Ebron leads Lions’ rookies skipping Lombardi Trophy photo op


When NFL rookies visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame as part of the league’s Rookie Symposium, some of them posed for pictures with the Lombardi Trophy. But the rookies on the Lions did not.

Robert Klemko of TheMMQB.com reports that at the urging of first-round draft pick Eric Ebron, the Lions skipped posing with the trophy, on the theory that they don’t want to be seen with the Lombardi Trophy until they’ve earned it by winning the Super Bowl.

“We don’t even want to get near it,” Ebron said. “We don’t want to jinx it.”

The Lions, who have never been to a Super Bowl, have to hope that Ebron is part of a turnaround that earns them the right to pose with the Lombardi Trophy. Ebron has no interest in being seen with the trophy as a visitor at the Hall of Fame.

50 responses to “Ebron leads Lions’ rookies skipping Lombardi Trophy photo op

  1. Shoulda took the pic ’cause that’s a close as you’ll ever come to the Lombardi trophy as a Detroit Lion….(too easy)….sorry….

  2. I’m not so sure about the “jinxing it” part, but the idea that you don’t mug for the camera with the Lombardi until you’ve won it is one I can get behind.

  3. Future Captain.


    He must have played a little baseball as that is a world of superstition.

  4. As a Bears fan, there’s really nothing about the Lions that I like. But this was a class move. Maybe Caldwell really is changing the culture there.

  5. He must have seen the ones of LeBron fondling the NBA finals trophy before the series had begun. Those were absurd.

  6. Eh I like it. I’m excited about this lions offense. They have pieces at every position now. If they were in the AFC they’d have a decent shot at the playoffs and they’d probably make some noise.

    I’ve always been a strong believer in making your strongest position stronger. I’m shocked it took them this long to get these kinds of weapons around Calvin. Ebron seems like he’s ready for big things and the addition of golden tate is ridiculous. Bush and Bell bell coming out of the back field. D-Cords are going to have nightmares about covering this offense.

    At this point the only thing i’m worried about is Stafford’s arm. He’s attempted 500 more passes than Russel Wilson in the past two seasons alone. Stafford would have to sit out a season and a half for Wilson to catch up.

    I’m just bashing at this point. Not really sure why you’re still reading.

  7. He missed out on an opportunity, Detroit aint winning any Superbowl at least not anytime soon with Uncle Rico side arm, cross eyed Stafford.

  8. Good attitude. Nothing wrong with believing that even the little things can help.

    Problem for him is he doesn’t yet have the same control over the attitudes in Detroit like Suh, etc.

    Megatron is amazing, but not a great leader. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t push people to be better.

    Detroit always looks scary. And then they actually play the games. I HATE the Bears, but for some reason they do more with less talent than Detroit every year.

    Do it like the Packers, Steelers, Patriots… just do it. No excuses. No jinxes. No jokes. Just do your jobs.

  9. That was smart. Remember the Patriots being announced as a team at the Super Bowl? Sometimes the smallest things make all the difference.

  10. He must have been talking to some hockey players and their superstition about the Stanley Cup.

  11. I like this.

    As a Lions fan, it’s pretty easy to make fun of the obvious…which several have already pointed out.

    “We don’t even want to get near it”

    That seems to be the Lions culture for years. They definitely don’t seem to want to get anywhere near that trophy!

    They do this year though! Look out GB, CHI and MIN! Mwuahahaha. Suh is comin!

  12. Lifelong Packer fan. If my team can’t win it, I’d like to see the Lions get a SB win. I don’t have this same thought about the Vikings. I actually feel sorry for the Lions’ fans. How many games in a row have they lost at Lambeau? 20 something.

  13. As a Packer fan I think the Lions are the biggest threat to take the North from them. They have the look of SF just a couple of years ago. They have been accumulating a lot of top tier talent but didn’t have the coach to put it all together. Is Caldwell the answer? We shall see. I think Ebron will help Stafford out as teams won’t be throwing so many odd coverages at Calving Johnson. Their D-line could get real nasty this year as well. I see them making the playoffs this year.

  14. hehatemyfootballteam says:
    Jul 9, 2014 12:52 PM
    “Maybe Ebron should give some advice to Manziel on who he should be taking pictures with”

    Seems to me it’s the other way around. Ebron is a clear illustration that a young man with beaucoup talent and money can act intelligently and with integrity. I love Ebron’s attitude and his approach to the game and to life in general it seems. It’s not up to him to offer advice to Manziel, but if Manziel had a lick of sense he’d follow Ebron’s example.

  15. Posing with the trophy would remind me of those guys who cut the head off of a huge dead buck on the side of the road and have it mounted to put on their wall.

  16. Sounds good, winning the Lombardi Trophy is the only thrill we need to instill. And hopefully when we win it we can earn it without referee assistance!

  17. Considering the Lions are among a minority of teams that have never even made it to the conference championship game which precedes the Superbowl, you have to wonder why they even bother talking about it at all.

    When you go 0-16, anything else is an improvement.

  18. Much respect to him n others for following also! I like the new attitude that’s coming along this offseason as this years team shapes together ! To all the idiot commenters that just follow these Lions pages n make the little ignorant comments! Grow up! When was the last time the Jets won anything n how many overall Championships do they have again? As well as lots of others! Things just might be turning around for the Lions it’s good to see the right attitudes. They’re not out there waving money around n doing coke in bathrooms in Vegas! They’re not beating the fiancé on camera in elevators! I can go through many teams n say Lions are looking much better than them. If Lions lose NFC North this year then the Lions beat themselves. Only team with shot is Packers. Mark my words and be ready to eat yours! Go Lions!

  19. I am a Vikings fan first, but, the lions have always been a team I can cheer for! You have to love you some Calvin & Suh! This team has so much talent it’s not even funny. I really think Caldwell can instill some humble qualities. Once these guys wrap their heads around what it takes to become winners , I see no reason why the Lions are not at the top or fighting for the top spot in the NFCNorth!!!
    The Vikings firing of Frasier & Co. Was long overdue! I sincerely believe they were arguably one of the worst coaching staffs ever assembled.. The amount of talent added to this squad along with Zimmer & Turner, will turn this squad around fast! The Vikings much like the Lions are very close to putting it all together! Will be fun to see how these teams handle the challange

  20. Isn’t the bigger story here, “Who did take a picture with the Lombardi trophy?”. I dont want to take credit away from Ebron, its a great move, but one that all rookies should partake in (or not partake in) like many other things we can all guess on.

  21. Going off some of the tape I’ve seen on Ebron, he was probably scared he would drop it.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  22. whatjusthapped says:
    Jul 9, 2014 1:47 PM
    Considering the Lions are among a minority of teams that have never even made it to the conference championship game which precedes the Superbowl, you have to wonder why they even bother talking about it at all.

    When you go 0-16, anything else is an improvement.
    Lions played in the 91-92 Championship game vs. the Redskins.

  23. Unlike Viking Players that were caught trying to steal the Trophy
    Saying we deserve the trophy because we are…….The Vikings the best Preseason 2th ranked team ever
    We deserve a trophy just for talk (can’t win one any other way)
    Just think if the Vikings keep up their pace they will win the number of Championships the Packers have now in over 700 years
    Kudos to the Lions rookies

  24. This Packer fan likes this move.
    It all starts with the attitude and a changing of the mindset.
    Build and embrace a culture of winning.

    Good move by these rooks.

  25. The Lions will win a SB when Detroit becomes a world class city. DNA really? Their shortcomings are its coaching staff and its player whom think they are entitled.

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