Richard Sherman thinks the Seahawks can be better this year

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The Seahawks were the best team in the NFL last season, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have room to improve.

And the Seahawks’ best player, cornerback Richard Sherman, says he thinks they will improve. Asked on NFL Network if the 2014 season could be even better in Seattle than 2013, Sherman said he thinks that’s a strong possibility.

“I think it could,” he said. “We’re a lot more experienced. There are a bunch of young guys. Last year, you forget, Russell [Wilson] was a second-year quarterback — going into his third year there’s going to be a lot of growth for him. I’m going into my fourth, Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor] are going into their fifth, Bobby Wagner going into his third, we’ve got some young guys coming up on the D-line that are going to do some things, Mike Bennett and Cliff Avril, another year of experience. Jermaine Kearse, I think is going to have a big year. Guys are elevating their game to another level.”

Sherman didn’t mention that Percy Harvin is almost certain to have a much bigger impact than last year, when he barely played, or that the Seahawks have had a knack for finding value in the draft and added eight draft picks this year. Sherman is known for his boasting, but he’s also known for backing it up. And there’s every reason to believe that the Seahawks can be the best team in the league again this season. Maybe even better than last season.

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  1. Oh they have lots of room to improve and several positions that could always use more talent. They lost 3 games last year too, so until you win ’em all you definitely have a ways to go!

  2. He actually is saying something that is legit. The Seahawks actually can be better if Harvin stays healthy in addition to guys that sat out last year like Tharold Simon, Jesse Williams, and Christine Michael all contributing this year. Plus, you add in the possible contributions of a gem or two from this years class and the Seahawks could be better than last year.

    Paul Richardson, the Colorado WR they drafted is similar to a Desean Jackson/T.Y Hilton type of deep threat. Him stretching the field vertically and Harvin stretching the field horizontally is scary.

    Lots to be excited about if you’re a Seahawks fan!

  3. IMO I think the whole division is going to be better which is a scary thought. All 4 teams easily have a shot at 10+ wins.

  4. I hope the Seahawks go 19-0 just to watch the haters’ heads explode. Now THAT would be good times. The city of San Francisco might literally tear itself apart.

  5. Fantastic talented football player really fun to watch & im a patriots fan but this guy is a moron of a person. He definitely has miles to grow as a human being.

  6. I can’t find any area in which the Seahawks got worse . Golden Tate and Breno Giacomini left but Percy Harvin and Michael Bowie or Justin Britt should be upgrades. By all indications the d-line should be much improved. Byron Maxwell is looking scary good so far this year. Nickel corner is a concern but not a big one. GO HAWKS

  7. .
    The Seahawks begin the season with a very strong roster. They should be competitive with any other club.

  8. Sherman might be an idiot. But he’s not so dumb as to think that Harvin will actually play enough to have an impact.

  9. Seahawks secondary will have better statistics then the entire Vikings offense.

  10. If you whiners want to see sherman shutup i know how.
    Get your boy crabs to score a TD on him. Too bad he cant cause hes mediocre tho

    Keep winning and you can talk all you want sherm. I love how worked up ‘niner faithful’ get

  11. He has quickly become the least likeable person in the nfl. Wish he’d shut his mouth and play football. We honestly don’t care what you think Sherman. Let your play do the talking

  12. Nickel corner is a concern? What? Jeremy Lane is probably the best nickle corner in the game. I would say O-line is the biggest concern.

    I also have issue with the writer of this piece saying that Sherman is the Seahawks best player. He’s great and all, but Earl Thomas is better.

  13. Seattle still has to come up with a long term contract for Russell Wilson. It helps a lot to distribute talent on the team when you are only paying your QB like $600K per year (compared to the $20M franchise QBs).
    Seahawks signed Sherman, Earl Thomas and others and are well placed this year to compete again this year, but they have a major expense looming in the future.

  14. As usual hatred clouds judgment. The guy said nothing remotely controversial, has the same freedom of speech all you constitutionalists rant about, yet you demand he doesn’t get the same right.

    Don’t bother to examine that what he said might be true. Hatred is like cancer. You want him to shut up … make him.

  15. Sherman is better than Revis was. And the Seahawks will cruise to 2 in row unless Wilson gets hurt. The 49ers are rebuilding their entire secondary. I don’t see how anyone can say they are better than when they had Gholdston Bowman and Whitner.

  16. The problem with guys like Sherman is that now days everybody wants to talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish.

  17. There’s no question that the Seawagon can be better this year. Their defense was great, but the offense is mediocre at best, and maybe Wilson will make the jump to a Top 15 QB.

    Don’t count them out, but this season has “letdown” written all over it for the Seawagon.

  18. Guy was asked a question and answered it. Talked about the team and barely mentioned himself.

    So…this makes him a jerk?

  19. Couple of question marks… who replaces big Red in running situations and can the O-line stay healthy. The offense has been upgraded, along with another year for Russ… the defense hasn’t, but status quo is a good thing for that unit.

    It’s very easy to see that this team could be better than last year… if they can get healthy by the playoffs, they can make another big run.

    One question I’ve always wondered… kind of a chicken/egg thing… is the D-line great because of the dominant secondary or is the secondary great because of the dominant D-line? Both seem to go hand in hand, and since they’re so many pro bowlers in the secondary, I’m leaning that way… but I’m open to being swayed the other way.

  20. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Richard Sherman doesn’t “think.”

  21. Seattle is not going to win it all again this year, they will be good of course but not elite. When you live in a depressing rainy city like Seattle you tend to say false things to make yourself feel better about life. Seattle finally has a good team, don’t get greedy.

  22. If you had to pick one team to win the Super Bowl this season, other than your own team, who would it be?

  23. I love the fact that so many people now hate my beloved Seahawks! Keep hating. The ‘Hawks will just keep on winning Super Bowls.

    I became a fan of the Seahawks when I was about 7 years old, which was a couple years after the franchise was born. There have been a lot of trying years, but this is OUR time now.

  24. The offense can, and will be better with a healthy Harvin and better OL. But the D is bound to take a small step back with all the losses we had in free agency. But how much improved the offense is will dictate if, overall, our squad is better this year than last.

  25. Quite frankly they should be. There were a lot of games last year that were very close, and a bounce could have gone the other way.

    This year Percy is with them from the start.

  26. I’m not sure it’s possible for the nfl to let the seahawks get away with more defensive holding and pass interference.

    reminder: seahawks starting the season 0-1

  27. I like him a lot. Ali said it isn’t bragging if you can back it up. He has the ring and his team are the champs until someone knocks them from the top of the mountain .

  28. One thing they WILL be better at this year is number of fans. If I had a dollar for every new Seawagon jacket, hat, t-shirt or jersey I see I’d give Bill Gates a run.

  29. They got a big old bullseye on them this year. Won’t be surprised if they get a first round bye though. The first game of the year will be very telling

  30. This has to be the most overrated group of frauds since the 2005 Seattle Seahacks. They should have been 9-7 at BEST last season, but some last minute flukes sent them over the Panthers, Texans, Bucs and Rams.

    Either way expect this team to stumble early and often this season as all Super Bowl winners have.

  31. The Hawks will probably be better in 2014 than they were in 2013. They’ll CERTAINLY be better than the Vikings.

  32. As a Packer fan, I’m still not over the Fail Mary and maybe never will be. That said, I just can’t hate Sherman. He lets his emotions get the better of him sometimes (who didn’t at that age) but by all accounts he’s a decent human being and a good teammate.

    He was a 4.0 student with a real degree from a real college, has a genius-level IQ, is an excellent writer, funny as all get out, and although he talks a good bit of smack he flat-out backs it up; and he is without a doubt one of the best DB’s in the league. I would take him on my team in a minute.

  33. With all those great young players and once the effects of the PEDs kick in that the Seahawks have circulating their dressing room, they will be unstoppable.

  34. this teams precipitous down-fall is going to be so much fun to watch. seahawk fans will be the only ones to miss it as they will go right back to ignoring their own team as soon as the losing starts. just like always.


  35. I watched the New York Giants on two separate occasions get hot at the right time to win their two most recent Super Bowls. I say that as a fan I might add.

    The Seattle Seahawks did not get hot at the right time, instead, they were just better than their opponents. That defense is suffocating and returns most of its weapons and the same can be said for the offense.

    It is going to be interesting to see how they fare, but, they sure do have enough weapons to make a run at a repeat.

  36. Totally agree with Sherm. They have a great team. Losing Red Bryant will hurt a little. That guy was amazing with how many extra points and FGs he blocked.

    That division is so good. 49ers v Seahawks are great games with tons of intensity and talent and feisty rivalry between the head coaches. Best rivalry in the NFL right now.

    Getting Percy Harvin back will be huge for their offense assuming he can stay healthy. Defense is beastly. Love hearing the crowd noise at their home games. I dont think Kaep likes it too much.

  37. I agree they can be better… Doesn’t mean they will win it all again. Injuries, other improved teams, bad luck. It’s hard to repeat. They have a legit chance though.

    As good as Russell Wilson has played, he can be way better. Their offense is definitely stoppable. If he becomes elite and their defense stays as good as it is I can’t see anyone beating them.

    Lots can happen though. We’ll see.

  38. Shermanator is a good corner, but he is not a shut down corner. A shutdown corner will line up against best WR every snap anywhere on field. He should really listen to his peers and watch tape of Revis or Ike Taylor. They matchup every down.

  39. I absolutely love all these people saying that he needs to shut up, but what was he suppose to do? He was asked a question so he answered, didn’t your parents teach you to answer people when they speak to you?

    Sure he talks a lot but he definitely backs it up, he plays with a chip on his shoulder, and he prepares like an animal.

    I love his talk, to me it makes the games mean more when they meet up, it has made the 49er-‘Hawks rivalry so much more intriguing.

  40. I don’t think any player on any team would say that they aren’t going to have a better year next year. Until the year starts. LOL

  41. Sure they can get better! Last year they were 13-3, so they can go 14-2, 15-1, or 16-0 then win the Super Bowl.

  42. No CB in the League follows the #1 WR… all of the time. Unlike Patrick Peterson at least Richard Sherman still shuts his man down regardless if he’s a #1, #2, #3 (for the most part). Its not Sherman’s fault he plays within the scheme of the best Defense in the NFL.

    Opposing teams know where he’s at, and to me they respect Richard Sherman plenty by not putting their best guy against him and not throwing his way at all.

    And it being 2014 and acting like #2 WRs in the NFL are a bunch of scrubs.

    And case in point, Aquan Boldin destroyed the Packers Secondary Wk 1 for 200+ yards or something. Richard Sherman actually followed Boldin around all game and completely shut him down.

  43. Last year the WR corp and O Line were racked by injuries. Both units should be much improved. There is a lot of depth this time. The Seahawks are deeper at every position year over year. I could see them winning 14 games.

  44. Most overrated frauds?

    Like being ranked #1 in DVOA the last 2 years
    Like being the 4th Youngest team in the NFL last 2 years
    Like being the 2nd youngest team to win a Superbowl
    Like being the youngest offense in the NFL (age per snap count)
    Like being the 8th youngest D in the NFL (age per snap count)
    Like finding a way to win the adversity of injuries
    Like finding a way to win through any adversity by playing all 4 QTRs

    What Championship team isn’t a little lucky? Luck is part of the game, Seahawks suffered their fair share of good and bad luck and still were able to comeback on top nonetheless. I mean if you’re talking about Texans, Bucs, Rams, and whatever they just as well were in a position to win vs Indy, SF2, and AZ2.

    Haha… frauds… funny.

  45. Just a friendly reminder to all the frothing-at-the-mouth haters shrieking “PEDs!”

    In the 2013 league year, in which the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, not one member of the team tested positive for PEDs. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose-egg. None.

    And before you mention Browner and Thurmond, please remember that marijuana is not a PED.

  46. This guy does not understand how to leave people wanting more.. He’s paid already. Get to work. Maybe the lingering effect of the addies he snorted are still present.

  47. Whoopi Sherman is the Seahawks best player now? Yeeeeaahhh…he’s not even the best member of their secondary, without Earl Thomas, Sherman would be an average starter.

  48. He will be worse this year, all the trash leaking out his mouth has put a huge x on his back and he’s not as physically gifted as these other top corners he thinks he’s better then. Add to that after the whooping they put on Denver in what is a pass happy league, I can’t imagine the powers that be are happy with the muggings done on a weekly basis. To make up for it theres gonna be a penalty on every other play. Back to 8 and 8 this year which historically is what this team over all record hovers around. Enjoy last year cause its all you get

  49. I think he is correct. If they stay healthy, remain focused and play as a team with good leadership, then yes Seattle can do it again. As a unit this team could be scary good with an emphasis on scary.

  50. 1) I don’t think Sherman is the best player on his team.

    2) He’s doing a lot of talking, but he’s not just talking about himself. So can he do a lot of talking about other people and help them back it up too?

  51. They won it on the backs of their awesome defense. Looking at the indiputable fact: Teams have done that before, like the Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Baltimore Ravens (the last one was won by their offense), but no team has ever repeated, or even gone back to Conference Championship game riding their defense. It simply doesn’t work in the NFL.

    So until and unless they juice up that slow ball-control offense, they’re like all the other teams that rode a defense to a Lombardi Trophy… a one trick pony.

    But they can enjoy it for at least this short spell.

  52. Going to be fun to watch the tears when half way through the season the talk will be whether the Hawks are better than their Super Bowl year.

  53. The scary part to me about the Seahawks is that their offense was average. If they can improve in this area…look out!

    26th in passing yards leaves a lot to be improved. Hell, 12th in rushing leaves room for improvement. Their D should be stout again this year, if they improve that offense they will be extremely hard to beat.

  54. Sherman is not the best player on the Seahawks. He’s not as good as people are really saying. He’s talented, but not the best player on the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch might be the best.

  55. The truth is,.. Mr. Sherman is right we only seen a fraction of that offense, now with a year of chemistry and with the defense being even better…smh…HE right… Indeed…

  56. Nope….not happening. SB hangover will strike them hard. Especially Dick Sherman. If they ever play a game where an official calls pass interference, he’ll likely get cut!

  57. I can’t remember a more overrated player in the NFL. He doesn’t cover the best WR on th eopposing team and has the best safety tandem in recent memory. This loudmouth should thank Earl Thomas every day of his life for his recent fame.

  58. If the Seahawks played in any other division in the NFL, they’d be heavy favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champs. But in the NFC West, I honestly believe that each team has a chance to win the division, and that one or two very good teams from the NFC West won’t even make the playoffs. Scary.

  59. Dick Sherman learned marketing very well at Stanford but he does not even play the shutdown CB role, is not a top CB by any stretch, and is probably not a top 2 DB on his own team. I am sick of Dick!

  60. What haters wanted Sherman to say…. “No we are going to be awful, we have reached our potential, and we have been so busy this off season with appearences we are just going to give up this year and come back nex year”…


  61. I got no dog in this hunt as a Giants fan. But this Seahawks team is very good and was the youngest Super Bowl winner ever. Why should he shut up because he said they can do better.

    If Tom Brady said the same thing you people would be praising him for the confidence he has in his team.

  62. He’s a good corner and I don’t begrudge him playing within the system they designed for him.

    However, he would not be as good if they cut off his Aderall. Less focused…less intense on the playbook…it would translate.

    Easy to talk smack with the league gives you a pass due to lame “broken cup” excuses.

  63. Seahawks will run the table again…and get a second Superbowl win. Then they WILL be a dynasty. Talking trash about talented players will not change that…

    Sherman is wonderful and I would gladly take ANY more Seahawk players that want to come to Detroit! 🙂

    Go Lions!

  64. @osiris13- u are underestimating the 49ers. For 1) the niners didnt have goldson on the team last year. 2) bowman will be back sometime in 2014 season. 3) the niners are much more deep at all positions then they were last year. They lost there starting NT 2nd game of season, Crabtree didnt play until the end of season and he obviously wasnt healthy even when he came back.(WR was a one man show all season). 2nd string RB hunter missed half the season. Lost CB Culliver before season started. 4) Whitner was great vs. run not great vs the pass plus refs couldnt wait to throw PI’s on him for legal hits. Replacement Bethea is not a downgrade. 4) the niners had the best draft overall in the NFL this offseason.You can argue that but look at what even the NFL experts rated the niners draft.(top 3 in NFL) Niners will also benefit from last years draft with Latimore and Tank Carradine sitting out all of last year.
    5) lets not forget it took a hail mary 4th and 7 play for a TD and 3 straight turnovers at the end of the champ game to beat the niners. Lets not go overboard. Plus seahawks did nothing in the draft and they just payed alot of money for the top 2 positions on defense.(CB,S) and after this year they will have to pay for Wilsons services.
    Seahawks had there magical year and escaped a couple embarrassing loses to bad teams.(STL, Houston,Tampa) one extra loss that champ game is in SF. Dont be overly confident because things may not go your way this season or next. Be humble and enjoy the rest of the offseason.

  65. This guy talks too much for a guy that doesn’t cover the #1 WR every snap.

    He just covers half of a football field. Let’s see other cornerbacks do that and then we’ll talk

  66. This guy talks too much for a guy that doesn’t cover the #1 WR every snap.

    He just covers half of a football field. Let’s see other cornerbacks do that and then we’ll talk

    He also “just” was thrown at the least, but still had the most interceptions of any corner last year….huh….

    And by reading your name, it is obvious the Seahawks are in your head.

    Go Hawks

  67. Of all the “haters” in here not liking that Sherman talks so much I have 1 simple question, did you ever play sports?
    He talks to get in the other players heads and as of right now, history shows that he is very successful at it. I also believe he uses it as self motivation, who wants to talk trash then play poorly? Just look at the common expression “football is 90% mental and 10% physical”, so far in his career Sherman is dominating that 90%.

    Here’s another thing I want the Sherman haters to chew on, what makes him an unique CB in the NFL….let’s add a tad more depth to that, what makes the “Legion of Boom” so unique? Their size. What did the other NFL teams do this offseason? They went after big DBs.

    I will not sit here and say the Seahawks will be better or worse next season, there are a ton of things that can happen between now and February. As a Seahawk fan I see the entire NFC West being better, I can see the Broncos being better (scary thought), the Patriots are always in the conversation, and watch out for the Texans and Packers to rebound after a disappointing seasons.

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