Report: Texans propose to demolish Astrodome


The Houston Texans would reportedly like to turn the old home of the Houston Oilers into a large open space.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Texans and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have proposed knocking down the Astrodome, leaving an outdoor space to be used for a variety of events, including concerts. The proposed changes would cost $66 million, per the Chronicle.

The Astrodome is adjacent to NRG Stadium (formerly Reliant Stadium), the home of the Texans.

The Oilers played in the now-condemned Astrodome from 1968 through 1996.

According to the Chronicle, any decision on the future of the dome would fall to the Harris County (Tx.) Commissioners Court.

44 responses to “Report: Texans propose to demolish Astrodome

  1. Pack it up and ship it to New Orleans–right down ole Interstate 10. The Astrodome would be an upgrade, plus the lights won’t go out every 20 minutes because it’s squirrel mating season 3 blocks away.

  2. Wasn’t the Astrodome added to the registry of historic landmarks a few months ago? Seems like that may make any demolition a bit difficult?

    Either way, kind of a shame what a toilet the place has been allowed to become. So many plans were out there to do something incorporating the original structure (hotel, shopping area, etc). Anybody know if these never got off the ground simply due to lack of funding or was there some bureaucratic nonsense going on?

  3. The Texans want to tear down a building that they don’t own or have any rights to. And they probably don’t want to share in the costs either.

  4. They knocked Yankee Stadium. They remodeled Soldier Field so dramatically that it lost it historic landmark status. Point is, NO structure is immune from the wrecking ball.

  5. Andre Johnson will be missed! I am a Houston football freak, that being said….What do ya’ll care what we do with the Dome? As far as Commander and chief is concerned….we could house El Salvadorian children there that get free health care while my kids and grandkids sit in an ER that will over charge me later!!!Bigger fish people.
    Oh yeah…Texans will be great no matter what!

  6. that place is legendary wth is wrong with people leave it alone RENOVATE AND REBUILD IT
    you still play football there let HS TEAMS USE IT OR LET THE TEXANS BUY

  7. queenlivekillers says:
    Jul 10, 2014 9:00 PM
    66 million to tear it down?!? Why not keep it? Renovate for half the cost.


    I highly doubt renovating the Astrodome would be $33M. Otherwise, they probably would have done it by now. In the grand scheme of things, that’s just not much.

    If it’s just sitting there rotting, they may as well put the land to use. If the Texans offer to put up some capital to make it happen, it’s a win-win for the team, rodeo group, and the city.

  8. Isn’t that place full of asbestos? Knowing what the Texas environmental regulation climate is, I don’t think I’d be frequenting this “outdoor space” if I value my lung tissue.

  9. Their is no way anyone should be allowed to demolish the Astrodome, it should be designated a historical monument. But since it’s Texas, all they care about is making a buck, so expect it to be gone soon. I’m amazed they haven’t knocked down the Alamo and built a WalMart over it.

  10. Its rat infested, asbestos lined, lower level flooded crap. It needs to be removed, but some people cant stand getting rid of their landmark. Every year the cost of taking it down properly goes up by 5-10M. No viable plan has come forward to convert it to another purpose. Time to say goodbye and remove it.

  11. Astrodome only made onto registry of historic places. Which only deems it is worthy of preservation. But doesn’t prevent or present any real hurdle to tearing it down. Earning landmark status however would make it harder to tear down.

    It costed the Houston Rockets $15 million to upgrade wifi and install new giant video screen back in 2012. This thing was built in the 1960s. Do you really think renovating and bring up to modern code would be just $33 million?

    Anyways there was plan put up for vote, $200 million convert it to a convention center. it failed to pass.

  12. packerfansareinbred says:
    Jul 10, 2014 8:51 PM

    The Astrodome.. Still better than that dump in Green Bay.

    I think you are thinking of the old Metrodome. Any place with a trough IS A DUMP.

  13. If you can tear down Yankee Stadium, then you can tear down any old stadium.

    I’m sure they’d be able to sell off quite a bit of the fixtures like other old stadiums have done. That will raise a few million.

    It will still cost to tear down but it’s better to have a venue producing revenue than an abandoned building.

    Then again, Texas may have to save their money to take care of some uninvited guests.

  14. There has to be a better use for these old stadiums. Astrodome, Solverdome, RCA, the one in San Antonio, ect, such renovations would be cheaper than creating brand new giant structures

  15. Maybe they could house the illegal immigrants there?

    Nah… they will get hotels and EBT.


    Income Tax Payers

  16. Who else thinks those cushioned seats should be built into new stadiums? Genius. This time make it so you can’t stash needles in them though.

  17. fordmandalay says:

    But since it’s Texas, all they care about is making a buck, so expect it to be gone soon. I’m amazed they haven’t knocked down the Alamo and built a WalMart over it.

    But being an obvious liberal, I wonder what your view is on Yankee stadium in New York being demolished.


    I accidentally reported that when I went to hit ‘like’. My bad.

    Great Bad News Bears reference!

  19. tk429 says:
    Jul 11, 2014 9:51 AM


    I accidentally reported that when I went to hit ‘like’. My bad.

    Great Bad News Bears reference!

    Thanks! I wish they would move the Report button, I have hit by mistake also!

  20. Now that Bud Adams is dead, the NFL should do the right thing like happened in the NBA with the Hornets…give the Oilers name and colors back to Houston.

  21. tk429 says: Jul 11, 2014 8:44 AM

    Holy hell, the Astrodome is still standing?!?! For who? For what?

    My thoughts exactly. I honestly thought it was torn down 20 years ago.

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