Report: Andre Johnson wants a trade, four teams interested


Andre Johnson has already said he’s not sure he’ll show up for Texans training camp.

But what he really wants is to show up for someone else’s.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Johnson has told the Texans he wants to play elsewhere, and four teams are interested in making a move.

But to this point, the Texans haven’t budged, on money or location.

Johnson has already lost $1 million for not showing up this offseason, and he apparently asked the team for a chance to earn it back this year. As you might imagine, they said no.

For a guy about to turn 33, Johnson still has plenty to offer, but his contract makes a move tougher.

For one, the Texans would have to give in to what amounts to an offseason holdout. Plus, he’s due to make $10 million this year, meaning anyone who would trade for him would have to work out a new deal.

138 responses to “Report: Andre Johnson wants a trade, four teams interested

  1. He has paid his dues and deserves a shot to be on a contending team. He has Fitz attempting to throw the ball to him, I mean come on! I could see him in New England. Ryan Mallet and a 3rd or 4th round pick for Johnson.

  2. The only fun thing to do with this guy is to send him to San Fran to team up with Crabtree and watch them go at it with Sherman.

  3. As John McClain with the Houston Chronicle always says; “when a player says it’s not about the money, trust me, it’s about the money”.

  4. Imagine losing $1 million…

    Think about that. Let it sink in.

    He voluntarily gave up $1 million.

  5. The Minnesota Vikings won’t be one of the four teams.

    We already have a top 3 WR core.

    1. Greg Jennings – 3 time pro bowler, #1 WR in Super Bowl win.
    2. Cordarrelle Patterson – Pro Bowl as a rookie, lead the league in TD’s in the last 8 games he started.
    3. Jerome Simpson – Has #1 WR potential with elite athleticism.
    4. Jarius Wright – Completely burned Richard Sherman for 2 TDs in a game with Christian Ponder at QB.
    5. Kyle Rudolph – Pro Bowl MVP, very high upside with a solid QB.

    We don’t need anyone else to compete for a Super Bowl.

  6. I doubt they could get him under the cap, but Andre Johnson in Chicago would be extremely fun to watch. Marshall, Jeffries and Johnson would be devestating.

  7. You gotta do the guy a solid and trade him. You’ll get good compensation for him and it’s the right thing to do. Some team out there has enough money to take Johnson and be happy about it.

    It’s kind of insulting to keep him around for the Ryan Fitzpatrick era. That’s not a knock on Fitzpatrick at all… he’s solid backup material for sure, but he’s not the long term solution and it’s clear that the Texans will probably look for their QB in R1 of next year’s QB-heavy class. By that time, Johnson will be 34 and won’t want to wait ANOTHER year or two for that rookie to develop into a quality starter.

    Do him a solid and maybe he’ll come back a few years from now and retire as a Texan and all parties will be happy.

  8. 33 YEARS OLD?!? And someone wants to pay you 10 million?!? Be happy you aren’t an analyst on the NFL Network making 700K.

  9. Not sure what options he really has at this point. The Texans have been very good to Andre Johnson throughout his entire career, and have been willing to tear up his old contracts and re-negotiate higher salaries for him based on keeping him happy. Bob Mcnair has done all that he can to make sure that Andre is happy with his contract, even when the Texans had leverage to make him play out his contract at a lower rate than what he deserved. This is the reason he has a contract like this right now. The problem with trading him is that the Texans would take a big hit financially.

    So if he really wants out, perhaps there is something Andre will have to do to take a massive paycut.

  10. The problem in situations like this, of course, is that any team desperate enough to pay out for Andre’s services, is also likely in bad enough shape not be much more than a lateral move for him, quality-of-team wise.

    All of the real contenders already have their #1 WR in place and likely their #2 as well.

    The team who could use this guy above all others is Cleveland, but… well… you know…

  11. The Minnesota Vikings’ last five year playoff finishes:

    1. 2013: 5-10-1; failed to make the playoffs.
    2. 2012: 10-6; lost wild card playoff.
    3. 2011: 3-13; failed to make the playoffs.
    4. 2010: 6-10; failed to make the playoffs.
    5. 2009: 12-4; lost NFC Championship game in a dismal OT effort.

    Franchise history number of Super Bowl wins: ZERO.


  12. The first two games Keenum had with Andre resulted in 5 touchdowns to him. Houston was decimated by injuries keeping the defense from stopping opponents. The Texans will be a contender this year is my guess.

    Andre will likely stick in Houston and have another great season and probably see the playoffs.

  13. I know how the Browns could create some quick cap room…and there probably is no other team that has a greater need for a “dependable” All-Pro WR. Just saying…but yes, anyone but New England, please.

  14. Wait, so he voluntarily looses $1m knowing full well, and then he goes back asking his team if he can make it up. Boy, these guys i tell you, reminds me of the kids i used to teach.

  15. With Fitz-Magic at QB, and I’m sure Arian Foster will b hurt by the start of the season, and now with Andre wanting out….it should b real fun to watch the Texans offense this yr!!

  16. “We don’t need anyone else to compete for a Super Bowl.”

    Because all your receivers throw better than any qb you have on your roster.

  17. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay him $10 million in a trade. He’s already lost a step and isn’t getting any younger.

  18. I think just about any team will MAKE cap space for Johnson. Panthers have to be all over this as well as the Ravens and a few others. I doubt that the Texans do anything and it is very possible that Johnson doesn’t play this year. I think the Texans owe a debt to Johnson who stuck around through some lean years and horrible Qb’s not to mention the contract restructuring to help the team. But there is no honor amongst thieves and when it comes to the almighty buck, owners try to rob every player they can while begging for them to restructure their contract every time they can’t meet the cap.

  19. I think at this point it’s not about the money he has plenty of that & more about a real shot at winning a title!!!!
    So with that said welcome to New England Mr. Johnson…

  20. Maybe Harbaugh will really try to push to back up that 5 # 1’s comment from 2 years ago LOL. All kidding aside just don’t be the hawks.

  21. Whats with all this New England talk? Maybe it’s because they have been so-so for so long but do they even still play in the NFL?

  22. If he winds up in NOLA, that’s a wrap…prediction: SAINTS over SEAHAWKS in NFCCG.

  23. I hope the Texans stand pat and all.

    If he refuses to play, well, he doesn’t get paid, plus the contract year is pushed out.

    If he retired, well, he retires, doesn’t make money. If he decides to come back, the Texans still have rights to him if they want.

    The Texans are rebuilding…so doesn’t matter much if he plays or not – and they don’t need the cap room right now, so I say they should sit on him and force his hand.

  24. It’s gonna be AWESOME when he’s traded to The Patriots and this site absolutely blows up with anger! Hee hee……

  25. Hate to say this, but my money’s on New England. Ryan Mallet ends up in Houston, which gives Jimmy Garappolo the odds on favorite to eventually replace Brady.

    Tom Brady to Andre Johnson? Dream come true for both players.

  26. New England is the obvious team and are well placed for a Super Bowl run. However both Cleveland and Carolina are in big need at the position. You know that Belichick will not overpay but maybe Andre would appreciate a superior quality QB and Coach. Cleveland may be desperate with Josh Gordon likely out for an extended period.

  27. Andre is a yards machine, not a touchdown machine. He has as much to do with the Texans losing as anyone else on the team. The Texans renegotiated his contracts when they didn’t have to in order to make him happy. Many great players never win a championship or even make it to the big dance. Andre is proving that underneath his quiet demeanor is a sulking, fingerpointer. What happens if they trade him to another team and he still doesn’t win? Then what? Dude needs to suck it up and honor the contract the Texans renegotiated just for him.

  28. Are those 4 teams in Europe? At 33, he can’t demand top money. If he wants to play for a contender, then he’ll play for 1/2 his salary.

    Panthers must stay away. I know it’s tempting to add another guy double-dipping, getting a salary while also collecting social security, but noway Gettleman – please!

  29. I almost have myself a seizure from laughing so hard about Jerome Simpson being a #1 receiver. FYI Jerome Simpson could not be a #1 receiver on any cfl team, maybe an arena football team…maybe, do they still have that league

  30. Let him walk man. He’s done everything for the city and the team. With a new regime in place it’s time to turn the page.

    Good luck Dre, and thanks for all you’ve done here.

    All off H-town

  31. Really two things would have to happen for New England to work:

    1. I’m sure the Patriots aren’t offering what the Texans want for him. So unless the Texans blink and think that Johnson is going to hold out for the season no matter what, they aren’t going to lower their price to what the Patriots would offer.

    2. No way New England pays a 33 year old receiver 10 million… They don’t have the cap space but even if they did only Mankins and Brady have cap figures over ten million. (Revis deal truly does but works with numbers against next season as well) He would have to take a huge pay cut.

  32. You guys are forgetting that his old coach (Kubiak) is now in B’more…but don’t know if they could swing that with limited cap space.

    But no matter waht you say about Flacco – he’s better than Shaub – and he can throw the bomb as well as anyone. I can picture it now…

  33. I really don’t see it happening in Oakland. Kinda goes against the M.O. for the current regime to sign a high profile guy to a huge contract. And don’t forget the animosity on the sidelines last year between him and Schaub.

  34. Agent: Good news!
    Johnson: What?
    Agent: We have interest from 4 football teams.
    Johnson: Great, let’s pick one!
    Agent: Oops, my bad, it’s 4 “futbol” teams.
    Johnson: DOH!

  35. I mean I don’t blame him, he’s had David Carr, Sage Rosenfels, Matt Schaub, TJ Yates and Case Keenum throwing to him and now he’s supposed to catch passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  36. LOL @ Raiders… you really think he would want to play with Schaub again? REALLY?

  37. Now onto a really important question: once Johnson goes to the Patriots, does that help or hurt the fantasy value of Julian Edelman?

  38. bmorepositive123 says:
    Jul 10, 2014 11:46 AM

    Philadelphia has all the cap room in the world. Pleaseeeee make this happen!
    Not a chance. Philly has plenty of young depth at the receiver position that they’d like to develop not to mention Shady, Sproles, Ertz, and Celek. I like Andre a lot, but Eagles won’t be trading assets to acquire another receiver.

  39. First of all, why would the Texans want to trade him to a team of his choice. I see a lot of “why would he want to play there?” Since he is putting the Texans in such a hard place with this, why should they feel obliged to send him somewhere perfect? They will go with the best offer.

  40. A. Johnson has not ask for a trade. Not sure where the report ( if you want to call him or her that ) is getting their information but it is total false.

    He said he was not coming to OTA and he didn’t. Never have I heard him say I want to be trade

  41. The Rams have no cap space since their Courtland Finnegan rebate from Miami doesn’t kick in until next year, but Johnson would be a massive upgrade for their receiving corps. Sam Bradford should seriously consider renegotiating his contract just to get himself a real receiver for the first time in his NFL career.

  42. He wants to leave to go to a contender. That rules out the Raiders. I don’t think the Texans should deal him to the Patriots because they are in the AFC. I think he should go to the NFC. The Packers, Rams, Panthers, and Eagles all make sense.

  43. I’m going to laugh at the irony if they trade him straight-up for their new starting quarterback.

  44. If he wants to play for a contender why on earth would he want to go to the Raiders and Matt Schuab?

  45. Only way BB makes this work to fit under the cap…

    BB trades Mallet and Logan Mankins for Andre.


    BB trades Mallet & ______ for Andre. And Brady re-works his contract and extends it for another 2/3 years.

  46. What about Andre Johnson and Case Keenum to New England for Ryan Mallett, Danny Amendola, and a mid-round draft pick?

  47. Laughing at the KC fans that think he would be a good addition. I guess one overpaid & underacheiving WR isn’t enough.

  48. Perspective here:
    Someone posted “Do him a Solid”. If it were that simple, meaning there was one or two teams he expressed to the Texans he would have interest in, that on the surface is a “solid” for Andre. The Texans would still have dead money and be losing their best offensive weapon. A position they did not upgrade in the draft because they had no clue he wanted out (because he never expressed this pre-draft) and they drafted Hopkins last year. With that, they would be losing an exceptional known commodity for draft picks and unless someone is willing to give them a receiver that is a step below…They would be OVERTLY tanking on this season. While the perspective of doing right by the guy that has done so much for the organization is a good point fundamentally…they already have.

    Understand what this is truly about: Money & security for an aging HOF’er, and to a much lesser extent…having the chance to play for a ring. How anyone can’t see this is beyond me. He held out of camp to force the Texans to restructure his contract, wanted more guaranteed money as he understands he is getting older and they conceivably could cut him after this year. That did not work, they did not budge. After he missed Mandatory minicamp; he communicates to the Texans, I will be there for training camp but I want the $1mil back I just lost due to not showing. Texans response: Nope. They are right, BTW. He is such a respected leader on the team and with a new regime, new offensive scheme-this was simply not the time to make it about “me”. Then and only then, does he announce he wants to be traded. Why?
    This started with bad advice, uncle Meltie telling Andre to hold out and get a better contract with more guaranteed money (a pattern the Texans have caved to twice before, in the middle of existing contracts his uncle advised him on and he agreed to, which would be doing him a “solid”, making him the highest paid receiver at the time of his last signing). They have restructured his contract twice since, basically giving him money upfront that would have been back loaded, in the form of signing bonuses for cap space. I’m a Texans fan and one of Andre’s biggest fans thru the years…but this is so out of character & misguided. There are no guarantees in the NFL.
    He demands to be traded to a contender? The Texans were touted as “Superbowl contenders” last year. We saw what happened. In general, a lot of luck (lack of injuries to key players) and timing (getting hot going into the playoffs) plays a huge role in the eventual SB victor. I’d have more respect for him if he openly said what this was truly about and if the two sides could not agree, then I’d be all for getting what they can for him and sending him to a team that pays more guaranteed money to the man.
    My hope, in lieu of how he approached this, they do absolutely nothing. They can’t get in return what he means for them now and he is under contract. Let him sit on the couch and get paid, (minus all the fines for not playing) and send the message of what being under contract means. Retain his rights until his contract expires as there will be dead money for the next two years anyway. By that time, he will be 35 at the start of that season- let’s him see what his market is. There are no “opt out clauses” like the NBA. He is under contract and apparently does not want to do a “solid” and actually fulfill it…while leaving the Texans with little bargaining chips compared to if he made this clear prior to the draft.
    From where I stand, he is being extremely selfish, hurting the team that made him the highest paid receiver; all for a better deal (disguised as “tired of losing”) while STILL being the highest paid player on the team.
    Oh yeah, and he has zero leverage. This was definitely not well thought out. Love his skills, lost some respect.

  49. I’ll be somewhat surprise if the Denver Broncos are not one of the four teams that is interested in the services of Andre Johnson.

  50. steelerben says:
    Jul 10, 2014 11:53 AM
    I doubt they could get him under the cap, but Andre Johnson in Chicago would be extremely fun to watch. Marshall, Jeffries and Johnson would be devestating.

    —————————————————-It’s Jeffrey.

  51. Let him sit. This whole ’employee calling the shots’ thing is out of control in sports.
    Way too much ego and sense of entitlement.

  52. For all those that say, “Makes sense…look at who his QB’s have been”. There are 5-6 elite QB’s in the league. Up until last year, Schaub was in that second tier. I’m a fan and trust me, I get him being frustrated as the fans watched the meltdown weekly last year. Pretty sure alcoholism was on the rise in H-Town last fall.
    Again though, watch his actions and they tell the story. The primary & secondary reasons for this are not about wanting to play for a contender. Any player is at the mercy of the team when under contract. Andre is smart enough to know his approach (going public VS keeping it in-house) has made this a lot more contentious.
    If this was about not wanting to start over- this would have been expressed behind closed doors, prior to the draft. You can bet the Texans would have obliged. It is well documented the Texans wanted as many draft picks they could get with the new regime.

    Andre wants more guaranteed money. That is all this is. Going public was a scare tactic, thinking they would rework his deal.

  53. He will return to Cleveland. He owes it to the fans to bring them a champio… WAIT, who are we talking about?

  54. Mallet, Amendola, Thompkins & a 3rd for Johnson…& throw in Brandon Bolden so Texans have a back up RB


  55. I can’t believe Andre is being such an A-Hole. He hasn’t even given the Texans new coaching staff a chance to prove themselves. The Texans will be much improved with a healthy Foster and what could be a devastating D. I say the Texans will win at least 9 games this season. Trade him away for a 1st rd pick and continue to build for a Championship in 3 years. Johnson should be thanking God Kubiak is gone. Go Texans!

  56. OK so let e get this straight –

    Brown fans actually think A wants to play with RB Manziel??? Not gonna happen Hoyer Maybe Manziel Nope

    Vikings – really if AJ wanted to stay with a crappy QB he might as well just stay in Houston.

    Raiders fans think he wants reunite with Schaub? Nope and they are still only the 4th best team in that division with no shot at the Playoffs.

    Jests – Have no QB no shot at Playoffs

    Cowboys – Someone said it best they couldn’t put cheese on a burger they are so cash strapped. Also no defense.

    Ravens – Hasn’t he already played with a schaub type QB. BTW they have no money.

    Chicago – Sorry I’d take Marshal and Jeffey over him at this point, and they need Defense not aging WR

    Chiefs – See Raiders and Ravens, Alex smith is a mirror image of those two nope.

    Dolphins don’t see that happening they already overpaid for a WR and that hasn’t worked out.

    Philly – Interesting. Yes they have money but not sure they would be willing to pay the money or give up any thing of value to the Texans. They need all the picks they can get to draft a defense.

    Saints would be interesting but they are about to shell out 10 mill to Jimmy, and I can’t see them paying that much for AJ

    New England – interesting but I don’t see it for 2 reasons
    1. Al Davis is dead and the Pats don’t get the raiders #1 pick for a second string water boy every year.
    2. They are not going to pay him 10 mill and probably won’t pay him more than 4-5 mill which would probably be the least amount that AJ would play for.

    IN the end I believe he will sit tight and make 10 mill a year playing with Fitz and bitch about not winning a super Bowl. I personally don’t think he has the numbers to make the HOF, I don’t think the Texans are going to win a Super Bowl anytime before the Falcons so AJ might as well make the money while he can.

  57. Seattle has a little money left and Carroll and Schneider are not all that shy about trading away picks. But with Russell Wilson’s contract coming up, I’d be very surprised if a deal can be reached with Andre Johnson, let alone anything the Texans would be happy with in trade.

  58. kissbillsrings says:
    Jul 10, 2014 3:17 PM
    Mallet, Amendola, Thompkins & a 3rd for Johnson…& throw in Brandon Bolden so Texans have a back up RB


    BEST OPTION I’ve heard yet.

    New England has what Texans do not…A tradable QB, low cost for a year…and 2 wide receivers who will play for them.

    Johnson to NE would mean same thing as 2007, almost unable to defend them, as their run game very underrated, and their passing game to RB’s as good as it gets.

    jets would enjoy that one.

  59. Alot of these comments people seem to forget trading Johnson isn’t that easy for the will also cause them a huge cap hit and 10 million in dead money..why would they wanna strap themselves in the process to help a player who is things difficult for them right now? I’m a cane fan and respect AJ.texans have been good to him and taken care of him when he wanted more though he needs to realize one person is not bigger than the team. I just hope he realizes alot of good war’s have left to go and try a different win a ring and it didn’t work out well…ask Chad Johnson and Terrell never saw hof’s like Marino and Barry sanders leave..He is killing his legacy now by acting get out of character like this..ask so why would the texans strap them self with cap hit n dead money just to get Ryan mallett???? It isn’t gonna happen pats fans and Raiturds fans Johnson and Schaub don’t get along they almost came to blows on sideline last year Schaub and johnson….

  60. 53 man roster with 10M going to a receiver? ummmmm I pray that anyone in the AFC North pick him up EXCEPT the Steelers cuz we don’t piss money up against the wall… right Mr. Wallace???? hahahahahhahahahaha!

  61. I’d actually like to see him in New England, he has earned the cred to play for a bona fide quarterback and legitimate Super Bowl contender. If you are a true football fan and sportsman you have to kind of want to see how nice it’ll be to see Brady and Johnson in tandem.

  62. Can’t really blame him. The Texans needed a qb and they drafted J. Clowney instead. He was thinking may be Bortles or Manziel will be throwing the ball to him, but instead it will be journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  63. I really want him to come to the Dolphins; however, as nice as it would be to imagine Ryan Tannehill – in his 3rd year – being able to have Mike Wallace and Andre Johnson, there’s still major concern on the offensive line…Would he even have enough time during the season to even be able to find these receivers? If Miami’s offensive line could improve, the idea of this would definitely be very interesting…

  64. @thepftpoet LMAO at Superbowl contenders!!!
    The Queens don’t have a shot!!! Da Bears!!! We have the best WR core in the league and everyone will see this year son! the Queens will be lucky to e in 3rd place this year.

  65. I don’t know what they’re supposed to do to make this guy happy. Trading him isn’t really an option for them as far as I can tell. It’s too bad really. I would like to see him get to play for someone that he wants to considering the loyalty he has shown up until this point.

    That said, I think the Texas could be really good this year. Yeah, the QB situation is a nightmare but they have a really good option at the #2 with DeAndre and that defense should be nasty. He may want to think about sticking around.

  66. Baltimore is $4.99 under the salary cap (thanks Flaccid), so let’s just gently remove them from any conversation regarding a $10M/yr WR. They already signed their annual 34yr old undersized WR FA this offseason.

  67. @theravenmaniac who says:
    Jul 10, 2014 11:53 AM
    “So I’m guessing the 4 teams interested are the Patriots, Jets, Raiders, and Browns. Survey says……..”

    Carolina Panthers!

  68. Outside chance? St Louis Rams. Think, young playoff ready teams, with young QBs. Who need Wide out help to get them over the hump. That’s Sam Bradford and Cam Newton IMO. And they have the kind of assets and draft picks that would be interesting to the Texans. I don’ t believe Houston will trade Andre in the AFC either.

  69. If this was an International Intrasposrt Draft, this is who i’d pick:
    1)Andre Johnson
    2) Lionel Messi
    3) Lebron James
    4) Sidney Crosby…

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