Taking a look at the teams that would, could, should be interested in Andre Johnson


When reports link a player to multiple unnamed teams, there’s a good chance there aren’t as many unnamed teams as reported.  Or any.

But let’s suspend disbelief for now and assume at least four NFL franchise would be interested in giving up one or more draft picks for a 33-year-old receiver due to make $10 million this year and $11.5 million in 2015.  Who would, could, should those teams be?

The Browns.

Johnson knows the Kyle Shanahan offense, and the Browns will lack a true No. 1 wideout, if/when (when) Josh Gordon receives his latest suspension.  They also have a first-round pick to spare in 2015, thanks to the Sammy Watkins trade.  (Whether Johnson is worth a first-round pick in 2015 is a different issue, on par with whether he’s worth $20.5 million over the next two years.)

The Ravens.

Baltimore has plenty of pass-catchers, but they don’t seem to be thrilled with the group as a whole.  With former Texans coach Gary Kubiak now coordinating the Baltimore offense, Kubiak could be making the case for making the move.  But they’d probably have to be willing to ship someone like Torrey Smith to Houston in order to get Johnson — and that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

The Falcons.

How about a straight-up trade of Andre Johnson for Roddy White?  While it’s debatable whether White and Julio Jones provide the best one-two punch at receiver in the NFL, Johnson and Jones would definitely push the Falcons to the top of the league.  The possibility has to at least be tempting for G.M. Thomas Dimitroff, who seems to be trying to strike the right balance between the goal of building for the long haul with the importance of trying to win now.

The Patriots.

They definitely need a clear-cut No. 1 receiver.  And before anyone says it would be out of character for the Patriots to make a move for Johnson, would it really be?  They’ve traded in past years for guys like Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, and Albert Haynesworth.  The question would be whether the Pats can do a deal that they believe to be a good deal for the Patriots.  If the trade package includes quarterback Ryan Mallett, who will undoubtedly leave via free agency in 2015, it could be a win for everyone.

The Panthers.

They clearly need a good pass-catcher.  But it wouldn’t be easy to muster the cap space.

The Chargers.

Pairing Johnson with Keenan Allen would give Philip Rivers the kind of weapons he needs to get the most out of the back nine of his NFL career.

The Chiefs.

We’ve previously heard they’d be interested in trading for Johnson, but the price would have to be right.  Maybe they’d be willing to ship Dwayne Bowe to Houston, but the cap consequences could be untenable.

The Rams.

They’ve invested plenty of draft picks in recent years to the receiver position.  Why not devote a couple of future selection for a guy who would help get the most out of quarterback Sam Bradford?  With Johnson and Tavon Austin and a smattering of players that inevitably has to include a guy or two who will step up (Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey, etc.), the Rams could be ready to make a serious run at the top of the division — especially with a defense that is on the verge of being one of the best in the league.

60 responses to “Taking a look at the teams that would, could, should be interested in Andre Johnson

  1. Browns SHOULD be all over this. He would bring Veteran leadership into the locker room.

  2. No one on this planet thinks it would be out of character for the Patriots to trade for Andre Johnson.

  3. Ryan Mallett’s NFL career has been outstanding. I can assure you if the Texans had interest it would already have been done.

  4. Never will the Ravens trade Torrey Smith, a young receiver for a two year guy at best. Yes, the Ravens should be interested and yes Andre Johnson is a great player but Ozzie has never and will never trade the future for a short term solution, especially in the first year of a new offense that may not be able to protect Flacco long enough to throw the ball to Johnson.

  5. I’d guess a third or a fourth, plus a renegotiation down from that high salary.

    No way any team is giving up either a 1st or $10 mil for him at this point in his career.

  6. While I would love having Johnson paired with Allen. There’s now way the Chargers have the cap room for that move this year.

  7. .
    It’s possible that first year coach Bill Obrien wanted to get a look at his players in mini camp before making any deal for Johnson. However, with the Patriots taking a QB in the draft, and Obrien having been Mallets rookie OC, a deal involving him makes sense.

  8. I think the Patriots make the most sense. You’re talking about a guy that has maybe a two-year window, tops. So I think the best match would be a team with a legit chance at a title over that span.

  9. The Rams, huh? … Interesting.

    It’s certainly true that, more than any other coach on your list, the Rams’ Jeff Fisher knows what Andre Johnson can do. … While he was in Tennessee, Fisher saw his defenses destroyed twice a year by the guy.

  10. No one is going to give up much for Andre Johnson anymore and almost certainly not a starter. Player for player trades happen but they are pretty rare in the NFL and even more rare for a player how is in the twilight of his career and has a history of hamstring problems. I don’t see anyone wanting to give up more than a 3rd round pick for him. He was a great WR, one of the best of his generation, but in the NFL old legs aren’t in high demand and you won’t see a ton of teams knocking on the door to bring him in. WRs can be found in late rounds of the draft.

  11. I think the Pats make the most sense here. These young teams shouldn’t even consider him. No need to put a guy on your roster who shows the others if you don’t like the team your on, just quit. In his case I understand his position and am marginally sympathetic. I could see the Browns making a play, and it would be foolish if they do.

  12. The Ravens might be interested as far as talent goes, but they don’t exactly have a ton of room left under the cap so logistically it makes no sense and there is no way in the world they would trade Torrey Smith.

    I mean, if you are looking at pure talent with no other strings attached, every freaking team in the NFL should be interested.

  13. There is no reason Atlanta would trade White for Johnson. White came on strong at the end of last season, he has great chemistry with Ryan, and he has always stated that he wants to be a Falcon for life. Plus, look at the cap hit. White is more than $4M cheaper than Johnson.

    It makes zero sense.

  14. What about Andre Johnson and Case Keenum to New England for Ryan Mallett, Danny Amendola, and a mid-round draft pick?

  15. Sorry not the Chiefs, they already have an overpaid underacheiving #1 WR why would they want an old, overpaid WR? Sounds like Johnson is bound for Oakland. They like old guys.

  16. Does anybody know what soured Andre Johnson on the Texans? Just not winning enough? A terrible year last year?

    Would he only be willing to go to a top tier team with a good shot at a deep Super Bowl run?

  17. How will the Pats pay for him? The Patriots don’t have much cap space but it seems the media always ignores that whenever it comes to well known players they could use. Fans also seem to ignore this.

    I suppose he may take a pay cut or they would work out a deal that is a low cap figure this season and much higher next yet I thought their 2015 cap number is also pretty high.

    I do agree he’d probably be a solid fit there given his age and them being in win now mode. I wonder how well they’d use him.

  18. enoughofthatalready says:
    Jul 10, 2014 12:45 PM
    Welcome to New England where you will get to play with the greatest quarterback of all time

    Since when did Joe Montana join the New England Patriots?

    Joe Montana had greater talent around him. But Tom Brady has done more with far less. Its ok to hate on the greatest quarterback

  19. The Browns have the cap space and the need, but they’re too cheap to pull that big of a trigger. I think he’d do the team a bunch of good, too. Sorry Browns fans, the hits just keep on comin’.

  20. Pats are notorious for under paying wide recievers so I don’t think it makes (cents) for Johnson in that respect. Cleveland makes sense from both a need and cap space available. Johnson wants a ring though so he may be willing to take a reasonable pay cut to play with a contender with an experienced quarterback. Guess it depends on what is most important to Andre Johnson at this point. A ring, money or a legit shot at both?? Rams or Pats make the most sense to me if I’m Andre.

  21. Would never happen due to their conservative nature, but Cincy makes a lot of sense. They have the cap flexibility and their window is right now so can absorb a 2-3 yr contract for a player who would be a true second option to Green. Also, with the expectation of gaining a possible 3rd round compensatory pick for loss of Michael Johnson, they could deal their own 3rd for Andre Johnson.

  22. Of the listed teams, three make the most sense but only one truly stands out to me.

    He goes to Cleveland to do what, lose for another 2 years and retire? Same thing with the Rams. I hate the Pats but they make the most sense by far.

    He can have 2 solid years with a Hall of Fame quarterback, and in that division New England could pretty much lock up the number 1 seed. Heck, he might even get 3 years of use if paired with a high caliber QB.

  23. If you can get him for a 4th-7th round pick fine. He is not worth a 1st-3rd round pick at his age.

  24. As a Pats fan I’d trade Mallet & Amendola for Johnson & a 3rd rounder…maybe even throw in Kembrel Thomkins to boot…that clears cap space & helps the Texans in areas of need

  25. Hey, he is in the age of a decline and even though his effort doesn’t show it he is. Toward the end of the season he was dropping everything and looks just beat up beyond belief. As a texans fan I send gratitude toward Andre and all he as done but with his decision the texans should let him go. We suck, face it. And with a new coaching staff they have no ties to him. He has been remarkable over the years but his stats were dumbed down majorly over the years with Matt Schaub. I remember against the colts he has no safety behind him but he still turned around and ran 15 yards to jump over the corner and still made a touchdown. Andre deserves a better team and deserves a championship but with the management here he will never get there. I love Andre. I have his first year jersey and all of his pro bowl jerseys but if I doesn’t want to be here why force him? He’s a great athlete and has been a force for this franchise that no other team has had. Let him leave on a positive not and get stuff for him. Better to see him leave now and get a pick/player than let him leave when he sucks

  26. correction to earlier post…
    Pats give up Mallet, Amendola, Thompkins & a 3rd rounder for Andre….
    works well for both teams money wise & personal wise

  27. Joe Montana had greater talent around him. But Tom Brady has done more with far less. Its ok to hate on the greatest quarterback

    Tom Brady had talent around him when he was winning Super Bowls and he had some talent when he lost 2 to the Giants.

  28. Why would any team not in contention deal for AJ? Wouldn’t it be the exact same scenario? Sounds like it’s a contender or bust for Johnson. So basically the Pathers or the Patriots.

  29. With this new defense in new england..adding andre johnson would most likely make them the favorites in the afc. do it..do it do it

  30. If he really is looking for a shot at a title then there are really only a couple of choices! New England, Atlanta, and the Panthers. Everyone else on this list are pretenders. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Eagles make a play for him as well, after losing Jackson. That too would make sense.

  31. I just read a big article about Johnson and Shaub linking up in Oakland. Either way, we will see.

  32. I can see Dimitroff bringing this guy in for a third.

    Pairing him with Roddy (who will move to the slot) Julio and Andre would create “a logistical nightmare” for defenses.

    And with their defense, they’ll need to score 49 a game to be competitive… And TD knows it.

  33. Browns…….Trade Johnny Football for Andre Johnson……. one team’s problem for another team’s problem!!!

  34. I’m sure he want’s to go to a winning team with a good chance to go to a super bowl.

    He doesn’t want to go to some rebuilding scenario.

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