Ryan Tannehill addresses Jordan suspension, says nothing

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The headline in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel proclaims that “Tannehill speaks on Jordan.”  Technically, that’s accurate.

But Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill didn’t really say anything about defensive end Dion Jordan, who has been suspended for the first four games of the 2014 season after testing positive for PEDs.

I haven’t talked to him,” Tannehill said during a youth football camp.  “I’ll probably talk to him here pretty soon.  It’s an unfortunate situation, but we’re going to be looking forward to him coming back because he was a good player.  I think he is getting better the longer he’s here.  And we’re going to be excited to have him back.”

While we don’t expect Tannehill or any other player to call out a teammate for cheating, there’s a nonchalance in Tannehill’s words that undermines the reality that Jordan did indeed cheat.  And he got caught.  And he’ll miss 25 percent of the upcoming season because of it.

Tannehill’s nonchalance matches the nonchalance of fans and the media when it comes to PED use by football players.  Whether it’s because there’s an expectation that football players can’t get freakishly large by merely saying their prayers and taking their vitamins or because there’s not a baseball-purist-style obsession with comparing stats from era to era without artificial compounds skewing the samples, people haven’t cared and still don’t care about the use of performance enhancers in football.

Of course, the NFL and NFLPA care about it, which is way stiff penalties are imposed on those caught cheating.  But they still don’t care enough about HGH to finalize an agreement for HGH testing.

23 responses to “Ryan Tannehill addresses Jordan suspension, says nothing

  1. I know this has nothing to do with this article topic, but I just want to point something out. Marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug. Just saying. Hell, it’s more of a waistline enhancing drug than anything else, a performance inhibiting drug. It doesn’t even enhance crime. Potheads can’t go rob banks because they might miss the pizza guy.

  2. It’s not that fans don’t care. It’s that we’re talking about Dion Jordan.

  3. I think you confuse nonchalance with the fact that Tanny is just this way…..very low key and can come off as less educated on certain aspects of his career that do not involve his offense, his playbook, etc.
    Remember, this was the guy who famously could not remember all of the other teams in the AFC when they were on Hard Knocks.
    He is very Eli Manning-ish in his demeanor……

    But lets go ahead and chalk this one up to the lack of character on the team……the coach that has no control over the locker room…..blah blah blah…..

    I love the #30 ranking by the way – when it is essentially the same team as last year except for the improvements to the O-Line and another year for Tanny to grow………but yeah….they are worse then the Jaguars….

  4. two top 5 selections of the 2013 NFL draft have been busted for PED’s.

    both have direct ties to the Chip Kelley program.
    oh boy.

  5. Even with missing 25% of the season he will still be more productive than last year where he basically disappeared.

    I mean what is it going to accomplish if Tannehill rips Jordan.

  6. I’ve said this before with the HGH and other PEDs:

    The NFL should set up two different leagues. One with no PEDs and much higher salary caps and one with no testing at all but a much lower cap. If you play for the “clean” league, any failed test gets you banned from BOTH leagues.

    I’d be down to watch a league full of ‘roided out giants smash each other to bits, and it would get the cheaters out of the real league.

  7. Jordan will be great player for Miami for many years to come.
    He will be a perennial pro bowler. He’s a great kid with a very good motor and lots football ahead.

  8. The Steelers of the 1970s, widely considered the best team ever, were loaded with players that took steroids. Nobody seems to discredit that dynasty so why would anyone care about this?

  9. clashpoint – Dion tested positive to PED (adderall), not marijuana. Adderall is a masking agent.
    He put on something like 20 lbs of muscle in the off season and is huge. The team wanted Jordan to get a lot bigger and he did.

    cnyphinfan – Tannehill is actually a very smart guy. He studied pre-med and aspires to be a surgeon after football. It wasn’t nonchalance, he was smart to avoid ripping his teammate in the media.

  10. Clash point you are right. I think it is crazy that PED’s are punished the same as pot. It is crazy. That’s like having the same penalty for murder and jaywalking. One is used specifically to cheat and give you an advantage over other players, the other is recreational and may actually decrease your reactions, motivation and intellect. Far from performance enhancing. Reefer madness has infected the NFL and their draconian treatment of a drug that is either legal or decriminalized in numerous states these players live in is stupid and perhaps litigious. If it’s legal, it’s like punishing a player for eating a McDonalds cheeseburger. Both are over the counter products that have no legal stipulations. If you want to punish players for relaxing then start 4 game suspensions for players who drink a beer, which is far more dangerous and hazardous to the body than pot. That’s right, the NFL has big beer sponsors which shows who is driving this witch hunt.

  11. the #3 pick of the 13′ draft makes a mistake, owns up to it and gets suspended, the #4 pick in the 13′ draft makes a mistake and gets suspended yet there was one story about Johnson pretty much brushing it off and pft is still writing stories about Jordan and continues take jabs….don’t tell me the media doesn’t have intentions to bury the dolphins, looks like the media is doing a little bullying.

    not to mention the ridiculous story about how the dolphins are the 31st worst team that nobody in their right mind would agree with fan or player

  12. The league rewards those who cheat. Did NE have to give up there superbowl victories due to spy gate? No. Did the Broncos forfeit their super bowl title when they were caught cheating the salary cap? No. Do teams, say like Seattle, that get busted over and over again for PED abuse forfeit games that were compromised due to their players juiceing? No.

    The NFL has set a precedent that it is okay to cheat to win a championship, you just have to pay a little later if you get caught and still keep all the rewards.

  13. ANOTHER one of ding dong Ireland’s picks!!! Thank GOD he’s gone & next year Philbin will be too… Much better coordinator than a coach!!! Lazor will wake this offense up!!! GO FINS!!!

  14. Sorry, you can’t fault a QB for being “cool in the pocket”. He is naturally a calm guy and a good professional teammate. You are trying to slam the Dolphins for no leadership and then complimenting him in the opposite manner for his politically correct, team first interview skills. For the record, he graduated with 3.8 gpa in Pre-Med. He certainly is stupid. Finally, for the Jets Homer (@micknangold) he is a great WR and would be the best of the entire Jets WR Corp if you had him. He is certainly better with only 1.5 years of College QB play than any QB on your Team!

  15. uglydingo says:
    Jul 9, 2014 9:48 AM
    clashpoint – Dion tested positive to PED (adderall), not marijuana. Adderall is a masking agent.

    Get your facts straight… adderall is not a MASKING AGENT whatsoever, it’s a drug for ADD that doubles as a stimulant that many young people use recreationally when partying. 4 games for it is excessive, and it doesn’t mask PEDs like steroids or HGH at all.

  16. This is stupid. Adderall is not a PED or a masking agent. All it does is make you focus more. I took it for my ADD for several years, and I didn’t graduate valedictorian nor did I have NFL teams scouting my high school practices. If anything, it’s a Performance Enabling Drug because stuff that some consider simple, like focusing, is really difficult without it.

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