Browns cutting Gordon not likely, but possible

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One of the biggest current questions in the NFL relates to the status of Browns receiver Josh Gordon.  With Hall of Famer Cris Carter suggesting that the Browns should give Gordon the same wake-up call the Eagles gave Carter in 1990, will the Browns do it?

Per a source with knowledge of the dynamics of the situation, it’s not likely that the Browns would cut Gordon, but it remains possible.  The source said that it would not be a surprise if the Browns decide to part ways with Gordon before training camp.

If that happens, Gordon would be exposed to the waivers system, with teams getting a shot at securing the final two years of his rookie deal based on the worst-to-first priority order.  The Texans, who may need a No. 1 receiver, would have dibs.

Before the Browns would cut Gordon, they’d have to be comfortable with the possibility that Gordon would indeed wake up — and that he’d become a potential Hall of Famer with another team.  If Gordon ultimately has his potential one-year suspension upheld via the appeal process, however, there’s a chance he’ll never play again, since he’d have to continue to pass up to 10 drug tests per month even while banished from the NFL.

That’s the biggest difference between Carter and Gordon.  Carter wasn’t facing a suspension; the Eagles moved on, the Vikings claimed him on waivers (blocking the Giants from getting him), and Carter was able to continue his career without missing a beat.  Gordon would start his time with a new team by bidding farewell to it, possibly for a calendar year or, thanks to the recent DUI arrest, longer.

That complication could make most if not all of the other 31 teams inclined to pass on Gordon until he’s cleared to play — and more importantly until he’s able to overcome an apparent addiction to marijuana that threatens to delay indefinitely the third season of his NFL career.

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  1. UFOs are possible too. But in the NFL if you play great then you can get away with anything. Looking at you Ben Roethlisberger.

  2. This team would look so much better if they just took my suggestion and dumped him in a trade last year while his stock was hot and the Browns had no option to win with him. It would have helped them to get better even faster, and they blew it and missed the opportunity to capitalize as well as the same going for other players they could have traded last year that they wasted instead.

    This team still has a lot of potential, but not nearly as much as they could have had if they were intelligent in strategically managing their resources to generate efficient leverage. And so far it doesn’t sound like the management and coaching staff is particularly good at supporting and mentoring and developing players (see everybody or anybody as an example).

    Thank goodness they at least were able to rip off the Colts in that Trent Richardson deal, but too bad they couldn’t learn from that and rip off other teams by dealing Gordon and others when they should have. So much waste, they failed to understand how to qualify for the rebates while they were on the table. If you don’t take advantage of the stupid teams, then you are the stupid team.

  3. Enough with the “potential hall of famer” garbage… There is no way this guy could stay that focused…

  4. It’s a real shame that he blew his career up. Even if he comes back in a year (or longer) this will always linger. If the Browns keep him and he never recovers they will be shamed; if they cut him and he becomes an all-star they will be shamed, as well. No real opportunity to save face. Just let the kid take his lumps, try to come back next year and turn things around. He’s not eating up a roster spot that would be used on another player of his caliber anyhow.

  5. Browns could of moved on already by drafting Sammy Watkins, so this is all just pipe dreams.

  6. It makes no sense for the Browns to cut him now. As I understand it:

    1) His rookie deal isn’t particularly expensive.

    2) If he is suspended for a year, the Browns wouldn’t have to pay him.

    3) If they cut a kid who has substance abuse problems, they look absolutely insensitive to players both on the team and on other rosters (potential free agents).

    4) IMO – their best move is to carry him on the team while he is suspended but push him very hard to go into intensive counseling. If he gets his act together, they win with a quality player on the back end of the counseling. If he truly can’t handle it, they let him go next year all the while doing the right thing by him AND looking like a stand up organization to other teams.

    So there really is no downside to standing by him for the next year or so, but there is a lot of potential downside to releasing him.

  7. Totally forgot that the Vikings blocked carter from the giants. The 90s might not have been so miserable if we had him. Our no. 1 wr those days was Chris “cab” Calloway. Hidey, hidey, hidey, hi, hidey, hidey, hidey, meh.

  8. I had a friend do hypnotics – the doctor made her switch her cravings from pot to carrots. Worked wonders… I was a big doubter.

    Perhaps thats what this kid needs, such a waste of a huge talent.

  9. It’s ALLLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

    SEE: josh gordon
    SEE: Davone Bess
    SEE: Greg Little
    SEE: Fozzy Whitaker

  10. This is an addiction situation – help him get the help he needs. The Browns get no value by releasing him as someone will take a chance on him. It’s a rookie contract so the money is not big. Take the chance that he can right the ship. Believe me, I am pissed at him and he has a history of this, but get him in the right addiction program. Robert Downey Jr. figured it out, Farve figured it out, even Chris Carter. Wake up Josh, this is your very last chance.

  11. If Cris Carter had faced today’s NFL substance-abuse policies, would he have gone on to overcome his addiction and ultimately be enshrined as an HOF player? Maybe not. He likely could have viewed his chances of staying clean and getting another chance as being slim and the situation itself could have been a natural trigger that encouraged the addiction.

    Thank God CC didn’t face these policies – he was able to “relapse” and learn from those experiences until he eventually attained longevity in his sobriety and ultimately – and obviously – a relentless pursuit of perfecting his game.

    Josh Gordon is a HOF – obviously – and it is incredibly tragic that NFL fans may not ever see him play another game due to the policies he is forced to comply with.

    I think this situation should – if nothing else – merit a review of the NFL’s substance-abuse policies. They’re ineffective and detrimental to the treatment and success of current players.

  12. Why should they? So that he can have a wake up call and go on to have a HOF career with another team aka Chris Carter? That’s some BS. Carter owes the eagles that gold jacket he’s got, and that’s coming from a giants fan. From a fan/team standpoint, that’s terrible…

  13. I have felt sorry for the Browns fans but these comments of not getting rid of a BAD guy changes my tune. In trouble not for the first time but many times and then runs to Raleigh and hang out with a known bad guy in NC, gets a DUI, shows stupidity beyond stupidity.

  14. “It’s ALLLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

    SEE: josh gordon
    SEE: Davone Bess
    SEE: Greg Little
    SEE: Fozzy Whitaker”

    What does Gordon’s current suspension/DUI have to do with his performance last season? This guy has a weird Weeden fetish.

  15. Sammy Watkins was popped for grass his Junior year at Clemson. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me… We’ve got two potential top ten picks next year and an extra fourth for drafting or trade. Watkins is not in Gordon’s class. Not many are. Don’t see him making it through ten tests in a month based on his track record. Move on from the distraction, going home to Houston is surely not the answer to his sobriety issues – cut him and move on. Can’t teach stupid.

  16. Bottom line he lead the NFL in receieving yards after missing two games to start the year. Moreover, they don’t have to pay him during any suspension. They can wait…

  17. What’s his cap hit 900,000 that’s ash tray money for any NFL team. Makes no sense to cut him. I may make sense to trade him.

  18. Let me clarify something . Josh may not have tested positive for Pot . He could of missed his scheduled drug test and that is why he is in trouble. His major problem is drinking and driving now. Even though he was only .01 over the legal limit , I think there should be some wiggle room. I am willing to bet that 80 percent of posters here have been over the legal limit and drove at one time or other while you were in your 20’s. Problem with Gordon is that he has the cash to pay for a cab services , but he just doesn’t get it.

  19. Maybe my logic is a bit off but how does.

    1 codeine suspension that was reduced due to providing a valid prescription

    1 mystery infraction that apparently happened six months ago that the NFL STILL hasn’t suspended him for OR COMMENTED ON.

    and two speeding tickets with one including a DWI = “addiction to Marijuana”.

    The guy is getting typecast due to his college issues. His current issues seem to be hanging out with bad influences more than anything but fact is the media is making it look a lot worse than it is. Had he not come into the league with priors any suspension this year would only be heading toward STEP 2. That’s far from “problem child” level and he’s nowhere NEAR Ricky Williams level who showed blatant disregard for the NFL’s rules. If that’s the case Joe Haden is also a problem child that needs to be released since he has one strike against him already in the NFL as well.

  20. Browns are like the Patriots with the troubled receivers.

    The only difference is that the Patriot receivers can push off on the CBs and not be called for offensive interference.

  21. There does not appear to be much upside to cutting him and limited downside to keeping him as long as you do not depend on his presence.

    He will be kept.

  22. Another thing about Josh is that he is a good guy and not a diva. He is nothing like T.O. or Ocho Stinko .He makes touchdowns and doesn’t kick the ball into the stands (Greg Little) . He is the ideal team mate and is always there for practice. No way should the Browns release him . He is still so young and even if he sits one year and comes back at 24 or 25 he would still have 10 good years left.

  23. Cutting him makes no sense. While hes suspended he doesnt count against the roster, doesnt count against the cap, and his contract is basically placed on hold. So what point is there in releasing him? If he doesnt get clean it costs the Browns nothing to hold onto the rights of a WR who proved that even with awful QBs he can be the best WR in the NFL. Its a no brainer move to me to keep him.

  24. If Gordon were just a backup or older player, the Browns would have cut him and would have quickly rushed to the podium and anounce to the whole NFL world that they don’t support people with character issues. But Gordon is a ProBowler and his really young, the Browns have more patience with him. Different treatment!
    Same thing with the Ravens and Ray Rice.
    Hilarious!!Pathetic!!you name it

  25. No one ever mentions his family situation or his childhood. He seems like a very insecure person off the field. He seems to have almost a self-destruct issue.

    He seems like a really nice kid with issues. I would hope that the Browns and Gordon’s agent would get him some help. Maybe the hypnosis idea, mentioned above would work.

    I’m not normally a Bible-thumper but as a former combat-tested Army Aviator, I do believe in angels and spirits amongst us. Maybe Josh could find what he’s lacking in Jesus???

  26. People forget that Josh Gordon was one of, if not the, youngest player in the NFL his rookie year.

    Even if he’s suspended for TWO seasons, he’ll still be only 25 when he comes back from suspension.

    If I’m the Browns, Gordon either plays for me or nobody.

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