Austin Seferian-Jenkins confident foot will be ready for training camp


The Buccaneers didn’t get much of a chance to work with tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins after selecting him in the second round of May’s draft.

Seferian-Jenkins was forced to stay away from the team during most of the program because NFL rules barred him from practice until the University of Washington completed its academic year and he wasn’t able to do much during rookie minicamp after February foot surgery. That leaves Seferian-Jenkins with a fair amount of catching up to do once camp gets underway.

It’s good news, then, that the rookie feels confident he’ll be ready to go once camp opens in a couple of weeks.

“I feel really good. My foot feels really good,” Seferian-Jenkins said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “I’ve been running route, doing all the exercise and workout drills that they’ve asked me to do. I feel very comfortable and confident that I’ll be ready to go when it comes to training camp.”

The Bucs added Seferian-Jenkins and Mike Evans to Vincent Jackson this offseason to give them three plus-sized receivers to use as targets for Josh McCown this season. If the two rookies can make a quick transition to the NFL game, it should mean a major improvement in the passing game over the dismal results that Tampa turned in last year.

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  1. While I’m not enamored with the personnel situation at QB. I would imagine this coaching staff is intimately aware that it behooves them to coach who is on the roster and under contract. I believe they refer to it as being a professional. Players have a certain affection for a coach that they don’t have to be concerned with throwing them under the bus. Funny how that works. It’s my understanding that while Josh McCown doesn’t have a great deal to hang his helmet on statistically, his 10 yrs of NFL experience qualifies him as a fairly well respected veteran. Coach’em up, get everyone on the same page, call a carpenter to build an extension to the trophy case.

  2. Josh learned well from Trestman, he won’t be the issue….although I wouldn’t put too much on him, remember who the Head Coach is….Lovie Smith, Rex Grossman is our QB, DOH!!

  3. Lovie spent a year wooing the architect of the new Bucs offense. This is Tedfords offense. Expect Lovie to hand the reigns off and stay out of the way. Only logical that it was part of the deal to get Tedford to sign on. For those of us who saw the mini camps know that this isn’t the “get off the bus running” offense you saw in Chicago.

  4. Mike Glennon is the QB of the future.

    -Lovie Smith

    Mike Glennon has a cannon.

    – Jason Licht

    Josh McCown is a great guy to sit behind for a year and learn from.

  5. McCown will be fine for a year or two. ASJ missing OTAs will hurt him a lot I feel – I hope not, but its tough for a rookie TE (and WR – Evans) to get acclimated to the NFL.

    As far as the future goes, the Bucs have never had so many weapons at the skill positions: VJax and Evans at WR, ASJ and Wright at TE, Martin, Sims and James at RB! Now, as to our future QB, the jury is still out on that.

  6. Who drafts a 2nd round pick with bad feet or a super $ Right guard who can’t play. Oh I know the same guys who give away Blount and Talib who start on an AFC championship team.

    Dear Bryan Glazer. I know very little about evaluating players but I know how to wear a suit and smile. Can I be your next GM. My speacilty is wearing nice suits, smiling and saying yessir Mr Smith.

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