Archie Manning: 2014 Saints may be the best in franchise history


Archie Manning spent 11 seasons in New Orleans, and he was never on a good team: The Saints’ record in games he started was 35-91-3, and never did they finish a season above .500. So it should go without saying that the Saints today are a much better team than the Saints teams that Manning played on.

But Manning would go further than that: He believes that the 2014 Saints are the best team the franchise has ever seen.

The Saints are really good,” Manning told the Baton Rouge Advocate. “They’re really good — what [coordinator] Rob Ryan did with their defense last year, and they’ve still got [coach] Sean Payton and Drew [Brees]. I think the Saints’ lineup on paper to start the season is maybe as strong as I’ve ever seen before.”

Manning may be right. There are plenty of reasons for Saints fans to be optimistic that this year’s Saints could be a Super Bowl team. Maybe a team good enough to beat Archie’s son Peyton in the Super Bowl. Again.

75 responses to “Archie Manning: 2014 Saints may be the best in franchise history

  1. The Saints have to figure out how to beat the Seahawks before they can think about the Superbowl.

  2. Any team that meets Peyton in the SuperBowl will most likely win because Manning will most likely choke again from wanting another ring and knowing time’s running out. That’s a lot of pressure, even for a QB as great as he is.

    I don’t see the Saints winning their division this year, either. I think the Panthers will have something to say about that IF (and it’s a big IF) Cam and his crew of unknown and untried receivers can put enough points on the board.

    The NFC South should be a lot of fun to watch this year, especially if Atlanta and Tampa Bay are back on track the way I expect them to be.

  3. I heard the Redskins have their best team ever also. The two teams may have to fight it out for the offseason title.

  4. Geez Seahawk fans are awfully insecure…
    I see the Saints as a top 10 team – the tough part is that 7 or 8 of the top ten teams are in the NFC.

  5. 34defense2014 says:
    Jul 12, 2014 4:08 PM
    What about the team that winwin the Super Bowl? That was last year. New season, at this point any one if the 32 teams could win it?

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    Nowhere close to all of the 32 teams could win this years Super Bowl.

    Only like 8 to 10 teams have a realistic shot.

  6. I think that the Saints are a great team, always give my guys a run for their money, but I don’t need this guy telling me that.

  7. Archie was the best QB with a 2 step drop back, the Saints line was so bad back then, he had to throw on his second step. The guy was as good or better than his kids, he just played on the “Jaguars” of his time.

  8. They better get home field advantage. They’re nearly unbeatable in that dome, but on the road…well, witness what’s happened on their last several trips to Seattle and San Francisco.

  9. Brees is VERY under rated…but to say they have best team ever including the one that BEAT his son is just silly…Why is Archie even relevant ? I get you have two sons that will both ( maybe Eli) end up in Canton..but you do your kids no service by talking..enjoy retirement, enjoy your money, enjoy your sons while theyare playing..and keep your comments to yourself..really nobody cares

  10. The Saints needed a come from behind 2 minute drill to beat the Eagles, a team that many think over achieved last year.

    Now, the guy who sparked that drive with a long kickoff return doesn’t play for them anymore (he plays for the Eagles).

    Their coach also testified *against* their most important pass-catcher in his bid to get paid like their most important pass-catcher.

    And while Rob Ryan improved the defense, there was nowhere to go but up. Given Ryan’s track record (mediocre at best), it’s pretty clear that one depends on him at one’s own peril.

    I don’t know how this all adds up to “best team ever.”

  11. as far as being bad on the road, since we are right around .500 maybe a couple of games above. good teams win all the home games and go .500 on the road. I would say we are right on. Hope we can catch the Hawks during the playoffs and see who’s defense is better.

  12. LOL

    The Saints aren’t winning anything. Next year. Heck, the NFC South is up for grabs.

    Not to mention the Seahawks, 49ers, Packers and Bears… All teams better than the Saints.

  13. No way the Seahawks repeat this year. The Seahawks will fall apart and every close game they should have lost last season they are going to lose this time around.

    Seahawks go maybe 9-7 this year.

    Saints go 14-2 and lock up the #1 seed and a first round bye.

    Geaux Saints!

  14. Once again, all props to The Hawks and their fans. Yes, Seattle and SF are light years better on the road than my Saints. But we all know the Saints are much better in The Dome. Last year, Seattle EARNED the right to play there throughout the playoffs. Not even the most devout Seahawks fan can HONESTLY say they feel just as highly about their team winning in NO or SF, as they would feel playing in Seattle.

  15. The Saints will be in the playoffs again, and have gotten a lot better in the off season, weather they win the superbowl or not is always about injuries. I think this is the best team they have put together and will be watching and enjoying the games regardless of outcome.

  16. I saw Archie play, and I respect him and I’m not bashing him at all. But I still scratch my head and wonder how he gets a pass, and is so beloved despite
    never being “on a good team”. Doesn’t a great QB elevate the team around him? How do you separate him not being on a good team, but still consider him a quality NFL quarterback? When Steve Young and Dough Williams were on bad teams, people didn’t think so much of them. They went on to prove that they weren’t so bad. Archie never did. At least not to me.

  17. Just to make sure you didn’t miss it, he said this is the best team in FRANCHISE history. I’m a Saints fan so I always think my team will win the Lombardi but I’m also realistic. Towards the end of the season we lost more games and our offense got weaker. Vaccaro had a token ankle (missed last two regular games and all of playoffs), Jimmy played more than half the season with a tear in his foot, Colston had been having back problems since the summer and we were up almost 20 points against the eagles until Keenan Lewis suffered a concussion. While we have stuff to work on, don’t diminish what was done. Who Dat!

  18. I think all these ex players need a neurological exam for the stupid things they say.

    Archie i mean really? Best you have seen. Call me crazy but Seattle is dominant, the Saints are a 9-7, 10-6 team at best.

    Andre Reed saying Sherm would have no chance guarding him.

    NFLPA needs to put these 2 on the stand to illustrate the long term effects of playing football causing severe cognitive impairment

  19. Just goes to show that the majority of America can careless about the
    squawking 2013 winning Superbowl team and their loudmouth fans.
    The only thing of interest from Seattle is the pot legalization. And so far, it’s humorous at best to see those losers on the news complain about a weed shortage.

  20. Wow, Seahawks fans really are insecure! He said he thinks it’s the best team the franchise has ever had On Paper. Sensitive little girls!!!

  21. Some people can’t read. Archie didn’t say this team could be the greatest team of all time. He said the greatest SAINTS team of all time.

    And he is probably right, as this is going to be the best team in the NFL this year.

  22. It’s obvious that several of you didn’t take the time to actually READ the article before making wise cracks. He didn’t say best team ever. He said that on paper it is the best team in franchise history.

    The Saints should win the NFC South this year, but watch out for the sleeper Tampa Bay Bucs.

    I agree with the poster who made the comment about Seahawks fans being insecure. And, whomever said that the Bears are better than the Saints needs to stop puffing and pass.

  23. Archie Manning will say anything about any player on any team as long as it doesn’t include mentioning the success of Pete Carroll and the Seahawks; and because they the whipped both his baby boys…

  24. The only reason Poppa Manning was 35-91-3 is because he approached every game like it was a playoff game.

    Lolzzz. I kill me….

  25. Sean Payton is just waiting for the Dallas gig to open up. Heck, he lives there now.

  26. Archie was a GREAT QB on historically bad teams. Had he been with the steelers rather than Bradshaw or the the Cowboys or any GOOD Team , he would be in the hall of fame. Aside from that he is a first class guy. NEVER whined or ran his mouth! Seahawks you are all pathetic. You lost at home to the Cardinals. We have lost three games to you in the elements in Seattle. Come to our house and play! Sherman is a punk and way overrated! Patrick Peterson is the best corner in the league hands down. The saints will EASILY win the NFC south. If they play just a little better on the road they will get home field and go to the Super Bowl. Packers come to us this year and we beat the cubs in their den last year. Neither of those are a concern. But back off Archie Manning. He was NFC offensive player of the year in 1978 and went twice to the pro bowl ON LOSING TEAMS!

  27. I don’t see any team in the NFC South threatening the Saints this year. Because of the weakness of that division and the strength of the West, it is likely that the 49ers, Seahawks, and/or Cardinals road to advancing in the playoffs will go through New Orleans (or perhaps Philadelphia – the East is horrid). Similar for the North – they’ll beat each other up so the division champ doesn’t get one of the top two seeds.

    The Saints ARE a top 5 team this year at this point and have a very good shot at a #1 seed.

  28. Here come all the haters, the same ones in 2009 when we won the Superbowl and the same ones every year since when we’ve broken records and racked up the numbers.

    Ryan took a #32 defense to a #4 defense in one year, first time its ever been done in the NFL, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

    And what we picked up in the off season and the draft…we have the best secondary in the league right now.

    Oh…and just another note. The rest of the players in the NFL voted three of the Saints into the Top 100 players of 2014. And, the Saints WERE THE ONLY team in the league that had two members in the Top #10 (Brees and Graham).

    Keep running scared people…we’re coming for you!


  29. Archie Manning is relevant in New Orleans is much beloved by Saints fans. I’m glad that the Saints are moving training camp to WV. Hopefully it will give them a chance to be better on the road.

    I’m looking forward to an awesome season!!! Who DAT!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Reading comprehension is lost on some of you. I’m excited for this 2014 Saints team. They’ve made a lot of moves this offseason that rally impress me and I can’t wait to see it all play out on the field.

  31. Reading comprehension is lost on some of you. I’m excited for this 2014 Saints team. They’ve made a lot of moves this offseason that really impress me and I can’t wait to see it all play out on the field.

  32. Reading comprehension is not a big plus for PFT posters. Archie said this Saints team may be the best in FRANCHISE history. Not the best in the NFL. You people are morons.

  33. sAINTs will not even be a playoff team when it’s all done. Brees clearly showed signs that he’s not close to what he was. O line is average, losing DS was a 40% downgrade to their offense and actually vaults Philadelphia ahead of them. Ingram is terrible. Ryan s teams always look great in his first season, then fall apart slowly but surely. The NFC south is up for grabs the way I see it, and if you don’t win that division playoffs won’t happen for you. At least 2 from west, 2 from north and 1 from east are going, so that leaves 1 spot. Here is the clincher… Defense s will take note of the blueprint on how to stop the sAINTs that the west has demonstrated, and Peyton just doesn’t have that surprise element any more. Look, they cheated and got away with it in 09, the refs gave them the SF game last year, the party is just about over in ‘the city that intelligence forgot”.

  34. No offense Archie, but you don’t have much to compare them to. The Saints have been mostly awful, with a good run the last several years. Best ever. Doubt it. They were the best probably 3 years ago, even though they didn’t go far in the playoffs. I think their defense improvement makes them better rounded…but their offense took a definite step back for 2014.

  35. Saints fan here.

    Archie didn’t say “best team ever.” He said “best team in FRANCHISE history.” Some of the readers here need to comprehend.

    The Saints can win on the road. They beat Philly. But winning in Seattle is extremely difficult. We’ll have to see how the season unfolds.

    I don’t want to get excited about what looks good on paper before the season starts. Many people had Atlanta winning the division last year and look what happened.

    I don’t think anyone had the Saints winning the Super Bowl…or even being a contender for it, before their Super Bowl season started. I also don’t remember any talk before the season about them being the last undefeated team.

    Is this the best team in franchise history? We’ll know in January. They’re going to be good. I expect them to win the division. Carolina is going back down…Atlanta might give them a run for the money. Bucs…just no.
    Injuries can play a big part too.

  36. Hey Archie! Didn’t you love that Saints vs. Pats game last season? You know the one where the Saints thought they had it…and then didn’t? I sure did!

  37. Wow, other insecure teams: cough,cough, seahawks,can’t stand for any other team to get any compliments or credit. Deal with it. It’s a new year,and usually the previous SB champs have a big target that every other team wants to hit just to prove they can beat the reiging champs Its happened to every SB winning team for about 10 yrs now. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t make it back seahawks!


  38. It’s rare for a rookie WR (Oregon draft pick) to play at all-pro level, but this will be a requirement for the Saints to be a contender.

    Why Sproles was traded remains a mystery that should never have happened.

    10-6 at best.

  39. LOL, it’s hilarious and so predictable to see the Saints get bashed by people who don’t have ONE SINGLE CLUE. This team has elite talent level on both sides of the ball. Not one single position that can be considered anywhere near weak. One of the very best coaches in the game, one of the very best QBs in the game, a top 5 defense that added one more elite playmaker and offensive skill position players coming out the wazoo. it will be hilarious watching the Saints run roughshod over all your teams next year. The 3 elite teams in the NFL are the Seahawks, the 49ers and the Saints and everybody else is far, FAR behind.

  40. Sproles isn’t going to be missed. Last year he was noticeably slower. The only return he had all year was against Philly in the playoffs.

    This Saints team is the best Saints team on paper in the history of the organization. Speed on the outside is a question mark. Stills can run, but Cooks is a rookie and it remains to be seen if he can pick up the offense as quickly as the Saints need to make a run.

    The Saints’ road schedule isn’t that daunting. 13-3 or 12-4.

  41. why is it going to take an “all pro” level play from Cooks for the Saints to be a contender? you just throw that out there and not explain why? Sproles had a total of 4 touchdowns last year. Every year he was here, his yards declined. All he was good for last year was making first downs. That we will miss from him. But as far as missing him for his scores, I doubt that. And all the other posters tried to explain to the ones that just can’t seem to comprehend what they read that Archie was commenting on the best team in team history. But some folks like to just read a couple of words and make their own judgement. Those who don’t follow the Saints will just sit back and make assumptions based on hearsay and not how things really are. The only way to show that the Saints are for real with their vastly improved defense(crazy how we went from historically bad defense to number 4 overall and more importantly 5th in scoring defense) is to shoot for best overall and since we are playing San Fran in the regular season and will probably meet up with the Hawks in the playoffs, they will be able to show everyone they are the best.

  42. The Saints with or without Sproles are a top 3 offense in the entire league, not just the conference. They are head and shoulders above any other team in the NFC South.

    So many haters! Love your team and let us love ours. Believe we are not a great offense and a very good defense. Believe we are not a playoff team and then play us and let’s see if your comments are profound. I think you will be surprised and very disappointed in how your team comes out of a game versus the Saints whether at home or on the road. Until then, just shut up!

    Oh and Bree’s once again last year passed for over 5,000. Clearly he is not as good as in past seasons. He threw half as many interceptions as in the previous season. He must be losing something. REALLY??
    What ridiculous comments you people make!

  43. funny how when he left, your defense imploded and our got significantly better. strange. wonder if there is a correlation? wonder what they both have in common.

  44. As a Saints fan, I was concerned last year because we had a new DC and injuries to many key defensive players. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at hiw well Rob Ryan improved our D. Not to mention, Ryan loves going to Miss Maes and bying the fans drinks aftera Saints home win.

    Never underestimate Brees and Peyton. Oh, Now Rob Ryan too!

  45. Shehawks are very fortunate that they’re not on the Saints sked. I would say we’ll see you in the playoffs but I’m not sure the lil’ birdies will make it. Maybe you can come to the big game and kiss our second ring.

  46. Look. I am a die hard Saints fan from way back. bleed black and gold. but the hawks are not scrubs. whether you like them or not, they have good players. we will see them in the playoffs. only question will be, will it be at their house or ours.

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