Report: Jeffrey Gundlach interested in buying Bills

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Prospective Bills buyers have until July 29 to formally express interest in making a bid to purchase the team and a Los Angeles-based investor with Buffalo roots may be part of the mix.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of DoubleLine Capital in Los Angeles, is exploring the opportunity. Graham also reports that Gundlach has reached out to Bills icon Jim Kelly about becoming part of the team’s ownership group.

Gundlach’s company had no comment, but he has talked about the future of the Bills in the past. Gundlach previously expressed an interest in buying the Bills a few years ago and made a point of saying that part of the reason for his interest in ownership was to ensure that the team remained in Buffalo for the long term.

“I think it would be a tragedy to have the Bills go to some random city and be called, you know, the L.A. Multitude or whatever the hell they’d call it,” Gundlach said. “I want them to be the Buffalo Bills. I want Buffalo to receive a championship one of these days.”

Donald Trump, Tom Golisano, Terry Pegula and a Toronto-based group that includes Jon Bon Jovi are other parties linked to bids on the Bills.

12 responses to “Report: Jeffrey Gundlach interested in buying Bills

  1. The LA Multitude? Is that seriously a consideration for a name? Seems like an odd choice to pull out of thin air.

    LA Legion could be a decent name, though. Make the mascot a zombie.

  2. So far every potential ownership group has stated their intention to keep the team in Buffalo.

    I’ll take the one least likely to renege on that promise after 6 years.

  3. Buffalo is the ONLY New York NFL team, and Mr. Trump is a New York guy, so it makes sense that he be involved.

    Bon Poser is a Jersey guy, he’d be all about moving the team but he’ll never say that.

    Trump wouldn’t be a Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder type owner, he’s a businessman and would hire the best football people available and let them run the team.

    I’m fine with anyone owning the team…as long as they aren’t democrat liberals.

  4. Bills are staying right here in Buffalo.

    Between Gunhdlach, Galisano and Pegula you have 3 buyers/owners that have cash, stability and the commitment to keep the Bills in Buffalo. Now is when the potential buyers are whittled down to those that are serious and those that are living on a prayer.

  5. I am inclined to believe this guy. The la based part was concerning. But if he is reaching out to Jim Kelly to be in on it, I’m guessing he is serious about being in buffalo. Jim is the biggest supporter of keeping the team in WNY and I can’t believe anyone would ask him to be a part (especially right now) if they didn’t mean honestly that the team would stay put.

  6. @joetoronto: It’s real simple, the highest bid wins.
    Not quite, league rules state that 24 of the 31 remaining owners need to approve of the deal.
    It appears there will be numerous offers for the Bills with plans to keep them in Buffalo. No chance this teams ends up in Toronto. No viable stadium to plan in. PSL’s in Toronto would NOT fly. The Bills would be a lame duck franchise for years in Buffalo before moving. Terrible support for the CFL and Bills in Toronto series. The NFL owners don’t need the headache of Toronto.

  7. The Bills are the only thing that give the residents of Buffalo any sense of self-worth or identity. If you take that from them they will have absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

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