Tanard Jackson suspended indefinitely from league

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It was only a few days ago when Tanard Jackson was talking about making the most of his latest chance.

It didn’t last long, as the NFL announced that Jackson was suspended indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Jackson had missed the last two seasons because of suspensions, and the Redskins had just brought him back this offseason when he was reinstated. It’s his fourth career suspension overall.

If he owned an NFL team, there would obviously be cries that he needed help. We’ll see if the reaction is as sympathetic for him after his multiple offenses.

73 responses to “Tanard Jackson suspended indefinitely from league

  1. Now you are judge and jury. Who elected you? Didn’t ven know PFT had an election.

    Irsay’s case hasn’t even cleared the courts or the NFL yet.

  2. I feel bad for him if it’s anything but weed.

    I don’t have the same respect or give the same gravity to a “weed addiction.” Gotta stop for a few yrs to play ball.

  3. This just in ‘Life isn’t fair’… Owners of businesses get special treatment and employees/players get fired when they break the rules. In the case of the NFL, players get to break the rules 3 times before being suspended/fired indefinitely.

  4. some people just never “get” it. waste of talent, but its all good, I’m a Cowboys fan…not that the Redskins are a challenge our Dynasty Run that starts this year.

  5. If you admit pot can be addictive, you hurt the legalization push. If you deny pot can be addictive, you deny people like Jackson the help they obviously need. Personal pleasures vs. morality: if anyone can help us navigate these shoals it’s potheads.

  6. I’m a Syracuse fan and this guy was awesome back then and it looked like he was going to be a solid pro… What a waste of talent and a sad day for a young guy who can’t get his life on track!!!

  7. 4th career suspension? That’s enough for me. Lifetime ban.

    Seriously, get him out of the league and open up a roster spot for some kid who cares enough to keep himself clean.

  8. Pot is not physically addictive. The addiction is entirely mental and no different than an addiction to hot dogs or porn.

    Things that are physically addictive that NFL players can use include alcohol and cigarettes. Both incredibly more life-destroying.

  9. Addiction is addiction and all addicts need help…can only hope he gets what he needs…
    The ability to “put it down for a few years to play ball” just doesn’t compute to the addict – and will not hold without outside help.

  10. This guy is going to have to hit ROCK bottom before he get’s a clue. Apparently fame and fortune as a football player aren’t big enough losses.

  11. I think it’s mostly fine for people to smoke weed (if that’s what it is). But then I think—what if the joint I was thinking about smoking cost a million dollars, or some number like that? Isn’t that what it comes down to for these football players who get booted for a season, or multiple seasons?

    Man, that’s one expensive habit.

  12. Not a fair comparison as it is two different issues.

    Anyone with an addiction will elicit cries that the addict needs help. Whether the addict admits he has a problem and wants to be helped is another matter.

    The comparison of a player to an owner isn’t applicable because a player is bound by the union rules his NFLPA representative voted for on his behalf.

    Owners aren’t bound by any union rules. There may be certain codes-of-conduct lines that they can’t cross without consequences that they agreed to before being awarded an NFL franchise – but we don’t know what they are.

  13. So stupid. The guy looked so good his first few years in Tampa and I thought we had a guy on the back end who was going to be excellent for years, but no amount of athletic talent can overcome this level of stupid.

  14. Pot is not physically addictive. This is fact. You can deny it all you want, but its true. You can groow a mental addiction to ANYTHING. Saying that doesn’t hurt legalization at all, especially since cigs and alcohol are physically addictive and perfectly legal. Alcohol withdrawls can actually kill you. Weed withdrawals make you irritable. There was an NFL player who let Hus addiction to video games end his career. We gonna make those illegal too?

  15. Marijuana isn’t addictive. Until you try it and realize it’s awesome.

  16. Obviously this guy is addicted to something. When that happens it controls your life, and that cravung is the most important thing to that person. Millions of dollars in rewards won’t change how that person feels. What a shame.

  17. So much for “Revenge of Tenard IV” thats four chances now. Time to go home and smoke yourself silly. Some people live out their dreams. Others live nightmares.

  18. What a freakin loser. I thought for sure there was no way he would do it again. How could this guy like weed more than hundreds of thousands of dollars? FFS!!!

  19. If weed isn’t additive than why do you have withdraws when you quit?..I will never understand but I guess that goes with I take responsibility of making a living and supporting my family.

  20. He said this chance would be different because he was humbled by working at a warehouse during his last suspension.
    First, there is nothing wrong with working at a warehouse. Second, he better hope they’re still hiring.

  21. I know dude from High School and he’s a good kid, but this is just a waste of talent. He had the whole DMV pulling for him… Apparently history repeats itself.

  22. Nope! Just like Irsay, he is a complete idiot. If he can’t figure out that this is his best chance to make a good living for himself and his family, and would rather drink or do drugs or whatever, then let him go waste away and give the chance to someone who really wants it. So sick of seeing these guys choose weed or booze over millions of dollars. Oh, and what will he/they do when football is gone?? I bet we see them all over LaBron Center after they get arrested. Awesome.

  23. Time for Mr. Jackson to learn a new profession. Maybe he can open one of the medical marijuana stores since he clearly cannot stop using

  24. All he needs is to take the Hollywood Cure.

    Two weeks in a cushy Malibu residential “treatment center,” a news conference in which he states he’s been cured, and he’s good to go.

  25. Feel for the guy and his family. He obviously has a problem beyond his control. Time to turn your life over to God and come clean with all around you.

    Never to late to become someone productive outside of the NFL. Most of us visiting this site do.

    God Bless,

  26. Worst team in sports….never win anything, jealous and obsessed with teams that are successful. This organization just doesn’t get it.

  27. It truly shows you how an addiction came be so strong that the very profession you love and can earn millions to play , you just pissed it away. You have players who would give anything to be able to play in the NFL but are not talented enough . Tarnard who has all the skills can’t stay clean even to provide for his family .
    He will one day look back on this and truly realize how he missed out on a blessing. He needs to get help before kills himself from a drug overdose or who knows what . He is crying out for help and the NFL really needs to get him help. His football playing career is done but doesn’t mean his life had to end. He has his entire life ahead of him if he can get clean . Tarnard needs our prayers . HTTR

  28. This guy could have been one the best Safeties in the league for a long time.

    All the talent he needed, none of the sense. He needs help.

  29. If this dude refuses to be a millionaire, for love of weed, then he is truly one of the most noble stoners of all time and deserves to be praised , High Times “Stoner of the Year”.

  30. Ever notice how when a player gets suspended for drugs that it always turns into a debate on legalization on the comments here ? Only Tanard, the NFL, and his agent know what drug he was on, Everyone else is speculating. I seriously believe it was not pot but something much harder. If somehow it was, he is the stupidest stoner on the face of the earth !

  31. I have ZERO remorse for this guy at this point. He was given plenty of chances and STILL cant get right.

    It upsets me to think we HAD one of the BEST Safety’s potentially in NFL history in Sean Taylor, and we’re left to deal with trash like this.

    The old saying is true, “The good die young.”

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor 21

  32. Sounds like the redskins should release there scouting report on this player, ya know like the patriots so we can compare evaluations

  33. Just another one that needs help, for goodness sake. How long have they kept him, for another failure???

  34. Never heard of this chump before. All these suspensions and he’s never caused a blip on my radar.

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