Texans come in 25th in our Preseason Power Rankings


The Texans could have filled their biggest need with the first pick in the NFL Draft.

Instead, they took the best player.

The Texans may have created one of the NFL’s most dangerous defenses by choosing South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney, but they also left themselves with plenty of uncertainty.

Largely because they lack a stable quarterback, they’re slotted at No. 25 in our Preseason Power Rankings (you can read the full preview by clicking right here).

If they can get even moderate play out of veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, they will be good enough on defense to be in the mix of an unsettled division.

You can weigh in on the poll below, and in the comments whether you think Fitzpatrick’s capable of that.

20 responses to “Texans come in 25th in our Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Taking who you think is the best player is the only way to draft. Over time GMs who keep drafting for need end up with a roster full of average football players.

  2. It’s usually best to take the best player. This draft was loaded with QBs and some good value choices, it would have been a reach to go so high for a QB this year given all the choices and another impressive group next year and plenty more where that came from. I still think the Jaguars should have traded down rather than stand pat and take Bortles at 3. Let’s see which of these 2 similarly ranked teams has a better season!

  3. I’ve been a Texans fan their entire existence but until they resolve their QB situation, I have to rank them below the Jags. Chad H is better than Ryan F and Gus Bradley may be one of the best young coaches in the NFL. Jags played well at the end of last season while I think Clowney will have a hard time adjusting to OLB.

  4. First year coach, no Quarterback, disgruntled receiver, injured RB. Why are they in front of Jacksonville and the Vikings?

  5. That is the worst team in America. Watt is good but overrated, Clowney won’t be great for two years if ever, and the offense has almost nothing.

  6. Are you guys just throwing darts? Good D.. Aging RB, best WR doesn’t want to play and the QB is a journeymen. I’m pretty sure you guys did a top 10 and just rolled the dice on the rest.

  7. I think it is highly debatable to consider Jadeveon Clowney the best player in this draft. I’m pretty sure at least a few players from the 1st round class of 2014 will wind up having better NFL careers than he does.

  8. Dumping Schaub was their best off-season move. Fitz may not be great, but as the Chiefs showed last year, getting rid of those turnover machines is half the battle.

    I know, I know, the faiders are gonna win the super bowl with Schaub at the helm, but that’s beside the point. LOL

  9. Wow 25th for the team who picked first in the draft with RB coming off injury back up running back signed with the browns , new very average Qb and a wideout who wants to traded , shows me how much they really Hate the Raiders !!

  10. We did not pick the best player in the draft. We picked the most over rated player. We will be awful this year. I hate our owner and GM.

  11. When O’Brien took over Penn State, his best RB and WR transferred out 2 weeks before the season started.

    He was left with walkon QB Matt McGloin, converted Fullback Zack Zwinnick as his RB, a converted LB and true freshman as his top 2 TEs, and a WR corps where nobody had started a game. Allen Robinson had never started a game.

    What happend was that converted LB led Big Ten TEs in receptions, Allen Robinson emerged as a star and the fullback had 1000 yards rushing. O’Brien won coach of the year.

    The Texans defense could be one of the best in the NFL if Clowney is just half as good as advertised.

    If O’Brien stitches together a middle of the pack offense, Houston can win the division with defense.

  12. This one seems like a completely reasonable ranking based on the qb situation. If someone does step up this team can climb quite a bit.

  13. In the AFC South with Houston at 25, Jacksonville at 29, and Tennessee at 30, that makes the Indianapolis Colts almost a sure thing for division championship and the playoffs.

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