Ryan Kerrigan open to staying in Washington long term, wants to improve his play


In three seasons with Washington, outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has started every game, and he’s played about 98 percent of the club’s regular season snaps, according to Pro Football Focus data.

Not surprisingly, the Redskins picked up his 2015 option this offseason, keeping him under contract for the next two years. And as Kerrigan told the Muncie (Ind.) Star Press, he would be open to staying with Washington beyond that.

“I’ve worked hard these past few years to be the best I can for the team and for the organization. I’m going to be a part of it for at least an additional year and hopefully after that, even longer,” Kerrigan said, according to the Star Press.

Washington’s first-round pick in 2011, Kerrigan has recorded 183 tackles and 24.5 sacks. He does not turn 26 until August. In short, he’s put together a nice resume to begin his career.

But Kerrigan would like to pick up his play, as he told the Star Press.

“I’m tired of being consistent. I want to be consistently really, really good,” Kerrigan said. “I don’t want to be just consistently average anymore. I want to be consistently good.”

Kerrigan has notched between 7.5 and 8.5 sacks in all three NFL seasons. An uptick in production in 2014 would set him up well going into a contract year, but he seems well-positioned regardless. He’s a good starter at an important position, and he can get after the quarterback.

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  1. He has a great motor and surprising athleticism. Also, he’s not a one move guy like Orakpo. I think he could have a big year if Haslett stays true to what he said of letting him rush the passer more. He played a lot of coverage last year for some reason. He might be in for a big payday when his contract is up.

  2. Saw this guy at their new training camp facility last year. This guy is HUGE! He’s a physical specimen to say the least. By far our biggest linebacker by a good 4-6 inches minus the rookie Murphy coming in.

  3. Personally, I am waiting for him to suffer a shin injury, then be on the field bleating out: “Why??? Why???”

  4. Ryan is one heck of a football player. I look for him to have a breakout season this year and become one of the top pass rushers in the game.

  5. Kerrigan is a must keep player for the skins. Given the choice between him and Rak, I am going Kerrigan every single time. I really hope the Skins can lock him down long term because he should be the face of the franchise now that Fletcher is gone.

  6. When Washington drafted Kerrigan at 16th overall, in the 2011 draft, I admit to really gnashing my teeth. The hope was that he would be there for my Patriots to take at 17th.. luckily, he wasn’t.

    Kerrigan is a Bruschi type of player. As BB once said, “when you look in the dictionary for football player, there is a picture of Teddy Bruschi.” Kerrigan definately fits this.

    However, because Kerrigan was gone New England had to, as it was called by the talking heads on TV, “reach” on Nate Solder as a tackle.

    Not a bad “reach,” to this point, is what I would remind Mel K. and his cronies.

  7. refreshing to hear this guy talk of improving vs Rak implying he is better than we think

    much rather pay Kerrigan than Rak, and if Murphy proves real, I let Rak go and use money elsewhere

    Rak is primarily a one move bull rusher that has difficulty staying healthy (and does not play hurt – still angry at the guy for not getting on field for last series against Cowgirls last season when he was not injured but had a little boo boo and was pretty healthy after game)

    think Kerrigan is a more complete and tougher player.. and really like him saying he wants to get better

  8. Kerrigan does have to improve as a consistent pass rusher if he’s going to get good money in a long term deal.

    He’s a great player and as someone said, everything you’d ask for in a player as far as hard working and his motor and how he’s a great teammate and wants the organization to be the best it can be.

    He’s got great intangibles, had good hands, is a good playmaker.

    I’d like to see him begin to start seriously dominating the Right Tackles he faces every week and I’d like to see him show more pass rushing moves, become more consistent against the run and better in coverage.

    Kerrigan had the luxury of going up against Right Tackles every week or right guards on third downs, which are always the 2nd or 3rd best offensive lineman on a team. Kerrigan should be dominating these players.

    He’s never gotten over double digit sacks in a season and that’s something he should be doing every year given that he plays every game and the lesser offensive lineman that he faces every week.

    I want to see him definitely get 10 sacks, if not 12 to 15 this season. He should be dominating these offensive lineman.

  9. Rak is still the better pass rusher, it’s proven time and time again year after year.

    Kerrigan is better at making plays when the opportunity present themselves, as far as turnovers.

    The good news is this year the redskins have Brian Baker and he’s a specific OLB coach for them. He’s specifically coaching them on their areas of weakness.

    Hopefully that means each player displays more pass rushing moves and forces more fumbles, pass deflections and turnovers as well as a few more sacks out of each of them.

    I’d like to see 25 sacks out of the pair next year instead of 18.5 like we got last year and I think they can definitely do it, thanks to Baker’s coaching which will to improvements in both Rak & Kerrigan’s pass rushing.

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