Vikings land at No. 27 on PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings


Not quite in the bottom five but still in the bottom 10, the Vikings have a long way to go to get to the top of the NFL.

To begin that climb, they need plenty — most importantly, they need good quarterback play.

Assuming they won’t be getting it any time soon, the Vikings start the year at No. 27 on the hierarchy of NFL franchises.  With new coach Mike Zimmer ready to give an inconsistent roster a persistent kick in the butt, the Vikings could finish much higher.

How high depends on how far their quarterback will take them.  Before that can be answered, we have to know who the quarterback will be.

Until that answer comes, provide your own answer below on the question of whether the ranking it too high, too low, or just right.

65 responses to “Vikings land at No. 27 on PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. This proves that these lists are only for entertainment,

    There’s no facts involved at all.

    Any unbiased knowledgeable sports fan would realize the Minnesota Vikings have a top 5 roster, and are easily Super Bowl Contenders.

    These lists are only based off of records last year, and therefor are irrelevant.

    The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty is coming.

    And I’m just the Paul Revere telling you that it is coming in full force, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

    We will prosper.

    And be victorious.

    We are – the historic Minnesota Vikings.


  2. Well what do you know this coming from someone who is biased for the queens. Sooner or later reality will set in for the rest in that you really do not have a good team.

  3. Once again proving pfts lack of knowledge.notice how the vikings have a revamped d and an explosive offense.meanwhile the packers have no d and their offense is predictable and o line is mediocre at best.10-6 vikings NFC north champs.SKOL

  4. 27 is being a little generous. They’re fans should deduct at least 2 extra spots.

    I had nothing against Minnesota until I realized how obnoxious, delusional, and weird their fan base is, (which isn’t exactly fair because I am only basing this off of comments I read on PFT), but still… their fans are just terrible.

  5. I think the Vikes will be lucky to get to .500 this year. That being said, Touchdown Teddy is starting to look like a pretty savvy pick, and I truly believe this will be a top 5 offense this season. I’m not convinced about the defense being improved, and this is a brutal schedule. Time will tell if they’ll finish better than last year. Skol!!!

  6. Ha ha ha. Seems a little high to everyone who doesn’t live in Al Frankin, mosquito infested land. Big talk with nothing to back it up queen fans.

  7. This might be a few spots too high. But just like Corduroy Patterson’s comments, Vikings fans talk a lot of crap about what they are going to do in the off season because once the actual season starts they have to shut up.

    Remember last year when Greg Jennings was talking up Christian Ponder as a rising star and Aaron Rodgers as a guy who’s window was closing….at the ripe age of 29. That’s all you need to know about the Vikings players and the fans that follow their lead.

  8. I guess this would make sense if you assume the Vikings will get the same quarterback play they got from Ponder last year. But they won’t. Cassel is adequate, as he proved last year with a 4-3 record despite playing with a terrible defense. Bridgewater may be good enough to beat out Cassel and start Week 1.

    The defense gave away five games in the last minute last year and can’t help but be improved even if they did nothing. But they did a lot in terms of bringing in new players and a new scheme.

    Despite having a historically bad defense, giving away five games, and having a terrible quarterback situation, the Vikings finished as the 25th-ranked team last year. It’s hard for me to believe that they got worse with all the positive changes that have been made.

  9. When you’re this bad, this ranking is actually being nice.

    I think the rides are turning, though. Everyone on their team is young and top 5 at their position, even the backups. Ask their fans.

    And Adrian Peterson isn’t getting older, he’s actually like Merlin, traveling backwards through time.


  10. I’d say they should be somewhere around 20.

    Even though he’s 29, Adrian Peterson should be enough to get the Vikings lower than 27.

    However with Cassel, they might not be that good in the Win/Loss column (Sorry Cassel, but it’s true).

  11. The Packers offense is so predictable yet it ranked 3rd in the NFL missing their starting QB for half the season. And we’re talking about an elite QB, not some garbage QB that Minnie trots out the fiield.

    The same O-line missing their best tackle all season due to injury, blocked for the OROY and 7th ranked rushing attack which not coincidentally was ranked higher than the Vikings.

    The same crappy defense that also has ranked higher than the Vikings in points allowed over the last 5 seasons. Please explain….

    It’s amazing how much knowledge Vikings fans lack when it comes to the game of NFL football.

  12. Pro Football Focus, a fairly “unbiased, knowledgeable” source, ranked the Vikings’ likely starters 29th in the league.
    The sense of entitlement for which Minnesotans are justly famous really shows itself in the comments of Heidi fans.
    News flash: Your team had the eighth worst record last year. You lost one of the best players off an awful defense. And yet you expect your team to be highly regarded because…? It’s going to take a little more that Patterson running fast, kids.

  13. So wait, you are telling me that we’re worse than Cleveland?! Ya, that seems legit…….

  14. Mike Zimmer needs to get rid of adrian peterson for some draft picks (while he is valuable).

    Minnesota has sucked with adrian peterson… so… just get rid of him and suck with some draft picks.

    Unfortunately… his salary makes it impossible to get a load of good draft picks… so… you are stuck with him and his lack of character and leadership.

  15. Gotta love the Vikings apologists out there, especially the pft poet. I mean seriously, it’s ok to love your team, but to not look at them realistically is just dumb. And by the way I love how everything is spot on when it’s a positive article about the Vikings, but when it’s a negative article it’s just “entertainment”. It’ll be fun half way through the season to see the excuses rolling in.

  16. Based on last year, that ranking is just about what the Vikings deserve. The first 5 games this year are gonna be tough. Then again, this ranking has about as much relevance as the Packer dope that’s already embarrassed himself in two posts above.

  17. However with Cassel, they might not be that good in the Win/Loss column (Sorry Cassel, but it’s true).

    They were 4-3 with Cassel last year, including a loss at Baltimore for which the NFL apologized for the officiating. Adrian Peterson didn’t even play in three of those games.

    Now that’s truth.

  18. I am a vikings fan and am realistic enough to know they are NOT a top-5 offense and are nowhere near SB contenders at this point.

    I think this ranking could very well be too low, and they could very easily end up in the 15-20 range. But I wouldn’t expect them to go much above that. They have enough talent to cause problems in the NFC North, but I think they are a few yrs away from legitimately contending for NFC North title.

    GB and Chicago are still the top 2 teams in this division until the Vikes or Lions can prove otherwise, even though both Vikes and Lions can beat either GB or Chicago on any given game.

  19. PFTpoet was actually quite….well, poetic today! If you’re going to do something, do it WELL – even if it’s trolling! My admiration, sir.

  20. Honestly, after the last few days, I expected the Packers’ fans to “stuff the ballot box” with “too high” rankings. Onlyat ~27% is actually much better than I thought.

  21. It’s incredible that my Giants are getting such respect in the rankings. They’re ahead of the Vikings even though the Giants nearly started Josh Freeman at QB and he couldn’t even make the Vikings. I’m skeptical my Giants are no worse than the 26th best team in the NFL.

  22. Ranking the Vikings as #27 is about right. They’ll be a 5th place team in a 4-team division … again. Summer is for Viking fans fantasy super bowl dreams … but look at their first 7 games this fall. Grim reality will set in as quickly as the cold north winds blow through Gopher Hole Stadium.

    Maybe in a couple of years Zimmer will be able to turn the franchise around, but it will be tough. Peterson will be an old man (in terms of a running back) right about the time he gets other parts of the team up to snuff. Norv will have to figure out if he has a quarterback, and they’ll need a couple more receivers … plus – they’re about due for another boating incident.

    But listen, somebody has to bring up the rear … and if anyone can get out his harp and compose a fine ode to a 5th place team – it’s our old friend the Poet.

  23. Interesting, last year they finished 25th yet according to all Vike fans they’ve improved in all areas of the game. It’s almost like Vike fans don’t know anything about football….

  24. Objective Vikings fan here, and I think the rating is accurate. However, I also believe this team could reach 8-8 if they stay healthy and have things go their way.

    Also glad to see the Packers trolls are out in force. Lord knows how they and Florio will react when it’s announced that they’re not ranked number 1 in preseason rankings.

  25. I heard the ranking is directly related to the hand size of Bridgewater compared to other prospective quarterbacks.

  26. Remember when the roof caved in on the Metrodump and the Vikes had to play Road/Home games.

    The entire league, and all of their fans, laughed and laughed at that.

    Hilarious, Good Times!

  27. Half the AFC East and half of the AFC South are ranked worse than the vikings.

    5/16th of the AFC is ranked worse than the vikings.

    That’s how competitive is the AFC, in PFT’s opinion.

  28. They lost their best def player, but got a much better coach. A respected def coach. Obviously the jury is out on bridgewater, but he has to prove out or they are sunk in last place for years and zimmer will take the fall for it

  29. Sounds about right for the start of the season… Expect them to get red hot for s game or two and then fade back to purple Mediocrity…

  30. Change in coaching. Change in scheme. Lost good players. This is too high. They should probably be in the bottom 3.

  31. I have no problem with this preseason ranking.

    At this time of year, any ranking is just a wild arsed guess, based on last year’s performance.

    Until we see what this year’s product really looks like in real games it’s difficult to make any intelligent predictions.

    I “think” that the changes (and there are plenty of changes) on this team will make for better overall football.

    Have to wait and see.

    Unlike our friends to the east that believe (wrongly) that the sun rises and sets on anyone that wears slime and pee colored jerseys…

  32. I’m not a Vikings fan but I have a good friend who loves the Vikes, so I wish them well. My personal opinion is that they should trade Peterson while he still has value, and start building toward a better future. I’m not at all high on Bridgewater and apparently a lot of GMs felt the same way since he did a big-time slide on Draft Day, but he deserves a chance and might prove to be a pleasant surprise. Zimmer should help; he’s a good coach who has been waiting a long time for this opportunity, and I think he’ll make the most of it. But it will take time to get the team back into contention.

  33. Good QB play = 10 wins. Bad QB play= 6 wins

    The Vikes have talent in many areas.
    I look forward to the Zimmer influence, a fun year is ahead for the Norsemen!

    Rock N’ Skol!

  34. Lots of talent and better coaching should make the difference this year. 27th is probably right given how they played last year. What matters is that we’ll be 1st in the NFC North this year!~

  35. You gotta love the packer fans who base everything off the past. The fact is nobody should judge the 2014 Vikings off of 2013 and before as it is a completely different coaching staff with different schemes on offense and defense and most important is major changes to the starters across the board on both sides. Wait til the middle of the season to make judgements when no one knows what this team’s personality will look like.

  36. themeccalambeaufield says:
    Jul 9, 2014 3:56 PM
    I see in that picture babyhands didn’t forget his binky for practice.

    40 23
    Report comment

    His hands are larger than Luck’s

  37. Let’s be honest, the season depends on how the D performs. We know what the offense will be. Average. Maybe a little above average if the OL plays more like 2012 and less like 2013. The D suffered last year from, amongst other things, completely inadequate slot CB play. I doubt they knew exactly how much Winfield meant to that team. Munnerlyn is one of the better slot CB in the league right now, so that should not be as much of a problem. I think it all depends on who Baar is. If he is a Nick Perry-level abysmal failure, or even if he is just Aaron Maybin-bad, then the D will once again be worthless. If he is the kind of impact player that Zim thinks he can be, then the D should be solid, and the Vikings should compete for a playoff spot and likely 1st round exit.

  38. Reality is there are a few bright spots on this roster. A top 5 offense? Probably not, top 15? Yeah, probably. Top 5 defense? Probably not, top 15? Maybe. This team has under-performed the last few years. Can they turn it around under Mike Zimmer? Maybe, he has been a good assistant for a long time. But, being a good assistant/coordinator does not mean you will be successful. Vikings record this year? 7-9 or 8-8

  39. We’re weren’t this low during last years season?…apparently we’ve gotten worst as a team over the offseason since the browns,Dallas,Wash are all better the the vikes …

  40. Poor Viking fans and tax payers deserve far better than what they’re getting from the owners.

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