lucky there wasn’t cell phones and social media when we were 20 something but the difference is none of us were a face of an NFL franchise. Charles, I am sure has seen his fair share of young athletes not being able to handle the fortune and fame and doesn’t want to see another one blow it.

  18. Johnny Manziel needs someone to act like a lightning rod and take care of the coke parties, coeds, and gambling trips so he can focus on the NFL. I have some time.

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