The Redskins claim 23rd spot in PFT’s preseason power rankings


There are no ulterior motives for the Redskins this season, but will there be victories?

Our votes for PFT’s preseason power rankings say the team has some work to do to convince us that firing Mike Shanahan was enough to completely turn things around after a 3-13 2013 season. The Redskins come in at No. 23 in the rankings, one spot ahead of the Cowboys and behind the Giants and Eagles.

Our preview runs down everything you need know about the Redskins heading into camp, but defensive questions loom the largest when it comes to reasons for doubt about the Redskins’ turnaround. Those doubts are balanced by quarterback Robert Griffin III’s return to health and upgraded talent at wide receiver, but what the final result will look like remains up in the air ahead of training camp.

Let us know what you think of the Redskins’ rating in the poll below and in the comments.

39 responses to “The Redskins claim 23rd spot in PFT’s preseason power rankings

  1. Still trippin’ that the so called “Best division in football” the NFC East has two participants (Cowboys & Washington) in behind the Cleveland Browns with our journeyman QB & up & coming defense. Can’t wait to see how PFT believes my Browns stack against the rest of the NFL. #LeBronsBack #ClevelandRocksAgain

  2. Just STOP doing this now. Cleveland is not better than any of the teams in the 20’s (ya, they could be 30-32). Obviously you have a thing for the Browns and now that LeBron went home, you have a bigger thing for the city!! Just make them #1 already, because I am sure you will!!

  3. @vikings12
    I’m not a browns fan, but they have a hell of a lot more upside than the Vikings

  4. I was surprised at the Cowboys ranking. I’m even more surprised at the Browns soon to be ranking…. They should have been pretty low on this list IMO….

  5. .
    The good news is that your ineptitude earned you the second overall pick in the draft.

    The bad news is you traded it away.
    It’s almost like Congress is their GM.

  6. vikings2102 says:
    Jul 11, 2014 3:08 PM

    Just STOP doing this now. Cleveland is not better than any of the teams in the 20′s (ya, they could be 30-32). Obviously you have a thing for the Browns and now that LeBron went home, you have a bigger thing for the city!! Just make them #1 already, because I am sure you will!!

    Sent you guys home crying last year after you lost to them but I bet we should all realize you guys laid claim to the 5th straight offseason championship again right and now you are better than everyone?

  7. themeccalambeaufield – Not one of my posts have said that the Vikings are great/awesome/best/better than anyone. I am a huge Vikings fan, but I am also a huge NFL fan and a realist. I know there are fans from all 32 teams that are way to “confident’ in their team and not enough realists out there.

    I see improvement in the Vikings for this year, playoffs…only if we’re lucky. Probably 7-9 to 9-7 this year (Yes I believe that. Zimmer will light a fire under this team). Any realist should. But you cannot tell me that the Browns will do any better than the teams that have been listed so far (record wise)?? Miami, Dallas, Tampa, Vikings should have better records than Cleveland. I see Cleveland 5-11 at best. “8 Ball” Manziel is not the answer. They have no WR’s and their D is not that good.

    Like someone said on a previous post on rankings….it’s all about page clicks and the higher the Browns go, the more page clicks the site will get.

  8. I just don’t see how they can be very competitive, it’s more or less a fair ranking, but I could see them going 6-10. The only positive I see from this team is an unknown coach.. maybe he can swing for the fences to 8-8, 9-7. The constant beating this team takes through the media is a back breaker too. Good luck…

  9. I really don’t understand why two articles get posted, one with the poll and another with the details on the reasoning. What’s the point?

  10. Hail Johnny Football one of the greatest things to happen to Cleveland, we love that dude dawg never seen so many people in H-Town (Houston) and the 3riple D (Dallas) support cleveland more, yall should be happy yall got Johnny Lol thats the man, no one cares about clowney, or mack or teddy or any of these rookies, its all about the ultimate juice man!!!

  11. They have some weapons and they have RG3. They don’t have a very good offensive line, and they don’t have a very good back 7 on defense. They also have precious little depth on both sides of the ball and are coming off a three win season while being one of the healthiest teams all season. There head coach is unproven at the NFL level and running installing a less then novel West Coast offense. That being said because RG3 is that good, the division is weak,they should put up points I see 8-8 the high end.

  12. While i admire Snyder & his stance to the team name, i do hope success for them. Disneys original Peter Pan has the same content. Yet, small minded people (like A.Blackhorse) pick & chose their enemies.

  13. Absurd ranking, best WR corp with a top 5 TE and a top 5 RB and a healthy, smarter and wiser RG3…. Yea ok

  14. Until the Skins can prove they are better than last year, the PFT ranking is correct.

    Outside of adding DeSean to the roster, and the hope that RG’s knee is better, what puts them higher up the list ?

  15. If Robert Griffin III is the same QB he was last season and our defense doesn’t surprise the heck out of me then 23rd is probably a fair ranking. But, if RG3 returns to form and is the QB he showed that he was capable of being when he was a rookie or if the D line starts pressuring the QB to take the heat off of our weak secondary then the ranking is WAY too low. Personally, I think we are a middle of the road team. Average at the best and playing with a new head coach that still has to prove himself. 8 wins sounds about right.

  16. stupid ranking

    Redskins will win NFC East and could do major damage in playoffs….. remember they were laughing at Seattle 2 yrs ago before RG3 got injured.. and Redskins have greatly improved personnel and coaching this year… I would take Redskins over ANY AFC team

    Hail to the Redskins!

  17. They were 0-6 in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL. Eagles own the division now and the Giants should be improved. Looking at the schedule, going against the NFCW, 7-6 would be a miraculous.

  18. Keep overlooking the Redskins and their prospects for 2014. The more the self-appointed experts think they will go nowhere, the better it will be for them to force them all to eat crow. Yes, rank them at #23. In fact, why not rank them at #32?? Go ahead, place them there, and put your name next to your prediction. PLEASE!!

  19. i say the skins go 7-9. thanks for saying please. you are welcome. go giants (they actually win super bowls)

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