The Bills take No. 28 in PFT’s preseason power rankings


Is this the year that the Bills end their playoff drought?

As you can likely guess from their placement in our preseason power rankings, the PFT panel doesn’t think that the Bills will be in the postseason for the first time since Doug Flutie was the team’s starting quarterback. The uncertainty about current quarterback E.J. Manuel has much to do with that. Manuel was limited to 10 games and little preseason practice time as a result of knee injuries, so the team is banking on a full offseason jumpstarting his progress toward becoming a franchise quarterback.

Any hopes of the defense carrying the Bills until that happens took a hit when linebacker Kiko Alonso was lost for the season to a torn ACL. That injury came on the heels of the loss of defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and safety Jarirus Byrd from last year’s disruptive unit and a step back defensively will put even more pressure on Manuel and the offense.

That’s not a great recipe for success and it may not be a great recipe for the future of the front office and coaching staff with an ownership change approaching quickly. Our preview explains why our voters think the new owner will be making his decisions off another losing season, but we want to know what you think about the Bills’ prospects for 2014.

22 responses to “The Bills take No. 28 in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. But this is the year they take the division from New England(wink wink) If only the playoffs were around Halloween , Bills would be all set!!!!

  2. So they had a great running game last year,one of the better pass rushes in the league. They were bad against the run. They lost Byrd and Alonso. Got better at corner, stronger on the O-line and more depth at RB and a QB going into his second year with some very good receiving targets. Added Williams and Watkins and lost Stevie. Preseason rankings mean nothing but the guesses PFT is making are way off so far. I don’t get how they can be worse.. Low 20s I can see but 28? Well can’t wait for the regular season so they can prove you guys wrong!

  3. 28 is too low. The bills addressed the needs they had in the off season and they will definitely be a better team this year. Kiko Alonso’s injury is a big blow to the defense but its still a top 10 defense. They have a talented receiving group and Manuel has much better protection this year. Rank them wherever you want but this team is going to be awesome to watch.

  4. As a Dolphins fan I have to hate on the Bills, but this is silly. I personally guarantee no Team in the AFC East is going below 24. Yes, the Pats get easy wins but that is coming to an end as 2 teams beat them, but as a Division outside their own beat many Teams. For example look at the record of AFCE vs AFCN last year. We almost swept them. The Fins, Jets and and Bills are not bad, but inconsistent. With no Patriot supremacy, this Division will be 10-6 and 9-7’s again as it was for decades.

  5. So 2 AFC East Teams off the board already and you know the Jets won’t crack the teens…I guess we know what division PFT thinks is the absolute worst…

  6. So basically pft is ignoring the talent on rosters and doing these rankings solely on qb’s who they think won’t progress. Miami at 31 and Buffalo at 28 is evidence of that. The Jets will probably come in shortly after. This division is better than people realize and all of the teams have enough talent to make the playoffs.

  7. This article means Bills fans have to face reality too soon. Give them til week 8 when BJ is an official bust and there are 10 starters on ir.

  8. Hahahah. Last year they had a new coaching staff, rookie project QB who missed most of pre season and time during regular season and one experienced WR. Part of the year they played with a QB they picked up in late August or and UDFA and most of there secondary was banged up a good portion of the season but this team still managed 6 wins. With the additions they have made at WR, improvements made on oline and a QB entering his second year I don’t know how anyone can rate this team 28.

  9. not alot has been said The Bills fill out bottom 5 Raiders, Raiders, Dolphins, Titans, Jaguars and Bills. I said that I needed more teams before I considered these rankings, so here we are. I say the Raiders should be 28th Titans drop Jags drop Dolphins go 29th Bills 31st Raiders go 28th so it goes for me just off the head
    Jags Bills Titans Dolphins Raiders Browns

  10. Funny how this picks on the Bills and Dolphins, but where are the Vikings, Titans, Redskins, Falcons, Bucs and Rams? PFT hates the AFC East because they are Patriot Homers and thinks the bad AFC teams are worse than all the bad NFC teams. Doubt it because of recent records.

  11. PFT are “Patriots Homers?”

    That’s a joke, right?

    Florio can’t stand Belichick or the Patriots. He has to offer some begrudging respect for 15 years of being constant contenders – but he’s no Homer

    As a PatsFan I give a healthy dose of respect to the Bills every season – they always have high potential – but always seem to implode.

    They have improved in the offseason and 28 is too low.

  12. You honestly think the Vikings are better than the Bills? Don’t they have an untested rookie QB? Aren’t they going “outdoors” this year? Didn’t they lose Jared Allen? Seriously?

  13. Really ? The Bills have quietly put together a Very good roster. Even without Kiko, they are starting 17 First or Second Round picks. The other Starters include players such as Kyle Williams a 5th Rounder who is also a Pro Bowler. They shored up their run Defense, to go with their # 2 Sack and # 8 Pass defense. They added some Offensive weapons with Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams, Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon. They also Bulked up their O-Line so they can add to their # 2 Run Offense. They added special teams help and depth on O & D. I doubt they will be 28th at the end of the season.

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