Vince Young regrets his run-in with Jeff Fisher

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The Titans career of quarterback Vince Young ended in 2010, when an altercation between Young and former Titans coach Jeff Fisher ended with Young declaring, “I’m not running out on my teammates.  I’m running out on you.”  Young now realizes that, as a practical matter, his NFL career also ended in that moment.

“I definitely do regret getting into it with Coach Fisher down in Tennessee,” Young told In the Loop with Nick & Lopez of SportsRadio 610 in Houston.  “It kind of left a bad rap with me and the perception that I’m a bad guy.”

Young insists he’s not a bad guy (then again, how many bad guys admit it?).  But he said the reputation made it harder when he arrived in new cities.

“Once something gets out to one guy, it spreads like a virus,” Young said.  “When I was playing for different teams, the first thing is the perception they already have.”

It’s unclear how much that perception ultimately doomed Young in his handful of post-Tennessee stops.  He shot himself in the foot upon arriving in Philly, applying the ill-fated “Dream Team” label.  It didn’t get much better when he got a chance to play.

In Buffalo the next year, the Bills decided after spending plenty of offseason and preseason time with Young to move on, despite giving him a $350,000 signing bonus.

The Packers gave him a training-camp look-see last year, but he didn’t do enough in a short time frame to earn a roster spot.  The Browns let him show what he can do during the offseason, quickly opting to sever ties.

In past years, part of the problem seemed to be that Young wasn’t willing to embrace the role of a backup quarterback, stubbornly believing he was still good enough to start.  He spurned chances to play in Canada, either because he felt he was too good to play north of the border or because he was worried that maybe he wasn’t.

Regardless, it’s now finally over for Young.  And his permanent exit from football traces to his permanent exit from the Titans locker room.

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  1. “It’s not my fault. I regret getting into an altercation with Coach Fischer because, it left a bad rap on me.”

    How about, “I made a mistake, yet I couldn’t recover enough to quarterback the Eagles even when Vick was injured.”

  2. He wasn’t a bad guy just a guy with a bad attitude. People had to see the attitude change and they obv didn’t. If they do he may get another shot but it’s not something Young can fake.

  3. Good for Vince. It shows he is still growing as a person and that he is learning from past mistakes. Sometimes lessons need to be painful.

  4. Vince Young is one guy I do genuinely feel sorry for…. yes, he made mistakes, and he had issues, but I think he deserved better than he got and I truly wish him well….

  5. I think Young was better than.. say.. Cam Newton.. and I still think it a possibility he ends career with more wins than Cam

    but, as a QB, he did not have the arm to be big time………….. unlike, the real deal….., RG3


  6. It can be a great potential lesson to everybody if there were to be an in-depth study of this story. What happened throughout the pre-draft process and what was the content of those conversations? Tell the rest of the story from there and let’s see what happened, somehow this player wasn’t able to connect and be on the same page as the team, and surely a lot of Young’s own choices and mistakes helped to derail the potential for a great career, but exactly how and why and when did things start to unravel? It seems like Young is coming around now to a better understanding of what his mistakes are in hindsight today, but where was the preemptive initiative to deal with this potential disconnection?

    You can’t expect these young players to have all the answers so while Young is responsible for his own inadequacies, the team still has the responsibility to be there for their players and to be on the same page with them and to anticipate for them what they need to learn or develop to stay on a productive path. And if you aren’t going to write a great success story with an expensive and valuable prospect, then what is your exit strategy to get the most out of the situation? While Young could have made better choices, the team could have done multiple things better too.

    “We need to find out the exact date and specific circumstances of how, when, and where [Y]oung Biff got his hands on the [wrong] almanac.” The reason being to stop it from happening again, and the next QB that is saved can thank Vince for helping them to avoid their possible paradox path.

  7. Vince Young is claiming that perception is overshadowing reality. The problem, of course, is that perception is almost always based on reality.

  8. I remember when the team went 13-3 with KFC under center. Can you imagine how good they could have been if their #3 drafted QB could actually play?

  9. This guy is one of the least intelligent human beings to ever put on an NFL uniform. And that’s saying something.

  10. If you are truly a good player, you will get a second chance. The problem with running QBs is that one day the running ability will leave you and all you have left is accruacy and decision making. To be missing 2 or 3 of those abilities at this point in his career doesn’t help at all.

  11. Those of us in Nashville never thought Vince Young was a “bad guy.” Not even close. The general perception was that he was a very likeable people-person. That said, we did come to see him as being emotionally and/or mentally troubled. He needed help. Hopefully, he humbled himself enough to get it.

  12. Actually Vince the rap on you in Tennessee is you weren’t willing to put in the effort and hours that is required of you to be a starting NFL QB. You were not a hard worker.

  13. vinny will never accept that his inability to quickly pick things up added to his complete failure to put his nose in a playbook is what ultimately led to the flameout with fisher. and to those pointing to his record look at what washed out kerry collins did with fishers team.

    and to blame fisher, a defensive coach, for not developing qbs is a little disingenuous… you think belichick developed brady?

  14. Vince doesn’t realize that he is not in the NFL solely because HE’S NOT A GOOD NFL QB !!! Period. The NFL has shown time and time again that teams and coaches will put up with a lot of nonsense, attitudes, rule and even law breaking IF THE GUY CAN PLAY.
    Vince had multiple shots with different teams and could not play well enough to win a roster spot.
    I think that a big part of it is that the poor guy is just not that intelligent and you have to be to be a successful QB these days. He had trouble grasping more advanced offenses as well as reading defenses and those skills are a must in the NFL today.

  15. Wow…

    So he has learned that he regrets now to know that bad news travels fast and it affected his chances elsewhere.

    However, he still hasn’t learned that getting into a public argument with your head coach is a bad thing?

    In other words, he regrets not knowing it would have an impact later, but doesn’t regret how his actions affected the Titans or their head coach at that moment?

  16. Way too late to say I’m sorry…

    The bottom line, you was a hero in Texas and the national championship game was the high point of your life…

    As a pro, your just another bust….

  17. This may be a case of too little too late. It is good to see him realize his fault (sort of) in this case. If he truly wants to play he would go north or go to one of the indoor leagues. He needs to realize he is not a starter, but a backup at best.

  18. But even now, he’s only sorry because of what it did to him. No regrets being voiced for the impact it had on a lot of other people who relied on him and/or paid him millions of dollars.

    That’s not the same as maturity in my book.

  19. When your wonderlic score is a 6 (or was it 8?) you need to work three times as hard as the smart guys to make it. Unfortunately it seems his work ethic was just as poor as his test scores. Can’t blame a guy for being dumb, but lazy is a choice. Really makes me wonder how he got through school….

  20. Jeff Fisher ruined VY. He started out good and I believe he could’ve been great if not for Fisher.

  21. After the Texas vs USC game I honestly felt he was going to have a 15 year career and multiple Super bowls. I was wrong. I guess that’s why NFL teams do due diligence before drafting.

  22. Geesh, you walk out on one game, publicly cuss out your HC and throw your shoulder pads while you walking out and your branded for life!

    OK, seriously he’s a better QB than most second and third stringers. You can’t say he isn’t better than Charlie Whitehurst, Blaine Gabbert, or even Tyrod or Dom Davis. Let this be a lesson to you kids you’re reputation matters!

  23. “either because he felt he was too good to play north of the border or because he was worried that maybe he wasn’t.”


    Yeah, his post-Titans career has painted the picture of a QB who got by on raw talent… until he couldn’t any more…

    Go to Canada, Vince. Prove us all wrong.

  24. I guess it is a good thing he has finally noticed SOMETHING was his responsibility , instead somebody else’s . It is also good that he realizes his NFL career is over, even if there are a few of fans that continue to live in fantasy and the past , and think he is the college QB that led Texas the National championship and not the QB that not got it as a pro . I wish him a good life , he isn’t a scumbag .

  25. Vince Young suffered from the same thing that many other’s have fallen victim to: He was so used to being able to get by on talent alone that when he reached a level that he needed to have his nose in a playbook and wasn’t the best player on the field he cracked under the pressure.

  26. He’s still not accepting any responsibility, this guy is as big a loser as you’ll ever see.

  27. It’s not letting me directly reply to people so I’ll just hit on a few things I read.

    Quit trying to blame Jeff Fisher for VY’s problems. That the craziest idea ever! Why would a coach, who at the time loved being the Titans coach, willing sabotage a player HAND PICKED by thr owner? Also, if it was all Fisher then why hasn’t VY stuck anywhere else? Fisher doesn’t work for all the teams. VY and VY alone are responsible for his situation.

    Someone pointed to his record as a starter. Which does look good, until you look into it more. 30-17 but only 5-10 against teams that made the playoffs. He was also 0-1 in the playoffs. I know more goes into the win loss column than one man’s work. But VY fans (which I was until he flipped out) love to bring up that record. Face it, he was a college legend and not much of a pro QB. He’s not the first to be lumped into that category, it is what it is. Add to that he’s got attitude problems. Why would another team put their season in his hands?

  28. MORE VY STUFF!!! Haha

    The reason I stopped supporting him was directly because of the pad throwing/coach cussing incident. For those of you that don’t remember the events leading up to it, I’ll fill you in. VY injured his throwing and in that game. He was upset his coach didn’t have faith in him to finish the game. They showed the dude on the sideline struggling to grip the ball. They showed him trying on gloves but he still couldn’t grip the ball. Believe it or not, a QB tbat can’t grip the damn ball is no good to a coach. In VY’s head it was Fisher not believing in him. So, as all real pros and mature people would do in that situation, throws his pads into the stands then cussed out the coach in the post game locker room meeting! Then to top it all off, a few days later he had season ending surgery on his throwing hand!!!!!!

    He’s lucky he got the chances he did post Tennessee for pulling BS like that!

  29. No I’m sorry it was clearly all Jeff Fisher’s fault. He should apologize to VY, I agree. Likewise, parents when your kid starts throwing a temper tantrum because they’re not geting their way you should apologize to them. It was Fisher that made VY quit on his team in that Jacksonville game. I was at that game, it’s clear to me now that Fisher wasn’t yelling at VY on the sideline, pointing to the field telling him to get back in there. You know, causing he hated vince so much he wanted him back on the field. Nope, Fisher was telling VY “if you want to quit on your team and not go back onto that field (that’s when he was pointing) that’s fine with me.”

    Or maybe VY had maturity issues…..NAH, must have just been Fisher. Please.

  30. LOL … people still blaming Fisher … you are showing your true colors.

    Here are the facts
    … Fisher still coaching in the NFL
    … Vince Young not in the NFL

    If you have a brain it’s not to hard to figure out.

  31. He suffers from two major problems that many professional athletes suffer from. First: they have an overly high opinion of themselves. Which results in (to put it politely) the wrong attitude. Second to many suffer from “foot in mouth disease.”
    These two things may be attributable to their being the star attraction in high school and college. But then becoming just another player in the pros.

  32. VY’s problem is that until he got to the NFL he was always the biggest, and most talented guy on the field, so he really didn’t have to work too hard. However, once he got to Nashville he quickly realized that to be successful he was going to have to put in a lot more work, and he just didn’t want to do that. Remember those reports after his first season when he talked about retiring? He had deer in the headlights, “Oh my, I’m never going to make it here!” Fisher knew it before he was drafted and wanted to take Jake Cutler, the late Bud Adams watched VY grow up in Houston and was enamored with him and overruled his head coach (that was the first step to Fish becoming the former Titan’s coach).

  33. Message to Vince Young: Go to the Canadian Football League already….for heavens sake at least they will probably let you play and you have a chance to prove yourself….play well…and in a few years….you could get another chance as a backup in the NFL….then you are one injury away from changing your legacy….other QB’s have played in the CFL and NFL…. Theisman, Moon, and Flutie… Since the NFL has a contract with NIKE —> Just Do It! Unless you can live with your pro football legacy ending like this! I saw you play in person and beat The Chiefs in Kansas City, you threw for 2 TD’s in a 26-17 win… Go to th CFL! Best advice I can give….we can watch you on ESPN2 in the U.S. !

  34. The perception wasn’t that Vine Young was a bad guy… it was that he was a DUMB guy.

  35. Amazing how many of the supposedly ‘top’ players from that 2006 championship Texas/USC game flamed out quickly in the NFL.

    Vince Young, Matt Leinart, LenDale White, etc.

    Reggie Bush has become a pretty dependable player, but nothing like what was expected for a the #2 guy in that draft.

  36. What would it hurt to take a look at Vince Young…..
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help a team…even if it’s only to upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

  37. @ evansvc , to answer your question, he has been looked at and cut. Vince Young is a going to be considered a bust due to where he was drafted and the way he started his career. The facts are , while his win-loss record is good, that accomplished at the start of his career before his immaturity took him off the field . Plus his record was more due to his team being solid than Vince Young being real good. He didn’t take the next steps on the field , he didn’t get better . He was an extremely one dimensional player who’s passing skills never developed. He is older, has no upside , why waste time trying to prepare him as a 3rd string when a team would be far smarter to develop a rookie free agent QB. At least there is a small possibility of some success, Vince Young has proven he isn’t a pro QB

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