Calvin Johnson: Lions feel we could win the Super Bowl


Another day, another Lion who thinks his team has what it takes to win a title.

Lions safety James Ihedigbo said his team has “championship DNA,” and Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh agreed. Now Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is saying he thinks the Lions can win a championship.

“We need to win a Super Bowl,” Johnson said on NFL Network, via Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News. “That’s the No. 1 thing. That’s the No. 1 thing [and] should be for every team going into the beginning of the year. We’re definitely in a place where we feel we could do that.”

Johnson said new head coach Jim Caldwell has inspired the team through a strong offseason.

“It’s an overall change and vibe here, and we love it,” Johnson said. “We’re going to go out and bust our butts every day because Jim is such a great guy, a great leader for our team. And he’s helped bring us together, and we’re doing a lot of stuff on our own off the field to keep that camaraderie going.”

In his previous head-coaching stint, Caldwell got the Colts to the Super Bowl in his first season in Indianapolis. The team Caldwell has inherited Detroit is nowhere near as good as that team in Indianapolis, but the players’ public comments suggest that if nothing else, Caldwell has instilled confidence.

90 responses to “Calvin Johnson: Lions feel we could win the Super Bowl

  1. Why do all of the Lions suddenly feel like they are superbowl bound?

    I suppose they could but just odd for each day to feature another player proclaiming it.

  2. If Ihedigbo says it, i chalk it up as a veteran trying to bring up the teams spirit.
    If Suh says it, i chalk it up that Suh isn’t sane to begin with.

    If Ebron says it, i chalk it up as a rookie without a clue.

    But not Megatron. In megatron we trust!

  3. Coaching change made them better. Stafford should benefit from Caldwell. The offense looks pretty good. The defense is vastly overrated.

    We’re looking at something in the 5-11, 6-10, 7-9 range.

  4. “Third best reciever in Professional Football behind DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. #YourtimehaspassedCJ”

    Are you crazy!!!!Jackson & Garcon? You one funny guy

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it but as a life long Lions fan I’m used to disappointment.

    All I can say though is they better start living up to their potential. After the highs of the 2011 season and the expectations we have since anything less then a playoff win next season is inexcusable.

    I was more disappointed with the utter collapse at the end of last season when they had the NFC North all put gift wrapped and handed to them due to the Packers and Bears injuries then I was with 0-16. 2008 was understandable because they had a terrible team. Last year they had no excuse for their play. This team has too much talent. They failed because they were poorly coached, lacking execution, and undisciplined.

    We can’t expect a miracle from Caldwell and co. (and frankly I don’t) but they absolutely should be playing better then they have. if they don’t make the playoffs this year I am DONE as a Lions fan.

  6. Coughlin has great bulletin board material and it isnt even August. See you in motown week one Lions! Talk is cheap…Go Giants

  7. Tell you what. If you finish second in your division we’ll give you a ticker tape parade.

  8. Don’t the Lions say this every year? Every year I hear people say….Lions could be pretty good this year, and they never are. It’s going to be the same story again this year. Sorry Detroit, focus on the Tigers.

  9. A championship run has to start somewhere, and confidence headed into camp isn’t a bad place.

    I’m not saying that they will win anything, but if they can instill some discipline into an undeniably talented team, they could make some waves this season.

  10. You mention Caldwell took the Colts to the Superbowl, correction Peyton took the Colts to the Superbowl. See what Painter and a bunch of nobodies did right after that.

  11. I agree… The Lions could “WIN” the Super Bowl however there is about 31 other teams who feel the say way… so I say good luck may the best team win…Indeed…

  12. I thought so too, but the team has no discipline, and only Calvin is a real disciplined player in the top 10 or so.
    Caldwell can help Stafford. but he does not possess enough umph to get the rest of that gong show in line.
    I said it a dozen times, Detroit should have paid big for 3-4 year contract with Tom Coughlin, before he signed that one year deal with the Giants. Coughlin has the credibility and the personality to get these talented clowns on the same page.
    I see another streaky 8-8 type season for a couple of years.

  13. I am a Packers fan and I have been saying for a couple of years now that the Lions are on the verge of being really really good. But, I say they should be talking about one step at a time before they go crazy with the Super Bowl talk.

  14. I’m a Packer fan, and as an NFC North guy I keep a close eye on the competition. The Lions have more talent then their record indicates, they could be pretty good. If they could keep their QB from throwing side armed they could make some noise. Chicago could be good too. Then, of course, there are the Vikings. Bad coaching, no talent, idiot fans.

  15. The Lions may have some “championship” DNA.
    What we know for certain is that they have a lot of “monumental collapse” DNA.

  16. I agree. IF Caldwell can help Stafford improve his understanding of the game and his level of play, then it’s all over for everybody else. And it would make things a lot easier if the DC can get these players moving around logically too. Get it done and then dismantle the opposition!

  17. You mention Caldwell took the Colts to the Superbowl, correction Peyton took the Colts to the Superbowl. See what Painter and a bunch of nobodies did right after that.


    Oh yeah, I’m sure Harbaugh would have taken Painter and that horrible defense straight to the super bowl.

  18. I don’t think the team is talking big more than any other team right now, the media is just giving them more exposure for some reason. The media is going up to our players and asking them if they think they can win a championship this year and everyone is obviously going to say yes. I think if you asked any player on any team they would say that their goal is to win the Superbowl this season.

    I don’t know if the media is trying to over expose the team right now to make people dislike “all their yapping”, or what their motive is.

    I disagree with MDS saying this team is “nowhere near as good as that Indy team was”. I think everyone realizes that this Lions team is very talented and basically has no weaknesses besides the CB position. It’s still to be seen just how good this team can be.

  19. Good for Detroit. They need some good news but I’d think the players would be more concerned about having running water in the locker room showers than the mythical notion of winning a SB.

  20. The last time the Lions won a playoff game, the airbag was the latest invention.

  21. Why do all of the Lions suddenly feel like they are superbowl bound?

    I suppose they could but just odd for each day to feature another player proclaiming it.

    I think the Lion players are just trying to copy last years big mouths…the Ravens and where did they end up.

    If the Lions don’t public ally believe they can do it why play?

  22. Detroit…I like you guys but every day there’s an article about another player drinking the kool-aid… Ebron, Ihedigbo, Ebron, Ebron, and Megatron. I know Megatron is the best WR in the game and I want to see the Lions win…but come on guys stop talking so much. I just wish the season would start already.

  23. I like the positive mindset, but the time has LONG passed for all that overly optimistic talk with season after season of failure as a result. Don’t talk about greatness, be about it…..execute on the field. Don’t call stupid plays (that Giants game from last season where we elected to go to overtime instead of playing for the win comes to mind). And actually commit to playing DEFENSE. We won’t have to rely on Stafford NEEDING 400 yards a game and 3-4 TD’s (and those 2-3 costly interceptions that usually come along with it) if we stopped more folks from scoring all over us all the time.

  24. I agree with pftpoet there is definitely something in the water in Detroit. (1st time ever agreeing with that troll hard)

    This is said, a day after their rookie big mouth claims he doesn’t want to jinx the Lion’s chances in a picture with the Lombardi trophy. The intelligence level in Detroit’s locker room is way below average. People that talk before the season starts never end up the way they talked about at the end of the season. Shame on you Calvin. Don’t let Detroit rub off on you too much.

  25. The Lions are spending too much time talking the talk. This is the same team that couldn’t hold a division lead with Cutler and Rodgers out for a long period of time.

  26. Spymaster Belichick says:Jul 10, 2014 3:58 PM

    The last time the Lions won a playoff game, the airbag was the latest invention.


    They won a game in the pre-internet era.

  27. Last yr with Aaron Rodgers & Jay Cutler injured the Lions could not even win their division!!! Now they’re talking winning the SB. If they couldn’t win their division last year when it was up for grab how can they expect to get out of their division this year?

  28. Every team wants to win the damn Super Bowl.

    It is just the proclamations (Rex Ryan, Vince Young/Dream Team) that always fail. Big Talk=Big Fail.

    Congratulations – you won the July Superbowl.

    You haven’t even put pads on yet, pump the breaks Detroit.

  29. Just wait till Caldwell gets the deer in the headlights look at the first sign of adversity. Had it with the colts and had it with the ravens.

  30. Spent a yr in Detroit on business and I have to say you can cut the negative atmosphere with a knife…like a psuedo London fog. Even for 20-something Pro athletes, the brow-beating could potentually have an effect. IDK. Not a Lion’s fan , but just out of sheer compassion, I’d like to see them at least show a pulse.
    Having said that does Ebron ever stop talking?!

  31. The Lions may want to talk to Rex Ryan about talking Super Bowl in the offseason…

    I’m a Bears fan and I honestly think the Lions may make the playoffs this year. But talking super bowl right now is premature at best… Stafford’s going to have to up his game to a higher level to get within sniffing range of the super bowl…

  32. Predictions are a funny thing. I remember a couple of years back when Matt Stafford predicted 10 victorys and I believe that was the year where they got 4 or 5. So predictions are like opinions, everybody’s got one but thats about all they are worth.

  33. tell me about it. the lions had high drafts for almost a decade, still hasn’t gone anywhere…

  34. How about just making the playoffs first. Whenever players talk about winning a Super Bowl before the season starts, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  35. Psst, Calvin . . .
    Better remind the rest of the team that there is such a thing as “the post-season”.

    They think it’s just a myth.

  36. With Caldwell’s in-game management skills, they will be lucky to get more than 8 wins. The best thing the Lion’s have going for them right now is that the Vikings are in the same division so they don’t have to worry about finishing last.

  37. All of these Lions players are starting to sound like Vikings fans…offseason Division and SB champs. Meanwhile, Bears and Packers players and fans just chuckle and wait for reality (the regular season) to start.

  38. Can’t you just picture Megatron holding up that trophy with confetti raining from the sky? Nostradamus says yes!

  39. the only team that can guarantee superbowls is the new york giants because as a giants fan when they won it I couldnt believe it like they just smack you in the face and say here super bowl champs I LOVE IT

  40. 11 10
    bullcharger says:
    Jul 10, 2014 4:02 PM
    Not with that QB.

    too many pics, not enough completions. Stafford is all show.

    14 32

    Disclaimer. I’m not a Stafford fan or a Lions fan. I root for the Bears.

    But facts are needed.

    Too many picks you say. Stafford’s career INT% is 2.9%.

    Here are some QB’s who threw MORE int’s as a percentage of their passes than Stafford has to this point.

    Troy Aikman
    Dan Marino
    John Elway
    Kurt Warner
    Brett Favre
    Jay Cutler
    Eli Manning
    Warren Moon

    Stafford’s career completion % is 59.5%

    Here are some QB’s who are/were worse than him

    Dan Marino
    Dan Fouts
    Eli Manning
    Warren Moon
    John Elway
    Ken Anderson
    Bernie Kosar

    Stafford DOES need to improve. But so does the rest of the team.

    He CAN be on a SB winning team depending on what the rest of the team is like (Trent Dilfer anyone?)

    And he’s still at an age where he’ll improve yet, improve his numbers and production.

    At 26 yrs old, he is NOT in his decline.

  41. If Stafford is “fixed” by Caldwell then they will be a playoff team. This is a make or break year for the young QB.

  42. Making it to the Super Bowl means absolutely nothing if you don’t win it. Sean Payton gave ol’ Mr.Caldwell a lesson on how to finish a Super Bowl off correctly. That was the first time the great #18 tasted defeat to a great defense which seems to cause Peyton’s allergies to act up… He starts breaking out in turnovers and his throat will actually swell to the point he chokes away the trophy that means anything. Those MVP trophies would make for a better story if they were next to the Lombardi trophies he watched get earned by better TEAMS. I love the lions but that high powered offense doesn’t work in there division and definitely not the NFC as a whole really. Pad your stats fellas and make your way to the HOF on nothing more than records and numbers that have very little meaning when your wedding band is the only thing on your poor million dollar hands. Until I see a team completely dominate both sides of the ball consistently and successfully like the great Patriot teams of the past I’ll not have confidence in a team that puts all of its hope in the arm of a giraffe disguised as a pro quarterback who’s greatest accomplishment, (aka. his one and only Super Bowl victory), came on the shoulders of a great and borderline genius head coach, who knew when to take the ball out of the sheriffs hand when the moments weighed too hard and put my money on the team that sweats bleeds and fights their way into the playoffs and battles week in and week out not for self gratification and ridiculous stats but for one common goal as a single unit and that’s to know the last game you won was the one that will build a bigger legacy than any statistic or outrageous record breaking performance ever could. I was really pulling for the Chargers to continue their roll of scrappy fights to continue, not only because I’m a Chargers fan but those guys in San Diego showed no quit up to that last whistle. If Calvin Johnson believes his Lions can do just that and fight for victory and not fantasy points then I’ll jump on that bandwagon when it starts rolling because as a high school football coach, that’s the mentality that need to be put in the youth and future of the sport itself or eventually the NFL along with college football, and eventually down to the high school and fundamental development levels of the sport into nothing more than glorified game of catch with no passion in it and we as fans and coaches should hold ourselves responsible for allowing the selfishness of a few to ruin something that’s beautiful when it’s played purely with heart. If only we could suit up 22 Phillip Rivers’ and Ray Lewis’ then we would be able to watch a game and know it’s all being left on the field for a greater purpose than to get the next biggest contract ever.. Coaches would love to have players like Rivers and Lewis or even a Favre for that matter to lead their team out to the gridiron because they know those select few will give there body and good health up to set an example for those players who need to be shown that as a pro athlete especially a football player that when you can sacrifice everything in you each snap for the person next to you and knowing with no doubt at all that he’s doing the same for you because that’s what you do as brothers. Story book over ladies and gentlemen, I need to stop before I get out of control and get fined by commissioner Goodell for improper use of a social media site. Lol til next time NFL fans.

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