Jaguars’ Brown, Shorts taking part in Larry Fitzgerald’s camp


At 26, Cecil Shorts III is the oldest wide receiver on the Jaguars’ roster.

The club’s second oldest receiver, Mike Brown, is 25.

We mention this because Brown and Shorts, per the Jaguars’ website, are among those taking part in Larry Fitzgerald’s annual workouts in Minnesota. And both Shorts and Brown appear to be making the most of the experience.

“You get a chance to see what other guys are doing on the field, how they run their routes, how they set their routes up – things like that,” Brown told of the workouts, which have attracted about 30 players, he said. “You’re always looking for something to pick up from every single person.”

Shorts, meanwhile, told the club’s site he has enjoyed watching how Fitzgerald goes about his business.

“That’s the biggest thing for me, seeing how he deals with people, how he attacks his game, how he works on his craft,” Shorts told “He’s a future Hall of Famer. He’s up here, willing to work with guys who are trying to get on teams, guys in college, guys fighting to get on teams. It says a lot about him. He’s a humble guy.”

That Shorts and Brown are willing to work and eager to improve in the early days of July has to appreciated by the Jaguars, who have a pair of rookie wideouts (Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee) who figure to play this season. If a club’s veteran players set the right example with their actions, that’s a healthy outcome for the organization.

16 responses to “Jaguars’ Brown, Shorts taking part in Larry Fitzgerald’s camp

  1. CS3, now Mike Brown, hopefully Marquise and Allen Robinson, then Justin Blackmon once he’s back… Showing professionalism and desire to be great. The Jags already have a great WR coach in Jerry Sullivan. Once an embarrassment is becoming a strength I believe. GO JAGS.

  2. Remember when Christian Ponder was participating in Fitzy’s camp his rookie season and tried to skip out one day to go house shopping? And Fitzy ripped him for not being committed? That was funny.

  3. It’s things like this that show the Jags are headed in the right direction. Will they make the playoffs this year? Thats a long shot but if they continue to have decent drafts, develop their players and stay aggressive in free agency like they did this past off-season I think they are a playoff team in the next 2 years IMO.

  4. Thanks for all of you that no something about the jags. You all must have done your homework and not listen to the media good for you, now just wait to see all the haters come out.

  5. Im not a Jags fan but as Colts Fan and a AFC South fan I’m starting to get worried the Jags will soon take back over the FC South division and hold it for a loooooong time. Yeah we got A.Luck but our D is old an our O isn’t the same either. Jags fans should be very happy excited and have weights off their shoulders for their future. This team is looking very Beastly and I hope they dont take over anytime soon I’m a spoiled Colts fan who is used to winning and all my friends who are Jags fans are going to throw everything in my face as I rubbed every win in theirs. Bradley and his team are going to scare the whole league.! 2014 sleeper team , Bet money on it!

  6. I want to see the Jags get good. But they still need to do something about that helmet. Just go bac to the all black. I ddont know why they made the decision to go with that mess they have now…

  7. beardinals says:
    Jul 11, 2014 2:41 PM
    There is NO better wide receiver to model yourself after than Larry Fitzgerald.

    Please argue that point with me.

    Look, I love Larry Fitzgerald. But, ya know there’s this guy you might have heard of. His name’s Jerry Rice, I think?

  8. It seems like things are coming together for the Jags. What’s more, you never hear them talk about how great they are. I like where they’re headed.

    BTW Not a Jags fan.

  9. Until the Jags win some games, they are still the Jags. I’m tired about reading all these posts on different teams that say “we’re moving in the right direction” blah, blah, blah, and they haven’t even played a game yet.

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