The Cowboys come in at No. 24 in PFT’s preseason power rankings


The Cowboys went through the offseason just like every other team in the NFL.

Players came and players went and they made changes to their coaching staff, but things don’t look too different at the end of the day in Dallas. Jason Garrett is still the head coach, Tony Romo is still the quarterback and the defense still looks like it is going to have a hard time stopping anyone.

That’s why the Cowboys have landed at the 24th spot in PFT’s preseason power rankings. There’s only so much optimism to muster up for a defense that was bad last year and lost DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Sean Lee from the ranks over the course of the offseason. The offense balanced things out enough to get the Cowboys their third straight Week 17 shot at a division title, but will they be able to do the same again in 2014?

Our panel doesn’t think so and you can find out why right here, but we’d like to hear what you think. How about them Cowboys?

33 responses to “The Cowboys come in at No. 24 in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. The absolute funniest thing about this 24th ranking is that the Cowboys are ranked below the Cleveland Browns, lol. My Browns are on the rise – I hope it isn’t just on paper. I hope we are contenders this year for real. #GoBrowns

  2. This is going to be a bad year, me thinks. 4-12 is my prediction. No idea who the four wins would be, though. Defense is going to be like the WVU defense in the Big 12 the last two years: porous and incompetent. Old Grayhair should have been fired, and The Ginger should have NEVER been a head coach. And of course Jerah should NEVER have been a “Football General Manager”. Long year ahead for my Cowboys.

  3. This team is going to surprise some people.

    An underrated offensive line that did a remarkable job last year has gotten better this year.

    This defense has a bunch of hidden overacheiving gems on the D-Line (Crawford, Selvie, etc.) and at LB (Holloway, Wilbur and the rookie Lawrence). They won’t be stellar, but they’ll contend in the East.

  4. These rankings are the biggest joke. Waiting for Browns at #1. I mean if they are any higher than than #28 you have already lost all credibility. Might as well go big and put them down as your Super Bowl favorite.

  5. @andreweac … “The GM’s inability to put talent around him (Romo)”.

    You mean the Owner’s inability? They have infamously and stubbornly refused to take on a GM.

    Jerry is no GM, he’s an owner thinking he is capable of handling the personnel decisions.

  6. What…. The cowboys are obviously the 17th best team…. 8-8 or Bust! Lets see if they can increase their streak of losing the last game of the year to cost them a trip to the playoffs.

  7. medialovesthecowboys says:
    Jul 11, 2014 10:48 AM
    This team is going to surprise some people.

    An underrated offensive line that did a remarkable job last year has gotten better this year.

    This defense has a bunch of hidden overacheiving gems on the D-Line (Crawford, Selvie, etc.) and at LB (Holloway, Wilbur and the rookie Lawrence). They won’t be stellar, but they’ll contend in the East.


    Sorry, but this is one of the worst defenses in the league that lost a few of their only decent players. I don’t see this changing much.

    But that offense can score!

  8. politicallyincorrect says: but they are popular, so JJ is happy

    And the lemings keep following them and spending their money and JJ keeps laughing.

  9. A team with one of the worst defenses in history decimated by injuries still got 8 wins and came within a win of making the playoffs.

  10. As a Cowboys fan I agree with this but the problem is when they finished third or fourth in the East people will say look they underachieved. No if they win more than 4 games they will overachieved in my opinion! Watch though the haters will still be there saying they underachieved if they go 8-8!

  11. And they lost 6 games by a TOTAL of 9 points….with a horrendous defense and 5-1 in the East with a horrendous defense. A good defense preserves 3 of those wins at worst and makes them and easy Division winner. This a mediocre division and is up for grabs like every other year. Not one team stands out.

  12. They are certainly capable of finishing higher than 24 but that would take things falling there way. With a key injury here and there, then 24 may be difficult to obtain.

    They can’t afford Romo to go out with Weeden as the back up. And Melton must come through on the defensive line like he did for the Bears in 2012.

  13. 6-10 at best this year. You diehard fans need to think with your head and not your heart.

    If Jerry Jones ever starts being just a owner, and lets a football smart GM take over, then we can talk.

    Right now JJ wants to be owner, GM, coach, waterboy manager, and every other job title. Until then, suck it up Dallas Nation, you are mired in meritocracy.

  14. The Cowboys lead (again) in dead money, doesn’t do 10 year averages but I’m sure the Cowboys would be leaders in that stat as well. Always roster thin with flashy under producers to sell tickets, always cap strapped.

    They’ve been making some positive steps toward deeper talent, cheaper and more replaceable players but the Romo extension was just more of the same top-heavy dice rolling that have brought down the franchise. If it gets bad as some say they should deal Bryant, cut Witten and Romo and make it official; “we’re a lower quarter rebuilding team”.

    I actually like what they’ve done on defense this off season, it should have been done 5 years ago.
    The next step is to cut people weekly if needed who don’t producer. JJ loves guys who look good in the weight room but can’t play football. Higher roster churn is a must in these circumstances. Clinging to poor draft picks and “potential” are another core roster issue since Johnson has left. Parcels did a good job but he fed the culture with the likes of Bobby Carpenter etc..

    Garrett is a lousy field coach but the roster and player culture is improving. He certainly isn’t running the whole system either.

    The fundamentals remain that 8-8 leads to sold-out Texas Stadiums and this is acceptable from a business model point of view.

  15. I agree it will probably be a tough season but this is the NFL we are talking about. Anything can happen! I mean who actually thought the Chief would be that good, even with the new coach. I thought they would be better but not go most of a season without a loss and make the playoffs. I also didn’t expect the Texans to fall so far off. And, I knew Luck was good but didn’t think Indy could turn things around that quick.

    I’m just saying, stop with all the predictions already! You don’t have a freaking time machine!!! So you don’t freaking know how anything is going to turn out, so shut the heck up! Training camp hasn’t even started yet! People could get hurt on the other teams too!

  16. #24, very intelligent. This team has too much talent and now has better coaching from an OC/DC standpoint. It’s probably another frustrating 8-8 season. That’s 24th in the league now?

  17. I predict 6-10 this year.

    It’s not just bad luck or injuries that keeps the Cowboys mediocre. It’s their poor personnel decisions and poor depth which leave them in a bad spot. Injuries are inevitable in the NFL. Good teams are prepared for them, whereas the Cowboys sign and play street free agents.

  18. lol @ “talent”. That is what every Cowgirl fan says every year…..”we have the talent”.

    Guess what? Every team has “talent”. Duh.

  19. 10-6 this year possibly 11-5….the defense of course is the big ? but I think will surprise haters.The offense will score points this year and chew clock with the running game.I say top 5 offense.

  20. I would hate to be betting on the “Boys” on the up side but wouldn’t want to bet they will have a bad season either. Here’s the problems. Have to agree the defenses chance of any significant improvement are very slim at best and slim is looking a little sickly. Offense could actually be better “IF” Romo can continue to improve his performance and stay healthy. The improved offensive line might help but Romo is getting older and slower. Coaching is lacking continuity and consistency and is certainly mistake prone at the worst times. So as you can see I see the possibility if everything falls into place and the new defensive coaching and players step up we could have a winning season but just as likely is we don’t get it done for a bunch of reasons and things get ugly again and we have a losing season. Let us pray.

  21. What would it hurt to take a look at Vince Young…..
    (NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    He can help a team…even if it’s only to upgrade the team’s quarterback pool…

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