Ndamukong Suh’s trainer says Ndamukong Suh’s “a stud”

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Stop the presses: A guy paid to train Ndamukong Suh says that Ndamukong Suh is in tremendous shape.

While Suh skipped much of the Lions’ voluntary offseason work, he continued to work, with trainer Mike Barwis saying he went above and beyond.

Ndamukong is a stud,” Barwis told NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. “He trains very, very hard. Guys finish up the workouts, and he’s the guy in there who stays extra to condition beyond what’s demanded of him, and these workouts are pretty hellacious. A guy like that is a pretty unique guy, . . .

“He knows what he has to do to be ready, and I think he’s proven that every year he’s been ready.”

Suh also appeared on the league’s own network to say his staying away wasn’t about a contract, or any rift with coach Jim Caldwell.

“I think with this day and age, and with technology and the ability to do anything from anywhere in this world, it’s not that big of a deal because we made great adjustments,” Suh said. “And even being a leader, we didn’t pick our unity counsels and our captains as of yet, but our unity counsels wasn’t even picked until, I believe, right before our minicamps, so it’s still very open.

“Our biggest part of the year for us, outside of OTAs and minicamps, is [training] camp. So that’s what we’re getting ready to go in to.”

Suh’s condition has never really been a question, that we can remember. His attendance and compliance with becoming a part of a larger whole has been.

And while some guys lead by showing up every day and setting a good example, the Lions are counting on Suh doing what he does best — being a dominant player. As long as that holds up, the rest is just chatter.

23 responses to “Ndamukong Suh’s trainer says Ndamukong Suh’s “a stud”

  1. Quit making this a big deal. We all know he is a beast. Has not performed at the level of expectation over the past 2 seasons. However any team would want him, but at a more reasonable price. (no doubt Geno and Sheldon are both beasts as well). Looking forward to big things from Detroit this year!! Go Lions!!

  2. Suh’s a football player, not leader.

    Folks need to stop trying to pressuring him to play that role.

    He just needs to play D!

    Perform during the season, and all this is moot.

  3. When wasn’t Mr. Suh a “STUD”. He’s always been one and probably will continue to be one… now the question is will his efforts create more wins and playoff victories that’s something to talk about…Indeed…

  4. This guy is overrated and dirty just like the rest of the Detroit Lions. (except CJ) Lions stay in their hole they have been in for years, again this season.

    3rd or 4th in the division.

  5. When exactly did Suh stomp on someones face? If your going to use old tired bits at least have some factual basis.

  6. I’m glad Suh plays for the Lions, no matter his talent level, he is a distraction at all the wrong times and his inability to control himself has cost the Lions dearly.

    I used to think it was partly the fault of the coaching staff but with a new regime in place, we are about to find out.

  7. Sure he’s a stud and strong as a bull, but he makes stupid mistakes and seems to have no interest in getting smarter.

  8. The only question is does the team win the Super Bowl this year? Specific chatter about Suh is a story of no appeal at this time given the tumultuously frustrating experiences this franchise has created for the fans over the years, and given the scenario of how much money Suh has already made, slated to make, yet still with potential for more in a new deal. I don’t care about his training habits or how it’s going so far or how “studly” he is. I am not impressed with Suh or the Lions right now, so I’m not seeing the “stud” in any definition of the word. It’s hard to see detail while we are too busy showering him with money and not getting the wins.

    This talk from him about unity counsels, leaders, captains etc. what is that all about?!?! I’ve been a fan of this team all my life and I don’t feel united at all, I feel ALIENATED!!

    How about we unite together and with smart football people that know how to run a team and win and go out there and take down the title for a change? That’s what leadership is to me, not this chatter with all the fancy unity language that has not translated well on the field at any point in time! A captain/leader for the TEAM, that’s what we NEED!

  9. “Suh’s condition has never really been a question, that we can remember. His attendance and compliance with becoming a part of a larger whole has been.”

    And with that, Gantt just summed up where the battle line is drawn among Lions’ fans. The talent/leadership gap creates a salary ceiling on his worth. Great player, pedestrian leader.

  10. Well, duh. Suh’s physical attributes have never been a question, and are the primary reason he went ahead of Gerald McCoy that year. It’s everything else about him that’s questionable.

  11. Wish he would leave here. Can’t stand his personality in regards to team player types.

  12. I wish they would come up with some kind of rating system for us to use. Is a stud better than a beast or an animal or a freak or super freak etc. etc. Does a stud muffin count?

  13. I noticed that it wasn’t such a big deal when other players in the NFL missed the voluntary OTAs. Apparently those are voluntary for everyone but Suh.

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