Report: Texans have no plans to trade Andre Johnson

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Sometimes lost in the fervor over a player asking for a trade is the reality that the team has to go along with that idea.

Thus, it doesn’t appear the Texans are inclined to move disgruntled wide receiver Andre Johnson just because he wants to.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans don’t plan to move Johnson for several reasons, all of which are better for them than him.

There’s the simple pragmatism that they’re better with him than without him, especially in a year in which they’re scraping by with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Plus, they want the 33-year-old receiver to finish his career there.

But perhaps most importantly, they don’t want to create a dangerous precedent.

That pride is probably as significant as any other factor, because as good as Johnson is, he’s unlikely to be the difference in them making the playoffs and not making the playoffs.

Now we’ll see whose pride can take the hit between the Texans and Johnson, as we see who blinks first.

58 responses to “Report: Texans have no plans to trade Andre Johnson

  1. John McClain says that Andre will play for the Texans this year and you can “Take it to the Bank.”

  2. O’Brien’s first major decision can’t be to cave in on a player, even Andre, who is not buying in to the team first culture he is trying to establish.

  3. Why is it okay for him to avoid ALL OTAs, threaten to not show for camp, and now say he wants to be traded when Suh is made a villian for missing ONE OTA weekend (showed for the remaining OTAs/mini-camp)? Andre is a captain, has a new coaching staff, and the Texans have bent over backwards for him twice during his career to pony up more money to keep him happy.

  4. Have the player and the team had pride before in all those previous years?

    Maybe it’s time to cash in the pride for some serious championship drive. That’s probably why Andre Johnson wants out, because he doesn’t think the team has or can develop that. And whose fault is that? The owner of course, so make him give up something to make up for his shortcomings over the years, otherwise take a small money hit if you have to in order to find a team that is all about greatness and winning.

  5. O’Brien’s first major decision can’t be to cave in on a player, even Andre, who is not buying in to the team first culture he is trying to establish.

    Johnson has been a “team first” guy his whole career. He’s getting up there in age, coming off a season where his team blew, and is now dealing with a new coach, new system, and a bunch of Adam Sandlers playing quartback. Can you blame the guy for wanted to play for a contender and having a chance to win? Yes, this team was winning a couple of years ago but they’re not the same team. Defense has lost key players, who knows about Foster as the back, Tate is gone, so is Daniels and their #2 receiver still hasn’t shined that much yet. Johnson, one of the best in the game for years deserves to compete for a title.

  6. @pftpoet doesn’t realize a WR is only as good as his QB. With that said I’d LOVE to play in your fantasy league where you’ll draft Jennings and Patterson in the top few rounds since they are so amazing! Like taking candy from a baby! Patterson has potential at best and Jennings is on the downside of his career.

  7. I feel for the guy, but he should have moved on instead of resigning with Texans. The Texans were 6-10 when he resigned. He could have gotten easily have signed with a better team. Good guy, but I think he’s missed his window.

  8. “We have no plans to trade Andre Johnson”

    Translation: “We are taking offers, but be prepared because we are going to ask for a king’s ransom.”

  9. putitintheair85 and everyone else,



  10. Giants could use this great big pass catcher, he would start & finish in the lights of NY, now that is good, with a two time MVP at QB.
    Won’t happen, but one likes to dream, right?

  11. What Andre Johnson “gets” that the Texans organization seemingly does not, is that you aren’t a serious playoff contender without a top tier QB. This is something that should have been addressed in free agency or the draft, period.

  12. Easy to say that during meaningless summer months. Let’s see what they say once the games start and he’s not there.

    If this were a loud mouth obnoxious player I’d say fine… Let him sit.

    But for one of the absolute great people of the NFL… even if texans are stubborn, NFL should convince them to get it done so we can see Andre Johnson on the field.

  13. This guy has played over a decade for a team that was absolutely terrible for most of it, cut the guy a break and let him play somewhere else…

  14. What’s with all the “let the guy have a chance – he deserves a chance to play for a winner” comments?

    Johnson couldn’t control where he was drafted, but he asked for two extensions to play more years with the Texans. No one owes him anything. He chose big dollars over becoming a free agent and playing for any winner he wants.

    He is still doing that, btw. Has anyone heard Andre say, “I want to play for a winner. That is what I want. If I can pick my trade partner I will play for $1 mil a year.”

    Of course not. He wants maximum money, first and foremost. There is nothing wrong with that if making money is your primary goal in life. Some people and players will take less money to get what they want – a different team, for instance, where they can play in a superbowl.

    Playing for a winner is in his grasp. That just isn’t what he wants most in life right now.

  15. Noel – and how did you know what Andre Johnson wants in HIS life?!?! We’ve said he “deserves” but you seem to KNOW what HE wants….

  16. I remember a time when it was expected of you as a player to help your team win, not abandon them and run off to a winning organization to get a ring. Now players expect to be paid 100’s of millions of dollars, then wonder why the team can’t get good players around them.

    Of course, this could all be solved by teams NOT paying guaranteed money, but rich guys like to brag about how much their toys cost.

  17. rcbn says:
    Jul 11, 2014 9:48 AM

    John McClain says that Andre will play for the Texans this year and you can “Take it to the Bank.”

    John McClain also had to eat the front page of the paper after “guaranteeing” that the Texans would pick a QB with their first pick.

  18. Houston management is just the latest example of a front office that doesn’t know how to win Championships. If you have an asset who’s value is diminishing like Johnson’s (he’s 33 years old) you move him and get something for him. That’s what an organization with their eye on the future would do.

    That’s what real organizations do. So what if they take a cap hit. The return is an additional draft choice so the negative and positive offset each other.

  19. “Andre wants maximum money!”..then why has he restructured his contract three times now to take less money so that the team can get better talent?

    Oh, right. He can’t come out and say the team has no commitment toward offense and fills the most important position on the team with whatever bargain-bin trash they can find. The Texans failed once at QB and never tried again, but failed four times (at least!) with round 1-3 DEs, with a fifth on the horizon with John Cena “You can’t see me in 2013” Clowney.

  20. If memory serves correct, Rick Spielman said the exact same thing — right before he traded Percy Harvin.

  21. Man sports are going to hell…. This hold thing with Lebron holding the NBA at bay waiting on him to make a decision where he want to play. Johnson holding out because he don’t like the way the team is rebuilding. He is getting paid 10 million dollars this year. Be the stand up guy you always have been and just report and do your job.

  22. They can’t just cut him because of the cap hit.

    I’m not sure if they still take that hit if he’s traded but the Texans quite rightfully will want pretty good value in exchange.

  23. For the fan making the question of why does Johnson get a pass from media and not Suh. For the same reason Andre Johnson caught kick the crap out of the cheap Cortland Finnegan on the field and not get suspended.

    He has been the definition of professional class. Before Calvin – Andre was the best WR in football on a team that was at times struggling and you never heard a negative thing for 10 years. Even though it sucks for most Texans fans I bet many of them support him because of the bad situation with his age and the current QB depth chart.

  24. Ok so if he doesn’t want to go to Houston trade him to the Raiders or Browns, but don’t reward him by trading him to a playoff team.

  25. If Andre is as classy as they say, he wont want to go to the patriots.

    If he wants to go to a contender, it wont be Philly.

    Not a Panther fan but let him go play with Cam.

  26. If Andre is as classy as they say, he wont want to play for the patriots. If he wants to go to a contender, strike Philly off the list.

    Not a panther fan, but if you do trade him, let him go play with Cam. He makes them a lot better and you keep him out of the AFC.

  27. people the texans arent gonna trade basically because thye would be hit with a huge cap hit and 10 million in dead money… they arent gonna screw themselves just to accommodate johnson…they are gonna do what benefits the team the one player is bigger than any team regardless who it is!! alot of people keep sayign do him irght and trade him,texans have done him right his whole career and every time he has asked for a raise or a new contract they did it for him no questions asked..people seem to fogrget johnson hasnt been there 100 percent either in crunch time..he has fought the hamstring issues last few years as well…

  28. Texans laid the line in the sand when they did not pay him his million….now Andre can take the summer off, pay the 30k a practice, but still make just under 10 million by showing up in September, and then be cancer on the team.

    Texans would be best to move on….get what ever draft pick(s) they can if they can get any at all. (I mean if the eagles couldn’t get anything for DeSean, one has to wonder)

  29. Johnson should FIRE his agent (Kennard McGuire) immediately! The last 3 years Johnson converted base salary to signing bonus money to help Houston’s cap but his agent DID NOT insert language to minimize the amount that Houston can recoup if Johnson holds out. This screw-up will end-up costing Johnson over $10MILLION if he chooses to retire or hold-out into the season. Wow, agent-incompetence on FULL display…

  30. If they are rebuilding they should at least see what they could get for him. Nobody will want to pick up his $10,000,000 tab, but a trade and restructure deal might work.

  31. I can see billichick in all his desperate moves attempting to trade for to prove to himself he can win a super bowl only with the refs help and not stealing play calls.

  32. who cares….this is nothing but media hype at a very slow point in the league….different story with same outcome….no closure at all

  33. Texans will lose this battle of wills if they don’t pay up or trade him. It will be difficult to use him effectively if he misses training camp due to the new offense being implemented… And I can’t see him giving 100% if his heart isn’t in it. The longer this goes on, the more damage to the relationship between them. I can see him retiring out of frustration. Texans will take a cap hit either way, so they need to get something out of this. Trading him is the right thing to do.

  34. Brady goes to Patriots and says, I haven’t won
    a superbowl since 2004. I want to be traded for
    a chance to win once more. I’m sure all these Pat fans would say sure, you deserve it. Trade him.

  35. Andre Johnson is going nowhere at all.Johnson knows the game he understands his contract and what it will cost the Texans to move him.The Texans can’t take the dead money hit because they are on the hook for 10 mil in dead money for sorry Matt Schaub. This whole situation I think is made up by the media,Johnson is not stupid.

  36. What would it hurt to take a look at Vince Young…..
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help a team…even if it’s only to upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

  37. AJ is still the best WR in the league. I want him
    to be happy while finishing his great carrier with
    the Texans.

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