Suh agrees that Lions have “championship DNA”


Lions safety James Ihedigbo said last week that his new team has “championship DNA.” He’s not the only one in Detroit who feels that way.

Ndamukong Suh was asked on NFL Network if he agrees with Ihedigbo, and Suh answered, “Yeah, I without question agree.”

So why haven’t the Lions been close to a championship yet? Suh said it’s because the Lions haven’t been as good a team as they’re capable of being this year.

“We have the opportunity to have a great group of guys,” Suh said. “The front office did a great job of bringing in extra talent, talent that can step on the field and help us, and we have a lot of young guys that are starting to get into their prime, including myself.”

Suh says the Lions, who have been mistake-prone in the past, will quit giving games away under new head coach Jim Caldwell.

“It comes down to being perfectionists and being very conscious of what we need to complete, and really just paying attention to detail. That’s something that we didn’t have last year. That’s why we let the league, and our division, slip out of our hands,” Suh said.

If Suh and Ihedigbo are right, the Lions may be ready to win their first playoff game since Barry Sanders’s third season.

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  1. What does this have to do with Lebron James and if he is going to stay with Miami or go to Cleveland?

    Oh wait…wrong site!

  2. If Suh and Ihedigbo are right, the Lions may be ready to win their first playoff game since Barry Sanders’s third season.

    And Packer fans keep saying MN is the worst franchise ever. At least MN puts together winning seasons and playoff wins and has been to 4 superbowls.

    Detroit, they are the bottom of the NFL barrel. OR at least tied with Cleveland.

  3. We’ve had time and opportunity galore, just not a brilliant GM to make it happen. This team should be the most dominant franchise in the NFL today if they would have made a solid hire in the past for that very important job.

  4. What do you expect him to say? Whether the Lions win the Lombardi or not this year, they are going to sweep the Bears again, that’s for sure.

  5. The Lions *do* have championship DNA. They keep it in a jar in the owner’s box. Once they figure out how to use it to start cloning a team, they’re going to win so many rings…

  6. I don’t know about all that talk, but can we just agree on one thing, please? The Seattle Seahawks are the most annoying fanbase in the NFL. Established: 2011.

  7. Laugh while you still can and if your team’s unfortunate enough to have to play us this season prepare for a loss.

  8. So Dr. James Andrews took the plasma from Eli , spun it around in a centrifuge and injected it into everyone on the Detroit Lions?

  9. I believe the Lions are a team with thee most loose talent in the NFL. What I mean is they need a cohesive binder to bring that together to be consistent and with consistency they can breed success.

    However in my opinion the cohesion will not come with the current regime they have hired. Caldwell does not have what it takes to get ego’s in check. In fact few coaches have that ability to get the players out of their me first mentality and into a team mentality.

    This will be another year of hearing in the media that the Lions “are going to surprise people” and then fall short of their pumped up expectations.

    Not to mention they are playing in one of the stronger divisions in the league this year where Green Bay is always dangerous when healthy, and the Bears are going to be serious contenders as well.

  10. “Suh said it’s because the Lions haven’t been as good a team as they’re capable of being this year.”…………….I think they say that every year, kinda like Rex Ryan and Jerrah Jones. Suh doesn’t begin to understand the meaning of the word “team” or else he would’ve shown up for OTA’s and mini camp and he wouldn’t get all the stupid personal fouls during games that he does.

  11. @vikesr4reel this maybe true, yet they won a title. You Vikes are part of the Factory of Sadness. Go fish in the snow.

  12. This is funny in itself, “Championship DNA.” So, is not DNA derived from parents and there parents of the past?

    Last I checked, Lions have never won a Super Bowl, so I am confused!

  13. (((Yawn))) Can they at least make the playoffs first? What they need is some better DNA in their secondary. Not too many championship caliber teams give up 40 points a week.


  15. For once thestrategyexpert is right about something. Mayhew is a terrible GM who should have been fired with Schwartz. He’s had a few good picks like Warford in the 3rd round last year but overall most of his 1st and 2nd round picks are either criminals or guys with histories of injury. The jury’s still out on Ansah but he was an unproven player coming out of college and something tells me he’s going to be hurt a lot. Pretty risky use of a 5th overall pick if you ask me.

  16. Of course he’s supposed to say this kinda stuff. But do these guys know what DNA is? They haven’t won a championship yet. Haven’t even come close. Stop with the championship DNA stuff already.

  17. They have the bloated payroll of a champion, but no chance they will win one.

    Just look at how their search for a head coach worked out, that speaks volumes.

  18. Championship DNA? What kind of DNA did they have last season? He should concentrate more on playing the game right and not getting costly penalties. They should let their season do the talking and not make these dumb statements.

  19. I love how conveniently people ignore history when it comes to the Lions. They have more championships than most other teams and as many as the Patriots, for instance. Yet somehow only the Superbowl era exists.

    Tell you what, stop saying the Bears/Packers rivalry is the oldest in football. It predates the Superbowl so obviously it doesn’t matter. How about the Thanksgiving game? Predates the Superbowl (and wouldn’t exist without the Lions), so let’s do away with it. And let’s not stop there. How about baseball? The Yankees no longer have 27 championships because they predate the live ball era.

    Yes, the Lions haven’t done anything lately, but they are one of the most storied franchises in football. Get off their case.

  20. LOL. Besides the Coach, has any of the players been involved in winning a championship in the NFL??? How would they know. Dare to Dream Suh, Dare to Dream.

  21. They also have the DNA that allows Jim Caldwell to nap with his eyes open.

  22. Championship DNA: no playoff wins since the fall of the Soviet Union, Microsoft released DOS 5, and the airbag was invented.

  23. As a Packers fan, I would hope he believes this. Winning the Super Bowl is the goal of every player in the league.

  24. They’ve been loading up on talent for years now.
    Their defensive line is second to none in the league.

    they’ve been stocking up on high draft selections for the past 20 years.

    Much like SanFran, i could see them nabbing a great coach that completely transforms the program.

  25. NYG as road dogs in Motown week one sounds good to me. Eli and Co. have thrived under much tougher circumstances. Go Giants!

  26. “Oh we’re shaking in our boots!” – said no NFC North team ever

  27. Vegas has them as the 12th best odds to win the SB and 7th best chance in the NFC… looks like it’s time for the annual “Make the playoffs first before you start yapping about a championship” talk with some of these teams.

    The only DNA this team has seemed to have had in recent years is “Underachieving DNA”. Honestly not even sure if the Lions are even Top 5 in the NFC or even top 2 in their own division let alone Championship caliber. The Packers and Bears may even enter the season ranked higher.

  28. xli2006.. your book is on crack then. the most common current odds

    Denver Broncos 6/1
    Seattle Seahawks 7/1
    San Francisco 49ers 17/2
    New England Patriots 10/1
    Green Bay Packers 14/1
    New Orleans Saints 18/1
    Indianapolis Colts 23/1
    Chicago Bears 25/1
    Philadelphia Eagles 30/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 32/1
    Cincinnati Bengals 32/1
    Detroit Lions 38/1
    Baltimore Ravens 40/1
    Carolina Panthers 40/1
    New York Giants 45/1
    Dallas Cowboys 47/1
    Arizona Cardinals 50/1
    San Diego Chargers 50/1
    Kansas City Chiefs 50/1
    St. Louis Rams 50/1
    Atlanta Falcons 52/1
    Washington Redskins 55/1
    Houston Texans 65/1
    Miami Dolphins 65/1
    New York Jets 70/1
    Buffalo Bills 75/1
    Cleveland Browns 75/1
    Tampa Bay Buccanneers 78/1
    Tennessee Titans 90/1
    Minnesota Vikings 130/1
    Oakland Raiders 150/1
    Jacksonville Jaguars 250/1

    or in the NFC

    Team Odds
    Seattle Seahawks 16/5
    San Francisco 49ers 21/5
    Green Bay Packers 15/2
    New Orleans Saints 17/2
    Chicago Bears 14/1
    Philadelphia Eagles 15/1
    Detroit Lions 23/1
    Carolina Panthers 25/1
    Dallas Cowboys 25/1
    New York Giants 26/1
    St. Louis Rams 27/1
    Atlanta Falcons 28/1
    Washington Redskins 29/1
    Arizona Cardinals 30/1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40/1
    Minnesota Vikings 75/1

  29. And humans share 98% of their DNA with chimps but that other 2% is what keeps us from flinging poo and them from driving cars.
    Ergo, that other 2% is also what will keep the Lions from being a champion.

  30. I find it interesting that Suh thinks the Lions have the DNA to win a championship, when Suh has been one of the reasons they haven’t won anything.
    First of all, he is an over-rated “D” lineman in my opinion. His reputation has been built as much by the fact that he is a dirty player as it has anything else.
    Until he learns how to control himself and the same happens with some of his teammates, the Lions won’t win anything.
    Maybe now that Schwartz is gone, the mentality of that team will change for the better. But looking at last season, when the two best QB’s in their division (Rodgers and Cutler) missed significant time, the Lions should have won the division going away. But they didn’t have the character to do it and with guys like Suh leading the way, they still don’t have that.
    The talent is there — but the class and character isn’t.

  31. I think Suh forgot who the quarterback of the Lions is. As long as Chubby is behind center, the lions will continue to miss the playoffs, lose to teams with winning records, and let’s not forget who their new coach is….

  32. I too have such DNA. For three years I went undefeated versus my friends in Madden only to be undone by a Natrone Means fumble on the 2 yard line vs Dallas…curse you Mike Trejo!

  33. Eborn has bust DNA, Stafford has interception DNA, Reggie Bush has Fumble DNA, Calin Johnson has WR DNA and Lions fans have delusional DNA.

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