Bucs come in 26th in our Preseason Power Rankings


The Buccaneers might be the league champions this year, at least in terms of transactions.

With a new coach and a new General Manager, the Bucs have turned over their roster this year, which makes it hard to get a gauge on where they are as a team on the field.

They’ve also got some new uniforms that are really something.

We’ve got them slotted at 26th in our Preseason Power Rankings (you can read the full preview by clicking right here), but the Bucs could easily surprise people this season.

With a defense that could stack up well in their division, and a new quarterback in Josh McCown, the Bucs have plenty of reasons for hope.

How much hope is reasonable is another question. You can weigh in by voting in the poll below.

18 responses to “Bucs come in 26th in our Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Again, worse than the Browns?! At this rate, they will be #1……or did you just make them 33 and not even post about them?!

  2. Half the AFC East and half the AFC South are worse than the Buccaneers.

    5/16ths of the AFC is worse than the Buccaneers.

    The Buccaneers are not the worst in the NFC.

  3. The Browns have Johnny, Johnny = pageclicks. Wouldn’t be shocked if they were somewhere in the 13-16 range just to elicit a strong reaction.

  4. everyday my Jets are getting higher and higher…boy, nothing better than mediocre internet talent predicting the season to get us all through july!

  5. Lots of questions to be answered, but ridding the facility of Schiano, Freeman, and MRSA alone should put the Bucs closer to the middle of the pack. A lot of talent on that team.

  6. This one is wrong. The Bucs will challenge for the NFCS.

    Right now I place them ahead of the Falcons and Panthers in offseason improvement. I see them more middle of the pack, with Lovie Smith and the offensive playmakers they have acquired.

    I’m a Panthers’ fan, so it’s not like I want them o be better, I just think they are.

  7. Bring a Bucs fan, I think they have upgraded the talent and coaching enough to be better than this…much better, but until they prove it, they are a 4-12 team and deserve to be ranked as such! Get it done Lovie!

  8. They just picked 7th in the draft, which is good for 26th in the NFL. I’m certainly not predicting Super Bowl like Herm Edwards, but I think it’s highly unlikely that we finish exactly where we did last season when we just hired a CLEARLY superior coach and made noticeable improvements on both sides of the ball.

  9. Don’t sleep on the Bucs this season! New coach, NEW team (17 off season transactions) plus nice draft picks. I see them challenging for the NFC South…but not winning it. Maybe even a wildcard in the playoffs.

  10. I remain convinced that Schiano set Freeman up to fail, simply because he wasn’t “his guy”. In my book that’s worse than a degenerate gambler betting on games because he knew what the inevitable conclusion would be and he miscalculated that the length of his contract would keep him safe. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the Glazer’s, and God only knows what finally persuaded them to cut their losses, literally and figuratively, but I thank the football Gods everyday that they did. Talent wise, with the exceptions of QB and offensive line, there isn’t a team in any league that this squad can’t compete with. There isn’t any room left for excuses, by all accounts Lovie Smith is a “players coach” seems to me there’s only one thing left to do. Leave it all out on the field. I see them playing for a George Halas trophy in 3-4 years.

  11. I’m not even a Bucs fan, but this is way too low for them.

    They already had a lot of defensive talent, and now they have a defensive minded coach who will know how to use it. They have a good RB in Martin and their offense should be improved with Vincent Jackson now being flanked by Mike Evans and Serafin-Martin at WR and TE respectively.

    McCown is a bit of a question mark at QB, but if he is just a “game manager” that should still win them some games. Remember Lovie did the same thing with Kyle Orton in Chicago. Plus, the backup got a lot of playing time last year, so he can play if needed. O-line might be the biggest question mark, but 26 is just too low.

    I don’t think the Bucs will be world beaters, but I do think they will be second in the NFC South behind the Saints. They are a sleeper that will surprise a lot of people. Way better than 26.

  12. I don’t know how the Bucs will do this year but I do know they will be sporting some really stupid looking uniforms.

  13. I wish someone would answer this question? Is Jay Glazer related to the Glazer Family that owns the Bucs and Manchester United? Fox sports (which he is an annalist of) put the Bucs ar #32.

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