Report: Patriots don’t want to share scouting reports on Hernandez


The Patriots’ willingness to share information they collected on former tight end Aaron Hernandez with his defense team reportedly does not extend to their scouting reports.

According to the Boston Globe, an attorney for the club argued Wednesday that the Patriots should not have to give up scouting reports on Hernandez from 2009 and 2010, as well as a NFL Scouting Combine report on Hernandez from 2010. The club is willing to share more than 300 pages of other information on Hernandez, according to the report.

Per the Globe, Hernandez’s legal team wants the scouting reports and Combine writeup for its defense of Hernandez, who is charged with murdering three people. The newspaper reported that another hearing regarding the information the Patriots may have to furnish is set for July 22.

The Patriots selected Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

64 responses to “Report: Patriots don’t want to share scouting reports on Hernandez

  1. But wait, Bob Kraft was “duped” by Hernandez, so there should be nothing but unicorns and rainbows in that report, right Bob?

  2. It is quite understandable that the Patriots don’t want to share scouting reports that would then become public information. But football is a game and this is a murder trial. If the scouting reports contain even a tiny sliver of information that is essential–to the defense or the prosecution–then of course, they have to turn it over.

  3. I am still amazed at how callous and selfish the new england patriots were to draft a criminal like hernandez into the community.

  4. Lol now how does that look?

    You got a stack of 300 papers you’re willing to share next to a stack of 15 papers you don’t feel you should have to share. Which 1 do you think has the juiciest info in it?

  5. I don’t think they should be required to give it up. Some of that info may give away tactics and other processes they have in place with respect to player evaluation. I don’t see the relevancy to killing someone. Enough is known about his character already that these documents will not add anything; unless, of course, he had murdered someone at the training facility.

  6. What’s the relevance of these reports? Unless they are trying to create an alibi that Hernandez couldn’t have committed any murders during 2009 & 2010 while he was under intense surveillance by the Patriots and the NFL.

  7. This seems like a nutty request by the lawyers unless they want to purport that the Pats drafted a guy they knew was a sociopath on purpose, and had they not drafted him, he would have just killed some people in his home state of CT instead.

    This isn’t a wrongful termination suit, it’s a murder case. I don’t know what the legalities are but it seems beyond the pale to demand Patriots workplace documentation that’s confidential.

  8. lols.
    I can’t wait to get a look at this stuff.
    what are the odds BB shreds the records and gets an obstruction of justice charge? non-zero at least.

  9. I’m curious why they are willing to surrender other information but not the scouting reports. Did they present any rationale for keeping the scouting reports confidential?

  10. Great football player,
    Questionable character.

    I’m sure the scouting report said something along those lines. Why would his defense team want that information? How will that help their client?

  11. What could they possibly want to hide? I’m sure it goes into depth about what a kind, gentle, trustworthy kind of guy he is.

  12. They want to question his mental state folks… It’s that simple.

  13. Pats KNEW what Hernandez was.. and they did not care.. that is the Pats Way

    Pats are very unethical classless org, promoted and protected by the league for some reason

  14. It sounds like the Pats’ lawyers are trying to claim that the disputed reports contain “work product” of the coaches, or some kind of proprietary information about how they evaluate college players.

    Interesting argument, although the defense team will regret letting the genie out of the bottle if the info is revealed and can be interpreted as projecting AH as major problem waiting to happen.

  15. all the “we was duped” crap by Kraft and BB is a sham.. they are not good people… particularly Kraft (Roger supports him but from all I have heard, they guy is pure trash in reality)

    the league needs to stop promoting and protecting this org

  16. As I have been led to believe, scouting reports are, in some ways, opinions by individuals who report up. Some info will be factual, while some info will be incorrect, and then they attempt to paint a picture of the type of person this player is before deciding to draft him.

    If the defense team were allowed to introduce the reports in court, some of the “opinions” may be considered by the court as fact.

    What if certain things in the scouting reports were incorrect, and the defense team uses those specific points to present Hernandez as a better type of person than he really is?

    Although I’m sure there are other reasons for not releasing the reports, my thought is just one possibility.

  17. One of the more particularly embarrassing things included in the Hernandez scouting report was “People person. Not the type to cry over spilt milk.”

  18. Belichick give up information on his scouting system? Never.

    He won’t even acknowledge a player injury – even if he was carted off the field on a stretcher in front of millions of viewers – a single minute before the league-mandated deadline for Injury Reports.

    This system is his. The one he developed. He feels it would reveal too much to other coaches around the league of what he values in a player, which drills or qualities he’s looking for, etc… They’ll have to pry it out of his cold, dead hands.

  19. my guess is the lawyers want to see if the patriots in there pre-draft investigation turned up any past crimes, or gang ties to try and establish pattern of behavior. they must if the patriots are going to the length of disregard to the victims to protect themselves.

  20. His defense team is asking for them, not his prosecutors. If his lawyers thought that there’d be anything damaging to the case in there, they wouldn’t request the docs.

  21. If the Pats had lots of character questions about him then the defense certainly won’t want to mention that. And even if the reports say they loved the guy it’s totally irrelevant to whether he may have killed somebody years later.

  22. Patriots believe scouting reports are more important than finding out the truth in a murder trial in Massachusetts.

  23. .
    The release of the scouting reports would open up Pandora’s box, leaving the Patriots, Belichick, their scouts, and U Florida personnel totally exposed.

    It would also open other scouting reports for public examination, even those of players on other clubs.

  24. Belichick leaked the Johnny Football scouting report, which appears to be very accurate, but there is something in the Aaron Hernandez scouting report (a player no longer in the NFL) that they don’t want us to see.
    Gronk regularly said that he was the well behaved one on the team and that always got a chuckle from everyone in attendance, but he was actually being honest. Tom Brady is on camera meeting Tebow on the field and the first thing he mentions is that they share the difficulty of keeping Hernandez out of trouble.
    The point is that the Patriots organization actually did know they had a problem in Hernandez and their security personnel knew about some of his transgressions. Now everything has been white coated and nobody knew anything.

  25. How dense are you people?

    Like marima said, it’s his defense that is trying to get the info.

    Read. Comprehend.

  26. I don’t see an issue here. Sorry we gave this guy a chance to do something with his life… It’s not like they appointed him to a position of authority. How is drafting a guy with character issues unique to the Patriots and/or Hernandez anyways?

  27. I am not sure the Pats scouting reports on Hernandez prior to his draft will be any more interesting than the scouting reports every other team had of Hernandez prior to that draft. Clearly the entire league had concerns about Hernandez; otherwise that kind of talent would have been gone long before the 4th round. I would think the info info the Pats put together on Hernandez after he became an employee would be far more interesting. Still, I would be interested in seeing the scouting reports on Hernandez prior to his draft from every team in the league, as well as the 300+ other pages on Hernandez the Pats have allegedly offered to provide.

  28. Would not the state want these more as likely it would have in it stating that he may have gang times and a temper that borderline psycho?

  29. Bet they wished they would have paid a little more attention to police reports before they drafted him

  30. Folks, the the fact that the defense team asked for these doesn’t mean they think the documents would clear him. They want a hint as to whether they are negative. Here’s how this game is played:

    Defense team: “Give me the scouting reports.” [IMPLIED – “but not if they are unfavorable.”].

    Pats: “You can’t have these because they would reveal confidential and proprietary methods we use to scout players.” [IMPLIED – “You folks do NOT want to see what we turned up about your client’s gang affiliations and illicit activities.”].

    Message sent, received, and understood.

  31. Hernandez is still 50/50 questionable on the injury report for opening day…..BB isn’t giving up anything …..go ask the Boston media….

  32. You guys are so stupid they don’t want to give them to hernandezs team because they could potentially help him

  33. The defense wouldn’t be asking for the scouting reports if there was anything “juicy” about them. That means their withholding them because they don’t want to release scouting procedures.

  34. They don’t want to give up the scouting reports for two possible reasons: 1) it could make public the thought process, priorities and other scouting process information that could benefit other teams 2) The information could jeopardize their legal standing in the dispute over the money they owe him but haven’t paid (If they knew he had a questionable background from the stuff their investigators dug up on the Florida incidents or later then it is kinda hard to argue that his behavior was unexpected when they offered that latest contract.)

  35. The defence is looking for anything that will help paint their client in a better light than “alleged three time murderer”. That’s why they want the scouting reports. They are hoping the Pats DIDN’T think Hernandez had a character issue. Their argument would be “the Pats spent a lot of time and money investigating him, found nothing and committed millions to him. Does this sound like a murderer to you?”.

    In other words, they are grasping at straws.

    As for the Pats, it’s easy to conclude why they don’t want this released. First, they might believe it reveals proprietary information on their accounting processes. More problematic, the reports either conclude Hernandez was a head case or he wasn’t. Regardless of the conclusion it paints the Pats in a corner. If they knew he was a head case they will take heat for drafting him anyway. If they didn’t know he was a head case they will take heat for not doing their homework.

  36. Accounting processes? I hate you iPad spell check!

    Mind you, their accounting processes were a little off when they decided to give this guy millions at the same time he was out offing people.

    Sorry, doing my best to recover from a spell check error.

  37. “Good hands, able to get off blocks, fairly accurate at point blank range”

  38. I can’t stand the Pats or BB, but let’s face it, if the NFL was serious about the character of its draftees there would only be two rounds per draft.

  39. Who needs millions of dollars and championships when u have street cred, 3 hots, a cot and new snuggle buddy

  40. The Patriots are a class act huh! They don’t want anyone to know that they knew this guys was in trouble constantly and affiliated with gangs and was bound for serious trouble. It’s all about saving face! They knew he was a turd, a talented turd, but still a turd, and drafted him anyway in an effort to keep winning. For a team and owner who were supposedly “duped” by this guys, how does this look? You stay classy New England! SMFH!!

  41. Hernandez’s defense team might want his scouting reports to prove that the Pats knew a lot more about Hernandez’s sordid past and potential for future violence in order to press the issue of them being responsible for paying up the remaining money they owe him…which will ultimately go to pay his legal fees.

  42. Former Patriot Matt Light didn’t like Hernandez one bit, wouldn’t even say his name and several others were put off by the guy as well, the Pouncy Brothers seem to be his only friends in the NFL. Did you ever notice when he would celebrate a TD or nice catch and run he was alone in the celebration? The guy’s a psycho and sociopath, you can be sure there’s nothing about that in the scouting report.

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